A Dark Meditation On Evolution And Human Violence, Insanity, Intelligence

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As the NATO nations hurtle towards open race and religious wars, our media giants continue to berate all of us about how we should be friendly with each other or else suffer terrible punishments.  Anyone posting comments online that talk openly about what is going on is fired from their jobs but only if they are European whites.  While blacks and Muslims call for war against all whites quite openly and right now are demonstrating in front of the GOP convention calling for race wars to heat up further.  Whites inside the convention are blamed for this but what is happening is obvious to me: a repeat of the 1960-1980 catastrophe as blacks socially isolated themselves into violent ghettoes where no whites dared enter except to buy drugs or hire prostitutes.


The devolution and destruction of all the major cities in NATO countries which shipped jobs over to Asia is amazing to watch.  Unable to settle for just watching the citizens fall off the economic train and go into social destruction, our rulers decided to open the doors to illegal aliens who then flowed in ever-greater numbers into NATO nations and now are openly attacking everyone.


I was wondering when this would begin happening in ernest in Germany and now it has:  German train axe attack sees 19 hospitalised before police shot 17-year-old suspect dead: Police discover hand-drawn ISIS flag in train attacker’s bedroom. | Daily Mail Online


The Amaq news agency linked to ISIS released a statement saying the Germany attacker was an ‘Islamic State fighter.’
It said: ‘The perpetrator of the stabbing attack in Germany was one of the fighters of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in answer to the calls to target the countries of the coalition fighting the Islamic State.’
It comes after it emerged that following a police search of the attacker’s bedroom, an ISIS flag was found along with a note indicating he had become self-radicalised.


This ‘self-radicalization’ is how all chaos starts.  People focus on various entertainment systems and their minds slowly change which is why playing violent video games is so noxious.  You are what you watch.  Playing games whereby one murders mindlessly can lead to doing this in real life as we see in all the school mass murder events perpetrated by young males who loved violent video games.


Of course, not all people playing noxious games turn into violent criminals but enough to do cause one to worry.  Now we have loud demands for religious/ethnic wars spreading like wildfire and punishing only white people for this is making it worse, not better.


Any white person saying even ‘All lives matter’ can lead to losing one’s job!  Meanwhile, we have news like this:

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So, people making jokes makes terrorism justified?  I bet this guy made nasty jokes, too. ALL mass murderers blame everyone around them for their monstrous behavior.  If everyone who is annoyed by comments of others were to go forth and slaughter hundreds of people there would be no humans left on earth, would there?


Looking into why some people commit mass murder is not hard to do.  They do this because they were given the power to do this.  Many people in history gained great power over many humans and then proceeded to butcher them mercilessly.  Mao did this, Hitler did this, Pol Pot did this, little mass murderers have done this over and over and over again.


One might suggest that humans love doing this and find it easy to do once they gain power to do this and this is why we must fear nuclear war because some idiot will feel justified in butchering a billion people this way.


…the teenager came to Germany two years ago as an unaccompanied minor, and applied for asylum in March.  He lived in a home for teenage refugees until he was placed with the foster family.


You can bet the foster family was so happy to have him and nurtured him and in return he went forth to butcher complete strangers while screaming ‘Allah akbar’.  And this is spreading in Germany.  All the stuff in France will now happen in Germany.


German politicians deliberately hid all news and statistics about Muslims, that is males, committing crimes in order to keep the regime afloat.  But now even passive, helpless Germans who believe in ‘love’ will freak out as they fear for their very lives.  It isn’t just rape or theft, it is mass murder they must fear.


We are witnessing Darwinian battles of survival which means who gets to pass on genes to the next generation.  In the black community in the US, the death rate is quite high especially for males but one male often gets dozens of females pregnant as marriage has nearly totally vanished and women live mostly courtesy of the State, alone with their children, adult sons, etc.


Survival in the slums means being a street thug and getting as many girls pregnant as possible and for the young ladies, getting pregnant means money from the State so they do this at a very young age so the generational differential means many deaths are counterbalanced by many births via teen moms so when a European educated family has children in 30 year or longer cycles, in the slums it is a 20 year cycle.


For example, I am 65 years old and have a grandson.  Women my age in the slums have great grandchildren by this age.  Muslim countries are run like our slums: women are forced to have children while still very young and birth control is forbidden, big time.  The excess youth population has to be sent elsewhere so the males go forth while at home, males with power have multiple wives.


Evolution is relentless.  The laws of evolution are severe and cannot be escaped.  Humans evolved big brains to cope with the instability of the climate which always abruptly changes during the last 2.5 million years.  We are the product of severe stress on primate populations and survived due to evolving ‘big brain capacity’ to deal with terrible changes that swept the planet repeatedly.


So here is some very interesting news: Can a DNA test reveal how well your child will do at school? Scientists pinpoint genes that could predict human intelligence | Daily Mail Online


A child’s performance at school is widely considered to be a complex combination of inherited ability, the way they were brought up, the quality of teaching they received and a bit of luck.


The average Jewish European who survived under the hideous Christian regimes that persecuted Jews and locked them in ghettoes and tormented them frequently led to severe natural selection responses and since Jews were forbidden to do farm work as peasants, they had to do higher level occupations!


The Viking/Normans who viciously conquered and ruled Europe were really nasty with each other and one had to have many skills to avoid being killed and this led to lots of cunning and so forth and once the rulers stopped fighting after King Richard III died in battle, the deterioration in intelligence was rapid.


Carefully swaddled in the cradle to the grave, the dumbing down of the Norman royals was swift and unforgiving.  Eventually, they had the mental power of a five year old who is spoiled rotten.  The royals in the last two generations have figured this out and are now marrying into peasant classes like we see in England today.


But a new study has suggested it may be possible to predict a person’s academic achievement by looking at their DNA alone.


So they are finally admitting that genetic stuff matters!  Will wonders never cease.  There is this HUGE problem with high intelligence: it is closely coupled with insanity.  I was most certainly not the smartest kid in my own family.


My parents and grandparents were all prominent scientists and were all very intelligent.  We children, all seven of us, were brainiacs.  We were HORRIBLE to live with which is why I left home by age 16 to go inflict myself on the rest of the world.  We were INSANE.  Yes, legally insane in some cases and put in the hospital for this.


It is pure torture to be too smart.  Einstein was barely able to function around other humans, for example though he did hang out a tad with my dysfunctional grandparents and parents.  I grew up knowing a number of geniuses and most if not all were quite crazy and knew this and we often joked about this, too.


My friends in my teen years when I was doing intellectual stuff, before my brain was damaged by the Hong Kong flu fever, were all crazy and extremely talented and of the highest caliber intelligence, we all passed various tests in flying colors and won intellectual awards and then freaked out or committed suicide, etc.


Too much intelligence is very dangerous for human entities, the organic material can’t handle a brain that is spinning along at a frantic pace.

The researchers say the test could be used to help identify those children who might need extra help with their school work and studies to allow them to keep up with other pupils…


A can of worms here!  One sister of mine was born with highest genius levels and was so dysfunctional in school they thought she was low intelligence even though I warned them (a child telling principals things like this leads to punishments!) that my little sister was an amazing genius.  She couldn’t function in any school, that’s all!


Her brain is so wired up, she would always be on the verge of doing something fantastic and then boom.  It would all come crashing down and she would have to be taken to a hospital.  Tragic to watch and a warning about evolution: too much brain is as dangerous as too little.


 Saskia Selzam, a biological psychologist at King’s College London who was the first author of the study, said ‘We believe that, very soon, polygenic scores will be used to identify individuals who are at greater risk of having learning difficulties.


‘Through polygenic scoring, we found that almost 10 per cent of the differences between children’s achievement is due to DNA alone.


‘Ten per cent is a long way from 100 per cent but it is a lot better than we usually do in predicting behaviour.


‘For instance, when we think about differences between boys and girls in maths, gender explains around one per cent of the variance.


And this explains why all the top chess players and top Japanese Go players and top scientists and top any intellectual thing, winners of math contests, etc. etc. are 99% males???  Excuse me, but there is a huge difference in brain function between males and females.


I seen this first hand!  I took my first graduate course in college when only 17 years old.  In languages.  Not math.  But my brothers did the opposite and won awards in math.  We all  had ‘big brains’ and ‘high IQs’ but back then I could plainly see the difference between them and myself and my sisters.


We often discussed this amongst ourselves.  I was very frustrated that I couldn’t do math like my brothers which is why I figured it was connected to the xy chromosome business.  That is, males have this defective gene system which is half of a x making it a y but this change which is called ‘the sexual revolution’ happened half a billion years ago…and is relentless in its genetic power for it runs all living things that have sexual reproduction.


For some reason, all sexual, males have to calculate carefully all sorts of things so they can have sex with females which tend, in nature, to be rather coy and hard to reach (yes, pollen and such are also mobile) and so since males have to seek out females and not the reverse, they have to have systems set up by nature to do that: hunt down stuff somehow.


This possibly explains why we have to many differences due to sexual selection and this includes brain power.  Males wanting more females have to have the ability to protect their own children or the alternative, to have lots of children and protect none of them.


The Muslim/black community response to life is evolutionary: have many children and protect few of them and fling them into danger so only the most cunning and nasty survive.  This leads to a different outcome than say, have fewer children, protect them carefully and insure they are successful in life without killing anyone.


I say, it was a mere 3 generations in my family that has ceased living dangerously on frontiers, fighting for things physically!  And we fell apart rapidly!  Interesting and it shows that raw intelligence isn’t what Nature requires for survival, it is cunning, not smarts.


‘Another example is ‘grit’, which describes the perseverance of an individual, and only predicts around five per cent of the variance in educational achievement.’…Miss Selzam said it was hard to say exactly when this could be used in the real world as it would require some decisions to be made by policymakers and educational authorities.


‘Grits’ is nearly to 90% of educational achievement!!! Persevering is the main vital function.  We in the West laugh at the picture of thousands of Chinese studying hard to pass intelligence tests to get high positions…but they are doing this while our kids go to schools that are collapsing, go to universities that are handing out useless degrees like candy with near zero intellectual effort.


Many College Students Learn Little | National Association of Scholars.  What decisions must be made?  We are sending everyone to college and many are learning nothing there and leave with either fake degrees or a ton of debt they cannot possibly pay off.


All of this is highly interconnected.  We are not allowed to talk about ‘breeding’ and people who do talk about this do it for racist reasons not sane evolutionary breeding reasons.  Understanding how organic creatures reproduce and how evolution works is very highly important yet the right wing freaks hate evolution stuff and want to believe in magic instead, the left wing openly hates evolution and want to reverse it.


In between, any discussion about sex and intelligence is verboten for being highly explosive especially after Hitler and today, Israel openly practicing reverse evolution in a desperate attempt at creating a ‘Master race’ which are failures (hint: the more a ‘race’ doing this protects itself and attacks other ‘races’ the weaker the Master Race and the stronger the ‘weaker race’ becomes!!!!).


Yes, the intellectual excuses for racism that coddles one race and attacks the other leads to evolution do the reverse of the intentions of the Super Race believers.  Ever wonder why black athletes are so very dominant?  Evolution!  Being able to run faster, to jump as high as possible, to fight with the fists: all the result of vicious cruelty first in Africa then as slaves and then as inner city children raised indifferently and not protected at all.


If we want to see people that are feeble minded, weak willed and helpless: look at any royalty more than five generations away from conquests.  The Saudi royals were that way a mere 100 years ago and now look at how stupid and feeble they are today!


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9 responses to “A Dark Meditation On Evolution And Human Violence, Insanity, Intelligence

  1. Big Al

    I’m not too sure about ghettos. I think they may have been to protect the jews from the christians. Especially at Easter time

  2. Lou

    Studies that show African Blacks have some of the lowest IQs on the planet
    are routinely suppressed.
    Was it Shockley who sold his Nobel? ‘They’ [left, Jews] ruined him, or tried to.
    More lately,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lahn

  3. Lou

    Far as I can tell, Jews like to live among Jews.

    Not sure about Ghettos of Europe and why Jews have been expelled from 100+ countries. Their usery?

  4. Lou

    Ever wonder why black athletes are so very dominant?
    Could it be the Roids and GH?
    Could it be the media pushing Blacks over Whites? [see ‘caste football.us].

    Blacks do well in a few sports, not all.

    Did you post this? here is the news: Stephen Ross, the Jewish owner of the Dolphins complains about Mrs. Grimes talking about stuff that is very verboten: Jewish owners.
    Here is a list of these guys who are about 2% of the population:

    Jim Irsay – Indianapolis Colts
    Zygi Wolf – Minnesota Vikings
    Board of Directors – Green Bay Packers
    Randy Lerner – Cleveland Browns
    Daniel Snyder – Washington Redskins
    Jeffery Lurie – Philadelphia Eagles
    Stephen Ross – Miami Dolphins
    Robert Kraft – New England Patriots
    Arthur Blank – Atlanta Falcons
    Malcolm Glazer – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Al Davis – Oakland Raiders
    Chip Rosenbloom – St. Louis Rams
    Steve Tisch – 50% of NY Giants

  5. CK

    Once upon a time there was this thing called Occupy wall street. It was to have been a strong and striking attack on the 1%. An expose of the evil that is concentrated wealth.
    Unfortunately after you get past Gates and Buffett, Oprah and Beyoncé; 2/3 of the remaining 1% are Semites. And so Occupy Wall Street is now just a memory from days gone by. Had they noticed what is, they could have avoided the ignominy of the laughters and mockings that followed.

  6. Jim R

    Here, Elaine. You might like this article:
    The first university in the world was founded by a woman

    Here’s the original article, in Spanish:

  7. Lou , do any of your bed sheets not have two holes cut in them ?

  8. Lou

    Ziff, that list is Elaines.

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