Black NFL Wife Miko Grimes Infuriates Both Jewish Media Giants And Team Owners


Now on top of all the fury being flung at white people to make them feel guilty as black thugs murder them, we have the media attacking a black lady whose husband is an NFL player for being anti-semetic because she tells the truth about who owns the workers on the NFL plantation.  Mrs. Grimes is angry that the Jewish owner of her husband’s team hired a Jew to run things for him.  So time to discuss the immense gulf between Jews and blacks in the NFL.  Namely, it is run and own by a huge number of Jews and virtually no full Jews (only 2 and 7 half-Jews) play the game.  Ditto in spades in basketball, too.  Mentioning this information can get players in very serious trouble.


This is, of course, infuriating.  The US media has many Jewish owners, too.  They love to hammer away at the rest of us about Black Lives Matter but when it comes to who owns whom, we get the  Cone of Silence:

One can dig up the information we need but it takes a lot of effort, none of it is too easy to gain, I had to count things, do individual searches of various people to discover the information.  It is certainly not broadcast anywhere in the mainstream.


So here is the news: Stephen Ross, the Jewish owner of the Dolphins complains about Mrs. Grimes talking about stuff that is very verboten: Jewish owners.  Here is a list of these guys who are about 2% of the population:


Jim Irsay – Indianapolis Colts
Zygi Wolf – Minnesota Vikings
Board of Directors – Green Bay Packers
Randy Lerner – Cleveland Browns
Daniel Snyder – Washington Redskins
Jeffery Lurie – Philadelphia Eagles
Stephen Ross – Miami Dolphins
Robert Kraft – New England Patriots
Arthur Blank – Atlanta Falcons
Malcolm Glazer – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Al Davis – Oakland Raiders
Chip Rosenbloom – St. Louis Rams
Steve Tisch – 50% of NY Giants


This loud black female is now being yelled at by everyone, told to shut up and her husband will be fired due to her big mouth talking about die verboten crap.  Brent Grimes’ wife denies being anti-Semitic after abusive tweet sent to Miami Dolphins owner | Daily Mail Online:


Miko Grimes, the wife of former Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes, has denied being anti-Semitic after tweeting that the owner of her husband’s former team employed a ‘Jew buddy’.


Mrs Grimes, who often tweets controversial messages, tweeted that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross hired General Manager Mike Tannenbaum because of his religion.


The message has been widely condemned on social media and by the Anti-Defamation League.


Twitter user Darren Heitner tweeted to Miko Grimes that she was ‘disgusting’ and Dr Tboshhhhhh said that she ‘continues to be one of the worst spouses in sport’.


The Anti-Defamation League accused Miko Grimes of ‘classic, garden-variety anti-Semitism’.
‘Her suggestion that an NFL front office would operate as a “Jews-only club” is nothing less than classic, garden-variety anti-Semitism.


‘Using her fame, as a former AM radio show host and as the wife of a professional athlete, as a platform to defame others is simply unacceptable. Intolerance of others is never the answer. Ms Grimes needs to realize that her words were deeply offensive.’


There are over 1900 players in the NFL.  How many Jewish players are in the NFL? | says exactly 9.  Of these, all but 2 are half-Jewish:


  1.  Antonio Garay, a middle guard or nose tackle, was born to a Jewish mother and Jamaican/Costa Rican father. He is a free agent.


2.  Greg Camarillo is of Jewish and Mexican-American descent.


3.  Adam Podlesh, a punter who played college football with the Maryland Terrapins, is now a free agent.


4.  Brian de la Puente was first signed by the San Francisco 49ers as a football center and is now a free agent.


I looked it up and Puente, like his name, has a Mexican father who is not Jewish.  He is also no longer playing.


5.  Erik Lorig has been a fullback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 2010. Born in Rolling Hills, California, he is of Jewish-Scandinavian descent.


6.  Taylor Mays, plays as a safety for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was born to an African-American father and a Jewish mother who raised him in the Jewish religion.


7.  Gabe Carimi first played as an offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears but is now playing for the Atlanta Falcons.


Gabe’s mother was Italian Catholic who became Jewish when she married.


8&9.  Geoff and Mitchell Schwartz were the first Jewish brothers to play in the NFL again since Ralph and Arnold Horween in 1923. Both played as offensive tackles for different teams. Geoff plays for the New York Giants while Mitchell plays for the Cleveland Browns.


And these poor players who often pay a very severe physical price for playing, nearly all are bankrupt very swiftly:  5 Reasons Why 80% Of Retired NFL Players Go Broke – Forbes.


  Sports Illustrated recently estimated that 80% of retired NFL players go broke in their first three years out of the League…The median income in the NFL is roughly $750,000 and the average career span is less than four years.


One brave soul published a story about the other big Jewish owned team business:  Why Are So Many Pro Basketball Owners Jewish (Like Donald Sterling)? – Israel – which is a Jewish news site in Israel:


It will be hard to find Jews on the court in the National Basketball Association playoffs. But toss a basketball into an NBA owners’ meeting, and you’ll probably hit one.


There are only three Jewish players in the NBA, and no Jewish head coaches. Yet nearly half the principal owners of NBA teams are Jewish, as are the league’s current commissioner and its immediate past commissioner.


No other major pro league in the United States has such a high proportion of Jewish owners. The NFL comes closest: Roughly a third of that league’s owners are Jewish. Just a handful of pro baseball and hockey owners are Jews.


The commissioners for basketball are also often Jewish.  Media owners who broadcast the games are, too.  Three quarters of all basketball players are black.  Three Leagues, 92 Teams And One Black Principal Owner in pro basketball and he doesn’t own any of the major teams …three quarters of all basketball players are black.  And have a terrible time with money:  How pro athletes lose everything | New York Post


You are barely out of your teens, and have been signed to a multiyear, multimillion-dollar contract by a pro team. You can expect another $20 million to $30 million in endorsement deals, and are positioned to become a brand unto yourself: another LeBron, Brady, Kobe, Jeter.


What’s even more incredible? If you were to find yourself in this scenario, you would most likely wind up dead broke, if not bankrupt and homeless, by the time you turned 40…


Divorce and child-support payments, Foyle writes, are two things most young athletes never anticipate. “Early in my career, I heard a league official say that once they retire, there is an 87 percent divorce rate among NBA players,” he writes. “Although I haven’t verified this number, based on what I’ve witnessed, it seems about right.”


Black people, thanks to centuries of physical brutality, have evolved to be very strong and athletic.  Yes, natural (or in the case of slavery, unnatural) selection does work!  The ancient Romans illustrated this greatly.  People at the top became very, very weak within 250 years and the ancient Romans who conquered the ‘known world’ were unable to fight their way out of a paper bag by 250 AD.  All the rulers were barbarians and ditto, the soldiers by then.


What is most interesting are the Chinese ethnic groups: they prize intelligence and lo and behold, this is what rises to the top. Elite Math Competitions Struggle to Diversify Their Talent Pool because:


 There is a downside to the social aspect of advanced-math competitions: It can breed insular communities.


The largest demographic represented at math competitions is children of immigrant parents, mostly from Asian countries. Their parents tend to be professionals, and many are associated with universities. “There are a lot of kids whose parents made it to America by being good at math,” said Rusczyk. Those parents tend to have the social capital to find out about the kinds of opportunities that can advance a student’s math skills.


Translation: oh my!  Chinese are too good at this!  We must have diversity.  Well how about more diversity on foot ball teams, basketball teams, etc.  Penalize all the black players and bring in say, Chinese.  Virtually no Chinese are pros in any of these sports.


According to Mark Saul, the director of competitions for the Mathematical Association of America, not a single African-American or Hispanic student—and only a handful of girls—has ever made it to the Math Olympiad team in its 50 years of existence.


And this is because the black students were playing basketball after school and the Hispanics were playing baseball…and the Chinese were doing math skill studies!  And I played the cello, violin, organ and harpsichord and did advanced private studies so I could take college courses at a young age!  WORK HARD at where you want to excel.

My life was wrecked when I got the Hong Kong flu and nearly died.  My brain was so badly fried by the fever, I couldn’t read nor write for months and didn’t even know my own name for over a month.  I no longer had the multiple skills and crawled back from the cliff only to be thrown off by our rulers.  Which is why I ended up in…construction trades, of all things.  Happy times, actually, didn’t regret this even slightly.


The thing is, all these skill sets and winning things comes from huge desires on the part of participants.  This is why so many young people who are ‘minorities’ work so hard.  Once, the intellectual skills were dominated by Jewish background students, now not so much due to life being too easy unlike the Asians who come out of dangerous teeming Asia, determined to survive no matter what, using their brains.


Home — Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics is a group trying to fix this.  I approve of special summer classes of seven hours a day working hard!  I did this!  This is how I advanced quickly.  A Group of American Teens Are Excelling at Advanced Math as special classes in high school, mainly during the summer, proliferate.  Good.  There is some hope for sanity.  BTW, most of these programs are…Silicone Valley schemes.  Understandably.  And in the NYC/Boston matrix.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, much of the growth in our domestic economy will come from stem-related jobs, some of which are extremely well paid. College freshmen have heard that message; the number who say they want to major in a stem field is up. But attrition rates are very high: Between 2003 and 2009, 48 percent of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in a stem field switched to another major or dropped out—many found they simply didn’t have the quantitative background they needed to succeed.


The roots of this failure can usually be traced back to second or third grade, says Inessa Rifkin, a co-founder of the Russian School of Mathematics, which this year enrolled 17,500 students in after-school and weekend math academies in 31 locations around the United States.


Um, the Russian School?  HAHAHA.  Oh, and Obama wants war with Putin.  Remind me again about how smart we are.


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8 responses to “Black NFL Wife Miko Grimes Infuriates Both Jewish Media Giants And Team Owners

  1. Petruchio

    Why do so many black pro athletes have white girlfriends and/or wives? It’s a status symbol for one thing. For another–and just as important–white women are more submissive to The Black Man than your typical Black Woman. I cite Nicole Brown Simpson (O.J. Simpson’s one-time wife) as an example. Nicole was REPEATEDLY beaten by OJ Simpson. For YEARS!! And Nicole Simpson simply took the abuse. I think it is entirely possible that Nicole LOVED being beaten by Simpson. It’s why she submitted to OJ Simpson’s abuse. Spare me the BS about how Nicole was “powerless” to do anything about being beaten by O.J. .She could have stopped the abuse ANY TIME she felt like it. True, Nicole Brown Simpson is an extreme example, but your typical White Woman who Dates/Marries a Black Man IS very submissive to the Black Man Boyfriend/Husband. A typical Black Woman, imho would NOT tolerate an O.J. Simpson. A White Woman who would date/marry a Black Man WILL.

  2. CK

    Women would go where the easy money was.
    Over the last 20 years, the easy white money has found the crop of white women less than companionable. So … the current easy money is athletes and entertainers. When the money goes the woman goes too. OJ still had the savings and the current ( movies and advertisements ) income. Nicole stayed with the money. Money … it’s a killer.

  3. Petruchio

    @#2: I don’t know. Nicole very likely could have gotten a nice chunk of money in a Divorce Settlement. I’m not releasing OJ Simpson of responsibility in the double murders of Nicole and Ron Goldman; he is scum, but Nicole SHOUILD have known O.J. was someone to keep as much distance from as possible.

  4. e sutton


    When one burns coal, one must pay the toll. Nicole was a coal burner. It was not OJ´s brain she was after but his wallet. White women will never, ever learn.

  5. dan k

    Our rulers are getting ready to throw most of us off a cliff.

  6. CK

    It is possible that Simpson was being cuckolded by Nicole.
    There was an ESPN special about athletes and their money ” BROKE ”
    It is not always the wives and girlfriends, it is more often the “old friends from the hood” and the fake financial advisors and managers that parasite the athlete.

  7. emsnews

    It is everything sucking away the money. Especially gambling joints. Thus, Trump.

    Easy women, easy money, easy dope, nothing better to do after a couple years playing children’s games (yes, all the ‘sports’ aside from sword and gun shooting and horses plus bull fighting are children’s games!).

  8. Petruchio

    Yes, gambling can be a big draw for some athletes. Michael Jordan, the NBA superstar was a gambling junkie. Maybe he still is, but his father was murdered over “MJ’s” gambling debts. I know of a current NHL player–he plays for the home NHL team as of now–when he played for the New York Rangers NHL team, he would have to surrender his ENTIRE paycheck to his “creditors”. These folks would literally accompany this NHL player when he went to receive his paycheck. As SOON as this player got his check, he immediately signed it over to them ($250,000!!). The whole check! This dude had/has a serious gambling problem. And the stories about Pro athletes going to Vegas and blowing huge sums of money are too numerous to count. These Vegas trips make national news sometimes, usually when there is huge gambling losses accompanied by gunfire, usually in places such as traffic intersections. Athletes and their guns. Now there is a whole ‘nother topic, just as destructive as the gambling and the ‘ho’s.

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