How The Clinton Klan Got Rich

Riots at ’68 Democratic Convention – YouTube


The left is focused on rioting at the GOP convention instead of the DNC dull convention this year.  There, Hillary will be crowned queen.  Time to read about her family’s scam to get rich, quick:  Bill Clinton demanded chartered plane for just 70-mile trip to give speech | Daily Mail Online in England covers this story and I go to Britain to read about here because our press here has pretty much vanished when it comes to reporting real news.  Periodically, real news does bleed onto US pages but it has alongside tons of propaganda to guide us into what ‘solutions’ we are to apply to deteriorating conditions here in the US.  The ‘speeches’ Clinton gave in California were actually colleges and universities paying bribe money to the Firm to keep funds flowing and it worked like magic: schools now overflow with students learning little but paying much.


 Bill Clinton is no cheap date, according to newly released emails documenting a California community college’s efforts to book him for a series of speeches.


A private plane to take him from San Francisco to an event 70 miles down the road, a $1,400 hotel phone bill and a request he be paid $125,000 for his remarks – more than twice the going rate for past presidents – are all discussed in the emails published online today by the LA Times.


The documents from 2002 also show that Clinton charged back $700 for a dinner for two and his team insisted it review and approve all questions that would be asked of the former president in advance.


The point was to prevent any discussion of any issues with him.  He was to be coddled and protected.  The Bushes demand this, too.  This is why they hate me in particular, I was a real thorn in their side once upon a time.  No, no one listens to me except a few die hards and note how many comments here are people assailing me for saying things that clash with ongoing ideology systems set up to trap people in fruitless arguments.


 The college itself paid for two of the six events. Others were put on by entrepreneur Bruce Vogel and UC Davis… He charged back a $1,400 phone call bill from his stay at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel and a $700 dinner for two.


Calling his mistresses long distance is expensive.  Feeding them, ditto.  I am not joking.


They were able to get his speaking price down to $100,000 a speech, a $25,000 reduction from the amount Clinton asked for, bringing their tab for just his remarks down by $150,000. Clinton still netted $600,000 for the six speeches in a single week in the Bay Area.


This news article pretends this isn’t happening all over the place and is a form of bribery.  Hillary collected tons more loot talking with Goldman Sachs employees.  She should have paid THEM for pain and suffering.


Clinton’s aides required the event’s organizers to submit the questions they would ask after the former president’s presentation in advance of his appearances. His team said they didn’t want the showcases to become a ‘circus act.’


All our ‘leaders’ are a ‘circus act’.  The Real Rulers often live overseas and if American, have hiding holes overseas.  Or they live in Manhattan which is not attached to the continent in more ways than one.


Sample questions from the list included, ‘Is the world a better place now than when you entered politics, with a view to making a difference?’




‘Give us your prediction of where China will be in 10 years’?

‘Are religions, particularly the muslim religion, having a greater affect on world politics’?


Now today, that is a verboten topic.


At one of the events, Henning ended up deviating from the permitted list with the permission of Clinton, who urged him beforehand to ask him something ‘controversial,’ he explained in an email to Vogel after the fact. So, he asked the former president if he regretted pardoning businessman, financier and international fugitive Mark Rich on his last day in office.


Rich was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list for illegally buying and selling oil from foreign dictators. He fled the authorities and took up residency in 1983. Rich’s ex-wife had donated $450,000 to the Clinton library and more than a million dollars to Democratic campaigns, making the pardon come off as a quid pro quo gesture.


This is the new normal.  You can bet, Obama is doing this now and anyone following will be doing this.  This is why Clintons have to be arrested and the Bushes.  Too late to arrest Reagan.  Nixon was let go with zero time in prison and he was a war criminal, too.  Note how war crimes even in this story are ignored and the students didn’t ask about this, either.


Henning told Vogel that Clinton ‘went ballistic…he talked for 15 minutes on that one question, he turned red, started to sweat and told the audience what they did not know about the case, he ranted and raved.’  Finally Clinton’s travelling aide Doug Band ‘came out on to the stage, whacked me on the back and said, “Get him off the stage; he is dying out there,” ‘ Henning wrote.


Clinton wouldn’t stop, though, and continued ‘talking about Rich and those lying Republicans and media freaks.’  The event ended with Clinton talking about South African President and revolutionary Nelson Mandela and the former U.S. president received a standing ovation.


He didn’t salute the Black Panthers or Nation of Islam, too?  He did throw the meat to the lions to pacify them and assure them he is one of them and not a privileged white dude whose daughter went to a very expensive private school.  South Africa is a huge mess today.  Run down, violent, dangerous.  South Africa ‘a country at war’ as murder rate soars to nearly 49 a day…sounds like Chicago!


The Clinton Klan kollected a kool $153 million in bribes.  This was their ‘industry’ their ‘jobs’.  To give some of the most idiotic ‘speeches’ and then scoop up the loot.  I have known very good speech making politicians like the Udall family some of whom were friends and neighbors of my mother and father in Arizona.  We also knew the  Goldwater clan, too.  Both could give speeches.  I can’t stand listening to either the Bushes or the Clintons.  Yuck.


It is like eating a bowl of cesspool droppings. Barry Goldwater Dead at 89:


Mr. Goldwater’s relations with the news media were never smooth. He often complained that what he said was misinterpreted or distorted or both. During the 1964 campaign, reporters sometimes complained that Goldwater aides asked them to “write what he means, not what he says.” Mr. Goldwater said he would have voted against himself in 1964 if he believed everything that had been written or said on radio and television about him.


In May 1963, he caused an international uproar when he suggested on an ABC-TV “Issues and Answers” program that “defoliation of the forests by low-yield atomic weapons could well be done” to expose the supply routes for the flow of arms from North Vietnam to the Viet Cong guerrillas in South Vietnam.


This shows how deeply our rulers operate.  Goldwater was the ‘outsider’ and I remember him very well.  He didn’t tailor his speech to appear harmless and soft.  He was a ‘straight shooter’ which is why I remember him fondly.  I disagreed with him on a huge number of issues but knew he said what he wanted, he didn’t talk mush.


I will note here that in 1963 his suggestion would have started WWIII.  But then, LBJ and Nixon did pretty much what Goldwater suggested only instead of nuclear materials, they used toxic chemicals which still causes birth defects and damage to nature in Vietnam and Cambodia.  Agent Orange caused cancers and brain damage to US soldiers, too.  I loudly protested this back in 1969.


Do note how over and over again, BOTH parties conspire to do essentially the same thing whenever it comes to issues important to the Bilderberg gang.  Both Sanders and Trump are not Bilderberg gangsters and thus, are very hated by Congress, the super rich and the media.  This year is another watershed year wherein people across the globe are resisting the real rulers just like starting in the 1960s.


I know no one learned any lessons from back then.  I hope I did and being honest about all this, I believe that the anti-communist actions were futile and even dangerous, that the energy situation is still poorly understood, overall but for opposite reasons today and that solutions to very grave problems still elude us all.  Oh, and the sixties were the swan song for warmth as we slid into the quite chilly seventies and today we are moving in the same direction with today corresponding to 1968 when it was still pleasant and warm enough to demonstrate frequently.


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4 responses to “How The Clinton Klan Got Rich

  1. Lisa

    Hilary Clinton, who has spent her entire political career trying to outsource jobs, suddenly cares about people replaced by H-1b scabs:

    The comments at the bottom are a great read.

  2. Vengeur

    Great work Elaine. @#1 lisa: I love this comment from your article:
    “Isn’t it funny how politicians get away with creating a problem then run for re-election by campaigning against the very problem they created?”

  3. Petruchio

    “No, no one listens to me except a few die hards ” Well Elaine, think of it this way: it isn’t the quantity that counts, it’s the quality that matters.

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