Environmentalists Want More Cougars In Suburbia And Cities

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A top story from the NYT: let’s have lots of mountain lions in suburbia!  I find this immensely funny because I grew up in mountain lion territory.  One night (I had to get up at 4:30 am to catch my school bus!) a cougar visited the ranch and we had big sliding glass doors.  It was a male and it sprayed the patio doors to mark its territory.  It also scared the daylights out of the horses who burst through the fence and ran up the highway where my rancher bus driver, the only human willing to rise before me to pick me up, he managed to persuade them to return home again.  Well, suburban children get to learn about how to shoot guns too, to fend off cougars who love jumping down from TREES but then, I had a family of bears, one of whom climbed a tree next to my back door, trying to break in just this last week. Another reason why I have guns and use these.


What interests me most is…the same people reintroducing cougars and I am not against this, having cougars eat everyone’s pets in suburbia is amusing all by itself…the people wanting nature to return are the same crew that wants to disarm me because black thugs in the cities shoot each other and the cops day and night and are stupid criminals which we are supposed to mourn when they die, the same liberals who want us to feel sorry for these creeps all the time…also want us to be hunted down at night by cougars.


Now, I grew up with cougars and can even imitate their mating calls which sound like a woman being strangled by a rapist.  Errreeeeowww….Russian scientists set up new laboratory to clone woolly mammoths which is more fun. Anti-warm weather liberals want that, too, I know for a fact because I read somewhere this week (lost the link) that they think mastodons will stop global warming and not the reverse, that they would indicate another Ice Age.


Imagine one of these wandering onto a road!  Forget hitting mere deer.  Cougars don’t eat mastodons, we would have to revive Ice Age Dire wolves that were twice as big as modern wolves. But we could have mastodon hunting seasons where people in LA can use spears to kill them at the La Brea tar pits.


Then there are the gigantic short-faced bears.  They were several hundred pounds heavier than regular grizzly bears.  And the North American cheetahs!  Bring them back, too.  Of course, all this will drive farmers and ranchers nuts.  But then, liberals want to disarm even them, too.  All in the name of making us safe, of course, from all possible dangers except for mastodons, dire wolves, lions, tigers and bears, oh my.


Now on to our GOP convention which is causing liberals to shriek like cougars trapped in a tree by dire wolves:

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Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis is all about hysteria.  It is puzzling how the crew at the WP are howling about ‘democratic values’ in the GOP when they had an actual primary election where the bulk of the delegates were reflecting the voter’s choice whereas the DNC convention features fake delegates a third of which were not part of any primaries at all and who are uniformly voting, before the election, for only one person which is why only Bernie ran against her and she lost primaries to him even the last week of the election process.


The NYT and WP both think that she won because she is popular and Trump won by cheating even though Trump didn’t cheat even slightly and the GOP corrupt leaders and Bilderberg gangsters were totally against him and plan now to imitate the DNC and make popular votes less possible in the future so only Skull and Bones crypt creeps can run for President.


These Dire Wolves and Cave Bear elitists want us to all die.  They plot to fix things so we are helpless, disarming people is a great way to have Turkey-style government systems, after all.

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The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia: note the utterly opposite but still 100% negative, anti-Trump the NYT is compared to the WP.  The WP claims that Trump did NOT feature himself at all and think he is stupid because of this and therefore, no one should vote for him.


The NYT claims ‘the messages are muddled’ but also Trump was ‘family oriented’ and thus, dominated the podium this way.  Frank Bruni takes up the WP storyline, he claims that ‘Trump is an afterthought’ at this convention.


We know for certain, if he were to make himself even more prominent, both rags would have been shrieking like pumas in heat that he is pure evil and ego-centric and we should avoid him at all costs whereas Hillary isn’t a cougar (I had to make that joke, sorry).


I have to highlight this little nugget from the NYT.  An army of ‘reporters’ had to make this story whereby they selectively quote blacks at the GOP convention to make it look like they hate their own party.  I bet anything they didn’t talk to black Republicans who hate the Democrats!

Screen shot 2016-07-20 at 8.44.16 AM

And pray tell, which speech was a ‘moralizing speech’?  Well, here is the guy who delivered this ‘troubling speech’: FULL SPEECH: Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. Republican National Convention – YouTube…notice how he was booed and people turned their backs on him…that is, THE MEDIA not the white GOP.

The Democrats are in serious trouble.  Obama’s limp wrist talk about mass murder of cops by Islamic and black radicals, people are scared.  And especially scared of black youths who have been encouraged to be thugs by Obama who goes after cops, not them.  Things are increasingly out of control and maybe if we introduce mountain lions in the inner cities, we might see a cut down in thugs running wild at night for fear of being jumped by big kitties.


Maybe we should also use rattlers.  I used to shoot rattlers.  Heh.  Mastodons would be perfect.


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13 responses to “Environmentalists Want More Cougars In Suburbia And Cities

  1. Lou

    If cougars roam the burbs, what will they eat? House cats?

  2. Jim R

    Whitetail deer. There is a plague of deer in the ‘burbs.

    People aren’t allowed to shoot them, and they have no predators.

    Not sure I want wildcats roaming the neighborhood, though. Maybe they’d be so good as to eat a few pitbulls…

  3. Melponeme_k

    We killed off the Mastodons. We also killed off the Dire Wolves because they were our direct competitors. I’m sure the smaller wolves teamed up with us because they also saw an opportunity to knock off a bigger enemy. You know, kind of like how the smaller Indian tribes teamed up with Cortez to take out the Aztec.

    The fact is, we are big, smart and mean. And no amount of green earth loving will ever change that fact. At this point we must work for stasis in our society. Which means birth control. And you are right, the only populations who aren’t practicing birth control are the ones who are ill educated and running around as terrorists. They are encouraged in their activities by a select few who want to keep their ill gotten gains.

  4. Every year we have cougars chasing deer thru backyards here on Vancouver Island.
    I hike up Mt Work a lot.One time I passed a couple coming down the trail as I was heading up.I looked up the trail a couple of hundred yards and there was a big cougar peeking out from behind a tree,he had obviously been trailing the couple.
    And the silly runners going up there with their ear buds on and music blaring!
    I call those people Cougar bait.

  5. The cougar disappeared in a flash,I continued my hike up,the ravens let me know where the cougar was so I didn’t feel I was in danger.

  6. emsnews

    Ravens and crows, Odin’s birds, are great at warning us about danger! Strangers, predators, whatever it is, they track and caw and carry on. I used to have a pet crow and he would follow me around town, flying from tree to tree and then back home,

    He hated strangers! 🙂

  7. JimmyJ

    I’ve been around lots and been charged by a few black bears but my most hairaising encounter was face to face (10ft) to a big male cougar on a narrow mountain trail by a waterfall in the Robson Valley of BC, which meant I had to turn my back to him to escape as backing up over this rocky ledge might make me tumble into an abyss. As I glanced back he was flicking his tail pondering his attack tactics. I suspect he didn’t pounce because I had a backpack and it confused his view of my tasty neck. I had bear mace but fat lot of good if he had his face next to mine.

  8. Melponeme_k

    A woman and her children were knifed by a crazed Muslim man who hate the way Western women dress. The report twists into incredible knots not to label this man a terrorist.


  9. Sherriff David A Clarke actually sounds reasonable! Why are the media booing him?

  10. emsnews

    They desperately want him to prance around like Jackson singing, ‘I’m bad’.

  11. Jim R

    Just found this. No reason to introduce them, apparently. They have already found the ‘burbs. Good luck controlling them when they run out of deer.

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