Media Mafia Hillary Supporters Continue To Wail About Trump, Failing Miserably

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So, the son i f very recent immigrants who is a Bilderberg gangster tried desperately to stab Trump in the back, pretending he was for Trump only to continue to call for Republicans to vote for fellow Bilderberg tool, Clinton right at the convention floor only to be booed down and is lucky the GOP isn’t as nasty as Hillary’s storm troopers, the Black Lives Matter criminal gang!  But the headlines of the Bilderberg gang-owned media giants pretend this is a bad thing for Trump, not Cruz who is now nakedly exposed to all GOP voters as a front man for things they do not want.


Pictures of headlines in the mainstream news shows their utter desperation as they freak out.  They want desperately to believe that Trump voters, many of whom are NOT Republicans but ‘unaffiliated by party’ voters…that these want Cruz and what he represents that is, more illegal aliens, more Spanish as a separate language so no one integrates, more black crime, etc.


The voters registered for no party are very dangerous to the elites.  They worry endlessly about which way this massive 50% of the voters will go in each election which is why they applauded the Supreme Court that ruled ‘we don’t really have to count votes after all!’ back in 2000.

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The WP won’t admit that the only clowns who supported Cruz in stabbing Trump in the back are the elites.  The delegates on the floor made it clear, they didn’t appreciate this stupid move.  Here is how the stable of hyenas at the WP talked about all this:

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Cruz didn’t ‘distinguish himself’ at all.  Will, a true blue Bilderberg participant who never ever reveals what he says to the Clintons at these top secret meetings mostly held overseas, thinks Texas will be ‘blue’ all the time due to the Democrats flooding the place with Hispanic illegal aliens.  Bravo, good to know that Will wants this country invaded.  Real patriot there.


And the editors of the WP are also pure Bilderberg. Their editorials are so nakedly alien, they have no idea how they look to patriotic citizens!  The Bilderberg gang doesn’t ‘lock up political opponents’ it merely enforces this iron rule that if American citizens complain about anything the Bilderberg gang endorses alike 11 million illegal aliens to bring down wages, they are forced out of their jobs!  Fired!


This open persecution of citizens while allowing blacks and Hispanics to openly call for citizens to be raped, murdered or persecuted is not successful because thanks to the internet, citizens can still talk to each other unlike in dictatorships like Germany where private conversations by people who don’t support Bilderberg leader, Merkel, are arrested and fined and threatened with prison time if they talk behind the government’s back!

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The WP exclaims that ‘Trump…(is) a comet that crosses American presidential campaigns every few decades’ which is true, usually we get a choice of one Bilderberg/Skull and Bones gangster or another so there is no real choices. Bernie Sanders isn’t mentioned in any of these articles, he stupidly surrendered to the Wicked Witch and now is silent leaving his supporters hung out to dry.  What a waste of energy!


Well, the media is happily pretending he doesn’t exist and I hope his supporters do the same.  He sold you guys like slaves!  His own property.  Netanyahu thanks him for this.

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The Brit-owned but still Bilderberg gang rag, the Daily Mail, has been attacking Trump, too, but not as ferociously as the US Bilderberg gang.  So leftist jokers on TV who are there because they don’t dare talk about any of the garbage ‘liberals’ (sic) running the DNC do, they are featured in the news as they attack Trump for this or that.


The majority of Americans who vote are not black.  The DNC and media owners are covering up how much the DNC relies on inner city black voters to gain power that has left these same voters stuck in terrible ghettoes which they made for themselves by being out of control and driving out any sane people who can’t stand being raped, looted and murdered by black gangs!  This is nothing to be proud of.


‘We have more street gangs in our party!’ isn’t going to win over the 50% not registered with either party!

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So, the Republicans had a number of black speakers who were applauded loudly.  Throughout the convention, they even had a black sheriff who was attacked ferociously by the DNC, the media oinkers and all the elites who howled that this particular sheriff is pure evil because he stops crimes!  HAHAHA.


This has backfired.  In pure desperation, they ceased putting him on TV to berate him and humiliate him when he proved impervious and each Bilderberg tool that took him on was defeated by him, so now they opt for talking ABOUT him while not having him on TV to answer back.  Next: he will disappear from the screens totally and they will all pretend he doesn’t exist.


But that won’t work, either!  People have figured out how to avoid the rich people who run our media.

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Finally, note the continuing slime campaign.  HAHAHA.  I don’t like Trump and he hates me!  But I stand for the truth here and of course, all this whining about sex is funny considering that that old hound dog sex fiend, Bill, is the major speaker on behalf of Hillary!  HAHAHA.  Mirror, mirror on the wall…certainly, no one had sex with Hillary except her husband at least once.


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8 responses to “Media Mafia Hillary Supporters Continue To Wail About Trump, Failing Miserably

  1. Jim R

    And then this happens …

    Florida police are probably staying home this morning cuddling their security blankets, they were so scared…

  2. emsnews

    Yes, this happens. There are stupid cops. BUT it doesn’t change why we have city riots and mass murders. This isn’t a perfect world. Going after cops that do something wrong is good BUT the BLM people wanted to punish cops who had good reasons to kill thugs. See?

    Even years ago, bad cops were punished. Punishing all cops, on the other hand, forcing them to back off, back off, stay away leads to the 1970s. I know first hand how dangerous it is to arrest people and how easy it is to be violent.

  3. Moe

    Trigger happy fuckers. Happens all too frequently.

    I wonder if Elaine is correct in stating that police will abandon Black neighborhoods? Perhaps in effort to limit violent confrontations that are fueling police killings by Blacks?

    I hope not: all people need police services. And if the cops keep killing Black folks (apparently) indiscriminately, more of the police would be bumped off by Blacks, a good thing in my opinion. (And here I differ with Elaine. Sorry, it’s too late to attempt to differentiate between ‘Good Cop’ and ‘Bad Cop’. They’re all ‘bad’ by association).

  4. emsnews

    There will be NONE. I lived through that once upon a time. In 1970, when NYC had a black out due to a thunderstorm, the city was dark and out of the public housing towers came a flood of vandals and criminals who BURNED EVERYTHING and looted everything and after the lights came on again, they were so bold, they kept doing this while Mayor Beame boasted that cops killed no one!

    We then went through two years of the city being systematically destroyed. Vast tracts of housing that was quite habitable was destroyed. I moved to a house I bought and they used dynamite to blow up the corner brownstone one night.

    This is why I formed street patrols. we were not ‘watchers’ we arrested thugs. And thugs were a dime a dozen, hardly a night went by without us arresting someone and we let them know, if they didn’t surrender, we would kill them.

    Yes…KILL. And this made our neighborhood safe. Not liberal policies. I know in southern states, cops kill blacks illegally. But that is a tiny problem next to the fact that black criminals are systematically destroying entire cities but I keep saying that our rulers are destroying the cities even worse via free trade!!!

    These are tied together.

  5. Petruchio

    Of course, if you want, if your REAL purpose is to create as much turmoil and violence as possible, you do things such as impose a “no arrest of Blacks” policy! But then, you have to have some sort of verbal disguise, some kind of façade for your real intent. You can’t go around saying your true intent, to destroy an entire Society by unleashing violence and other crimes upon it!!! Nobody will go for that! No, you have to pose as a peacenik type, somebody who wants to avoid violence. So you say things like Mayor Beame said: “We didn’t shoot any Blacks.” Everyoe is not supposed to notice that the likes of Beame make things WORSE.

  6. emsnews

    Exactly. Many blacks died after the blackout riots. They died every day, day after day, worse and worse and worse and the peak of all this was by 1986-1990.

    It took forever to bring it down and here we are, with an exact reproduction of the 1970s including the Black Panthers and the same liberals championing this and the same riots and crime. It is so sad to watch. Futile.

  7. csurge

    It’s official, sports fans. Trump is the official nominee. I breathe a sigh of relief. By the way, I’m interested in your take on Pence, Elaine. Is he globalist buddy or not?

  8. emsnews

    He is part of the Machine. Everyone in Congress is. But a very small cog in the Machine who is easily freed.

    The BIg Shots all shot themselves in the foot by openly refusing to endorse Trump or run as VP. Too stupid to figure out how Cheney had power, too dumb to figure out the VP becomes P if the P is assassinated…HAHAHA.

    Trump owes these clowns nothing so he can do as he pleases and I am betting he is going to run opponents to the NWO GOP gang in primaries and wipe them all out of Congress.

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