Gentleman’s Quarterly Leftist Writer Wants To ‘Beat To Death’ Benghazi Dead Diplomat’s Mom

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EMOTIONAL: Mom of Man Killed in Benghazi Speaks at GOP Convention – “I Blame Hillary Clinton” – FNN – YouTube

Chris Matthews on Mother who lost son in Benghazi: I don’t care what that woman has felt. – YouTube: Democrats have spent ton of effort trying desperately to portray Republicans as evil, cold hearted monsters.  Yet in video after video of liberal media giants losing their heads, howling like banshees at citizens who are talking about loved ones being killed by raging mobs of Muslims or blacks or whatever, accusing these families of being rabble rousers…while these same media giants embrace the families of outright criminals who die fighting cops…this mess is causing liberalism to unravel and die on the vine!


It is fatal.  Liberalism nearly died after the 1970s.  The eye-opener in NYC was the black out riots where the mayor boasted that cops killed no one but our neighborhoods were looted, burned to the ground and utterly destroyed.  Great news, that!  I was thoroughly enraged and went after Beame for saying that.  I nearly died that night thanks to my insane, violent, looting neighbors.


There is this super liberal men’s magazine that published an article by a Jewish writer that is sickening: Liberal GQ Magazine Writer on Mother of Benghazi Victim: ‘I would like to beat her to death’


An Apology for Last Night’s Tweet

Last night, when Pat Smith was speaking onstage at the Republication National Convention, I tweeted that “no matter how many children she’s lost, I’d like to beat her to death.” That’s what I said, and I accept full responsibility for my actions and their consequences.


Why did I do it? It certainly wasn’t intended as a literal threat on a woman’s life. If anything, it was an extremely ill-advised attempt at satirizing the overall climate of the RNC. But with that kind of hateful language, an explanation just turns into rationalization.


What I see here in this fake apology is hateful language, rationalization excusing the writer for being so nasty as to demand MURDERING a mother talking about her son’s death at the hands of terrorists…what the hell?  This writer has no shame at all.


I certainly didn’t help the situation by getting defensive and suggesting that Twitter, vile as it can be, is already a hotbed for this kind of discourse, or by arguing that my track record and reputation as a writer could provide any exculpatory context. Because what matters is that I said it. And I wish I could take it back.


This is worse: he is an apologist for ethnic cleansing so long as his tribe is indulging in this.


really now Servo1969 • 11 hours ago
“Bethlehem Shoals (born January 1, 1978) is the pen name of Nathaniel Friedman, an American journalist and sports blogger, specializing in U.S. and international basketball. He covers the NBAas the editor-in-chief of The Classical,[1] and as a contributor to both Bleacher Report[2] and GQ. He is best known[citation needed] for co-founding the defunct blog ‘Free Darko’, which he founded in January 2005.[3] Shoals has written on the NBA for McSweeney’s,[4] AOL Fanhouse, Deads”


Here is another take on the same story:  Bethlehem Shoals, GQ writer, apologizes for Pat Smith tweet: ‘I would like to beat her to death’ – Washington Times



Mr. Shoals’ said on Medium that his actions were “utterly indefensible.”
“Under no circumstances is it okay to invoke violence against women. As outraged as I was by parts of Pat Smith’s speech, to use this kind of language as a means of expressing that feeling was completely out of bounds,” the writer said on Tuesday. “I also completely understand how, regardless of my intent, it was extremely triggering for a lot of people. And for that I am genuinely sorry.”


And was he fired?  HAHAHA.  Anyone on the conservative side saying milder things get fired!  Nope, liberals and blacks now have this ‘get out of apology’ card whereby they can continue to insult and even threaten everyone while claiming it is only a joke, a little emotional fit to be excused.  Anyone else is whacked and removed from the media for the rest of their lives even women like the reporter I talked about last week who tweeted something quite mild about Black Lives Matter and despite many Emmy awards and apologizing, she was fired.


Mephi Stopheles • 15 hours ago
What are the chances of GQ and Vox firing this guy? Vox will probably give him a raise…
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Gary McClure Mephi Stopheles • 13 hours ago
Do you have any doubt? What he said is a resume enhancement.
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HoustonGrandma • 15 hours ago
Kind of like they did her son? What a truly horrible person.
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ScarletLedder • 11 hours ago
Apology not accepted, you piece of human garbage. How DARE you. We all forwarded your disgusting tweet to GQ and it’s advertisers, like Whole Foods. The Silent Majority is real and we’re not being silent anymore. You are VILE.
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Nothing will happen to this vile man.  He tried his best to whip up hate against a mother of a dead diplomat and thus, egg people on into killing her.  ‘Kill her!  Kill her,’ is called ‘inciting violence/riot’ and is NOT ‘protected speech’ at all.  The fact that GQ won’t fire this monster pisses me off greatly.

EMOTIONAL: Father of Jamiel Shaw, Black Man Killed by Illegal Immigrant, at GOP Convention – FNN – YouTube

MUST WATCH: Mother of Mesa Cop Brandon Mendoza, Killed by Illegal, Speaks at GOP Convention – FNN – YouTube

The DNC was furious at all this, the GOP using Hispanics, Blacks, White mothers of dead diplomats, etc. as speakers.  Instead of being quiet and biding their time, all the liberals in the media and DNC were out in public exposing their hate, racism and anti-feminism which is hilarious since the entire election hinges on Hillary being the ‘anti-hate, pro-mother, pro-black sheriff, pro-strong police’ candidate.


She is none of these, of course.  She panders to everyone but when Trump brings forth ‘her people’ she supposedly loves, the hatred from her and her gang is amazingly toxic and pathetically obvious.  All the liberals shot themselves in the forehead as well as the foot yesterday.  Rabies shots are needed here, badly.  Don’t touch the foam on the mouth.


In Germany, the ‘liberals’ are going to vanish in the next elections ditto, France and Holland and even Sweden as citizens are being ruthlessly attacked by authorities for trying to do something about the army of illegal aliean criminal males pouring into the countries and terrorizing everyone.  Judge: Instant Jail Term if you Criticise Migrants Again – Breitbart


Peter M. founded a secret group called AFB (Anti Refugee Movement) about a year ago on Facebook. As a secret group, people who are not members of it would have been unable to see its content. He and his wife Melanie were administrators of the Facebook group, so both had to attend the court on charges of sedition.


The offending Facebook page’s founding statement was read out in the courtroom. Written by Peter M. it read: “The war and economic refugees are flooding our country. They bring terror, fear, sorrow. They rape our women and put our children at risk. Bring an end to it!”.


Judge Lukas Neubeck, presiding over the case, said the fact the group had a picture of a German flag on its Facebook page confirmed for him that AFB is a right wing group.


In the two months following its creation, 900 members had joined the group. Merkur disclosed that soon after, others had stumbled upon the group and reported it to Facebook administrators.


Wow.  This liberal judge wants to put patriotic citizens in prison for flying a flag?  And ‘right wing’ is a crime??? Wow. Liberals want to do that here, to us.  Here is a TV show from last year, the fake Dr. Drew show:  Trump Supporter Takes On Two Hysterical Leftists; Dr. Drew On Call – YouTube

He puts his arm around the shoulder of a black mother who steadfastly refuses to look at him as she talks to the three hysterical left wing sex babes on stage (elderly lady versus young and stupid ones) and he even puts his muzzle in the old woman’s face trying to distract her and belittle her.


Suddenly he says in his secret mike to the producer to CUT THE SHOW for commercials because the elderly lady is winning her argument with the sex trio on stage!  Nakedly manipulating things didn’t work so censorship is used.  This is typical of many liberals and is why Phil Donahue freaked out on me and screamed at me in the hallway, after inviting me to appear on his show, ‘Go away!  Go away!  You can’t come here!’


‘You invited me!’ I said, he was dying of anxiety, ‘Go!!’  HAHAHA.  Sigh.  At least Trump is getting these people on stage and in the media but boy, the liberals hate hearing these minorities and women talk!


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8 responses to “Gentleman’s Quarterly Leftist Writer Wants To ‘Beat To Death’ Benghazi Dead Diplomat’s Mom

  1. Nani

    Liberals are the true heirs of the Nazi spirit. There are some similarities between the modern Left and the totalitarian movements of the 20th Century, one of them being their strong desire to threaten, lock up, and even murder those who opposes their world views.

    It is therefore very ironic when they hurl accusations at their opponents, calling them ‘racists’, ‘fascists’ and ‘nazis’. They should take a look in the mirror.

  2. Melponeme_k

    That this man calling himself a “Dr” had the actual nerve to exert physical dominance over an old women by looming over her and touching her is an OUTRAGE.

    You can see that this Dr. and his guests were surprised that she was an educated older women who spoke with proper diction and stated her points very clearly and truthfully. They were even more surprised that she was Conservative, which is really not a surprise at all.

    Most educated black people who are not criminals in self made ghettos are conservative. But since the media is so enamored of the criminal class, they totally disenfranchise this well spoken woman.

  3. vengeur

    I love where Dr. Drew tells the black lady, “You don’t look like a Trump voter “. Translation: ” People who look like you shouldn’t have a choice whether or not to shuck, jive and Tom for Clinton.

  4. Petruchio

    Chris Matthews is not now and likely never has been a REAL journalist. He wouldn’t be on the air if he was. Matthews’ statement could not have been a stronger defense of Mrs. Clinton if he were a member of the Clinton campaign. “I don’t care what that Mother felt..” says Clinton mouthpiece Chris Matthews. Gee whiz, Chris. Where’s the compassion? I wonder if the MSM owners realize they are fast losing credibility with the American Public? Do they think it doesn’t matter/? Do they care? Chris Matthews is a media wh#re. He works for the Political Wh#re Class. I guess tha makes them a match.

  5. Christian W

    Haven’t you figured out how the system works, still? There are no liberals. Politicians and media people are on the payroll of the elites and speak accordingly. Liberalism is dead, as is the political process. You have rich people pulling strings and mouthpieces and spin doctors shouting their heads off.

    Trump is a billionaire so he can say what he wants, but he won’t “fix America” in any meaningful way. If he seriously tried to do that he would have a “heart attack in his sleep” or something.

    Making “America Great” again would have to start with cleaning out all the tools in Washington and the MSM and make space for real people.

  6. emsnews

    He will be assassinated but perhaps he has his own private guards? I would advise him to do that. Not that he would listen to me, he hates me.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 Christian W: Yes, the media is in the pocket of the Real Rulers. Most sane people know this, but the script HAS changed—while the goal remains the same! That is what makes this attack by the corporate-owned media so interesting and revealing.
    The media has ALWAYS played the role of Director in this staged drama called Democracy in America. The change is that there has been a “plot” change, or maybe just a character change. The usual script calls for the Republicans to be the openly bought-and-paid-for Party and the Democrats are to be the Party of Hope and Change–that we all can believe in!! (LOL). Now, the roles are reversed. The media is now attacking Trump the Republican and Hillary the Democrat is the media’s Darling. What is interesting about this “sea change” in the media’s approach to the so-called Two Party system?
    The media’s pandering to someone as obviously corrupt as Hillary Clinton makes it clear, undeniable and irrefutable: the media does NOT have one shred of genuine political opinion!! And they NEVER did! It could not be more obvious.
    It’s one thing to believe that the media is in the pocket of oligarchs, it is another thing altogether to see it proven, beyond a doubt before your very eyes. It’s like getting something rammed down your throat. Leaves you with a hopeless feeling.

  8. Christian W

    @ Pet

    Leaves you with a hopeless feeling.

    It’s designed to. It is but another aspect of the fact that “We are all Palestinians” now; so we get the same treatment as the Palestinians do. It is designed to break us down.

    Here in Norway I spotted this first page tabloid headline today: “This is why they HATE Hillary Clinton”. See? Even here we are not spared CIA propaganda. Obviously anyone questioning Queen Killary has to be a deranged, delusional Bernievoting Trumplovin’ Putinbot.

    The insanity has never been more stark. Even during the mad American war in Vietnam journalists could still run around and ask regular soldiers what they thought and felt – and they would get an incredulous look back and some soldier would say “This stinks, man, this shit is crazy”. And that was on the nightly news.

    Look at the contrast to today. Only utter tools are still in the mainstream media, in the diplomatic corps, in the military, in the CIA and so on and on. The elites go out of their way to hire obviously insane people.

    The US is losing it’s grip and the more they lose it the harder the elites tighten their fist.

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