NYT Says ‘Nation On Edge’…Duh!


Obama Does Not Know The Motive Of Dallas Shooter Who Killed 5 Cops! He WAS RACIST DUMB ASS – YouTube


Nation on Edge After Attack Kills Officers in Baton Rouge says the anti-Trump, anti-deport illegal aliens NYT.  On edge is an understatement.  G.O.P. Gathers, Focused on Law and Order and Black Lives Matter will be there to insure everyone will see how violent, irrational and intent on destroying what remains of our cities this group really is.  Not one soul attached to that organization has said one thing about how to stop blacks from being overly violent and self-destructive.


The latest terrorist attack on police was from a former US soldier…JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE…who was sent to our illegal, illicit and irrational wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East.  Especially Iraq.  Clinton is intent on restarting the Cold War and has been relentless about pushing Russia and China into the role of ‘evil overlords’ while crushing societies like in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Turkey in order to put in place anti-women’s rights creeps who are buddies with the anti-women Saudis.


Anguish Deepens for Police: ‘We’ve Seen Nothing Like This’ the NYT notes.  The police do mention my favorite time period, the 1970’s as the other ‘bad time’ and that is when I started a street patrol and went onto a fine career arresting quite a few criminals or assisting in the hunt for these people.  I had MANY fights with Mayor Koch of NYC over this business.


One meeting, he sat back in his chair and I was on the other side of the desk and he held up his hand and said, ‘You don’t understand, Mrs. Levy, the criminal justice system is like the five fingers on my hand’ and he named the agencies and I took hold of his wrist and said, ‘This hand is amputated and the fingers aren’t moving and criminals know this.’


Koch believed that if he was ‘nice’ to black voters this meant no arrests so everything was just fine so long as blacks didn’t go into the 100% white neighborhoods to loot, rape and burn.  But my neighborhoods were open hunting season areas which meant whites were targeted relentlessly and crime was very high.  The biggest change today is, blacks are the target of all this looting, raping and burning by other blacks and the larger black community is unable to fix this mess and unable to understand how they are creating this mess by their own ‘omerta’ like Southern Italy’s Mafia dominated communities.


What to Watch For on Day 1 The NYT ponders what will happen when we see howling mobs of anarchists outside screaming to kill people while the GOP gets to talk about law and order:


Viewers can expect the opening speakers in Cleveland to address violence against police officers and portray Mr. Trump as a champion of women and national security.


Pushing the Limits of a Candidate and the Media: the NYT and other racist operations ponder how to cover the chaos they create while Trump locks them all outside with their friendly anti-cop demonstrators.  HAHAHA.  That will be funny as hell.  I will note here that the anti-cop demonstrators have shown great hostility towards the media in the past.


BTW: Both of these articles have authors.  One is Jim Rutenbeerg and the other is Matt Flegenheimer.  The NYT has lots and lots of Jewish ‘reporters’.  The ‘Nation on Edge’ article has three authors.  Bloom, Fausset and McPhate.  Wow.  So many to write something with so little ‘meat’ on the skeleton.  Must have been heavy lifting.


All the information in the article appeared online yesterday via media on the spot in Baton Rouge, not NYC.  What is stupider is the NYT noting that:


Three more officers were wounded, leaving many to wonder whether anger over recent police shootings had prompted yet another act of retaliation.


‘Many wonder’…no kidding.  Duh.  How about ‘Nearly all Americans except for illegal aliens and thugs in black communities’?


The Washington Post finally notices that For those who protect and serve, a weary fear builds which is an understatement.  The relentless Democratic Party push to eliminate policing of blacks has reached a crisis point.  If this process continues, we will have economic chaos and social collapse in all the major cities.  But then, our elites forced this along by turning all our manufacturing centers into hell holes filled with women on welfare producing children whose main form of financial activity is crime.


The WP also notices that illegal aliens want to keep that law breaking going, too:  Majorities on both sides of southwestern border oppose a wall, poll finds which is no surprise.  If we polled London to find out if there is strong support for more Muslims to immigrate, it would be popular since that is where many of these previous immigrants have settled.  Ditto with ‘border cities’.  Many Hispanics are now there and they want more so they have more political power.


And as per usual, the daily ‘Trump is bad’ story is front page there, too:  Donald Trump doesn’t read much. Being president probably wouldn’t change that.  And how is that different from Reagan, both Bushes?  The last President who was thoughtful and read books was Jimmy Carter.  But then, my father was one of his top advisors.  So I am rather partial towards him.  He is also the only one not to go around making money via ‘speeches’ to the super rich and super powerful.


Back to the very stupid NYT: the top video of the day there is called ‘A Crisis in Cleveland’:


The housing bust continues for many in Cleveland, especially in predominantly black neighborhoods. The city is tearing down hundreds of homes to deal with the blight that has resulted.


25% of homes are abandoned especially in black neighborhoods.  A black lady complains, ‘No one wants to come here and see abandoned houses and bars on the windows.’  Well, duh.  Anyone who didn’t have bars on the doors and windows were chased out by black thugs.


As this clueless black lady complains, police sirens sound in the distance.  The black lady cries as she says why does my street look so bad?  The video shows a black/white group that looks at buildings and then tries to sue owners or landlords to force them to fix things which has one result: more abandonments.


The crew doing this is clueless.  The black lady says, ‘We are not loud enough, we don’t scream enough…and people say it is our fault.’  She wants homes that are nice and not do the vital work to insure this that is, STOP CRIME.  People didn’t flee the neighborhood because they were racists.  They fled because the blacks were violent and destructive.


The NYT story doesn’t mention what is killing the city…that is, free trade.  The narrator even says, ‘The more houses that are demolished, the more valuable the remaining houses’ which is insane.  NO neighborhood revives if they remain black.  All the revivalist communities like in downtown Brooklyn see the black population replaced and this leads to lower crime, etc.


My little town was hammered by free trade.  All the farms here were devastated.  We no longer see any sheep at all, for example and I belonged to a huge sheep co-op years ago.  Many homes are now abandoned.  Only this year have some revival come and some homes rebuilt which is splendid.


But…every single abandoned house is UNTOUCHED.  No one is looting them, no one is burning them down, no one is writing graffiti on them, they sit there, silently.  I remember vividly when the graffiti began in NYC back in 1977.  By 1982, it was like a fungus or disease, it spread all over everything.  And the burned out buildings proliferated at a mad rate.


Then last of all, there is this insane editorial from Killer Land Central, where blacks are butchering everyone in their paths:  Chicago Tribune – Even calls to rein in rhetoric after shootings political on eve of convention.


He didn’t use the deaths — as he has in the past — to politic for gun control or give wind to the anti-police grievances of the Black Lives Matter movement.


This time, the president offered a warning to Americans to tone down the rhetoric.

#Blacklivesmatter chants for dead cops – YouTube


“And we as a nation have to be clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement,” the president said. “Attacks on police are an attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible.”


He recalled that after the killings of police in Dallas, he said the assassin “would not be the last person who tries to make us turn on each other, nor will today’s killer.


“It remains up to us to make sure that they fail. That decision is all of ours,” he said. “That decision to make sure that our best selves are reflected across America, not our worst. That’s up to us.”


It is up to Obama!  Not us, he has to fix his attitude.  He has to stop attacking cops or excusing those who do.  Most of the cop shootings or deaths happen when blacks resist arrest and fight to the finish and don’t know when to surrender.  I have made a number off arrests and yes, people had to cooperate with me in surrendering and back in the 1980’s, I would go to court and tell the judge, they surrendered peacefully and then the sentence is much lower than if they fought all the way to the jail cell.


I would even explain how this works while arresting people.  Seriously, they often listened to me.  This was the secret to my success, for the most part.  The ones that fought back had unpleasant pain while doing it.  Now, cops have to be very careful to not hurt people whereas criminals have nothing to lose and may even break free if they fight all the way to the bitter end so many no longer surrender peacefully.


As statements go, the president’s comments hit just the right tone. His words were welcome and responsible and wise.


HAHAHA.  I would love to see who wrote this insane piece.


Unfortunately, America has become numb to its history of minorities killed by police.


The problem is, blacks no longer cooperate with the cops and get rewarded for this instead of punished.  And the twin other cause is, illegal aliens replaced black labor so 80% of black males are useless for business and have to make a living as criminals instead.  Obama has zero solutions to this, no, he and our media owners and others want more illegal aliens.  Cheap labor that can’t complains!


But cops singled out and sniped and killed by angry black men, not in some shootout at a crime scene, but in cold blood?


That’s dry wood, oiled and waiting for a madman of any race or political stripe to put a flame to it all. And by again carefully warning that there could be more police killings, Obama acknowledges the danger.


So the president’s commentary, his admonition to his nation that we reflect our best selves, not our worst, was necessary as we go into the convention season.


He did NOTHING to fix this mess.  He ordered us to have nice thoughts instead.  The President of France yesterday said there will be more terrorist attacks there, too, and his solution is…France has to put up with this and go on as if nothing is happening.  No changes!  Nothing!


He won’t be in office much longer nor will his party control France.  Ditto with the Democrats.  Unless they turn on their own supporters and demand changes in these DNC hot spots and also turn on the Clintons who foisted free trade deals on us all…until then, nothing will be fixable, or change.  Or rather, the change will come from outside our dying cities.  And it won’t be pretty.  But then, survival means fighting hard and not giving up.


Ask any street thug.  Or their buddies, the Bilderberg gang.


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13 responses to “NYT Says ‘Nation On Edge’…Duh!

  1. vengeur

    Your comments and insights are on the mark and powerful. Keep up the good work.

  2. vengeur

    You know , those bastards at eh NYT really are mentally disturbed. to write, “But cops singled out and sniped and killed by angry black men, not in some shootout at a crime scene, but in cold blood?
    That’s dry wood, oiled and waiting for a madman of any race or political stripe to put a flame to it all. And by again carefully warning that there could be more police killings, Obama acknowledges the danger. ” Dry wood??? These shootings are DOMESTIC TERROR ATTACKS! And the MADMEN are the people like Soros and Obama who love to perpetuate the fiction that ANY negative disparity between whites and blacks is caused by endemic racism and not the obstructive, destructive and ultimately deadly and disastrous anti-social behavior of too many blacks.

  3. Petruchio

    The Bard says, “All the world’s a stage and each must play its part.” Well the NYT and The WaPo “role” is to pretend to be objective observers who inform their readers. Barack Obama plays the role of concerned, compassionate US President who going to “get to the bottom of all this violence.” (Don’t y’all be hatin’ now, ya hear?).
    Obama’s “solution” is gun control, which is really what the elites want–for everyone else, but NOT them! Ever seen a picture of Michael “I will be mayor for only 2 terms!”) Bloomberg? He walks around with 4-5 FULLY armed bodyguards, even though the homicide rate in New York City is at historic lows.
    Anyways… back to this “All the world’s a stage” stuff. The Play’s the Thing, after all. US-based Multinational Corporations. Their role is to export jobs overseas, throwing as many people, especially inner city people into unemployment. Next, the Political Wh#re Class. Their “role” is to take bribes and get wealthy, all at the expense of the taxpayes they are supposedly serving in Congress. No wait a minute, that’s the PWC ‘s ACTUAL persona, NOT their role in this tragic, semi-comic play/drama. The PWC’s role is to do NOTHING about ANYTHING! (“Let’s have some Committee hearings on this subject!!”) All the while feigning concern about their constituents..
    So, Elaine, the moral to this tale is this: the NYT and WaPo are agit-prop rags whose writers are paid to stay “in character” as they say. You can’t expect them to do or be anything else. It is as natural as when a fat baby poops or a bear shi##ing in the woods. Or Barack Obama ordering a drone strike on a wedding Party.

  4. e sutton

    @ Pet,

    ahh, memories…..college professor chomping on his pipe, quoting O’Neill, “The play’s the thing.” But authors like O’Neill as well as Shakespeare fell out of favor and now it is lil Wayne and Snoop Dog that warrants college study.

  5. Melponeme_k

    @e Sutton

    Well, O’Neill’s plays stating that all our desires are nothing bu pipe dreams that will never be realized, momma is a drug addict running around the house in veils and everyone has suicidal tendencies just rains on the parade of the “Everybody is a Winner!” generation. Not only that O’Neill’s generation didn’t shy away from using racial epithets when portraying real human faults but the one brain cell in these people fire off RACISM!

  6. e sutton


    Long Day’s Journey Into Night, one of my favorite dysfunctional plays, is one I read and re-read periodically. It reconnects me to the dark, seamy side that plagues humanity. O’Neill, along with Shakespeare, gives insight into the tragedy that it is to be human.

    Perhaps if there was a greater understanding among the young that life is not always a bowl of cherries, it wouldn’t upset their applecart so much when they are confronted with micro-aggressions ™. 🙂

  7. “The NYT ponders what will happen when we see howling mobs of anarchists outside screaming to kill people while the GOP gets to talk about law and order.”

    People will see all this on TV and Trump’s numbers will increase. Nothing to wonder about unless you’re in with Ms. Botox Face.

    (nickname coined by Morris Berman)

  8. Petruchio

    @#4 e Sutton: well fershizzle my nizzle y’all.

  9. Lou

    The Conservative Treehouse blog has a good article about the Baton Rouge cop murderer.
    Someone was funding the commie thug. The equipment the thug used was very expensive.

  10. Tim

    What a world we live in!
    Every group of people believe that they are not at fault and it is a minority that is corrupt.
    Blacks say they should not be feared
    Muslims say they should not be feared
    Bikies say they should not be feared
    Catholic priests say they should not be feared
    Governments, Police, etc etc.
    All not accepting that their own inaction created the beasts within, allowing them to grow.
    Fear grows from their own fear
    As the divides grow, the population increases, and resources hoarded
    I hope the elite remember that it does not take much for a minority to become a majority and human desperation is completely irrational!
    But at least we can watch new leadership grow… As that is how all stories are written.

  11. Lou

    I do not fear Priests [Not that I seek them out].
    Blacks and Muslims, well, I do avoid them.

  12. e sutton


    As well you should.

  13. floridasandy

    Elaine, I watched that E.T Williams video you linked too. That was really good. He should be a speaker at the Trump convention.

    I don’t know how you find those, because they sure aren’t in the mainstream media, obviously. Too much common sense in those videos, maybe?

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