France Bastille Day Massacre Terrorist Attack Is Merkel’s Fault

(UNSEEN VIDEO) Truck terror attack in Nice, France – YouTube


Gun and truck terror attack leaves at least 77 dead in Nice: Bodies strewn across road after lorry drove for over a MILE through crowd watching holiday fireworks before gunman opens fire and he has taken hostages now in a hotel.  This madness is going to cause huge blowback.  The British who voted out of the EU are saying, ‘We told you so and you all called us racists’.  And the US election continues with endless anti-Trump propaganda and Clinton has pandered to any and all and she won’t be elected now.

‘KILL HIM IN ANY MANNER’: ISIS had urged supporters to use cars to run over ‘disbelieving’ Westerners in statement released 2 years before Nice.  No surprise.  The EU joined the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia to create this mega-mess.  It was to get rid of both Saddam and Assad and thus, protect both Israel and the home base of the 9/11 attackers, Saudi Arabia.  It worked great and now has set the stage for WWIII and since NATO also decided to strong arm nuclear armed Russia because Putin supports Assad, we get WWIII.  First, we get attacked by endless terrorists while being lectured about how we are all racist pigs.


Meanwhile, things continue to heat up at home as we see anyone who says anything…if they are white…they are instantly punished and fired but if they are black, they get to visit Obama like Sharpton, a man who once tried to get me beat up, was the other day:  PA hospital worker fired after sharing vile racist Facebook post – NY Daily News

Screen shot 2016-07-14 at 10.25.41 PM

It is ‘vile’ to say you are proud to be white but it is wonderful if you say you are proud to be black.  This cannot continue for much longer, the backlash will come in due time.  Either NO ONE is allowed to say these words or everyone is allowed.  We cannot have a double standard.


Secondly, white lives and police lives do matter.  Who is the cretan disputing this?  Get an honest job isn’t evil, either.  Be a productive citizen?  Eh?  Well, she did use cuss words but all the protesters use lots of cuss words including, ‘Kill Cops!’ at the top of their lungs.


The following day, chief human resources officer Jeffrey Stevens wrote a Facebook post clarifying that Amoratis was “no longer at Jefferson.”


Stevens urged Jefferson staff members to “be mindful of our conduct and avoid egregious, hateful language and behaviors that reflect on Jefferson as uncaring.”


The petting and caring of angry black protestors who now want a repeat of the mistakes of the 1970’s, the spewing of intense levels of hate speech while screaming the rest of us are to hang our heads in shame and we should be collectively punished…this will blow back, big time, in a huge way.


This is exactly how Reagan was elected.  I remember this well.  It was so obvious. Wendy Williams is really regretting her racism comments.  This TV lady is a black lady.  She is on TV because it is PC.  She said something not PC so she was punished but significantly, not fired like any white person who says the wrong thing.


The daytime talk diva caught major flak when she critiqued Jesse Williams’ “poignant” BET Awards acceptance speech on racism.


“[His] speech was very poignant. On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP,” she told her silent audience.


Chevrolet reportedly pulled out of an exclusive deal with Williams over the comments.


Blogger B. Scott reported: “She’s been sobbing all week over the loss.”


Meanwhile, Martin gave her a tongue-lashing on his TV One show, referring to her comments as “silly” and suggesting she “shut the hell up . . . You do realize that the NAACP was founded by a mix of folks that were black and white. Do you realize that the first president of the NAACP . . . was white?” he asked.


We all know who that person was, easy to guess:

Screen shot 2016-07-14 at 10.37.04 PM

Jews WERE discriminated against back then!  Now, it is the reverse.  Asians are being set up to be discriminated against not because they are at the bottom of the ladder but because they work hard to get to the top and this irritates many people so…they get the hammer.  The entire thing of setting up things so people who are ‘minority’ get a leg up and get to the front of the line and are rewarded for even the smallest efforts while others are demonized and punished for working hard.


This is a great way to create a massive backlash of historic proportions and we are heading there.  Any black child who graduates from high school with moderate levels of achievement are showered with scholarships and offers whereas a Chinese student has to be the top of ALL students in the entire country to get the same and even then, it is withheld because ‘there are too many Chinese already’.


PS: this does NOT happen to Jewish kids so far.  If it did, the entire support system for this cockeyed way of running things will collapse in a fraction of a minute.


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23 responses to “France Bastille Day Massacre Terrorist Attack Is Merkel’s Fault

  1. ziff

    President Pence ??

  2. e sutton

    Solid post, Elaine!

    Can´t help but wonder if the Nice mow down was a false flag. I mean, the very day the swine Hollande was going to lift France from the terror alert. Convenient? Maybe.

    From RT, Hollande is dictating a big military build up in France.

  3. e sutton


    There is a very good rant by Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog. As is the case with Elaine, I do not always agree with the political viewpoints, but he is mostly spot on in this case.

    It is a bit long, but listen to Greg toward the end, when he discusses Israel vs. Iran. On this, I side I disagree with Greg and have (possibly erroneously) called him a Zionist in his comments section. Interestingly, he has not banned me. I no longer try to comment there, as he is fairly adamant in his belief that Israel is ¨our friend¨ I agree completely with EMS on Israel!

    Here now, the link;

  4. Facebook is bad news. I notice a lot of media comment sections now link to Facebook?

  5. Lou

    fakebook = government and censorship.

  6. Maddie's Mom

    If Hollande was serious, this ^^^^^ would’ve warranted a swift and deadly response, don’t you think?

    Words, words, and more words, while the savages continue to savage.

    Wake me up when some ‘leader’ actually does something. I’m thinking it may be November.

  7. Nani

    You’re right Maddie’s Mum. I am disgusted beyond words by these latest attacks. We can not confront terror, senseless violence and deaths with words. I am sick and tired of all this “love, peace, tolerance and pray for everyone” crap. Me and millions of other Europeans never wanted these savages in our countries in the first place. They where welcomed With open arms by our treacherous Bilderberg governments who think multiculture is such a wonderful thing. They can go to hell! I want real leaders who defends our security, our interests, and our freedom. Leaders who defend Europe vigorously with pride, not the weasels we have now.

  8. ziff

    is everything Merkels fault ?

  9. e sutton



  10. e sutton

    Coup in Turkey. Once he started talking to Putin, it was time for Endrogan to go.

  11. Christian W

    @ 2

    The timing of the Paris attack was very suspicious as well. Just a day or two before the French Parliament was about to vote on the French equivalent to the “Patriot” Acts.

  12. Maddie's Mom

    Merkel is psychotic and she has lots of company.

    My sympathies to the decent, discerning people of France and the rest of Europe. May your ‘leaders’ one day pay dearly for what they have unleashed upon you.

    For those who have been duped by this politically correct nonsense, I hope your eyes have been opened. If not, how many more must die???

  13. Maddie's Mom

    Attn: US of A…take note^^^^^

  14. vengeur

    @#10: Thank you. The REAL answer is the one we will never hear on “The News”.

  15. Jim R

  16. Turkey ,,, we never know do we? But it’s Merkels fault !!

  17. emsnews

    Yup, another coup. But NOT like Egypt. The US, Erdogan and Israel and Saudi Arabia totally supported THAT coup. And no one mentions it still runs Egypt.

  18. Christian W

    Turkey has a long history of military coups. Ever since Ataturk (who hated the Islamists and who brought Turkey into something resembling a modern society) the Army has stood guard against too much power for the Quran-thumpers.

  19. Christian W

    Looks like the Quran thumpers won in Turkey. The mosques were calling out all the faithful in a jihad against the coup makers. From pictures the Erdogan supporters look a lot like the Islamists in Syria attacking Assad (ie the so called ‘moderate rebels’).

  20. emsnews

    The CIA didn’t support this coup. And so it failed.

  21. Jim R

    ^^^^ exactly that.

  22. Floridasandy

    Another arrack in Germany

    Blood on Merkel’s hands. What do they expect when they bring all these unaccompanied minor children in from hostile countries? The numbers in the article are horrifying.

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