Our Insane Rulers Want War With Russia

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Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News & Analysis – The Washington Post has endless warnings that Putin, who is reacting to NATO intrusions right on the border of Russia with military actions ongoing to threaten him, now our rulers and Bilderberg gangsters are claiming he got his paws on all the dirty inside stuff the DNC staff does behind everyone’s back and that is more reason to hate Russia even though there is ZERO proof Putin did anything though maybe Russian computer kids did do something.


Not to mention hackers worldwide.  Hillary isn’t beloved of hackers at all so this would not shock me.  I do like Cohen’s editorial about Hillary being a man.  She is a ‘man’ in that she has taken on ‘men’s roles’ in the world and ergo, we should not treat her like a helpless Southern Belle, eh?  Or is she complaining about this, too?


‘The Obamas and Clintons marry their fortunes’ is an unfortunate headline editorial.  HAHAHA.  They don’t marry for money they prostitute for money via visits to Goldman Sachs where they give private blow jobs.  I note that the NYT and WP and other Top Media Monsters are NOT asking for these infamous ‘speeches’ and since the Obamas only talk about black culture, how bad the cops are and golf, I suppose this would entertain Goldman Sachs executives and Bill can talk about sex but what does Hillary talk about with them?


Erk.  I see no cross over point except money.


Despite chaos at the DNC convention, the media is pretending all is well and so what, anyways, and any dirty stuff about Clinton’s private servers or the DNC private servers or killing diplomats for fun and profit, I will note not one anti-Clinton demonstrator there, trying to cause chaos.  All the chaos is internal, not external.


The media won’t give Trump any credit for him being super-nice.  As the DNC egged on demonstrations against Trump at Trump rallies, not one person tried to stop any Clinton speeches.  I figure, this was because her speeches were so dull and boring, hearing her was sufficient punishment.


Bernie has some deal, poor sap.  He is begging his followers to forgive Hillary even as Hillary bots continue to attack and call them names, snarling at them all.  He says, ‘The PLATFORM is much more liberal because of me’ and we all know that platform won’t float for even five minutes after the election.  It is indeed, false advertising, not a plan for the future.

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The The New York Times focuses mainly on Mrs. Obama.  And her pretty dress.  Ahem.  HAHAHA.  Wait, isn’t that sexist?  Yes, blacks fully support Hillary and did from day one in this election cycle because their boss told them to do this.  Nearly uniformly, they voted for Clinton.  The problem here is, most of the young white voters voted for Sanders, not Clinton!


Herding them into the barn ain’t so easy.  Attack on Church in France Kills Priest, and ISIS Is Blamed as the jihad continues.  Knife Attacker in Japan Said Disabled ‘Should Disappear’ as he killed 19 victims.  We have this serious terrorism problem and in countries that are pretty much disarmed, too.


Addressing this, the DNC has basically said, ‘There is nothing we can do/nothing is wrong/you are racist if you notice this’.  Ms. Obama’s speech didn’t address this problem nor did she talk about why most young black males are unemployable, unwanted and violent.  Her world is one happy happy land where all is well except for racism.


No internal problems caused by free trade/open borders.  Nothing wrong here.  And this strange idyll is coming to an explosive, violent end and Putin isn’t doing anything to cause this.  Our rulers are doing it to us.


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5 responses to “Our Insane Rulers Want War With Russia

  1. At least Michelle is easy on the…EARS! Hillary has the most god awful voice akin to fingernails and chalkboards. There is also no conviction to her tone…kinda like a mid level manager berating an employee. No monotony this election. Also, I ask again who are these White male Hillary lackeys? Going to have lunch with one right now…wish me luck!

  2. Lisa

    Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip Dilbert, on Hilary’s voice:

    “Clinton will probably win the vote of women. Her problem is men. If you ask a man why he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton, he might say something about her policies and her history. But the persuasion filter says the real reason men don’t like Clinton is that they can’t stand listening to her. Her speaking style reminds men of every bad relationship they have ever had with a woman. We’re all irrational sexists on some level, and Clinton sounds to many male ears like a disgruntled ex-wife, or perhaps your mom who had a really bad day. That’s a problem if you need the male vote.”

    Now every time I hear her angry screech, all I can can hear her say is “I waaaannnt mmmyyy aaalllimmony NOW”!

  3. Petruchio

    I notice that–at least the times I have checked up on the Dem Convention–EVERY time the MSM wants an interview, they bring a Black Person on the air. I think they are trying to tell us something? The Real Rulers must be thinking that they can install Mrs. Clinton into the White House and make it all look real by attributing Hillary’s election to the minority vote. Seems a little thin to me, but then again, Hillary in no way, shape or form could win an honest election. I think the Rulers realize this and so they have decided to go with the “minority vote elected Hillary” story.

  4. Melponeme_k

    Sanders refuses to nominate Clinton.


    This isn’t mentioned in any of the major US news sites.

  5. nclaughlin

    With respect to Hillary’s voice, William Kunstler compares it to the screech of the flying reptile, Rodan, a Japanese SCIFI monster.

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