Helpless Staff Watch Black Schools Spiral Into Total Chaos, While White Male Students Are Punished For Excelling

Teachers and parents speak out against black violence in schools – YouTube

Hillery picks a white Southern male to be her running mate and our media bends over in praise for her doing this while at the same time calling Trump names for picking a Midwestern white male.  The NYT and WP both have mild headlines about the looming DNC crowning which is in stark contrast to the hysteria and open lies about the GOP convention. Today, I want to look at a WP and NYT article both of which openly are in denial of what is going on in the race wars here and what this means, that is, both articles make fun of especially white males who are complaining about reverse racism.


White people think racism is getting worse. Against white people. – The Washington Post avers.  This article is openly snide and hostile towards white males in particular.


Our recent research suggests yet another way black and white Americans see race differently: Whites now think bias against white people is more of a problem than bias against black people.


Black and white Americans both thought anti-black bias had decreased over the decades. Whites saw that decline as steeper and more dramatic than blacks did, but the general impressions of the trend were similar for both races.


When asked about anti-white bias, though, black and white respondents differed significantly in their views. Black respondents identified virtually no anti-white bias in any decade. White respondents agreed that anti-white bias was not a problem in the 1950s, but reported that bias against whites started climbing in the 1960s and 1970s before rising sharply in the past 30 years.


This is due entirely to affirmative actions that reward black children while especially white male children including Asian children, are deliberately shoved to the back of the bus. White and Asian males have to compete ferociously for both scholarships for schools and positions in government and schools because they are chosen last, not first, usually, not chosen at all.


When asked about the present-day United States, a striking difference emerged. Our average white respondent believed that at the time of our survey in 2011, anti-white bias was an even bigger problem than anti-black bias.


Instead of digging deeper to understand this, the WP reporters make fun of white/Asian males.


Reports on our research have occasionally prompted bizarre emails and phone calls of thanks from individuals grateful for our shining a light on anti-white bias — messages that we have always been surprised to receive, given the actual nature of our data. (A sample message: “The purpose of my email is to acknowledge the facts surrounding your recent findings. I am in agreement with the research because i personally have experienced racism and bigotry toward myself as a white person and i have been a target of racism and bigotry myself.”) Our findings do not indicate a verifiable surge in anti-whiteness in recent years or identify a new victimization of white Americans. Rather, our research reveals a heightened perception among whites that they are increasingly the primary victims of bias in America — a perception that statistics say is wrong.


The blindness here is obvious!  The ‘reporters’ (they are propaganda machines) know perfectly well that scholarships and positions are handed out like candy to minorities and women while men who have the same attainments get absolutely nothing.  Competition for the few remaining spots in high level stuff for white males is ferocious and the rising level of incompetence and poor work is rising in the sciences, for example, since the bulk of intelligent people who traditionally do better in science and math are being actively punished.


Word is out for white males that they shouldn’t bother with college at all now since the degrees are increasingly worthless because they will be at the very back of the line for any positions requiring a degree.  This set-up is beginning to cause huge social and political problems and is behind the rise of white anger which is very potent.


The WP hopes to undermine this by lying about statistics and being snide.  The reason why MOST black males are doing poorly is simple: both  male and female black children are actively attacking schools, destroying their communities and running rampant and the tiny elite handful who are not doing this get huge rewards of total scholarships despite doing only middling-levels of intellectual work, they get top consideration for future jobs and the red carpet rolls out silently for them all while white children watch this with mouths open.


I  remember my own scholarships!  Not ONE was rewarded for being ‘female’.  I competed fair and square with males.  I set out to prove a girl could do what a boy could do and did this.  Never asked for a handout.  I knew from day one that affirmative actions would increase race tensions.  We know for a fact that virtually no women and blacks place in the top 100 test takers in math competitions, for example.


Pretending the sexes and races are equal in science is dead wrong.  I recognize my own weaknesses when young, I couldn’t possibly keep up with my brainy brothers in math, for example!  No way.  The agony of working very hard to excel in math and science only to see most of the scholarships and top university positions going to women and blacks who do much weaker is infuriating and unfair and being told that ‘white privilege’ is the cause of white/Asian males excelling in sciences…is highly insulting yet even WP ‘reporters’ get to do this with impunity.


 But in the years since our study, whites’ identification with victim status — a view of themselves as the most persecuted group — has become even more apparent. Look at the reports about white nationalist groups that support the presidential run of Donald Trump, a candidate who has pledged to “make America great again” — presumably a reference to earlier eras when white Americans believe they were not yet targets of discrimination. This perceived victimhood may also undergird the bristling response of those who counter Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality by asserting vocally that “all lives matter,” as though acknowledgment of the travails of one segment of society necessarily leaves less sympathy for the others.


Um, black politicians including the President and most of the DNC and Hillary bots all hollered like crazy that all lives do NOT matter.  And the media giants went into berserk hysterics when Trump said this.  It was amazing to watch and shamelessly, the media giants continue to mock anyone who suggests that all lives matter, not just a couple.


And the black community’s main problems are dual: free trade has destroyed low intelligence jobs once done by black males and females (for example, house cleaning jobs are nearly all done by illegal aliens today) and to top it off, all attempts at discipline in schools has collapsed in black schools where children terrorize staff and community and learn nothing except how to go to prison.


Fixing this isn’t easy since over 70% of black children are raised by single mothers and have multiple siblings with different fathers who are mostly utterly indifferent about their own children and provide nothing for them, all wards of the state growing up after being spawned by wards of the state.  The authors of this witless article suggest we read these stories to learn how white males are evil and should be punished:

Only white people can save themselves from racism and white supremacism

Black America should stop forgiving white racists (What the hell????)

Protesters who point out campus racism aren’t silencing anyone (I am assuming that the bellowing about racism at our universities which hand out scholarships and right to go to school mainly to girls and ‘minority’ students is inevitable.  The more the schools self-select to this degree, the more angry, uptight, demanding students who want everything on a platter!)


After 2 Years, Progress Is Hard to See in Some Struggling City Schools – The New York Times this week as an article bemused and befuddled about how, after pouring in money and resources, black schools are hell holes.


These schools were among the earliest to receive support as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ambitious $400 million initiative to turn around the city’s struggling schools, an effort the Education Department calls the Renewal program. Two years in, at these and others of the lowest-performing high schools in the program, academic progress is hard to see. At many of them, dwindling enrollment and internal conflicts make the prospect that they will succeed seem remote.


A major obstacle, education experts say, is the short timetable.


Mr. de Blasio, who campaigned as a critic of the education policies of his predecessor, Michael R. Bloomberg, who closed many low-performing schools, pledged that his administration would support struggling schools rather than close them. However, facing pressure from the state, he declared that schools needed to show progress within three years.


But Megan Hester, a principal associate at the Annenberg Institute for School Reform, which is working closely with community organizations involved in the turnaround effort, said, “There’s no school improvement initiative in the country that shows long-term success that showed improvement within two or three years.”


And no improvement in five, ten, twenty or one hundred years.  This would have shown some improvement over time if schools could control children.  For example, we just got a little puppy.  I spend a great deal of time teaching this puppy how to behave.  I have to be very strict about the rules and the puppy doesn’t want any rules and will actively and then passively refuse to cooperate but over time, using both punishments and rewards, the puppy learns to respect us and be co-operative.


I have trained many, many different kinds of animals over the years including very dangerous animals and have a long success rate at doing this.  What is so strange is how liberals cannot see with their own lying eyes how black children discipline each other.  They are exceedingly violent, both male and female.


They beat each other mercilessly, tear at each other’s hair, kill each other at a mad rate.  In between all this, they threaten school staff and police and neighbors and everyone in their vicinity making large parts of our cities uninhabitable.  Petting and coddling the elite black children going mainly to private schools and whose parents live in fine neighborhoods, etc. and handing out goodies to them that they didn’t earn, isn’t making things better for anyone, it is increasing anger and the feeling that life is not fair.


And it makes things at the bottom much, much worse, too!  For black children who are being sucked down the sewer.  The NYT openly says DeBlasio should to reinvest in schools even more!  Not change how we teach violent black children from the hood.  Nope, more ‘poor little babies, let’s coddle them’ thinking.  Oh, and more ‘coaching teachers’ to teach them how to teach excluding the most obvious tools we use when training wild animals or domestic animals.


My most violent horse I re-trained was Sparky whose owner was a weakling and Sparky was convinced he was the boss and so he was very violent and just teaching him to not attack me when feeding him to a WEEK and I had to be very mean to him to show him, I meant business.  Once I tamed him, he was an adorable, safe and wonderful as well as devoted horse that we could trust off the lead, he responded to simple voice commands easily.


The teaching staffs have also churned: Last year, after the state designated Boys and Girls and Automotive as “out of time” for improvement, all teachers had to reapply for their jobs.


Several other schools went through the same process this year. At Banana Kelly and Fordham Leadership Academy for Business and Technology, in the Bronx, more than half of the teachers are not returning. At August Martin High School in Queens, only seven of 39 teachers will return.


You can’t teach even automotive courses if the students are all ‘minority’ and have had a previous 9 years of running wild and never being stopped! Like my horse, Sparky, they all are used to being violent, rude and willful.
I lucked out and found this teacher’s forum online:  By Show of Hands…How Many of Your Schools Have Had Teachers Leave Already? ALL the teachers here are ‘anonymous’ because the System will savage them if they use their names! Below, Anonymous says most new teachers in the DC schools leave after ONE MONTH! This should be a huge news story. All the other teachers agree that this is true, by the way, it isn’t just one poster here.



I’m a first year teacher in DCPS.


It’s kind of sad that I came on here to take my mind off of wanting to quit my job, and this is the first post that I see. My grade level lost three teachers last week. I think our schoolwide total for Septmber is close to ten. All of them were veteran “urban school” teachers who were new to DCPS. If I find a job outside of teaching, then I’m gone too.


The teachers discuss how little support from above they have and how parents refuse to cooperate with them and how dangerous the students are becoming when this first year teacher gives a big explanation as to why she left after only one month:


This is my first year teaching ever. I wasn’t smug at all. I didn’t assume much. I wanted to teach here, because I grew up here. I received a crappy education. My teachers used to turn on a video and walk out of the room. I wasn’t prepared for college. Somehow I made it anyway. I wanted to help people who look like me see a world outside of the bubble that they know. I’m not leaving because it’s “tough as hell.” This place is hell.


I am assuming because this is DC which is mostly black schools, the writer is a black person of unknown sex.  Even with crummy schooling, this person was given scholarships to go to college and actually graduated.  Leaving school feeling good, this person went back home to save other children!  Only to get a dose of reality.


I’m leaving because in the first week one teacher had his arm dislocated by a student while another suffered a broken hand. They threatened to rape a female teacher after work. One of my students was arrested in my classroom for fighting another student for “looking at him.” That same day, another student was beaten unconscious in the classroom next door. The students intentionally threw laptops from the laptop cart to the ground, shattering them, because they “didn’t feel like reading.” All of these students are still enrolled. At most they received a two or three day suspension and returned with new shoes, new hairdos, and a new lore among their peers.


This is why I pulled one of my children out of a suburban school in NJ.  The black children were being coddled and were openly contemptuous towards the principal to his face.  They had zero intention of studying and their parents were at work and didn’t supervise them.


They sit in the classes on their phones, they gamble, they throw chairs and flip over tables in what our administration writes off as “attention seeking behavior” and all throughout this someone comes in to informally observe us and tell us how shitty of a job we’re doing. They don’t suspend or expel, because the goal is to reduce suspension numbers this year. I call parents everyday and, while a FEW apologize and say that they’ll try to speak with their kids, the majority say something along the lines of “that’s your problem,” “I’ve washed my hands of my child,” or “don’t call me again.”


My evaluation is based on their test scores, but 90% of my students are five or six years below grade level. They’re working on learning basic subtraction in 10th grade Math. I don’t fault them for that. The system failed them, but you can’t put 28 of them in one class with one teacher and with these behaviors and expect any actual learning to occur. I have 34 in some classes despite union rules and the most I get is a stipend because it violates the agreement. I technically get a planning period each day, but I have meetings or am told to cover someone else’s class 3-4 times a week. I leave the building around 5 after all of our after school meetings, then pick up my child. By the time I get home, it’s after six. After my child is fed, then I get to grading and filling out paperwork for 215 kids. Then, I work on my lesson which is essentially a 90 minute presentation every single day.


I am fairly certain this is a black mother who is also a teacher.  My heart breaks for her.


Please don’t lessen the experience by making it seem like we’re just in a funk about kids who may be a little talkative.


This letter started off much more than 100 responses 99% of which totally agreed with this new teacher who fled her classroom.  Many recounted how other school systems that are black have the same retention problem, that is, even black teachers don’t want to teach black children and all for the same exact reasons!  They all complain the mothers don’t do discipline at home and tell the teachers to do it, themselves while liberals say, you can’t touch the darlings or upset them in any way but let them run riot.


And so black schools are collapsing, a tiny handful get lots of goodies in school and have a red carpet rolling for them to get top jobs, etc. and the gulf between the vast majority of black children and privileged children like Obama’s daughters, grows to Grand Canyon proportions while white males seethe with resentment for good reasons.


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18 responses to “Helpless Staff Watch Black Schools Spiral Into Total Chaos, While White Male Students Are Punished For Excelling

  1. tio

    A good read.

    {Where had all of these bad ideas come from? This insistence on a softly-softly approach to pupil behaviour? These trendy teaching methods? As a history teacher, I was keen to find the answer, and have spent the past year writing a book about what I discovered.

    If you were looking for a culprit, you couldn’t do better than Summerhill School in Suffolk.

    During the early Sixties…}

  2. Lou

    As far as ‘ray cyst’ acts against Whites, government stats show us some facts.

    If a ‘hispanic’ is a victim of crime, they are listed as minority.
    When hispanic kills, they are listed as White.

  3. Lou

    SBPDL site–
    Anonymous Hick’ry Stick said…

    OT, but a good read that may just signal a trend.
    White people fighting back in the work place over job discrimination.
    One of the big administrators at Union Pacific commented that it was “stomach turning” to learn that white male employees had circulated a pamphlet to other whites, promoting the idea of a white advocacy group, (while at the same time there exist programs to aggressively recruit and hire minorities and women).
    What is disturbing, sir, is that white males have to fight to be given a job for which they are best qualified and have earned through hard work, yet are denied. And are then sanctioned in the name of the “value of diversity,” simply for wanting a just system. That, sir, is what should be wrenching your gut.
    I have no problem with the hire of the most qualified, be it man, woman, white or other. But if you’ve ever been on the short end of the diversity foolishness, you truly know what gut-wrenching means.
    I hope that more whites speak out, though I know what the risks of going up against the system can be.
    Nevertheless, it has to change if we are ever to stop the colossal waste caused by this iniquity.

  4. Lou

    Africans behavior is the same or similar, across the world.

    What success do Blacks have in Africa?

    Haiti got its freedom from France at the same time Quebec did.

    Why the difference in the 2 places?
    Haiti has a better climate. And 11 million ‘smart’ negroes.

    Africa has a billion of them.
    The Hayshanz took a tropical paradise and turned it into the poorest, most primitive, dirtiest and diseased shithole in the western hemisphere.
    The Hayshanz also transformed one of the world great languages – French – and transmogrified it into the unintelligible gibberish of Creole AKA eboniques.

  5. Lou

    EMS, I am amazed you misspelled her name.

    its ‘A’ not ‘E’–

    Teachers and parents speak out against black violence in schools – YouTube — Hillery

  6. Petruchio

    “Hillery picks a white Southern male to be her running mate and our media bends over in praise for her doing this…” That would be Tim Kaine, the very same Tim Kaine who brought the world the 9-11 (Cover-up) Commission Report! Quelle surprise!! I think that in an honest political environment–which of course is not the one we have in the US of A–Tim Kaine’s nomination would be controversial. If the Washington Press Corps had any REAL journalists, Mrs. Clinton would be getting peppered with questions right and left about those missing 28 pages, just for starters. I should mention here in passing that the Clinton Crime Family went into overdrive to stop the US release of the film, “The Path to 9-11”. Example of this effort? Leading membersof Congress, including Sen, Harry Reid (D-NV) immediately, IMMEDIATELY threatened to pull ABC’s broadcast license!! The real rulers, through boot-licking lackeys like Reid, were going to BAN an entire TV Network from being on the air AT ALL if they showed a film about 9-11 implicating the Clinton’s involvement in 9-11. The whole thing is a sham from top to bottom.

  7. nclaughlin

    Petruchio — I think you are confusing Tim Kaine with Thomas Kean, the former governor of NJ who was the chairman of the 9-11 Commission.

  8. pontiff holysh*t

    French is bad Latin spoken through the nose.

  9. Lou

    Jeff is Black —-

  10. Petruchio

    @#9 nclaughlin: you are correct. Thanks for the catch….

  11. Petruchio

    Time for some Political (In)Correctness. I was struck once again yesterday by how aggressively the Mainstream Media tries to promote this image of white people being incompetent clowns and the Black couples being the smart sensible ones. I was watching the commercial where the black, obviously Middle Class couple are “sensibly” consulting with a financial planner about their retirement planning. Then the camera pans to the White Clown couple who will do ANYTHING to avoid even talking about their retirement planning: “These plants won’t water themselves!”, “I’m folding laundry!” etc.. And this piece of agit-prop wouldn’t be noteworthy if there weren’t a number of other examples of this kind of pure, unadulterated BS. The number of black couples who even BARELY qualify as Middle Class has to be in the single digits in terms of percentage. I know. I shouldn’t watch pure propaganda, but it’s like a train wreck; you shouldn’t stare, but you do. BTW: I was reading a list of busiest actors and how many screen appearances they have made. As for the American actors, the majority are Black Actors, if you exclude the White Actors who are dead and haven’t acted in ten years.

  12. Lou

    Pet, here is some negro worship. Some black bitch has a bastard and this liberal says ‘vincents mom is the strongest person, unbelievable’

  13. John

    Everything you need to know about why this crap is happening:

  14. Lou

    I was flipping channels yesterday and came across a recap of Alison Parker. This was the reporter killed on the air by her former (black) co-worker Vester Flanagan. There was nothing about her murderer. All that was mentioned was she and her cameraman were both killed on the air. There was no picture of Vester Flanagan. There was no mention about Vester Flanagan causing problems at work, which is why he was fired. There was no mention of Vester Flanagan leading police on a chase before he took his own life. Instead, it showed her parents and fiance complaining about the lack of gun laws in our country.

    Blacks have been absolved of any wrongdoing. Thanks to the politicians, who declare that black behavior is justified. Thanks to the liberal media, who declare that black behavior should be covered up so they don’t appear racist. Thanks to the blacks themselves, who declare that they are no different from white people.

    Time and time again, blacks prove themselves to be nothing more than jungle savages from which they came. The media will continue not to report such incidents. And all America will continue to suffer.

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