Military Coup In Turkey, Tanks And Jets Out In Force

BREAKING – Military Coup in Turkey – YouTube

The US and NATO ‘me too’ lunatics desperately wanted to overthrow Putin but as usual, the Syria destruction is destroying not Assad nor Putin but…ERDOGAN.  Erdogan Blames Gulenist Network, Calls on Public to Fight in Public Squares:

Martial Law Declared In Turkey – 16 July 2016 – YouTube

Speaking on CNN Turk by phone, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke to the country from a safe space calling on them to fight back against the military coup by taking ground in public spaces and the airport.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a brief statement via CNN Turk calling on the country’s people to fight back against what he called a Gulenist network effort to undermine the country’s democracy. In the statement, Erdogan urged citizens to wage conflict and take to the streets in protest.


Turkey remains in a state of martial law under the total control of a self-appointed military government that refers to themselves as a “Peace Council” that purportedly will serve as an interim government to reinstall democratic practices and the rule of law in the Middle East country.


Despite losing control of the government, Erdogan remained defiant declaring that those responsible for the attack would face a heavy price and that the coup would be stopped in a “short time.”


Everything is going widdershins for Obama.  Right on the heels of him making a big deal about blacks fighting with cops and who gets killed in this roaring mess of our former industrial cities all becoming useless retirement homes for unwanted workers.


Nope, we were to prepare for WWIII with heavily nuclear armed Russia. In the Pacific, the US chose to push China hard and get the same result only China’s army is 10x bigger than Russia’s army.  And China is a major nuclear power, too.  Both have nuclear subs with nuclear missile and both have presence in outer space, too.


Well, Turkey is going off this cliff due to the same bombers and same terrorists attacking NATO countries.  Imagine that.  And NATO leaders support al Qaeda indeed, created al Qaeda to attack Russia and China only they aren’t doing this, they are attacking NATO countries.  And especially, the US.


Obama still has not said, ‘Muslims are attacking US citizens and want to kill us here at home and I will fight them to the last breath, how dare they do this!’  Nope, he never even mentions the word ‘Muslims’ except to snarl at us, we must let more in or else.  ????


Turkish military open fire on civilians as they launch coup to depose Islamist government while President Erdogan ‘hides in a hotel room’ and Facetimes a TV station urging supporters to fight.  Except the only ones wanting to fight are terrorists who are already terrorizing Turkey and I am betting the average Turk wants this coup.


Four coups in 56 years: How Turkey has been plagued by bloody military takeovers for half a century sort of like….South and Central America.  Coup after coup after coup.  I recall recently a coup in…EGYPT.  I note the US isn’t demanding a return to ‘democracy’.  Eh?  The sounds of silence.


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4 responses to “Military Coup In Turkey, Tanks And Jets Out In Force

  1. Ed

    Hopefully Gollum burns in the fire of Mordor. Unfortunately, this is a messy coup with a weakened secular military fighting it out with a fundamentalist terror regime. Very poorly planned out.

  2. There was a lot of speculation this would happen.
    Others said the Army had been purged by Erdogen but obviously he didn’t complete the job.
    Good for the Turkish people in the long run .

  3. tio

    The only text they should have redacted was the word ‘may’ then it makes a lot more sense.

    Contrast the above with the official narrative.

    ’28 Pages’: Newly released 9/11 documents find no official Saudi link
    {The Saudi government said it welcomed the release of the documents on Friday.

    The release confirms “neither the Saudi government, nor senior Saudi officials, nor any person acting on behalf of the Saudi government provided any support or encouragement for these attacks,” Abdullah Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, said in a statement on Friday.}

  4. emsnews

    Whitewash time.

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