Hillary and Wasserman Lose Control Of Convention

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In stark contrast to headlines at the NYT about Trump, here is a typical one for Hillary who is amazingly unpopular.  Wasserman Schultz finally dumped from gaveling Democratic National Convention after she is booed by her own delegates | Daily Mail Online in England reports:


Wasserman Shultz tried to regain control of the crowd as she faced continued booing.


‘Alright everybody now, settle down. Everybody settle down everybody – please,’ she said.


As the jeering continued, another official tried to put a lid on the disrespect by hitting a gavel. ‘We have a big program today.


‘Let’s hear. Lets be respectful. Please be respectful so Debbie can speak,’ said the official.


‘Thank you all so much, Wasserman Schultz said, as the jeers continued.


Wasserman Schultz acknowledged the chaos when she said, ”So I can see that’s little bit of interest in my being here and I appreciate that interest. And a little bit of interest from the press,’ she said, according to Politico.


‘But that really shows you that Florida is the most significant battleground state that will make sure that Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States of America. We are the state that will deliver the White House to make sure that we can continue to make the progress that we have been able to make under Barack Obama for the last eight years.’


Revealed: How DNC staffers under Wasserman Schultz used anti-gay slurs, mocked the name of an African-American assistant and created a sexist Craigslist job post to humiliate Donald Trump and the evil Russians did all this!  But of course, the US got the Russian Olympic Team boycotted so we are even!  Yeah, America.


We get to send athletes to Zika-infested filth.


Left-Wing Supporters Boo as Bernie Sanders Says ‘We Must Elect Hillary Clinton’ – HAHAHA.  I predicted this.  He will not tell them the deal he made last week.  His pieces of silver, how many?  We don’t know.  As secret as Hillary’s pay from Goldman Sachs.


‘This is the real world we live in, Trump is a BULLY and demagogue and etc.’ yells Sanders.  The delegates cheered when they heard that Wasserman resigned.  Bernie calls for ‘new leadership’.  Good luck with that.


Hint to this naive man: YOU HAVE TO DEFEAT THE BILDERBERG MACHINE!  Does he imagine a non-Bilderberg will lead the Democrats?  Nope.  He won’t even mention this.


The only way he and his followers can gain anything is via sending Hillary to defeat.  Backing her is backing the status quo.  I recall the media claiming the GOP convention would be chaos while Hillary would be crowned Welfare Queen with acclimations of happiness.


Totally wrong, as usual.  Meanwhile, Democrats continue to dig their hole deeper and deeper:  White Mass. Mayor Won’t Remove Black Lives Matter Banner From City Hall and is demanding ‘All Lives Matter’ be removed since he believes in only DNC drones get to live, everyone else can go drop dead, I assume.


 “My unwavering support for our police officers does not and cannot preempt our commitment addressing systemic racism in our nation,” Curtatone said in a statement. “The City of Somerville stands against all violence and all injustice, which is why a Black Lives Matter banner hangs at City Hall and why a banner in honor of the slain officers is hanging at Somerville Police Headquarters where it would provide the most moral support to our officers—both on my order.”


And it seems as if all police in the town don’t necessarily feel the same way as the union. Somerville Police Chief David Fallon said he is “100% behind” the mayor’s decision. “We support the city’s initiatives,” Fallon said.

So, ONE cop agrees with the mayor, that is, the chief who is backing his boss, the mayor. Great.I looked up Sommerville’s crime stats to see what is really going on there:  


More then the state, the region or neighboring cities, Somerville is a community of immigrants, with nearly three out of ten residents in 2000 having been born outside of United States. The most common countries of origin were Brazil, Portugal, El Salvador, Haiti and China.


• Youth under age 18 represent the most racially and ethnically diverse segment of Somerville’s population.


So, the troublemakers are mostly minority and young.  And when talking about crime, Hispanics are listed as ‘white’ and what are Chinese, then?  HAHAHA.  ‘Yellow’?  The DNC convention is all about chaos and collapsing law and order.


If Hillary and Bernie both had brains, they would be proclaiming loudly that ‘All Lives Matter’ and squelch the Black Lives Matter criminal operation which is basically demanding a collapse in law and order.


I lived dead center in ‘no law and order’ society once upon a time and learned quickly how to impose laws and order the harsh way and it was very harsh sometimes including people dying while fighting us.  That is, we didn’t go around unarmed!  Nor expect cops to do this.  No One Is Surprised: 17 black people shot, Two dead at black club in Ft Meyers – YouTube just last night when ‘teens’ age 12-18 were at a party that went way past midnight at a BAR, no less:

The DNC solution to this collapse in family life, rules of raising children, collapsing schools and chaos in the streets is to…make it much worse, pandering to black ‘activists’.

Black violence explodes at the University of Missouri AGAIN! – YouTube


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12 responses to “Hillary and Wasserman Lose Control Of Convention

  1. Jim R

    For what it’s worth, the mother of this precious snowflake will be speaking at the convention:

  2. Petruchio

    The leading cause of death for American Black males, aged 18-35 is: HOMICIDE. Most are killed by other black males, like 99%.

  3. melponeme_k

    The convention is like this movie scene x 10! I love it, I’m laughing so hard watching the elite lackeys behave shocked over the shouting.

  4. Lou

    DWS, Bernie, they are Jews who want to ruin the USA.

  5. Lou

    I saw the mother of Jordan Davis on CNN thus morning.

    You may recall that her teen-aged kid was riding in a car with a paroled felon when they stopped at a convenience store and parked next to a drunk white man.

    When old Mr. Snowflake complained about the ignorant, loud “music” emanating from their crate, they talked the talk and made threats, at which time he emptied a semi-automatic pistol into the car, killing Davis.

    I don’t quite understand how this story fits into the theme of unarmed black men being killed by police.

    If, instead, it’s about unarmed black men being killed in senseless gun violence not involving police, it’s going to be a long convenience if every mother speaks.

    Dozens of young black men kill or are killed every weekend because of “disrespect” but it only seems to matter if a white man is the shooter.

    Mommy has also abbreviated the story to: “My son was killed for playing loud music” leaving out the threatening cross talk.

    Eric Garner’s mom says her son was killed for “selling loose cigerettes,” apparently the PoPo rolled up on him and strangled him while he was trying to surrender.

  6. e sutton

    When I lived in Massachusetts in the late eighties we called Somerville ¨Slummerville¨. It was Negro-ville even back then. It, along with most of Dorchester after the Irish left were pretty much negro occupied territory. Quite sad, actually, what negroes do to housing prices. 😦

  7. ziff

    time to get the bed sheets out

  8. Guess the Catholic Priest getting his head cut off inside his church in Normandy France doesn’t mean anything here? Oh…that’s right! It is all about Hillary this week. I have been studying the Vietnam era Phoenix Program and wonder if that will someday be the inevitable outcome in Europe-match terror with even greater terror. With Islam it is either Submission or Civil War….my comment would get me arrested in France!

  9. floridasandy

    kevin, yes

    freedom is being eviscerated in Europe.

  10. emsnews

    I can’t do every possible story every day. The terror in Europe was brought in by Merkel and she is still in power and she is a BILDERBERG gangster and they held their annual secret meeting in GERMANY. Got that, Kevin?

    Read me every day and learn more! Welcome to my forums.

  11. Petruchio

    I have been watching the HBO Series “Ballers” as of late. Interesting show. The story is about what NFL players do with their time when they aren’t on a football field. Very little actual football playing happens on this show. What do the players, 90% of whom are black. do with their free time? They spend $10,000+ per night on strippers. They go to parties with lots of “liberated” women of pretty easy virtue. The players have sex with these women in the public toilets (how romantic!!). The players will go to jewelry stores and spend $400,000 on engagement rings in order to win back their women. The players do this of course in between buying $250,000 on yet one more Lamborghini to their collection. The fights these players have with their girlfriends almost always center around player infidelity. You get the picture. Every single cliché about black athletes with LOTS of money and too much free time is in this HBO series. And here’s the kicker: the NFL is ripping the show because it is too realistic!!! I find it hard to believe that the NFL would be saying this as a joke. Watching this series, “Ballers” leaves you with little doubt why your typical black NFL player is bankrupt and friendless within 5 years of leaving the NFL as a player.

  12. emsnews

    They are entertainers from mainly the slums. No sane parent wants their boys play this deadly game. I feel very sorry for all of them, it is such a shame, actually, a crime. The executives (executioners) sit high and safe above the deadly fields, laughing as most of the money pours into their pockets. They do not have brain damage and die young.

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