Judges And Politicians Give Blacks Green Light To Openly Attack Whites

From January this year: Group Of Baton Rouge Thugs Attack USPS Postal Worker For Allegedly Late Arriving Package – YouTube


We are being told that blacks attack people only if whites provoke them all.  This is a bald faced lie.  For some time now, black populations have been actively starting fights, for example, in my own region, several black female students deliberately started a fight with white passengers on a bus then filed a ‘race attack’ report blaming the victims for the attacks.  Only when a video emerged showing these students, totally unprovoked, started attacking everyone nearby, did they get arrested.


Now come the news that the Dallas assassin wasn’t ‘unexpected’ or ‘unknown’ but rather, his mother’s family is actively racist against white people:  ‘Cops need a taste of the life we fear’: How sister of Dallas gunman threatened police online before he shot five officers dead – and then defended him afterward and this news tidbit comes from Europe, not the US which is occupied territory.


The making of a serial cop killer: How Afghanistan war vet Micah Xavier Johnson fell in with ‘bad folks’ after returning from conflict and ‘went all Black Panther’ which supports him shooting cops.  And yes, he did go and meet/greet them before doing this crime.  I believe that after watching the Super Bowl Black Panther dance number, he thought of going over to them to learn more about race hate.


The Super Bowl ‘dance’ was praised by our media and we were told, it was a dance and not a propaganda event to justify and glorify racists demanding a race war with whites.  Imagine if a Confederate/KKK troupe of dancers were allowed to do the same!  Impossible.


Summer has barely begun and the destruction of more inner cities is slated to occur and when we have a social situation of many young males with no jobs except doing crimes, we get a repeat of the 1970’s which featured regular ‘burn, baby, burn’ events one of which I was right in the middle of and yes, it is very scary when flaming parts of buildings are passing overhead and people are screaming like demons below.


The same time the Texas assassin was loading his guns to mass murder whites, a Tennessee gunman who shot postal carrier dead ‘targeted white people and cops’ | Daily Mail Online


A gunman in Tennessee who opened fire on Thursday was targeting white people and police after becoming angry at recent confrontations between cops and African Americans, officers say.


Lakeen Keon Scott, 37, killed 44-year-old postal worker and mother-of-two Jennifer Rooney, and wounded police officer Matthew Cousins, hotel worker Deborah Watts and passerby David Whitman Davis during an attack at 2am in the town of Bristol.


Now agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation say Scott ‘may have targeted people and officers’ because of racially charged police incidents across the country, later adding that all of the victims are white.


The blame for this falls on Obama, not the rest of us.  He has encouraged this, both the attacks on white people and the fake stories by blacks pretending to cops that whites are attacking them.  The government machinery set up to protect everyone is falling off a cliff not only in the US but in Canada, too.


Here is an example of the raging double standard being applied by governments:  Yelling ‘I hate white people’ and punching one isn’t a hate crime, Canadian judge rules – The Washington Post


 Tamara Crowchief may have yelled “I hate white people” as she carried out a violent assault on a white person, but that doesn’t mean her attack was racially motivated, a Canadian judge has ruled.


Prosecutor Karuna Ramakrishnan had tried to put Crowchief behind bars for 12 to 15 months by arguing that the indigenous woman’s “unprovoked” actions represented a hate crime, the paper reported. But Judge Harry Van Harten of the provincial court strongly disagreed.


“The offender said, ‘I hate white people’ and threw a punch,” Van Harten told those gathered in the court during his ruling. “There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether . . . she holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim. I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offense was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”


Here is his excuse for this miscarriage of justice and declaring open season on white women from raging mobs screaming for blood:


“There are many heartening, role-model exceptions that are routinely cited, but they only prove the rule: the conditions that torment Aboriginal Canadians to this day are no less a disgrace than the dead-end impoundments so many African-Americans find themselves within today. Aboriginal Canadians and African-Americans suffer from a nearly identical suite of maladies: high rates of cancer, of heart disease, mental illness, suicide, spousal abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism, fetal alcohol syndrome and tuberculosis.”


Fact Sheet: Health Disparities by Race and Ethnicity which has statistics showing that the Hispanic community, Native communities and blacks all have exactly the same health problems one of the biggest is obesity and drinking booze.  Asians, on the other hand, have virtually none of these problems.


Most of these problems are self-abuse, that is, doing things bad for one’s health.  The judge feels sorry for all this and therefore lets someone openly assault a white woman minding her own business because of a population’s inability to avoid eating and drinking stuff that is bad for their health?  This is insane.


White or Asian women are not forcing Indian, Hispanic or black men and women to eat too much, drink too much booze or BEAT UP SPOUSES AT HOME or take illegal drugs for fun, etc.  The long list of bad things minorities are doing to THEMSELVES is not the fault of victims of hate crimes.


And since this was an innocent woman being physically assaulted, while the attacker screamed hate of her race at her, this is as bad as rape.  It is just like rape: the white woman was told, she should accept physical beatings because 200 years ago, there were slaves.  Well, women didn’t have the vote, few legal rights and were abused by husbands openly back in my great grandmother’s day which is why my grandmother, mother and I fought for our basic civil rights.


A black Florida teen accused of using her 6-month-old son to BEAT her boyfriend on Daytona Beach | Daily Mail Online is another story that isn’t being thrown all over the place.  I have seen a number of videos of black women and some men throwing babies down or over the shoulder to total strangers so they can fight.  They do this a lot.


Mother Throws Baby on Bus During Fight (Dramatic Footage) – YouTube–the lady doing this was angry when a passenger asked her to stop hurting her child.

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23 responses to “Judges And Politicians Give Blacks Green Light To Openly Attack Whites

  1. Nani

    Social tensions seems to be getting out of control in America and Europe, as we are both are struggling with violent minorities who seems hell-bent on hurting us. Muslim men in Europe rape women and children, and beat up innocent people just for fun. They are also involved in drug dealings, and other crimes. Police have lost control over many parts of our cities. I am fearful for the future.

  2. emsnews


    In May 2014, six months into his Afghanistan tour, he was accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier.

    The Army sent him stateside, recommending an ‘other than honorable discharge,’ said Bradford Glendening, the military lawyer who represented him.

    That recommendation was ‘highly unusual,’ Bradford said, since counseling is usually ordered before more drastic steps are taken.

    ‘In his case, it was apparently so egregious, it was not just the act itself,’ Glendening told The Associated Press. ‘I’m sure that this guy was the black sheep of his unit.’

  3. emsnews


    This just happened. It is now pretty obvious that the attacks on the police are in full swing now.ΩΩΩ

    The white officer, who has not been named, was fired at three times by 31-year-old black man Antonio Taylor, police in St Louis said.



  4. melponeme_k

    A few weeks ago I took the train to the MET museum. Two black women with a child got onto the train car with me. One of them was dressed as a transit cop. I had just glanced at them because I was reading a book. Well, you would have thought I was the devil incarnate the way they acted. For whatever reason they thought I was harassing them (while I just read my book). They kept talking out loud about my abusive racism. The “cop” stood up, over me and kept staring. I knew she was hoping for me to make any move so she could make a racial incident.

    I’m not white, I’m barely over 5 feet tall and I can hardly pose a threat to children. But these women were convinced I had it in for them. Mind you, both of them were tall and big. But it was I who was the threat. Truthfully, I was disturbed but I was more concerned for the child. Who was in the care of someone who would start fights and put him in harms way.

    In regards to obesity and alcohol/drug problems, this is a result of minorities being told they are victims and treating them as children that can’t care for themselves. I never had a problem with addiction and I’ve never been overweight. I was also taught that being a minority doesn’t grant me special privilege either and that I had to work. Culture makes all the difference in everything.

  5. Lou

    Elaine insisted Obama was ‘a better choice than Mittens’ but backpedaled during Ebola crisis and said our Half rican should be impeached.

    Look who Obongo brought in, Holder.
    He was the worst Attorney General in US History.

    He openly said he would not prosecute people of his own race when the Black Panthers terrorized White voters.

    And as soon as he called for a dialogue on race – as if we ever talk about anything else – he immediately called Whites cowards, making any such discussion impossible.
    He was no better than Obama, King, or Mandela. A monster.”

  6. emsnews

    Look at who we get to ‘choose’! I have a long record of resisting this and interfering directly with this and am now retired. I am not going to the hassle of fighting tooth and nail.

    I have directly put 5 politicians including a Congressman, in prison with one of these guys escaping arrest by plunging a knife in his belly.


    Sad about his twin. Golden killed himself because he was a common thief, not the President of Queens, NY. He sent a detective to my brownstone to intimidate me and this gave Guiliani who was a Mafia Special Prosecutor back then, an excuse to put a tap on Golden’s home phone. All this led to the collapse of Brooklyn and Queens big shots.

  7. Coldtype

    You need help Elaine. Your deterioration has been painful to watch. Whereas before I was amused by your idiosyncrasies this has hardened into alarm. Its become clear now that this issue will forever escape your comprehension as your white privilege is so deeply ingrained. Nevertheless, a parting gift: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/10/opinion/sunday/what-white-america-fails-to-see.html?_r=0

  8. melponeme_k


    I would like to ask you about my story. What privilege do I have? I have been discriminated against by whites in Savannah Georgia. I have been glared at in New Mexico by a few white guys. BUT I have been discriminated by blacks as well. After 9/11, I had a few confused black people telling me that my people will pay for what they did. I had the aforementioned women on the train menace me for reading a book.

    So where is MY PRIVILEGE? Why can’t you just name RACISM for what it is? And that ALL people are capable of it?

    Again I would like to ask all these bleeding hearts why they don’t champion Asian Americans? Why isn’t anyone running to aid them when they are discriminated against by colleges etc despite their well earned achievements? Why aren’t people running to cry for them, when their stores are attacked by black mobs?

    I’ll tell you why. Because Asian Americans conduct themselves as adults and don’t cry POOR ME. Hence, they can’t be infantilized into uselessness. That is what the elites have done to Black Citizens AND Native Americans. They are now doing the same to Hispanic illegal aliens. All with the goal of hoping race war will wipe all of them out. Because believe me, minorities don’t have the numbers to fight anyone.

  9. e sutton

    meh…..Could be a good thing the negroes are chimping out. More whites will become race realists. There really is no reason for negroes to be on our continent. Damn the whites who brought them here in the first place. Third World people will always be……..wait………for …………..it…..THIRD WORLD PEOPLE!

    Jeezus….it is not rocket science, white people! An entire continent existed in Africa where they had yet to invent the wheel when the (stupid) White man decided it would be a good idea to steal the resources and purchase them for slaves (yes, that is right, white chillen……blacks sold BLACKS into slavery!) Chomp on that cigar a while………Lawd! Yo white libs make me so tire! Do muh EBT be loaded yeat? Lawd Mersee!

    ELAINE: Very ancient Egypt had wheeled chariots for example when my own people in the far north were using stones to kill cave bears.

  10. e sutton



    Why bother trying to reason with someone who refused to admit a people are responsible of their culture? They believe education is a ¨right¨, and yet when they are given an education, they thumb their noses at it and chimp out.

    It is always….always……ALWAYS somebody else´s fault. They have effectively barred the greatest Anglo intellectual playwright, William Shakespeare, from being taught at our (once great, now..not so much) universities! After all, was it not the Bard who said, ¨The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves.¨

    Try getting a negro to get his head wrapped around THAT little gem, won´t you please? 🙂

  11. floridasandy

    mel, you make an excellent point. Asian Americans don’t have a pity party and generally excel. There really is a lesson to be learned about behavior and people’s RESPONSE to behavior.

    The better you act, the better people will treat you generally. I agree with Elaine that police are probably a little more apprehensive with black traffic stops, due to their history of teaching their children to BE AFRAID. It is the exact opposite behavior of what you would want to teach if you want to get a good result.

    coldtype, how do you explain a woman whose anti police behavior is so deeply ingrained that she would rather film her boyfriend dying to DOCUMENT it than try and help him? She might not be a bad mother because her child tried to comfort her (which was touching) but she certainly has her priorities skewed when it comes to other people-and this culture of hate that I submit Obama fosters and actually encourages, because that piece of crap wants blacks to vote democratic and for no other reason.It means more access to more money and power for him-regardless if people die over it.

  12. e sutton


    Spot on!

  13. Coldtype

    “coldtype, how do you explain a woman whose anti police behavior is so deeply ingrained that she would rather film her boyfriend dying to DOCUMENT it than try and help him?” -floridasandy

    You sound perfectly ridiculous. Help him how exactly? No doubt had she NOT documented the murder of her boyfriend you’d breezily dismiss any notion of police misconduct at all such is your contempt for black lives.

    “The better you act, the better people will treat you generally” -floridasandy

    Someone tell that to the family of Amadou Diallo. Moreover, how much more accommodating could Castle have been than to pull over when hit with the blue lights, inform the officer that he was armed but had a permit to carry, and attempt to present his driver’s license and proof of insurance? Do you understand how funny you look in the light right now?

  14. hblinken

    DPD are trained by Israels, this is the same method they use against the defenseless Palestinians, they get away with it because the USA in particular protects them.

    Pitting Black and White “Goyim” against each other in a monstrous bloodletting has long been a goal of the Jewish Power Configuration. The Nation of Islam has been warning people about this for decades. The systematic evisceration of African-Americans has been ENGINEERED by the same evil men that have turned the Arab-Islamic world into a nightmare.

  15. emsnews

    The Nation of Islam has been preaching race war against all whites, too, Hblinken.

    I have directly argued with Louis Farrakhan in Newark, NJ when Abul’s group broke off relations with him which pissed him off no end. People don’t have any idea what is going on inside the very black populations cities Newark being one of the very first cities taken over after white flight.

    I used to go deep into Newark at night with Abul to deal with potentially violent situations. Abdul is dead, alas and his son made the news when he was outside City Hall arguing with the black racists when he was beaten up and made the news.

    I wish I could help him but I have retired from this sort of very dangerous work.

  16. floridasandy

    coldtype, there may be isolated incidents of overreaction by police, but how many stops are there every day in the country, how many crimes, how many arrests? How many cops are killed and injured in the line of duty trying to serve? BLACK COPS TOO.

    do you want me to do tit for tat on cops murdered in cold blood? is that productive going forward?

    that is why we have a legal system in the country-to weed out the bad and criminal behavior, but it certainly is not going to help to teach black children to be afraid and angry-OR YOU WILL SEE MORE BAD ENDINGS FOR EVERYONE.

    Fear of losing control of their weapon to an angry black person probably drives some of the problem. Did you ever look at the cartoon Elaine posted? What the hell is that about? And then they wonder why cops will do ANYTHING to protect themselves, or why their adrenaline starts pumping through their system at a faster rate in a traffic stop now.

    is that what you want?

    all the outreach programs the police do in the cities and suburbs to the black community are never covered by the media—which always casts a blind eye on objectivity.

    to calm things down, people need to PRAY for peace and kindness, NOT ESCALATE THE HATE.

  17. floridasandy

    let me add one thing as far as that woman filming her dying boyfriend when you say what was she supposed to do.

    how about first aid or, if she doesn’t know how to do that, then comfort.

    I sure hope if I got shot that my boyfriend would either help me or comfort me, instead of film me dying.

    That’s just a human hope.

  18. Jim R

    Perhaps it was comforting to know that the world would see what happened there, and hear the unintelligible screaming of the cop outside the car window. Comforting to know it might not just be written off as another day’s work for the cop, protecting Amurruka from the wild and dangerous untermenschen…

  19. emsnews

    the cop was freaking out. And yes, they can freak out. And yes, it is dangerous when they freak out but then, look at the videos I posted earlier of cops being shot dead, they yell over and over to the criminals to get back in their cars, to sit still, etc. And then scream at them to put down the guns.

    They are SCARED. And I will note that I used to be one of the people who used to drive around with a rifle rack in a pick up truck. We can’t do that anymore but this is due to theft, so we have to have them locked up.

  20. Jim R

    Again, no one FORCED them to become cops. They could have chosen another line of work. If they are scared maybe they need to go to their ‘safe place’ and suck their thumbs for a while…

    But the voice on that shooting tape didn’t sound scared to me. It sounded like ‘roid rage.

  21. emsnews

    You would have to figure out why people take ‘jobs’: TO SURVIVE. Yes, survive. And if no one is a cop, someone has to enforce some order and trust me on this, it can be done but it has a very ugly side to it.

    I have been around the planet a lot and lived where there was no laws and order at times, real dog eat dog societies where survival requires a lot of dangerous skills which I still retain to this day though I admit as I age, it gets less reliable.

    BUT having lived in the outlaw part of the universe, there are still ‘laws’ only they are not from a ‘government’ but from thugs or like in my case, someone who can defy thugs or fight back enough to scare them so they avoid you.

    Frankly, I was tired of enforcing the street justice and decided to force the city to resume patrolling our community with my feed back. This required a lot of muscle, trust me.

    We are descending into the 1970s all over again. Including the ‘destroy working stiff jobs’ parts.

  22. Jim R

    I think more sort-of 1870s. … for a variety of reasons.

    But I still think it is reasonable to criticize them when they behave like thugs. Of course the thuggery comes down from the high-and-mighty central planners. But it is still thuggery, even if it is condoned, like ‘civil asset forfeiture’, in other words, ‘robbery’.

    As for the Dallas police, they exhibited real discipline and devotion to their profession through this. Dallas has been unusually well-run for quite some time, with an integrated police force and city council. That one lunatic caused quite the commotion, and then the news media blew it all out of proportion, so there will be copycats now.

    But still, the empire is on the skids, and will continue to get worse. Probably be centuries before it starts getting better.

  23. emsnews

    Dallas is not ‘well run’ recently. Did you read my posting here at all? There was, BEFORE this month, mass resignations of police there because they can’t work safely anymore and their only way of dealing with crime now, BEFORE the mass murder of cops, by staying in their cars as much as possible and doing as little as they could get away with.

    This is IDENTICAL to the way NYC was patrolled in 1978. After the black out riots, the mayor decided pulling back the cops would make my black neighbors happy.

    AND IT DID. They went on this year long riot where it became impossible to live nearby so more whites fled. I then turned and began the long hard fight back to bring law and order into the community.

    The left attacked me relentlessly the entire time I did this, howling like banshees. Al Sharpton tried to start a riot against me when I was explaining how black people can stop crime in Bed Stuy.

    The very same political organizations that nearly destroyed NYC are still around and still hard at work recruiting and pushing for people to destroy society so there will be this ‘revolution’ and then a dictatorship.

    Then the new dictators will go after white people and put them into gulags, etc. Doubt me on this? Go attend a Black Panther meeting. They are still around and worse than ever in ideology. Go to one of the Black Muslim mosques. Listen carefully.

    I split the mosque in Newark because some members figured out the real road to freedom, took it and tried to persuade others. Boy, did that piss off the leaders of the mosque!

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