NY Daily News: Having Gun And Being Black Doesn’t Make Suspect…


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Here is an editorial at the Daily News by a black executive of that paper talking total nonsense:  Having a gun and being black doesn’t make one a suspect – NY Daily News


A cop killing a gangbanger in a shootout is different from what apparently happened to Sterling — and most definitely different from what happened to Castile. The unarmed Small fits one of the most troubling realities: At around 13% of the population, black people were 40% of those unarmed and shot by police in 2015 — and 35% of those unarmed and shot by police so far in 2016. Meanwhile, Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who blew away nine black people in a South Carolina church, was peaceably taken into custody and treated to Burger King by arresting officers. Not a joke.


How about putting all people involved in an incident in context?


So, the insane white man who attacked the humble, kind, loving people in a black church, surrendered without a fight.  The fact that the police did not have to shoot him or fight him on the ground is why no one was hurt, arresting him.  When the police in California finally decided to arrest me when I jaywalked (!!!–shows how desperate they were to get me) I cooperated fully with them and the resulting riot was caused by them, not me.  This is why the DA couldn’t charge me with anything.


Here is the clue: when even mass murderers surrender peacefully, you don’t have to use force.  Egged on by our rulers, blacks are now resisting arrest or refusing to follow police instructions such as keeping one’s hands on the steering wheel when stopped.  I do this automatically.  I didn’t do this years ago and an officer dealing with a middle aged white lady freaked out when I didn’t do this and told me to do this and then we chatted about this because I was curious and he politely answered when he calmed down.


I published several videos the other day showing cops being killed when stopping someone for some trivial reason so I understand why they get jumpy when people don’t cooperate.  I also don’t know why there isn’t a program to put up signs on highways telling people how to handle being stopped by the police.  I would have appreciated this and I have worked with police in the past a lot and didn’t know about this standard advice about how to keep hands on the steering wheel.


This is the fault of our rulers who are too cheap to put up signs explaining things.


The black man working for the Daily News which happens to be the newspaper that first called me ‘The Housewife From Hell’,  has an editorial where he asks about the ‘context’ which we should consider and he means, that blacks are being persecuted by cops.  Not the reality.  The context is simple:

FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 6

Screen shot 2016-07-10 at 6.49.27 AM

11% of the population does nearly half of the crimes.  Of ‘white crimes’ a third are by Hispanics.


From last March:  De Blasio’s anwers on crime: deny, ignore and delay | New York Post which is an editorial written by an old friend of mine from my neighborhood patrol days, Curtis Sliwa who organized the Guardian Angels at the same time as we organized our own patrol’s activities.


Monday’s survey of NYPD dissatisfaction — 87 percent of police officers said the city’s less safe since Mayor de Blasio took over — should be no surprise. But it should also once and for all put an end to de Blasio’s ridiculous spin about the safety of the city.


In the midst of New York City’s recent wave of slashings and stabbings, de Blasio — ever off-key and out of touch — offered a silver lining to the spate of terrifying crimes being committed against our citizens: We should, he said, be grateful that they weren’t shot or murdered.


After all, he said, thugs were reduced to using knives, shivs and straight-edge razors — “less deadly weapons” — because under his watch the city was getting guns off the street.


But, how can that be?


Stop-and-frisk is gone. Illegal handguns still flow into our city from New Hampshire and from down South. Gun arrests haven’t skyrocketed, and the guns already here haven’t disintegrated nor been carted off to some landfill.


More importantly, the victims and potential victims of slashings and stabbings haven’t been breathing a collective sigh of relief. Just the other day a Brooklyn woman, not far from Prospect Park, was slashed by a psycho stranger wearing an American Flag bandana over his face.


Meanwhile, backpedalling madly, President Obama calls for unity after Dallas shooting calls for stricter gun control’I firmly believe America is not as divided as some have suggested’: Obama calls for unity after Dallas shooting as he hits out at the ‘demented individual’ behind attack.  America is divided.


A huge number of black citizens have decided, after manufacturing jobs vanished and still are being decimated daily by moving overseas thanks to free trade deals, that life as open criminals is the only solution for survival.


But this means chaos and killing just like under Prohibition and this is identical, too, in that drug prohibition is the main profit motive for inner city blacks and illegal aliens brining drugs in from overseas.  15 employees of wall street firms are arrested on cocaine charges recently, for example.  These arrests of middle class men was to prove that the government isn’t just arresting street thugs.


The War on Drugs rages onwards destroying lives, funding criminal gangs and wrecking entire cities.  It won’t stop.  I couldn’t stop the stupidity and no one else seems able to do this.


The Murder Rate in Chicago Is Up 84 Percent This Year – New York …The Chicago Murder Rate Is Way Up This Year — NYMag last March:


 Some experts blame the mild winter; others say that social media has sped up the pace of gang retaliations. Still, others note that after the criticism following the McDonald case, the Chicago police have avoided confronting citizens whenever possible. Although analysts generally reject that as a cause for the rising number of shootings, the statistic in the Times is striking: Since January, officers have recorded 20,908 instances in which they stopped, patted down and questioned people for suspicious behavior, compared with 157,346 in the same period last year. Gun seizures are also down: 1,316 guns have been taken off the streets this year compared with 1,413 at this time last year.


Duh.  Of course, after screaming at the police for being proactive, the cops go on strike and I don’t blame them.  They also are used to terrorize the population at the bottom of the economic ladder…that has been yanked down and burned by our rulers…who resort to drug dealing to survive.  The cops make a living going after druggies and the druggies make a living selling to people.


July, 2015, NYC has lowest homicide rate of 5 largest U.S. cities, NYPD says …which isn’t saying much.  What a standard to excel in!  This, despite the fact that NYC homicide rate up 5% from 2014  and by September, Bloody weekend in NYC puts rising murder rate in spotlight so by January 2016, we have this headline: NYC Officials Tout New Low in Crime, but Homicide, Rape, Robbery Rose.  The ‘new low’ was on ARRESTS and other issues, that is, things are falling apart and like in the good old days when I ran street patrols, the City fixes things by making it very hard to report crimes and get these listed in statistics.


The battles I had with the City on the issue of crime statistics!  I remember those fondly.  My group dealt with, in a few square blocks, daily small crimes punctuated by murder and mayhem, constant thefts. Once, I put down a screw driver to use a hammer while working on the facade of a house and a thief tried to steal it.  I chased him down and took him down.  This was typical, not abnormal.


I witnessed so many crimes on the subways, I expanded our patrols to the subways and this is where I made the majority of my own, personal arrests.


This week we saw a typical event: White police officer is ‘ambushed and shot in the back three times by black man during routine traffic stop’ while in Houston police fire multiple shots and kill a man who was ‘standing on the road with a revolver and pointed the gun at them’.


All this takes me to international news and the banking cartels who run Europe and the US and other nations:  DAILY MAIL COMMENT: IMF reports on its own failures and the truth about the broken EU 


In clear and simple language, it portrays the EU as an organisation in profound crisis, with declining growth, a tottering banking system, mass unemployment, alarming levels of debt and ‘deep-rooted structural weaknesses’.


The report warned that the continuing ‘refugee surge’ could bring even more instability, prompting the reinstatement of border controls and ‘hindering free movement within the single market’.


Significantly, it emerged yesterday that Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong want to form a banking and financial alliance with London. Equally significantly India and China have made enthusiastic noises about strengthening trade links.


I still see hysterical news stories about how everyone making loot in London are packing their bags and leaving…HAHAHA.  To where, pray tell?  Berlin?  Will Obama carry out his Bilderberg gang orders to punish the British people?  The political leaders of Britain have all collapsed after this popular front vote they didn’t want!


The idea is to make the British folk at home suffer a lot of physical and economic pain to teach them to obey Merkel and Germany or else.  Will the Brits surrender to Germany?  We shall see…I am betting on ‘no way in hell’ but then, it just might happen.


And will we surrender to noisy, rioting gangs of criminals here?  Well, we have an alliance between street criminals and the ruling elites.  This battle is most interesting and is why I no longer live in NY City or New Jersey.  I live in the mountains with my personal arsenal.


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16 responses to “NY Daily News: Having Gun And Being Black Doesn’t Make Suspect…

  1. Almost all the Chicago crime was on the southside.
    The north end of Chicago which is all white showed almost no crime even though I am sure the residents have guns too!

  2. tio

    “In earlier discussions with Blair I expressed concern, to which he replied that every Prime Minister has to decide early on whether or not they are to become a special friend to the US.

    Tony’s choice was clearly to be that special friend.”

    “Note that the article is rated as of ‘low importance’.”
    “When British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told Secretary of State Albright that the U.K. was having “difficulties with its lawyers” over the planned attack, she told him the U.K. should “get new lawyers”. ”
    “Q: Why will there never be a coup d’état in Washington?
    A: Because there’s no American embassy there.”

    Poodle, poodle burning bright
    In crosshairs of the night,
    What hateful hand or eye
    Could frame thy fearful apostasy?

    Apologies to Blake.

  3. Coldtype

    Never forget that the adversarial relationship between African Americans and the police was forged in the Constitution itself for the first American police forces were slave patrols: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/07/the-second-amendment-was-ratified-to-preserve-slavery/#.V4LPFn-wKV5.twitter

  4. emsnews

    Listen carefully: right after the Revolution and when writing the Constitution, the slave owners like Washington and Jefferson clashed with the anti slave people like Ben Franklin over this terrible issue.

    The gun amendment had everything to do with not pissing off everyone who fought the British army. They were REVOLUTIONARIES and wanted to stay armed.

    My family was there back then and very involved in all this, I am related to a number of people who created this country back then, and we needed guns to survive ON THE FRONTIER where my family preferred to live.

    I descended from people who moved always to the frontier and by 1849, were all the way into California after founding towns across the prairies, on my mother’s grandfather’s side of the family, all towns named ‘Lima’ and ‘Peru’ were founded by my family in honor of the loot taken during the pirate era.

    My own grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was military in Arizona and chased Geronimo. We were always fully armed and I am still because I live in the countryside, fully armed. This is life and death for us living in the countryside.

    I did NOT carry guns when I ran street patrols and did over 100 arrests. I did that bare handed but one violent arrest we did we did use guns to shoot out the tires of a car of kidnappers. I have used guns to put people under arrest on our ranch in Arizona and here in upstate NY due to cops being very far away.

    You can’t run a ranch or farm without guns. Trust me on that! BIG TIME. We shoot vermin regularly as do our neighbors and I now have permission from Encon to shoot any bears here, too.

    BTW, the very first time I had to pull a gun on a man and cock it was when I was only 12 years old and the lunatic drove to our ranch when my parents were at work and I was at home and he was going to attack me when I came running out, armed and ordered him to put his hands up on his car and freeze or I would pull the trigger. He took off in his car but I got the plate and told Sheriff Burr’s men and they caught him. My very first attempt at an arrest.

  5. Coldtype

    Revolutionaries? REVOLUTIONARIES?! Do you even know what the word means? If the founders were revolutionary how is it possible that they created a document so depressingly conventional? One in which property rights were paramount and if that “property” happened to be in form of human beings then allowances would be made to effectively secure it via armed milita under state control.

    The founders were such revolutionaries that they limited the franchise to those most like themselves i.e white male property owners comprising perhaps 1% of the population if we are to include such un-people as natives, slaves, and women of all stripes. Try harder Elaine.

    Now, let’s take a small detour and witness a vignette wherein a young African American expatriate in Germany provides us with a first hand account of the all too familiar experience of black bodies consumed to satisfy the arbitrary, capricious, and insatiable appetite of white supremacy: https://feminewbie.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/i-just-saw-this-picture-and-im-so-disturbed-because-its-me/

  6. emsnews

    Yes, they really WERE ‘revolutionaries’. I despair at how little people want to know about reality. List the number of real ‘democracies’ back in 1750. The list is very, very, very, very short. Very short.

    AND women didn’t get the vote ANYWHERE on earth in the few democracies until my great grandmother and grandmother began demanding it, saying, ‘Former slaves get the vote, why can’t we?’

    And this is reality: NOT PERFECT. Ever. It is always a struggle but pretending that we are superior in some way is ridiculous. Again, as I often point out, my own family was quite happy with being rulers for a long time.

    We call this ‘conquering’ people and we did it and then, in the New World, CHANGED DIRECTION TOTALLY and became people wanting democracy. See?

    As for the slave issue: the black civil rights movement was necessary and important and is being chucked into the trash today. This is highly dangerous.

  7. emsnews

    The next thing is, nearly all revolutions in the past led straight to a hideous, often very violent dictatorship which ended only when these internally collapsed.

    Our ‘democracy’ today is weak because our society is falling apart and this is partially due to free trade killing jobs and partially due to welfare luring people into idle lives which end up in crime, not elevating them out of poverty.

    Playing Americans off of each other is how the rulers gain power and they are screwed right now because the voters chose (Sanders and Trump) people the elites do not want for leaders and so we have riots now as Hillary wants us to forget she is a criminal.

  8. Lou

    the black civil rights movement was necessary and important and is being chucked into the trash today. –How is it being trashed?

  9. Petruchio

    Elaine: forget about this history of Revolutionaries. Let’s talk about the here and now. Let’s talk about the type of ‘Revolutionaries’ we can expect to see here in the USA in the year 2016–and beyond. I think we will see the REAL reason for all of this dogma about how ‘Multiculturalism’ is good, right and just. What does a ‘revolution need to succeed? Unity. Any successful revolution must have enough popular support to overcome the powers that the tyrants possess. I think the elites, the Real Rulers, whatever you want to call them are betting the farm on this being true. It is hard to attain Unity of Purpose when this “unity’ must come from a nation that has residents (legal and illegal) who don’t speak the same language, don’t have the same customs and especially don’t have the same religion. The elites know the obvious: they are outnumbered. Any open warfare dooms them, so they must keep their enemies fighting each other. This helps explain a lot of what is going on in the USA today. It also explains why that sleazy, corrupt, lying, political wh#re fraudster, Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to three million illegals. Yes, indeed. “Morning in America”–elite style.

  10. Petruchio

    BTW: I sugarcoated my opinion of that a##hole Ronald Reagan in the above post.

  11. emsnews

    It is called ‘divide and conquer.’ Old stuff. Ancient Rome did this a great deal.

  12. Petruchio

    Yes, and it always never works forever. The only question is when and how hard the Fall will be.

  13. emsnews

    As I keep saying, these clowns don’t understand history.

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