Top Billionaire Bilderberg Bloomberg Says Hillary Will Save Us From WWIII And Total Bank Domination…HAHAHA

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News from overseas where I get most of my information, I only reference US media to mock them for being tools of the elites.  And Bloomberg is a major elitist. I have to go to EUROPE to learn real news these days, hell, I did this during the 1960’s, too!  This is huge news in the Real World and zero news in the US, of course, US voters are sheep to be herded, not wolves to hunt.  So we have near zero news here but anti-Putin news abounds:  US ‘spy plane’ makes emergency landing in Russia after ‘problem with its landing gear’ 


A United States ‘spy plane’ has made an emergency landing in eastern Russia, it has emerged today.


The surveillance Boeing OC-135B aircraft was flying a mission over Siberia as allowed under the Treaty on Open Skies when it reported a problem with its landing gear.


The unarmed plane made an emergency landing at Khabarovsk airport, but a military source in Russia has questioned whether the technical glitch was genuine.


Under the treaty, signatories are allowed to overfly the skies of each other gathering information about military forces and activities of concern to them.


The American military aircraft had left after a stopover in Ulan-Ude, in the Republic of Buryatia, and was due to fly north to Yakutsk, capital of Siberia’s diamond-rich Sakha Republic.
Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry’s Nuclear Risk Reduction Centre had announce the US Boeing OC-135B aircraft’s observation flight over Russian territory between July 25 and 30.


An army source suggested the malfunctioning was ‘not coincidental’, and perhaps related to recent military exercises in the area.

U2 in USSR: Spy plane crash still a mystery 50 years on – YouTube

From 2014: U.S. spy plane evades Russian jet – YouTube, yes, Obama the ‘Peace maker’ is doing Cold War junk, isn’t he?


Some people may think I am making things up when I talk about the past but here it is: right in our faces today, if you don’t use foreign news services, one will have no idea what is going on in the Real World!  The NYT today had total lies about the DNC convention mess and here is the foreign news about that business which should be reported in the US:  Democrat donors demanded party block Bernie Sanders from speaking at the DNC, hacked voicemails released by WikiLeaks reveal | Daily Mail Online in London reports.


So, the super rich who own Hillary and Obama, didn’t want Bernie to speak!  HAHAHA.  He did…WHEN HE SURRENDERED.  And the US news didn’t headline this story:  Bernie Sanders quits the Democratic Party and will return to being an independent after losing to Hillary Clinton – but still says heads should roll over leaked email scandal.  WHY didn’t he do it BEFORE endorsing the Wicked Witch?  Eh?  Chickened out after the super rich assailed him.


So much for his ‘revolutionary’ attitude.  He let his own followers push him off his podium in the past, I couldn’t imagine Trump letting this happen to himself.  Hillary didn’t have much enthusiasm at her ‘events’ which were few and far between since she wanted to be crowned, not run a populist campaign.


Former CIA director Leon Panetta blasts Trump for Russian hacking comments but the Republican fires back that he’s ignoring Hillary’s email scandal.   Hilarious.  The supposedly ‘liberal’ Democrats are all for CIA stuff, no?  Our good buddies in the CIA…Hillary needs the CIA to win an election.  She needs it for many secret stuff, no?  Obama has it right now and wants it to lie, cheat and steal for her, now.  The open need to have a CIA boss tell the Democrats how to do things is ironic…no, epic.


Here is overseas news about the Panetta blow up:  Leon Panetta shouted down by anti-war protesters at Democratic convention | US news | The Guardian in London, England:

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The US media owners are most anxious to tell us no one is against Bilderberg bitches so I learn from overseas news that gives us tid bits of what is really going on here, that Bernie Sanders supporters camp outside DNC—We won’t quit ‘Bern-stock’ say the Sanders backers who are testing Philadelphia’s patience by camping outside the DNC – and threatening to stay after it’s over| Daily Mail Online reports.  Thank you for the news, foreign reporters!  Vielen dank!


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8 responses to “Top Billionaire Bilderberg Bloomberg Says Hillary Will Save Us From WWIII And Total Bank Domination…HAHAHA

  1. ziff

    Here in Canada , we get hate Trump/love Clinton every night on the news. Warm smiles and gentle voice for Clinton , frowns and serious looks for Trump. Why do we get this ? we don’t vote in your elections.

  2. Melponeme_k

    According to, Even Obama’s speech was interrupted by protesters.

    This protest was left out of the Daily Mail account of his “speech”.

  3. Melponeme_k

    More information from RT about Pancetta Bacon’s speech.

    They actually turned out the lights on the protesters. Who then proceeded to use their cell phone lights to light themselves and their signs again.

  4. Jim R

    That spy plane story stinks more than noon the day after at the fish market.

  5. Petruchio

    So Michael Bloomberg, the Big Shot Mayor of NYC who promised to serve only TWO terms but served THREE, claims he knows a con when he sees one, referring to The Donald. Yeah, me too Mr. Big Shot Bloomberg, I know a con artist when I see one. I’m looking right at YOU.

  6. e sutton


    What ya don´t understand is that guys like Bloomberg get to make all the rules. See, they don´t give a flying f*ck about your ¨concerns¨ and ¨rules¨. Shit, man, those are for everyone else.

    We need also to bear in mind that Trump made a great part of his fortune removing the consumer from his wallet, with the assistance of the State government in his many gambling joints. For that reason, I cannot dismiss Bloomberg´s assessment of Trump as a con artist. I prefer the term, ¨snake oil salesman¨, myself. Just say´n.

  7. floridasandy

    When Michael Bloomberg became mayor in 2001, he was worth $5 billion, making him the forty-second richest American. Today he’s at number 10, worth $27 billion. Billions may be incomprehensible numbers, but we can understand what this means: Bloomberg has more than quintupled his wealth during twelve years of “public service.”

    influence peddling certainly pays off. Now he can increase his big gulp intake, with even more armed bodyguards surrounding his closeted self.

  8. John

    Bloomberg is reprehensible on multiple levels.

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