EU Banks Tremble And Tumble Downwards As Hillary Struggles Uphill

Hillary Laughs When Asked To Release Transcript Of Goldman Sachs Speeches – YouTube


Despite pouring bribes into the pockets of professional ‘politicians’ we have this election between a rich gambling/TV boss and a Bilderberg tool and so far, the gambling boss is ahead in the polls so the media is pulling out all stops to rig this election in favor of the woman whose entire life has been devoted to making secret speeches and deals with foreign entities as well as super rich Americans…Hillary Clinton.  Meanwhile, economic chaos is spreading thanks to a flood of illegal aliens pouring into Europe as well as our rulers demanding we go to war with both Russia and China at the same time which is insane.


Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98% And The Worst Is Yet To Come and no surprise.  England pulled out of the sinking EU ship at the last minute and not due to leaders leading the way but panic on the part of the populace who could plainly see what was going wrong on the Continent.


As the WSJ notes, the Frankfurt-based bank has been hit harder than most. It is cutting costs and clients and trying to satisfy new, more-stringent capital requirements over the next three years. Its turnaround strategy has eaten into trading and investment-banking revenue, and investors’ concerns about the adequacy of its capital cushion have persisted. The bank also has been trying to settle regulatory investigations expected to result in big fines, another uncertainty for investors.


Chief Executive John Cryan said in a statement that the bank is making progress in a multiyear turnaround, but warned that if weak market conditions persist, it “will need to be yet more ambitious in the timing and intensity of our restructuring.”


Lloyds bank to axe 3,000 jobs and close 200 branches as international banking takes one torpedo after another.

Hillary Clinton fires back at Donald Trump to close out DNC -and it was so gripping Bill Clinton Sleeping During Hillary’s DNC Speech — See Awkward Video if you want some mild entertainment.  How he can sleep while listening to that voice is a wonder indeed.


Anyone doing anything that isn’t PC online is fired unless they are ‘oppressed minorities’ or other protected species:  NYC Detective Posts Anti-Hillary Rants, Is Punished


“I don’t care what you think of me. Best man for the job compared to all these other chumps,” Gordon wrote, explaining why he voted for Trump in the New York primary.


The detective, who lives on Staten Island, was incensed when it emerged that Bratton had declined Trump’s request recently to speak at a precinct roll call.


“If this is true, Bratts can take our medals and shove them up his A$$,” he wrote.
Despite his low opinion of the public and his boss, Gordon has succeeded within the department. He was hailed in a ceremony as the “Finest of the Finest” in 2014, as well as Staten Island cop of the month in August 2013.


A top cop who is naughty.  So he will be tossed into the trash.  I see something very dangerous on the horizon. There is NO FREE SPEECH in the US if you say the wrong thing.  The idea that we have free speech has always been an illusion.  Right now we are in the grip of ‘PC Perfect’ speech run by fake ‘liberals’ who are really Maoists.  Yes, MAO tools.  I remember them from the 1960s and they have been reincarnated yet again.  Terrible people.

Senator Gillibrand: Clinton Will Release Her Speech Transcripts – YouTube

Hispanic Trump Voters Trigger Pro-Islam Feminists – YouTube


I have been toilet training a puppy and am tired.  Going to bed.  Good night, it is a relief that the puppy is improving except for two messes today…easier than listening to Hillary yap.


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4 responses to “EU Banks Tremble And Tumble Downwards As Hillary Struggles Uphill

  1. e sutton

    Har, har,….and a good night´s sleep to you as well! I do not envy you, having house sat for a lady on the Main Line who asked me and my friend to keep an eye on her yelping litter of six Gordon Setters. for a three week period. Ahh, my youth…..but you too are old now, so pace yourself for heaven´s sake.

    To all you other old codgers out there, be sure to tune into Greg Hunter´s USA Watchdog program this Sunday. His guest is my all time favorite, Karl Denninger, who no longer has a blog, sadly.

  2. Jim R

    What kind of puppy did you get? What breed?

  3. Petruchio

    Of course Mrs. Clinton is going to laugh at anyone and everyone who wants to hold her accountable! She thinks she is legally ‘bulletproof’. Sadly, Mrs. Clinton has been right so far; the FBI is corrupt because Cormey heads it and Justice is corrupt because Lynch is heading that Department.
    And the Congress ALWAYS holds Committee hearings to “get to the bottom of what happened.” They “investigated” the banks after the 2008 Crash, for example, and they “investigated” Hillary over her unsecure emailing habits. One thing, over all other things stands out from all these “get to the bottom of it” investigations: NOTHING ever happens!! The members of Congress on these Committees huff and puff about all the misdeeds, even criminal behavior going on but NEVER do ANYTHING about it!! They can’t or won’t even blow a toothpick down to say nothing of a house.
    Why? Because our honorable members of Congress are equally corrupt! There is only ONE reason for these Committee hearings: to con the masses into thinking that something WILL get done! It won’t! Ever!!
    And that is why nothing ever happens. No one gets indicted, no one ever gets cited for contempt of Congress. No criminal (or civil) charges are filed. It’s all a fraud, folks and the powers-that-be think you and I are stupid enough to believe them!

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