Hillary Wants WWIII With Both Nuclear Armed Russia And China

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The New York Times is so anxious to push their insane propaganda, they just up and lie like hound dogs in July in the Deep South at midday, under the porch.  Their biggest and nastiest lie is ‘Did Putin Try To Steal An American Election’ written by one of the oldest aside from Kissinger, Bilderberg gang members who is also a raging Zionist, Mr. Kristof.  The Times claims falsely that Hillary ran the convention without any messes ‘unlike Trump’ which is the exact opposite of reality.  Trump’s convention went surprisingly well with the elites avoiding it like the plague and thus, not ruining it whereas a third of the delegates rose up in rage when Hillary was nominated and went outside to rail about how much they hate her!  There was constant chaos from the first hour there.  But not for the NYT, it was all peace and quiet of the graveyard.  All hail Israel!

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The above tweets illustrate this very well.  Zionist tool Barney Frank is heckled and then without batting an eye, stupidly says the dumbest thing on earth because he is a tool, not a representative of anyone.  True, he will sponsor bills and talk the talk to the ‘little people’ but this is cover for his true work which is to funnel money to his home base overseas and to start WWIII for Israel.

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China says to hold drills with Russia in South China Sea | Reuters reports today.  Ahem.  The US Bilderberg gangsters worked long and hard at pushing China and Russia into an alliance.  Ahem.  And they pushed Europe into taking in millions of angry Muslim males who are now laying everything to waste there and causing the collapse of more than one economy.  This is how we win wars now: by instigating wars, creating millions of refugees, schizophrenic views of the universe which says Muslims can integrate easily and they must be locked into ghettos surrounded by guards and 20 tall cement walls because they are extremely dangerous and have no right to exist.


WE WILL LOSE WWIII.  I will say this again, we will lose WWIII.  Europe and Japan will cease to be habitable and will have a near-100% fatality rate and we will bomb permafrost in Russia and bomb factories in China which the Chinese will easily rebuild.  The Muslims will laugh like hyenas and attack Israel which will nuke everyone but die from nuclear fall out, itself and then there is Fukushima: nuclear power plants worldwide will be bombed so they will spew poison for generations, thanks a lot.


I spent my life warning our government about stupidly causing WWIII and not using diplomacy and here we are: the Whore of Babylon wants WWIII.  NATO Trumped By Russia China Military Alliance, Ukraine Uprising Winning War With Kiev Coup | Culture of Life News, my own blog wrote two years ago but my cartoons go way back from that.

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This cartoon is from over eight years ago.  HAHAHA.  It all began with the CIA coup in Ukraine.  Putin was trying his hardest to be buddies with the Bilderberg gang and bam: slapped in the face.  He acted quickly and changed direction to the fury of our rulers who now plan to stop him via WWIII.  Below are pictures from the convention showing how smooth and positive it was and how much the delegates love Hillery the New Hitler:

Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.09.11 PM Screen shot 2016-07-27 at 10.10.02 PM

Hundreds of Sanders Delegates Walk Off Convention Floor in Protest of “Rigged” Election – YouTube


Deep-Pocketed Clinton Donors Return to the Fore is all about Wall Street and foreign entities bankrolling the Clintons.  The NYT also claims that Obama gave ‘a long view speech stressing American’s common bonds’ which is binding us to the Bilderberg gang, I suppose.  We are very much divided with Hispanic illegals waving Mexican flags while openly attacking Trump citizen voters hoping to intimidate them, we have black activists calling for ‘Kill cops!’  Yes, these people are what Obama was talking about being ‘common bonds’ with the rest of us who are not demanding dead cops or open borders, on the contrary.


It is the exact opposite and this election is going to be enormously contentious with Hillary saying we need more illegal aliens, more Muslim terrorists imported here, more war with nuclear armed Russia and China both of which have other military systems like submarines and satellites and rockets and so forth.  Yes, this is a classic ‘Do we want war or peace’ election.


In 1964, Barry Goldwater lost big time to LBJ.  LBJ lied about EVERYTHING and the media portrayed Goldwater as this warmonger.  I grew up knowing Barry personally, he was one of my father’s best friends and was once our neighbor in Scottsdale, too.  Hillary Clinton was once a Goldwater Girl, too, HAHAHA.  This election happened during a time in my life when I first discovered how to use short wave radio to tune into Russia and Eastern Europe and was furiously learning German and Russian to do this.


And found Radio Bulgaria which was also in English and would take news from there to  my father who would take it to Kennedy.  LBJ didn’t like my father due to his friendship with Barry Goldwater so my dad was on the ‘out’ again after being ‘in’ with Eisenhower, who knew him during WWII, and Kennedy who got to know him during the Cuban Missile Crisis and made him an advisor due to that event.


Well, Goldwater was supposed to be the warmonger but he appreciated incoming information about reality which I provided via my father, I would tell my father what was going on and he would tell Barry.  Seriously.  Sounds insane!  It is insane but then our system was crazy as a loon back then and still is today.


The US public was lied to during the entire Goldwater/LBJ election.  The US public did NOT want WWIII so they heavily voted for LBJ and then he began the Vietnam War in ernest.  Within two years of his election, I was over in Europe agitating against the CIA and its secret wars and demanding we pull out of Vietnam and the war was just getting into gear to kill millions of innocent people.


By 1968, I was at war with my own rulers and they plowed forwards with their many wars that accumulated like crazy until we were on the verge of full nuclear bombing of each other and this, after Russia blew up the Tsar Bomb.

Our media giants are now howling that Putin and Trump talk to each other.  THANK GOD.  Putin certainly isn’t talking to Hillary.  His diplomats struggle to have any conversations with our genius in the White House, Obama.  He can’t hear them too well.  And our media giants want WWIII.  Seriously, big time.  These idiots think they will win WWIII.


Talk about fools.  As if the Chinese and Russians don’t know where all the elite squirrel holes are!  Duh.  D0 Americans want WWIII?  I think we should ask them about this matter.


Mahler: Symphony No. 5 / Gergiev · World Orchestra for Peace · BBC Proms 2010 – YouTube Mahler’s music written right before WWI.

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5 responses to “Hillary Wants WWIII With Both Nuclear Armed Russia And China

  1. Nani

    It is rather discouraging to hear all American experts and military officials who still seem to think of Russia and China as weak military powers who can easily be defeated in a war. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I hope the American people will reject this dangerous warmongering. The rest of the world yearns for peace, not war. I hope Americans feel the same way.

  2. e sutton


    Americans do not want war, either. Sadly, most don´t know they are being lied to. They believe everything they see on main stream media which plays a proactive role in delivering mostly lies to the public. All of it is done to maintain the status quo. We no longer have a free press. Any media outlet that dares to go against the script is threatened with losing their FCC license, so they all are in lock-step with the government.

    What we do know is that war is a highly profitable business. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc. all get generous contracts with the government for making warheads. The fact that loose rhetoric and aggression toward Russia can lead to nuclear war never seems to occur to them. War is the last manufacturing industry that exist in this country.

    What we have is fascism, where corporate bodies pay off government stooges to control everything from the food supply to removing any market competition for medicine. The banks get free money and turn around and sell loans to consumers who pay interest on this ¨free¨ money.

    Blacks don´t realize that they are being kept on reservations in much the same way the American Indian tribes are. The government won´t hesitate to unleash the full force of the police state if it decides blacks are too out of control. For now, blacks serve as a weapon to use against the remaining white people in the cities, such as 65% negro Baltimore.

    There are some cracks in the armor, however, as huge amounts of pissed off Bernie Sanders supporters continue to agitate outside the Philly Democratic convention. Many of his supporters are disillusioned by the ¨Hope & Change” occupant in the White House. The Muslim terrorism both here and abroad is also serving to raise more than a few eyebrows here in America. If it were not so serious this whole thing would be hugely funny as well as entertaining.

  3. emsnews

    You see, burning down THEIR OWN homes is perfectly fine, fantastic, even.

    Going into the ring of rich suburbs to do this is…our future and people better prepare for this.

  4. Petruchio

    “Zionist tool Barney Frank …” Barney Frank is also a tool of Wall Street. Not only does Barney Frank frequent gay prostitutes, Frank is a political whore. I guess that makes him a double whore.

  5. Jim R

    They read 1984 and watched Dr Strangelove and thought they were instruction manuals.

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