Trump Terrifies Saturday Night Live DNC Tools, NYT and WP Bilderbergers

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‘Liberals’ are completely deranged at this point in time.  Supposed ‘saviors of society’ they are utterly  unable to see how obscene, obnoxious and violent they have become as they push their agenda with furious desperation.  Years and years ago, I used to win debates by getting the opposing party to lose their temper while being very careful to not use inflammatory speech.  A good way to be banned by online forums is to be calm and write about facts.  This causes people to lose their tempers and rage and this is ‘fixed’ by eliminating sane debate and banning anyone who follows rules of courtesy, not the ideological ranters.  Well, our media is owned by very rich people who lose money this way but get to encourage deranged rants that, in Trump’s case, is backfiring badly.


Once upon a time, Mr. Stewart kept his liberal audiences in stitches by being ‘cool’ and making snide jokes while poking fun at conservatives.  Now, he has dropped the mask and revealed his true face: hate-filled ideology demanding we have a society that is filled with angry people cussing, pushing, making demands, resisting the police at every turn, violating property of others, vandalizing stuff, graffiti glorification, sneering at families who are religious while ordering us all to take in religious fanatics bent on killing us.


Stewart is so crazy with hate, he can’t see the obvious problems with his New World Order boss, Hillary.  She has already spent nearly all the money she raised mainly from the super rich Wall Street gangs and is planning on spending $60 million for her coronation and won’t tell us who is paying for this garbage.  It isn’t Stewart.Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 8.36.40 AM

She even lied and said she would release her lousy, boring speeches to super rich Wall Street gangsters and then refused to release even one speech.  She and her corrupt husband have made a living, giving ‘speeches’ to these NWO rulers which basically is ‘Thank you for the bribes, masters of the universe!’

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I am pleased that the English newspaper, the Daily Mail has these headlines next to each other.  Note how Trump is being ‘inclusive’ which makes the DNC furious thus, Stewart’s ranting and raving.  Sanders is showing his true nature now.  His statement that ‘Trump doesn’t understand what the Constitution is about…’ is hilarious.  NONE of our rulers want this rag.  They hate the Constitution which is why they elevate party standing and power over national power.


On the Democratic side, voters were told in no uncertain terms, only Hillary was running.  Sanders screwed this up but his sudden surrender to Hillary means it is obvious now, he was bribed.  He won’t tell his supporters what this bribe was, but now that he is doing attack dog snarls at Trump based on false charges, he has zero credibility and again, what deals did he make with Hillary?  He won’t say a thing.

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This is the last story of importance from the foreign paper, the Daily Mail.  Obama had his own super secret meeting with the Black Lives Matter Only If They Are Resisting Arrest activists and my favorite creep, Al Sharpton.  I want to know what he plotted with them during this three hour meeting.  I recall, Obama said the White House would be open, not secretive.  But this is Nixon-level secrecy and I suspect he talked about how to commit some crimes against ‘whitey’.


Now on two the twin Bilderberg rags, the New York Times and Washington Post.  Both are blowing fuses trying to attack Trump at the convention and covering up what he really said there with hysterical headlines and furious, frantic, hate-filled editorials.

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I love the meme ‘Trump’s campaign of fear.’  HAHAHA.  Fearmongering furiously, both papers can only spit poison and hate.  They desperately wanted a riot at the GOP convention but ‘the activists got a block party instead.’  HAHAHA.  How dare he figure out how to defang the deranged.  Headline at the NYT is ‘Trump portrays a nation in peril!’  HAHAHA.  I thought that was Hillary’s headline.  She is constantly warning us that we are all going to die unless we vote for her, that race riots would rage as if this hasn’t been happening under black Obama’s reign.


And how dare Trump say he can secure the homeland.  Obama and Hillary’s scheme is to secure us by bringing in a bunch of the million+ illegal alien Muslim males and this will make us as safe as France and Germany.  Oh, and most unforgivable, Trump says he will ‘appeal to blue collar citizens.’  Yucky-poo.  Another Times headline is ‘A DARK speech!  And he didn’t follow his written speech but ad-libbed!  How dare he!!!’

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The lunatics writing for the Washington Post are even more hysterical.  They are dangerous because they advocate assassination as a political tool (in Israel):

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 8.59.54 AM

The entire Bilderboard is screaming about the Apocalypse.  A quick review: that event is supposed to happen when the Jews return to Jerusalem and try to create this empire again…and FAIL.  Nuclear war destroys humanity.  Yup, so Trump is going to start the Apocalypse by cutting aid to Israel?  Or not go to war against Israel’s enemies based on false charges?  How dare he!  HAHAHA.


So…we need the Whore of Babylon.  She gets crowned at the DNC convention.  The Seven Headed Beast’s heads are the Wall Street/Media bosses/Entertainment Industry/Warmongers/street gangs in ghettoes/angry feminists and Merkel of Germany!  HAHAHA.


Jewish writer Stromberg says Trump is a demagogue.  No one would accuse of Hillary rabble rousing because her speeches are super boring and delivered in this flat voice more appropriate for a robot.  No music there.  Flat as a tire blown out after running over a hoverboard. Here is a moment that freaked the freaks of the DNC out to the point, they pissed in their pants:  BlackPastor Mark Burns at GOP Convention: All Lives Matter (C-SPAN) – YouTube


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13 responses to “Trump Terrifies Saturday Night Live DNC Tools, NYT and WP Bilderbergers

  1. Lou

    J Stewart, real name J (((liebowitz)))

  2. Melponeme_k

    They are so out of control over the thought of Trump winning the presidency, the elites have destroyed their WHOLE SETUP. Everything is going down in flames from their sham politicians, their global news media operations even their sham “entertainers”. I can’t help but laugh at them.

  3. ziff

    The peasants are revolting !

  4. emsnews

    Mass murder in München, Deutschland. All the EU rulers are going to be dumped starting with Merkel.

  5. Nani

    Munich is under attack

  6. Petruchio

    It’s hard to believe that people like Charles Krauthammer and E.J. Dionne would accuse others of ‘scare tactics’. The USA got into a multi-trillion dollar war because of some made up story about WMD’s in Iraq. We have a national police force in Homeland Security to keep us safe from shoe bombers and underwear bombers. I guess they have nothing better to use against their enemies other than phony scare tactics. This is a classic case of Projection. Children do it all the time.

  7. Mewswithaview

    Trump has moved to the left and caught out Clinton.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, he claimed a huge hunk of leftist territory last night. They are now foaming at the mouth about this.

  9. Seraphim

    I’ve heard a good one: “for jews, hate is an intelectual energiser, an intelectual ‘Red Bull energy drink’, Love makes you week and lazy.”
    It is clear that the Stewarts (leibovitzes) switched to ‘Hakka’ mood (have you ever seen the All Blacks, the New Zealand Rugby team playing? They are in combat mood. The cool, satirical hate mood is only for times when they are on top.

  10. Lou

    (((Jon stewart Liebowitz)))
    Lives in an affluent area of NJ that’s 1% negro—-
    —- Lawrence Township, Mercer County, New Jersey

  11. Lou

    More murder and mayhem in Germany, today.

  12. Christian W

    More murder and mayhem in Florida as well.

  13. Lou

    more in Fla???

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