DNC Wants War With Russia, Major Media Wants Hillary Very Bad


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‘Russia could invade Poland overnight’ says US think tank  in a wonderful Mein Juden Kampf document written by the Brent Schowcroft Center on International Security:  Arming for Deterrence which has been published online and has a funny picture of Polish fighters ready to…we know history a tad, I hope.  Evidently, they don’t know this unfortunate history.  Poland is the road in and out of Europe and there is nothing they can do about this.  Except diplomatically deal with Russia and Germany.


And Germany is dying.  Literally.  On top of not reproducing very much, the people there are increasingly under siege just like France with millions of angry Muslim males now assailing the place.  Poland refuses to take in a few hundred thousand angry Muslim males which is irritating Merkel greatly.


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime does not disguise its hostility toward the West and its main institutions—NATO and the European Union (EU). Western values such as democracy, pluralism, transparency, human rights, freedoms, and the rule of law are antithetical to a kleptocratic, authoritarian regime. The Kremlin has, therefore, viewed with undisguised alarm both recent “color revolutions” in its neighborhood and the uprisings of the Arab Spring.


Isn’t propaganda puking fun?  Just make up things!  Use common language to lie!  Make money!  I love the parts about ‘human rights’.  In Germany today, if citizens openly complain about the Million Muslim Male Invasion they are ARRESTED.  They are forced into silence.


Any political party that talks about the downside of all this is punished by  Merkel and this is applauded by the other ‘liberal leaders’ in Europe all of whom are going under due to being very unpopular now.  Every terrorist attack, they loudly lecture everyone on plurality and how no one should talk about how jihads are broiling up from the mass of Muslims both born in Europe or coming recently.


There is NO ‘freedom of speech’ in ANY EU country.  None.  You have to watch your step. In the US, blacks may say whatever even call for killing all ‘whites’ and nothing happens but if anyone says the same back, ‘kill all blacks’ they lose their jobs, are openly persecuted, etc.


This new double standard, like all others, will backfire tremendously.  Right now, in the US, the entire media system is freaking out trying to push the Hillary agenda which is Bilderberg from top to bottom making it look like she cares about the voters and not Goldman Sachs.


The population is responding by refusing to talk to pollsters and they know instinctively, that they all are very unpopular with media owners who are…members of the Bilderberg secret society themselves.  Most cannot articulate what this means since the word ‘Bilderberg’ never appears in the news except here and there on rare occasions.


Fearing that this is what is in store for Russia, the Kremlin has accused the West of instigating or even “weaponizing” those upheavals. Putin has set out to aggressively delegitimize, discredit, and undermine Western policies and institutions as well as the entire post-Cold War norms-based security order. For all intents and purposes, Moscow has declared the West its chief enemy, as explicitly stated in Russia’s revised National Security Strategy signed late last year by President Vladimir Putin.


HAHAHA.  So, Putin is undermining the security order?  Achtung, aufpassen!  The Russians are comming!  The ‘West’ is not Putin’s enemy and he has made this clear, it is the Bilderberg gang that is not just his enemy but OUR enemy.


The US propaganda machine has been wearing out its bearings and blowing its pistons trying desperately to elevate Hillary, the Bilderberg centerfold girl, to make the DNC convention mess which featured walkouts and protests and the removal of the Congressional DNC head, Wasserman, due to corruption charges that are now pending thanks to the Wikileaks papers showing her hard at work committing crimes in the name of politics.


This headline is scary:  Obama accuses Vladimir Putin of helping Donald Trump with Democratic Party email hack  but right on the heels of this, Hillary Clnton’s campaign manager admit they have no evidence of Putin link to DNC leak but this doesn’t stop her rich buddies who own the US media to lie about all this.  Everything has been made up.  Twitter bored into submission by Bill Clinton’s VERY long DNC speech | Daily Mail Online reports as the US media claims that Clinton’s speech was amazing and great and wonderful and zzzzzz.


Hillary Clinton is in Deep Trouble – “Hordes of Wall Street Executives” Descend Upon Philly to insure they can collect their goodies.  Hillary, scared of her own ‘supporters’ is planning to make a speech about giving pay raises to the very poor (but NOT the middle class) and she is going to talk about how she won’t protect us from an army of unemployable inner city black youths who have a green light to go total riot now.


The Washington Post has this story:  Clinton friend McAuliffe suggests she could flip back to supporting TPP; Clinton friend Podesta says he’s wrong and not ONCE mentions ‘Bilderberg’ gang stuff or NWO stuff, etc.  No mention of the secret conspiracies or hidden Goldman Sachs speeches by the screecher.


She flip flops in public about the trade issue because she is a lying bitch from hell, she isn’t ‘confused’ or ‘conflicted’ she is a con artist trying desperately to hide the truth.


‘Hillary Clinton isn’t afraid to say Black Lives Matter’ says mothers of Trayvon Martin and the rest of the dead criminals who fought with cops and lost.  This affront of putting on stage these mothers of dangerous criminals who are actively killing off black youths, that is, black youths are killing each other and any unfortunate person who crosses their paths…and Hillary APPROVES of this and furthermore, wants cops to stop trying to prevent this mass murder.


I say, perhaps far right wing racists will vote for Hillary because she wants to kill all young black youths?  But no, she also wants to disarm the rest of us because young black males abuse gun rights to kill, rob and rape their home communities.


So, Trump is for the cops and Hillary is for the criminals.  Very simple, easy to understand and Hillary expects to win on this platform?  Amazing.  Donald Trump Jr slams Anthony Weiner on Twitter over run for New York mayor | Daily Mail Online


The former congressman is currently in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention. He flew there hours after calling the elder Trump a ‘xenophobic, narcissistic, racist anti-Semite’ on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show.


Weiner war! Trump Jr tells disgraced congressman to ‘go back to his cave’ after he pledges to come out of retirement and beat The Donald’s son ‘like a rented mule’ if he runs for New York mayor.


Weiner was kicked out of power due to scandals.  He is Jewish.  He just made a racist comment about Trump’s family.  This refers to the handing out of mules to freed slaves at the end of the  Civil War.  Racism runs hard and high in the Democratic Party.

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 6.36.00 AM

This is papered over by the party with calls to let in millions of angry Muslim males while at the same time, supporting the vicious treatment of Muslims in Jewish-held territories in the Middle East.  Weiner’s wife is Hillary’s #1 buddy and escorts her everywhere.  This is why her loudmouth, vicious husband was allowed at the convention and is now claiming he will be returned to power along with Hillary.


Note how this nasty guy was put on the ‘funny show’ on TV, Colbert treated him really nicely because he was ordered to do this, pretending that he is a good guy is part of the scheme cooked up by Hillary and Weiner’s wife and all the buddies are so nakedly obvious.


Why did Colbert chat with this clown?  Why isn’t he mocking Hillary for being Best Buddies with this obvious creep?  HAHAHA.  So many questions.  Now more news:

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 5.42.22 AM

I see zero Hillary signs in my region even in the cities.  Nothing.  Lots of hand made Trump signs some of which are gigantic.

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 5.41.42 AM

And the women: what the hell is going on here?  They are all wearing the most destructive shoes on earth.  These shoes kill feet.  They will all be cripples by my age.  They are also playing ‘I’m super sexy’ games here while screaming about how women have power, etc.  And then they dress like strippers in a cheap club.


I was once a stripper in a not very cheap club way back in the late 1960’s to make money for school, it was easy work and very lucrative.  I didn’t pretend I was a great politician for stripping for money.  Today’s strippers have no shame only they do the customers in private clubs which is why all of Hillary’s very boring but lucrative speeches are super secret.


Maybe Wikileaks can find these.  A recording of her panting voice and she saying, ‘Give it to me, honey, give it to me hard, I’ll lick your asses for your assets.’  HAHAHA.  I shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes, it is bad form.


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12 responses to “DNC Wants War With Russia, Major Media Wants Hillary Very Bad

  1. I like “War Witch”

  2. Melponeme_k

    @Peter C

    Nah that insults honest Witches.

    Warlock (meaning Othbreaker/Deceiver) is more truthful.

  3. Lisa

    “The population is responding by refusing to talk to pollsters…”

    We must the last remaining family in the US with a functioning land line. We have polling companies calling us nearly every day. Thanks to caller ID we won’t pick up the phone. Our voting plans are none of their business.

    As to Colbert and the other nightly “comedians”, I can’t stand to watch any of them anymore. The “I Hate Trump Hour”, on all the networks, every night, has grown very old and tedious. It’s not funny anymore, and if it ever were funny, repeating the same program night after night after night makes it even less funny than it was hearing that “joke” the first time. I don’t know how persistently ridiculing half your audience can be good for your sponsors or your ratings.

  4. ziff

    Lisa , i used to watch those shows also , can’t anymore

  5. Petruchio

    @#1 Peter C: I like “War whore”.


    ELAINE: How about ‘Whore, whore, whore, merry Xmas!’

  6. Petruchio

    I really don’t have time for staged drama like the current DNC Convention, but I did manage to stomach (just barely) Billy Boys speech last night. Oh it was wonderful! So touching! Bill and Hillary are two real people. Just like us! Billy Boy the perverted Billy Goat told us all how he and the beloved Hillary met and got married. They almost didn’t get married! Oh no!!! All very touching.
    Then we find out that Hillary cares very deeply about children and how she started the first legal aid for young ‘uns in Arkansas. It brought a tear to the eye.
    Bill told all of us peons about how HILLARY is better than he is. I guess Bill forgot to mention how Hillary got fired from the Watergate Committee for lying to her bosses and falsifying documents. A minor slip.
    Later the talking head media type “analyzed” the night. This person is a young attractive female who absolutely GUSHED over how brilliant Bill Clinton is. I guess she forgot to mention that Billy is a serial rapist and pedophile, but no matter. The fact that Billy Clinton is a regular traveler on the “Pedophile Express” is of no consequence.
    Let me give this 25 year old media talking head some advice: Look honey, you get paid to say the sh#t you just said about how great Bill Clinton is, but DO NOT get your sweet ass within arms reach of Billy Clinton! You are his type and that’s not a good thing.

  7. e sutton

    Let me give this 25 year old media talking head some advice: Look honey, you get paid to say the sh#t you just said about how great Bill Clinton is, but DO NOT get your sweet ass within arms reach of Billy Clinton! You are his type and that’s not a good thing.


    Actually, Pet, she is about ten years too old for him.

  8. e sutton

    The only thing that makes me tune into mainstream media is to find out the lies they are slinging that particular day.

  9. vengeur

    LOL. You guys are brutal!! I love it!

  10. I have been lisitening to NPR lately for the jazz and blues but the news and commentary is completely biased towards Killary,and their misinformation about Putin is breathtaking.
    Have they always been A CIA asset?

  11. emsnews

    HAHAHA…this is why I used short wave radio from 1961 onwards to learn what was really going on in the world. I loved Radio Bulgaria in particular because the crew there back then hated the Soviets and leaked information like crazy and I even finally told my dad about this and he was stunned and mentioned it to others…our ‘spies’ are often the last to know anything.

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