Stupid ‘Liberal’ Young (Dumb) Turks or rather Twerks Freaked Out By Alex Jones!

Cenk Uygur Freak-Out Meltdown! (The Young Turks Parody) – YouTube

The above video just showed up making fun of these lunatics.  This happened at the GOP convention.  The Young Turks were sitting in the media section and reporters were interviewing each other and Alex Jones took advantage of all this to tease everyone and make fun of Bill Clinton with a shirt with a poster on it of Clinton in trouble with women.  The Turk dude, Cenk, blew up and was most amusing.  See below:

Cenk Uygar Almost Comes To Blows With Alex Jones – YouTube

Alex Jones and Cenk Uygur Fight! – YouTube

Ana Kasparian fat shames, Jimmy Dore spits in Alex Jones’ face during Cenk’s meltdown – YouTube

Have fun, everyone.  Best video of both conventions.


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6 responses to “Stupid ‘Liberal’ Young (Dumb) Turks or rather Twerks Freaked Out By Alex Jones!

  1. Lou

    I d say that you are enjoying the circus.
    I have it tune out.


  2. emsnews

    Clowns always amuse me somewhat in a dark way.

  3. Lou

    Yes, you do have a dark side.
    What do you make of Bernies new found mega wealth?

    from Jim Kunstlers Blog—-Sanders—the Socialist One Percenter….

    Bernie Sanders doesn’t ride the sardine packed subway every morning to work because now he has his own private plane, and he can retire on the royalties from his $20 million book deal.

    “Just 48 hours after the senator from Vermont endorsed Hillary Clinton for president during a rally in New Hampshire, the publishing company Thomas Dunne Books announced it will publish “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In” a week after the election in November.”
    Read more:…

  4. emsnews

    YES, that ‘book deal’ is actually his bribe Hillary got for him.

  5. Christian W

    “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In” is exactly the same “Hope and Change” nonsense peddled before by the DNC. BS for the believers.

  6. Christian W

    Does this shit look fascist enough for you?

    And the kicker is….these proud naval ships are RUSSIAN. The DNC put them up there as a tribute to US vets….

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