Pokemon Go Is A Very Dangerous, Deadly Game

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Indiana sex offender is arrested after being caught playing Pokemon Go with boy, 16, by probation officers outside courthouse as this free game is beginning to be exploited by corporations to lure zombies into their establishments and already criminals  have begun to use it to do other crimes like when one person who used it to lure a young lady to Dead Body.  It is very irresponsible and should be terminated before even more people die or are endangered.


All games are designed to be addictive.  This makes more money.  When a game is devised so it causes many people to do the same dangerous thing, that is, walking around with a screen taking up all the attention leading to accidents of all sorts…should be stopped by authorities and the corporation doing this, sued to high heaven.


I suspect already lawsuits are lining up. This game is purposely designed to cause harm.  It can ONLY be used dangerously, that is, luring children into traffic out in the open, it is not a game that can be played at home.  It MUST get the player out into the open and in danger.


The next step is for this interactive game to be used to commit gang murders.  Already it is used to lure children to pedophiles.  Good grief, how many people have to die before this game is terminated by Nintendo?  Are the Japanese so dumb, they can’t see the inevitable outcome?


More news just in:  Gotta catch ’em all: South Korean Poké-tourists flock to North Korea border town re-branding itself as the Pokémon GO ‘holy land’ 


Superfans are making the long pilgrimage to the remote northeastern city of Sokcho, where a glitch in the game’s software has made the sleepy seaside town the only place on the peninsula where Koreans can access the game.


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One response to “Pokemon Go Is A Very Dangerous, Deadly Game

  1. Melponeme_k

    The tech industry of anywhere is made up of mostly people on the autistic spectrum who, because of their disability, can not interact normally with other people. They NEED technology to make connections, it evens out in their favor. Because in tech, they don’t need to rise above to interact with regular people. Instead tech turns everyone autistic, to the point where it is detrimentally affecting our mental development.

    The autistic creators behind this game are not being vicious. They naively see this as away to get people like themselves out and about and interacting with people. They didn’t see criminals using this as a hitman app. They didn’t see the pedophiles using it to prey on children.

    The same problem is seen in Facebook. Which was created by an emotionally stunted man who could only have normal interactions through a computer interface. Now he has turned a whole generation into a mirror for himself. People who would otherwise behave normally are now semi-autistic.

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