Brexit Vote Causes London Stocks To SOAR

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FTSE 100 on brink of entering bull market – business live | Business | The Guardian: The bankers, the rulers, the power people, the media all told the voters that if they did a Brexit, they would all suffer hideously, banks would leave, businesses would collapse, etc.  Then…the exact opposite happened!


HAHAHA.  Meanwhile, in Deutschland über Alles territory, EU Banks Crash To Crisis Lows As Funding Panic Accelerates.  How are these clowns going to punish English voters?  By committing mass suicide and then stinking up the joint?  HAHAHA.  Issue parachutes for EU bankers!


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Exclusive: Deutsche Bank to sell $1 billion of shipping debt to boost capital – sources By Reuters and to think that the British Bulldog did this, ripping the pants off. German politicians were particularly nasty about the uppity Brits and snarled various threats and made it clear, they were going to slit Europe’s wrists to bleed all over the Brits…got ya!

Black Knight – Monty Python and The Holy Grail – YouTube

Mikhail Gorbachev says Nato is escalating Cold War with Russia ‘into a hot one’ because this is the smartest thing Germany and our US lunatic elites think will fix things, good.  Start WWIII.  Then there is China: The Religious Cult Secretly Running Japan, that is, as I have mentioned regularly here, Japan’s rulers are all the sons of war criminals who they worship at the Yakasuni Shrine.  They want WWIII too since Japan is being rendered radioactive by Fukushima.  Fatalism is fatal.


Finally, despite heroic efforts to use black hysteria about police as a tool for more police power, the criminal running on the DNC ticket is not very much liked by anyone:  Most Disagree with Decision Not to Indict Clinton – Rasmussen Reports™.  The majority think she should be put on trial.  So how does the mainstream media talk about how she is going to win this election?  Irrational as well as childish.  Close eyes and refuse to see reality.


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16 responses to “Brexit Vote Causes London Stocks To SOAR

  1. Christian W

    So the Gulf royals are buying up even more of London, fun times.

    Some Italian banks are tottering on the brink again, threatening to pull some German banks (like Deutsche Bank) with them. They never really recovered from the 2008 crash.

    Not sure UK banks are in much better shape. The Bank of England has loosened up it’s equity rules, allowing banks to have even less capital underwriting their loans than before. Didn’t you use to rail against this hollowing out of sound banking, Elaine?

  2. tio

    The ‘markets’ reacted to the coronation of a PM whom neither the electorate nor the Party membership wanted, a Home Secretary who oversaw uncontrolled immigration and a prominent Bremainer. She won a contest of one.

    The EU serves only two masters, Washington and the 0.001% – period. Many of the aforementioned do not wish a divorce, we shall see.

    I bear no ill will towards the German nation or its people, I hope they realise that we are equally represented by our politicians, that is, not at all. For example, ‘they’ – the Quislings, are trying to force a leadership contest in the Labour party and not include the incumbent leader on the ballot, even though he has the largest democratic mandate in the party’s history. The contempt is flagrant.

    As for the UK banking system, it is most certainly a member of the European circular firing squad (‘sovereign’ bond circle jerk), we have legions of Josef Ackermanns. Are we not home of AIGfp, infinite rehypothication, tax evasion and shamelessness?

  3. tio

    “George Osborne to tell America that Britain is open for business” – from your banner. Mr ‘Punishment Budget’ and chief Brexit assassin (tribe) is taking credit? Fuck.

  4. Christian W

    @ tio

    And plenty of the EU circle jerk ‘wizards’ are Goldman Sachs.

  5. emsnews

    Look, the main thing here is simple: people used VOTING to force the elites to change direction very suddenly. Snarling and snapping, they are now trying to make money off of all this while the ‘good people’ in the EU who didn’t rise up and kick the elites in the rear, are falling off a cliff.

    Even if this FAILS it shows what power democracy has. Celebrate that while it lasts!

  6. tio

    Forgive me Elaine, the EU does not have a stellar reputation when it comes to respecting referenda, and I feel justified by being concerned by what the ‘markets’ are telling me. There is little to celebrate at this point.

    We are now being tantalised by timing of Article 50, starting a formal two year withdrawal process. This, apparently, will occur at some point in the future *cough*. This Article 50 conversation, is in itself, a bigger smokescreen than a dreadnaught turning to fire. ‘They’ instead should repeal the 1972 EU Act, if ‘they’ were sincere in respecting the vote. Which ‘they’ aren’t.

    @Christian, yes. There is a lot of talk about the revolving door between the US Treasury and Goldman. Less discussed is the much older relationship between the US Intelligence Services and Wall Street, going right back to its OSS inception, right back to Elaines favourite society in fact. Nigel Farage quipped on TV that the contest was really between Govt Sachs and everyone else, this is the very heart of the matter.

  7. emsnews

    OF COURSE the elites are not defeated.Think they will hew to the Will of the People? Vigilance is required.

    Here in the US the rulers are ordering us all around, too. While destroying nearly all of our major manufacturing cities, they lecture us on race relations while making most of the underclass unemployable.

    The EU is exactly the same. Lectures on human relations while inviting in a literal invasion army of hostile foreign males who are wrecking nearly everything in sight.

  8. tio

    “I think it’s very welcome news that we now have one person with the overwhelming support to be the country’s next Prime Minister,” the Chancellor said.

    Norman Tebbit
    “But I doubt that the jurors in Brussels will be convinced. They know, as we all do, that Mrs May is convinced our future lies in Brussels, not Westminster.”

    “Somehow, the words success and failure seem to have lost their meaning.”


  9. emsnews

    Note how there was no vote inside Britain in choosing the new leader. It was pure party infighting politics and the new leader then gets to impose their will on the nation. Good grief.

  10. tio

    Sorry, didn’t see your earlier post, you are of course correct. Huh, “man .. u .. fac .. turing .. ing “ I’ll have to look that one up 😀

  11. tio

    We have got to stop this hopscotch thing. There was no infighting, it was pure kabuki. Anyhoo, I’m sure to be distracted by Mz Kardashians tits by tea time, I do hope its cucumber sandwiches.

  12. Nani

    Treacherous Merkel now admits Europe has been infiltrated by terrorists posing as refugees.

    And what will she do about this.? Absolutely nothing!

    Millions of Europeans are now exposed to danger because of the policies of this deranged woman.

    And the sex attacks contnues to soar..

  13. floridasandy

    Saw the new PM curtsying before the queen, business as usual. Merkel was a communist and leans communist, regardless of how she campaigns. She is toast in Germany in the future, though.

    I saw the new PM curtsying before the queen, business as usual.

    I also saw the rioting due to food shortages (and other issues) in Venezuela under their socialist and incompetent leader- heading towards other countries if they don’t stand guard.

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