NATO Turkey Ruler Cracks Down On Judges, Universities In Chile-style Counter Coup

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Here is a photo of Wahhabist women in Turkey celebrating the vicious counter-coup and hoping for enslavement of women.


This is what is in store for women in Turkey.  Women in Turkey were the freest of all women in Muslim countries.  They have so far, full civil rights similar to Europe.  The counter coup run by right winger Erdogan is violently against women’s rights and wants to crush the Kurds as violently as possible.  The entire military and more importantly, the ENTIRE judicial system is being wiped out and replaced with Wahhabists trained in the Saudi style of ruling humans, that is, absolute dictatorship in the name of Allah.  Our ‘ally’ in the War on Terror (sic) is the terrorist.


Erdogan uses botched military coup to build radical new Turkey | Daily Mail Online


Erdogan made a brief public appearance amid a phalanx of heavily-armed bodyguards, he said: ‘They will pay a heavy price for this. This uprising is a gift from God to us because this will be a reason to cleanse our army.’


At least 265 people were killed in clashes between the armed forces and police. Scores of civilians were among the dead.


The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds | Zero Hedge


As AP adds, local NTV television has shown footage of a Turkish colonel and other soldiers being taken into custody at military headquarters. The video shows them being hand-searched by special forces police, their hands behind their heads. Some are later seen kneeling on the ground, their hands still held behind their heads.


According to Hurriyet newspaper’s online edition, some of the privates who were detained told interrogators they were not aware that they were part of a coup attempt. They had been told by commanders they were taking part in military maneuvers. Some said they understood that it was a coup attempt when they saw civilians climb on tanks.


Virtually none of the soldiers sent into Ankara shot at anyone or did anything and when unarmed mobs swarmed them, they all climbed out of the tanks.  One said, he was told they were doing maneuvers only and he was surprised to see the crowds and the crew climbed out of the tank to talk to them only to be pulled down and beaten up!


This seems true to me because why else would men inside a tank surrender so easily and quietly?  But the men in the military vehicles are going to be severely punished for obeying orders and the generals who did this to them most fled via helicopter to Greece asking NATO for safety while the ones who stayed home and thought, due to being entirely innocent in all this, are being punished severely, too.


The judges probably had nothing to do with any of this and are being replaced with Nazi-style party loyalists who will do Nazi-style ‘justice’ and Turkey should be removed from NATO due to being dangerous, not an ‘ally’ only we want control of the Black Sea to punish Russia for rebuilding after the collapse.  Russia, not an Islamic Radical State Turkey, is supposed to be menacing Europe which is being torn apart and blown up by…NOT RUSSIA.  By Islamist terrorists who belong to the Wahhabi sect.


The stupid 9/11 Saudi pages of the redacted report were ‘released’ yesterday and guess what?  It had virtually no information about how the terrorists were brought over from Saudi Arabia and given ‘flying lessons’ and who paid for all this and who knew about all this beforehand.  So if there was nothing there, why was this all hidden and covered up for over a decade???


The answer is obvious.  The new ‘released report’ is FAKE.  It isn’t real.  And our government continues to conspire with crazy Wahhabists to attack Europe and the US because this keeps the bombs falling on innocent bystanders like Syria, Libya, Iraq.  No bombing raids on Saudi Arabia or Turkey.  Bomb Yemen, yes, Oman, no.  And above all, all our Israeli-controlled Congress and Presidents and et al want us to bomb Iran, not to mention, now Russia and China.


ALL of whom have nuclear bombs and in the case of Russia, many nuclear missiles which can travel over the North Pole and hit the US except for all the submarines who can do this from anywhere.  Why do our stupid rulers want WWIII?  They can’t even stop teen parties here in the US from blowing up into mass battles!  Fourteen people injured in drive-by shooting in Bakersfield California | Daily Mail Online


About 150 people attended the party, with most between the age of 15 and 18. An invitation was reportedly posted on social media.


Kern County Sheriff’s Office said it believes at least two different guns were used by those in the car that drove by the house, while adding people in the crowd fired back at the car as it left the scene.


Police have called on anyone with information about the shooters to come forward.


Turns out that most of the people questioned by cops know exactly who did this and won’t say a word. Black lives matter only when it comes to black murderers. Not the victims.  This typical story happens every day, literally, in the US.  The wars raging overseas are coming home to roost and in between black teens butchering each other and terrorizing staff at school so no one learns anything except how to be a thug, we have our rulers telling us we are being menaced by Muslim terrorists and Russian/Chinese diplomats and that we should be at war with both.


ONLY we are to import as many Muslim terrorists as possible into NATO countries because…HAHAHA.  They can’t explain why.  All they do is scream, ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists’ but then not all black children are criminals, either.  But they don’t rule the hood, the criminal teens run things!  So we have to deal with them, not the nice black teens.  Ditto with Muslims.  But you do NOT invite millions of Muslims or teens of any sort into any place unless you want chaos!


Here is an example of white European teens going nuts, too:  in quiet Holland in a very quiet neighborhood, a Teenager’s 16th birthday party turns into a riot after 3,000 people turn up when she leaves Facebook invite open to anyone| Daily Mail Online


There were reports of six people hurt, three seriously, as shops were vandalised and looted, a car set on fire and street signs and lampposts were damaged in the northern Dutch town of Haren.  Up to 600 riot police were on the scene and at least 20 arrests were made, media reports said on Friday night.


The neighborhood was throughly trashed for no reason at all.  The teens thought this was funny.  When I was a teen and we were rioting for serious reasons (antiwar demonstrations turning violent when the cops attacked us first) we expected no quarter and were given none.  The authorities were more than willing to kill us and they did kill us.


Now, it is quite different.  I see kids doing things to cops today that were unthinkable years ago because we all knew we would be killed if we did these things.  Thanks a lot, Nixon.  The attitude today of youth in the NATO nations is that they are super strong and untouchable and at the same time, they are really quite weak and especially in the black community, hate each other immensely and are more deadly to each other than outsiders!


All the black power people do not understand this.  They think they can harness raw hate and lack of humanity in many black youth and channel this to power over white people and this just will not work since blacks prefer to spray each other with bullets.


In Turkey, on the other hand, the religious radicals are quite united and hate minority religious and ethnic groups and hate Christians and atheists a great deal and want them to be slaves.  Wonderful, isn’t it?  And the Saudi Royals believe this, too.  Our ‘allies’.  At least black gangs have equal rights for women, not that this says much in the end.


The white kids in Europe are aping what has been going on in America and elsewhere.  They think that acting stupid and being violent to teachers and city staff, etc. is funny.  Well, it is not funny, it is highly destructive and dangerous and the fun is ending soon since radicals wanting to destroy Europe and the US are flooding in and doing exactly that.


I will note here that the rock band playing in France that was brutally butchered recently was a heavy metal type-Satanic ‘we love death and are evil’ band so beloved by teens these days.  Far from ‘innocent fun’ they scream for death, doom and destruction.  And Islamists are more than happy to do this to them all.  In spades.  This is exactly why that concert was carefully chosen in the first place!  Duh!


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11 responses to “NATO Turkey Ruler Cracks Down On Judges, Universities In Chile-style Counter Coup

  1. floridasandy

    it’s funny that you call Erdogan a right winger. I see him as a leftist, big government guy. The only difference is that In Turkey he is a Muslim extremist leader, which combines both religion and politics.

    He is bad for Turkey— especially bad for women and freedom,, and it’s too bad that the coup didn’t succeed. I hope we don’t turn anybody over to that nut job, although I think our president continues to remain clueless or disinterested about what is actually going on in the Mideast, and the media is proclaiming a “victory for democracy”.in their usual idiotic style.

  2. Petruchio

    “The judges probably had nothing to do with any of this and are being replaced with Nazi-style party loyalists who will do Nazi-style ‘justice’ …” And Erdogan knows this. Every Dictatorship must have the Court System under its thumb. A Dictatorship can’t have various Courts in the Country ruling against the Dictatorship. Negative rulings make the Dictatorship look illegitimate–which it is but this fact must never be mentioned. Kinda like the US of A and its phony release of the “9-11 Saudi transcript”; 28 pages that reveal a lot of: NOTHING.

  3. Christian W

    Erdogan is definitely a right wing extremist.

    Welcome to the New NATO Turkey. ISIS/Al Qaeda is now NATO extended.

    Funny how Western “leaders” support Zionism in Israel, Islamism in the ME and Nazism in Ukraine.

    The Western secular, liberal world, such as it was, is on it’s last legs.

  4. Christian W

    Turkish soldiers being humiliated by Erdogan’s ‘police’.

  5. emsnews

    Looks like Chile. Time moves in circles.

  6. pontiff holysh*t

    “Despite their name, Eagles of Death Metal are not a death metal band and the name is intended to be humorous”.


    ELAINE: That is a lie. I heard their music. If you call it ‘music’.

  7. floridasandy

    I guess we have different definitions of right wingers,not surprising given the media definition.

    he is a dictator in training, and unfortunately he has control over many b61 nuclear weapons in Turkey. Interesting that he wants us to hand over a Muslim cleric advocating a kinder brand of religion, with service as the cornerstone.

    the media may call this a win for democracy, but the rest of the world knows and weeps.

  8. Elaine, Floridasandy,

    That very same cleric denies having any involvement in the coup. In fact, he even said that if he had any involvement on the matter, he would have been on the side of the anti-coup forces. Looks like he was caught by surprise just like the rest of us.

    Liberal Muslim Cleric in PA Denies Involvement.

    But Erdogan has been making nicely-nice with Vladimir Putin lately.

    Looks like one of the factions within the USA government has been at it again!

  9. pontiff holysh*t

    @#6 Hmmm. We must have heard different bands. What I heard was bad, but it wasn’t death metal.

  10. emsnews

    It wasn’t Peter, Paul and Mary, either.

  11. Lou

    Oh, I ‘get’ the name. they arent ‘The Eagles’ [band] they are ‘the Eagles [band] of DM’.

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