Germany Under Full ISIS Attacks! Meanwhile, Hillary Claims Her Messy Victory Is Not Terrorism

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Just kidding about Hillary!  Her ‘victory’ over Sanders was tainted by obvious manipulations by her best buddies like Wasserman who is joining her election machine now that she was kicked out of DNC leadership.  HAHAHA.  Meanwhile, madcap, insane Muslim terrorists are hammering Germany as ISIS said, would happen.  Endlessly and Merkel is about as popular as a rotting Merkel-mackrel.  Big changes coming to the politics in Europe.  All the tourist joints are deserted, Turkey is undergoing a massive retributive wiping out of many of the police, military, courts, schools and hospitals, etc. Hell is coming fast and no one at the top has the faintest idea what to do next so…send in the clowns!  Like Hillary.  True blue Bilderberg all the way.


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MORE BIG BREAKING NEWS: Trump says he will make peace with Putin over the Crimea business which is non of our business to begin with!  He is the PEACE candidate and Hillary is the warmonger candidate who wants to start WWIII over Ukraine????  Insane.  Seriously insane.  But then, the gang running our media are all on crack, too.  Where is Bernie?  Isn’t he supposed to be anti-war or was that also fake?



HAHAHA…the NYT owner is freaking out, big time.  Oh, a disintegrating party, a Jewish lady leading it straight to hell, a Jewish lady from the Home Base of the NYT clan’s headquarters….chaos is GOOD.  It shows that Hillary is a fine person because death, doom and destruction flows all around her nonstop.  Goodie gum drops, I have family living right next to Manhattan and don’t like this one bit.


THIS JUST IN FROM Huffington Post:

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They have gone collectively insane.  And the Democratic Party wants to repeat LBJ here: war, war, war, WAR while running on the peace platform.  Disgusting.  And making up stories about how Putin is evil because he supposedly revealed the secret schemes of the DNC witch coven: typical of Huffington Bilderberg Super Rich female herself.


Hillery and her gang rose above ‘dissention’ via hammering them in the ground, making a secret Goldman/Sachs type deal with Bernie who accepted the bribe and he told his own followers to follow Hillary instead but they booed him like they booed Hillary and they are storming about inside and outside, in a white hot rage, I used the wrong word, multi-colored rage.


Any even slight messes at the GOP had the NYT elites sniggering and laughing and claiming this was a terrible thing, Trump couldn’t lead the GOP since all the Bilderberg members of the GOP which is two thirds of the party, were all going to fellow Bilderberg gangster Clinton, not outsider Trump.  Naturally, the Bilderberg owner of the NYT whose family is a founding member of that top secret internationalist conspiracy to rule us with us giving zero input…that monster is pretending that chaos is fine and shows strength and power and Hillary still won’t release her Goldman Sachs speeches.


And they think we won’t demand it in the future as the election progresses?  She wants more foreign terrorists brought into the US and Trump wants to secure our borders because…

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Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 6.36.10 PM

Enough is enough.  I don’t see Hillary winning anything except time in prison.


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3 responses to “Germany Under Full ISIS Attacks! Meanwhile, Hillary Claims Her Messy Victory Is Not Terrorism

  1. e sutton

    What happens when you throw a party and nobody shows up? How about if the show up but things don´t work out the way you planned?

  2. emsnews

    News us happening fast. The DNC clowns want WWIII with Russia so the propaganda regime for the ‘leftists’ who are CLOWNS is blowing totally blasts of LBJ levels of ‘the commies are coming the commies are coming’ and I feel like I just fell into a time loop again.

    Sheesh. No one learns anything from any history at all, ever. At least, not our rulers. Dumbest shits on earth.

  3. e sutton

    I am watching the Democratic convention as I type and I cannot believe they have chosen a half baked white crackah to serve as Vice Prez. I mean, I get that they have to pull the white male vote out, but this guy is a real milquetoast. Jeezus……I wanted Hillary to lose, but I guess I was expecting a bit more drama…….sigh……

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