Another Mass Police Killing By Thugs In Baton Rouge LA

White cops fired for telling the truth — Black athlete Isaiah Crowell hired for lying – YouTube: in this video, there is proof of a double standard.  An athlete who is black gets away with posting a picture of a masked ISIS-type man murdering a cop whereas cops posting ‘Police lives matter,’ are fired.  This insanity will blow up in everyone’s faces and is blowing up right now, today.  Three officers killed, three injured in Baton Rouge shooting, sheriff’s office says – The Washington Post which supports racist double standards.  The WP and NYT and other media giants have fed Obama’s message that blacks can say or do anything that pops into their minds and the rest of us will be severely punished even if we say something like Trump’s hat message that so infuriated the liberal media last month.  ‘Make America great again’ is verboten as is ‘All lives matter’ or anything along these lines.



Three police officers were killed and at least three others injured in a shooting Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.


Authorities said that one suspect has been killed, and the sheriff’s office said that they believe two other potential suspects may be at large. While the injured officers were taken to nearby hospitals, people who lived in the vicinity were ordered to hunker down and stay indoors…


The fact this happened nearly next to the police headquarters means it was a planned terrorist attack.  Our President has bent over backwards to insure we get hammered by terrorists and this is exactly why he was so heated about Congress denying his plans to import more Muslim terrorists.  We are obviously at war now, for a long time.  The demonic powers released by Bush Jr when he illegally attacked Iraq are still coming home to roost and the DNC coddling of that old criminal racist, Al Sharpton, is leading to mass murder in our cities again.


Al Sharpton is the man who, before he became famous with the Tawana Browley affair, tried to raise a riot against me in Bed-Stuy one night in this church where I was talking about how to stop crime and patrol streets and get young males to cooperate, not fall into criminal habits.  Well, he is in power with his buddy, Obama and I am out of power and hiding on my mountain far far from the nearest cities.  And well armed, too.


A local woman told The Post that she was playing tennis with her two daughters and her husband when their game was interrupted by gunfire.


The woman, who asked to have her name withheld, was in a park about a mile from the shooting, one she chose because she thought it was located a safe distance from recent unrest. It was a beautiful morning, she said, until the gunfire erupted.


“It sounded like a shootout. After many rounds, we started to hear sirens and saw a police car driving fast down Drusilla Lane and then we got out of there,” she said. She added: “I feel trapped in our own home. I can’t take my kids out and I thought we would be safe here because we are close to a police station.”


Masked gunman shoots dead three cops and wounds at least three more before being killed by officers in Baton Rouge – the city where Alton Sterling’s death began a wave of anger two weeks ago and this is news from England, not the US which is Occupied Territory or rather, Occupied TERRORISTory.


Twelve-year-old boy and three accomplices were arrested for plot to kill Baton Rouge cops last week but the killers are slightly older.  And what is Obama going to do about all this?  Even at the funeral of five cops the other day, he spent most of his emotional energy chastising the police and warning them to stop patrolling black communities a wish that WILL be granted.


It was granted once upon a time years ago.  Blacks in our cities were told they were oppressed and no one was going to shoot them even if they rioted so…they rioted endlessly.  I call 1977 ‘The Endless Riot’ as NYC burned down here, there, everywhere.  Crime was rampant.  Michael Jackson made videos singing about how he was a bad bad thug and showed black kids, it was hot stuff, vandalizing the subway system.


It was a terrifying mess and I was dead center in the middle of all of it.  Well, this time around, the people learning nothing from last time this was done, I am far away.  Our schools are collapsing due to out of control students and white flight is no longer ‘to better school districts with fewer black students’ but to private schools that the government has zero control over.


In turn, families who work vote against funds for schools.  Duh.  Poor communities have no money and get this from the Feds and states and this will vanish, too, if schools become useless holding pens.  This just in (news from Europe!) Al Sharpton sued for $1.75m over claims he swindled trucker who asked for help with discrimination case out of $16,000.  HAHAHA.  Hope he wins.  That guy is a swindler.


From yesterday:  Trump is a hair ahead of Hillary in new tracking poll – and within striking distance in two key Midwest states and you can bet by tomorrow he will be well ahead.  He should thank Black Lives Matter for this.


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13 responses to “Another Mass Police Killing By Thugs In Baton Rouge LA

  1. Lou

    Elaine, supporter of Black Panthers [at least then] and other bad causes
    posts this thread.
    Baby, its your chickens come home to roost.

    Do you know the story of the (((guy))) who founded ‘Ramparts”?
    And why he disavowed the Panthers?
    If I recall, it had to do with the murder of a woman [Betty?].

  2. emsnews

    The Black Panthers TURNED AGAINST ME in 1969 at the biggest left meeting in the US, ever, in Oakland, CA.

    They threatened to kill me. I defied them. Two Panthers sided with me and were kicked out. I had excellent relations with various black males over the years who worked alongside me and understood how crime was eating the heart out of the black community.

    One Black Panther came to me in great fear to be saved and I did the negotiations with the Feds for surrender in Oakland. All that was when I was under the age of 21.

    Now I am an old lady. The last of the men I worked with in Newark and NYC are all dead and gone, alas. And things are a hot mess again. History runs in circles and I will no longer turn the Wheel of Fortune, others get to do this. Good luck with that.

  3. emsnews

    Ramparts was printed by my former father-in-law, by the way. He didn’t like me. I knew the writers for that rag, HAHAHA. Pestered them in the past. Famous writers can be stupid as hell.

  4. emsnews

    Ah, dear Norman Mailer…and Timothy Leary the guy who leered…HAHAHA…

  5. emsnews is not online!

  6. CK

    No lives matter.
    Except your own.
    It matters not if you are white, not-white, or whatever other skin tone you are.
    if you are dead your genes your history dissolve into mush.
    Black white grey yellow red brown no life matters except your own.
    Stay living my friends.

  7. CK

    Anti war is online
    They are just as neo-con as ever but they are online.

  8. emsnews

    It is Safari that doesn’t carry it suddenly. A computer glitch, it seems. It is working in Chrome.

  9. ziff

    elephant lives matter

  10. e sutton

    Obama – a day late and another dollar short….Blood on his hands, as well as Lynch……worst..president…evah……

  11. vengeur

    The thing about wars that most people fail to understand is that it is relatively easy to start them, but VERY difficult to control or end them.

  12. Lou

    Soros is funding BLM?

    Anonymous said… As a lot of you may know BLM is run by about 4 or 5 lesbians and a transgender freak.
    Another “leader” is a gay male.
    I just saw him in a clip talking into his megaphone about black transgender and gay “issues”.

    I am sure the average street thug is concerned about the poor suffering transgender blacks

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