Obama Blames Trump For ‘Chaos’ Right When ISIS Terrorists Hit Germany Hard

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After a secret meeting with Black Lives Matter radicals and Al ‘Elaine is a secret KKK member’ Sharpton (his attempt at getting me killed when I gave a speech in NYC) Obama has come out of the White House to attack Trump’s speech claiming, it would ’cause CHAOS everywhere…and doesn’t JIVE with…most people.’  So, I am not a ‘people’?  Obama has been shoving us all towards open race wars by letting screaming mobs terrorize a number of cities.

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The terrorists said they would attack both Germany and England as well as already attacking the USA and France.  And no shock, this is happening and will get much, much worse.  Meanwhile, Hillary plans to protect us by…

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Trying to fan the flames of race war.  Yes, this is her open intention which is crazy since that would insure Trump will win hands down.  She is too stupid to see this looming.  Both she and Obama lectured us every time about how we must let in millions of angry Muslims and must let blacks terrorize entire cities.  Every word they speak is digging the hole deeper and deeper but they are unable to see this because they are so used to exploiting blacks and Hispanics by pandering to them during elections and then blaming them for civil disorder when it happens.


Only Obama wants civil disorders, I fear.  He is cornered and wants to leave a legacy, a revival of the radicalism of the 1970s leading to…I know very well what happened next, I was dead center to what was happening and it was very, very ugly indeed.


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8 responses to “Obama Blames Trump For ‘Chaos’ Right When ISIS Terrorists Hit Germany Hard

  1. e sutton

    Visions of pitchforks and torches ablaze, coming for Frau Merkel and her revolting compadres, including but not limited to Hollande, Obama, and Mrs. Clinton dance in my head. I will not be happy until each one’s head is atop a stick, flies buzzing in and around their agape mouths.

  2. Matt

    I live in Munich and I am living this now. Cannot move from work and all the city is going crazy. Police everywhere.

  3. emsnews

    One of the terrorists just committed hari kari.

  4. Fox News reports shooters screamed obscenities against immigrants before opening fire? Trying to spin it as right wing violence. First off, Germany has many 2nd generation Muslims who speak fluent German. No doubt this helps throw law enforcement a curve ball. Fox is being irresponsible at this point…why can’t people think?

  5. Floridasandy

    Patriots of Europe
    Wilders Netherlands
    Orban Hungary
    Farage UK
    Le Pen France

    Schnable of, Germany, on the other hand, says closed borders lead to inbreeding. What a tool!

  6. Petruchio

    “Trying to fan the flames of race war. Yes, this is her open intention which is crazy since that would insure Trump will win hands down. She is too stupid to see this looming.” This is unavoidable. Hillary Clinton has been coddled, protected, enriched and insulated by those who own her. Mrs. Clinton thinks she is politically bulletproof–besides thinking she is ‘bulletproof’ from criminal prosecution. Mrs. Clinton has been right so far I am sad to say, with tragic consequences for the Country.

  7. Nani

    Russian FM has figured out what Merkel has not:

    The behavior of migrants that lost their moral and spiritual values provokes growing Islamophobia in Europe, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.

    “As soon as you forget about your origin, moral and spiritual values, you immediately become indifferent to others’ values,” Lavrov told the National Educational Youth Forum “Territory of Meanings on the Klyazma.”

    This is why Europe currently witnesses growing Islamophobia, he noted.

    “Migrants are accused of unacceptable behavior, and these accusations are confirmed by facts. However, they are also trying to sweep this problem ‘under the carpet’,” the foreign minister continued.

    Migrants “are doing what they want because their moral values are lost and they do not want to revive them. They get Islamophobic reactions in response,” Lavrov concluded.


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