Half Hearted Coup Fails In Turkey

War on Democracy – US backed 1973 coup in Chile – YouTube

The coup is over.  Unlike say, the US-sponsored coup 1973 Chilean coup d’état where a friend of mine was a professor in Santiago and he ran from the campus to the US embassy and begged to be let in and was locked out by Nixon’s staff only to bolt over the fence and through a window and he refused to let them shove him out of the door to be killed.  And then called me from there whereby I went to Mo Udall our Senator and family friend and asked him to save my friend’s life which he did but it took half a year’s negotiations to get him to an airport and out.   The latest coup in Turkey was NOT CIA sponsored.  So it failed.


I watched the videos and the soldiers barely fought the angry crowds.  Were there angry crowds in Chile back then?  Absolutely!  Lots and lots of people struggled against the coup and were attacked and defeated.  Ditto in Eastern Europe when the Russians suppressed popular attempts at running things the non-Soviet way.


How on earth did the Chinese who rose up against the government, fare?  That is, Shanghai didn’t get crushed and went on to be one of the richest cities in China due to the skills and talents of the government there?  Well, they defied the communist’s army when the tanks tried to enter the city and at the same time, I was camped in front of the UN forcing Bush Sr. to not make secret deals with the communists to ship all the Chinese students in the US home to be punished and the bad publicity of all this thanks to the old CNN which was not run by the elites back then, broadcasting everything so lies about what I was doing couldn’t stand a chance…the Chinese were not utterly crushed by the communists.


The US elites have often cooperated with coups or with crushing popular uprisings.  Joining forces with communist elites, they had various rules of engagement, both sides would demonize the other but cooperate behind the scenes which I revealed clearly when I clashed with Bush Sr. directly when he tried that sneaky business of pretending to be outraged while students and workers died under tanks while behind the curtain, helping it happen.


The recent failed coup in Turkey shows how hollow the military there really is. They  mostly fight Kurds.  The government hates the Kurds.  The EU and US support our ‘NATO ally’ in its war against the Kurds while at the same time, supporting uprisings of minority populations all over the Muslim world except in Saudi Arabia which is brutally crushing the non-Wahhabi Yemen tribes.  They can be butchered brutally and not a peep is heard from our rulers.


The US sponsors coups all the time and backs these while at the same time, denounces all coups.  This is a front.  The US is working hard to start WWIII with Russia and China and would dearly love a coup against the leaders of both countries and is paying money for this, that can be certain and this is focused on the military.  Bribing generals to have a coup is a common CIA operation.


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24 responses to “Half Hearted Coup Fails In Turkey

  1. Jim R

    Of course those CIA putsches work, because they have almost infinite power and resources behind them.

    It takes a lot of planning — they have to have a ‘shadow government’ ready to drop into place. If it’s just a few yahoos in the military, or even a lot of them, they won’t make it without a lot of planning far in advance, to get local city governments and police and finance and everything all on the side of the coup. Absent that, you have a lot of local police departments and city councils looking around and saying “Huh? What?” … and then going back to what they were doing (that is, supporting the old leadership structure).

    When they pulled off the coup in the Ukraine, they were ‘lustrating’ and beating and otherwise disappearing local politicians all over the country. It was only in Crimea and that little strip along the Russian border in the Rostov area where the locals quickly jumped in to prevent a takeover.

  2. Mewswithaview

    THE CHINESE NEW LEFT – http://www.antiwar.com/justin/justinchina1.html

    In understanding the politics and style of the Tiananmen Square protesters, the New Left analogy is useful. For these were leftists, in a Chinese context, in their ideology as well as in their provocative style.

    From the very beginning, the student rebels marched into the Square singing the “Internationale,” and toting portraits of Mao. According to Lee Feigon’s pro-student protester account of The Meaning of Tiananmen, the leaders of a prominent student group, who in alliance with city workers organized the Beijing Workers’ Autonomous Trade Union, “hung big pictures of Mao in the tents they pitched on the square. They talked openly and boldly about the good old days of the Cultural Revolution. Mao, they felt, had the right ideas, although he sometimes used wrong tactics. Now they were determined to use what they considered the right ones.”

  3. Ed

    Losing control of 50 nuclear warheads and the use of air assets in Turkey is prettty stupid on the US part.

  4. Christian W

    It was the US that pushed hard for Europe to accept Turkey into NATO. Grand idea that was.

  5. Christian W

    Oh and that was sarcasm in the comment above.

  6. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine,

    The shock is that the coup was even attempted and the USA was not prepared. Madame Hillary and her email servers are to blame for this. The trust in the USA is at a low. Old Tomato sauce cannot undo the damage in a few years.

    Erdogan has previously purged the Military. The expected result is another purge and the rise of the Islamist hardliners.

  7. ziff

    Its Merkels fault !!,
    really, there are enough disenfranchised nut jobs , why blame Ms merkels migrants?

  8. e sutton

    ^^^as ziff! ^^^^

  9. Christian W

    @ 6

    How do you know the US was not prepared? This was such a half cocked attempt it stinks to high heaven. Many of the troops apparently had no idea they were part of the ‘coup’ so they surrendered without a shot fired. They surrendered to Jihadists (some of whom were veterans from Syria) who murdered some of the soldiers, even if the soldiers were armed and the Islamists weren’t.

    Now Erdogan can purge even more and lock Turkey down as Islamist for the next two centuries.

  10. Vitali

    Maybe Erdogan does coup to get more power?

  11. tio

    @Vitali, it doesn’t pass the smell test does it? Hmm.

  12. emsnews

    It was ‘half’ a coup. That is, a conspiracy at the top against Erdogan to replace him but it was only a handful of generals. Virtually none of the troops had the faintest idea what was going on and I could see from the videos that they were quite bewildered when the people swarmed their tanks. They wanted to know what was really going on!

    Human stupidity coupled with Erdogan exploiting his near-miss to make himself powerful via purging absolutely everyone.

    The judges will probably be put in prison for life, I suspect, unless they can flee somehow.

  13. Seraphim

    If the coup was engineered by the CIA, then it botched it big times. Maybe the CIA is not that ‘intelligent’ after all. It is said that it had no relation with the volte-face of Erdogan in his relations with Russia and the perspective of a speedy end of the ‘regime change’ operation in Syria. On the contrary, it sent the oxymoronic agency in a spin. Erdogan was becoming more than an irritant, but a clear danger. It was said that it would not have the time to organize it properly. This is perhaps true, it has all the marks of desperate measure. The loss of Turkey is such a blow to all the plans of US in the region that US had to act quickly and tried to activate their fifth column, the Gulen outfit, well known as a CIA front, maybe the umbrella organization of all the Islamist outfits.

  14. JimmyJ

    It’s suspicious to me that Russian Gov media suffered a denial of service attack right during the coup when Erdogan is clearly moving toward Russia and against Eu/US. This sounds like some western involvement to me despite a belief they couldn’t fail. One observer figured that there was even two western agencies battling it out by proxy during the coup (Pentagon vs CIA). Talk about Godzilla vs Mothra.

    I looked up a bid sheet at FBODaily for western contractors for work on a US Naval facility at Stevastopol that was still online weeks after Crimea went back to Russia, showing clearly that US fully expected to be sitting there in possession of that port after the Ukraine’s Nuland coup.

    Little details are important to discern motive.

  15. Jim R

    Well, maybe. Maybe the coup specialists at the CIA would pull a fake-coup, to support Erdogan. Maybe.

    But then again as Freud once said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  16. Christian W

    The coup failed because it was exactly like it looked it was, half cocked. The trigger was that Erdogan was going to arrest some 100 officers, some of whom had been jailed before but were released in 2015. They decided they weren’t going to wait for that. There is still trouble at some military bases in Turkey.

    The key reasons the coup failed was that the colonel who was supposed to arrest Erdogan at Ataturk airport failed in his mission, and also one of the key generals got cold feet and jumped ship. This general is now the Chief of Staff of the Army.

  17. emsnews

    All coups and countercoups are murky. BUT the CIA was created PRECISELY for this! It is how the CIA operates!!!

  18. Lou

    Indeed. and the WaPo is their mouthpiece?

  19. Jim R

    It is, Lou. Has been for some time now … none of the major ‘news’ outlets has dared to question their press releases at least since 2001, and probably way before that.

    Well, if they planned for it to fail, then their plan worked. If it was meant as a hasty ‘regime change’ for Turkey, we’ll probably have to send a few tens of thousands of soldiers over there to finish the job, like with Iraq.

    But it’s still murky, as all (the analysts I read) are saying. The story that they’ve closed Incirlik airbase. Bad for NATO. The story that Recip is a fervent islamist, and is enthusiastically supporting Daesh. The story that he’s kissing up to Putin. The story that the Turkish army wants to exterminate the rest of the Kurds. None of it makes sense.

    It’s hard to say where it is going, but it will almost certainly be a bloody mess over there for the near future.

  20. Jim R

    And there are other stories that don’t make sense — that Erdogan was just flying around in his Gulfstream, with the transponder turned on, until the ‘coup’ was over. Why didn’t the coupsters shoot him down?

    And that the citizens of Turkey, who were getting tear-gassed and sprayed with rubber [?] bullets just a year or two ago, all came out to rally for his support.

    And that Erdogan has requested extradition of the Turkish oligarch Gulen. Sort-of makes sense if “Gulen did it”, but it seems doubtful that he did (certainly not without permission from the ‘Murrikans).

  21. Jim R

    The one explanation I can think of is that 1) NATO wanted to shut Incirlik anyway; and 2) it’s a (not so) gentle reminder to Erdogan that he can be ‘Gaddafi’ed’ at any time.

    As to why NATO wants to shut Incirlik: Putin, and his legendary skill at geopolitical chess? This way they can do it without losing ‘face’. It forestalls WWIII for a while, and allows for the (inevitable) transfer of power from the old Imperial hegemon to the new . . .

  22. Lou

    Why did Lord Bezos buy the WaPo?

  23. Jim R

    Now the analysts are saying what I said in #19. They meant to pull off a coup, their planning was too hasty, and they screwed it up.

    Like the Bay of Pigs. They thought freedom-loving Turks would rise up and join the revolution. . . which never works. People don’t join a cause when they have no idea what it is doing or why it is doing it.

    Bad news for the globalists, Bilderbergers, NATO, etc. etc. etc.

  24. emsnews

    Turkey is the next Iraq. Remember, Saddam was our CIA’s best buddy when he attacked Iran.

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