US Media Bilderberg Insanity: Demands We Let In Millions Of Muslims Or We Are Evil

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Google’s executives support Hillary Clinton for President so all their political stories are attacks on Trump and praise for Clinton.  There are huge differences between the candidates and #1 is the business as usual with Hillary and the Bidlerberg gang and Trump saying the obvious and then being punished for this.  Happy as harpies, the mainstream media is hammering Trump for talking about the dangers of having many Muslims in our military while going to war against millions of Muslims due to the sort of terrorist attacks some of which were our own soldiers attacking citizens, since Obama became President and a mere 15 years after 9/11 which we were to ‘never forget.’


What I remember are two things from 9/11: we were obviously attacked by Saudis who were protected by the Saudi radical religious fanatics who want religious war and…the government hid a lot of this information and still hides a fair amount while insane conspiracy theories were cooked up to blame everyone else but the Saudis for 9/11.  Not that the Israelis are let off the hook: they are not even mentioned in the 9/11 papers but were deep inside the 9/11 conspiracy as were the Bush clan.


Most people don’t know that 9/11 hijackers were trained right next door to the biggest CIA retirement island, Jupiter Island in Florida, home base of the Bush clan in a state run by them even today.  The real nasty business here is, the Jews hate the Muslims and are fighting them ferociously but Jewish-run media has been hammering the rest of us about how we must be super-nice to foreign Muslims and should bring them all inside America.


Thus the ‘US news’ today is all about how mean anyone is who dares suggest we copy Jews in Israel!  Then there is this news:

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The wars and chaos is spreading in the Muslim world.  The coup/countercoup in Turkey is causing mayhem there as the dictator now strengthens his draconian rule and decimates his own military, education systems, courts, etc. and replacing this much more secular system with a super-Muslim radical system right inside NATO.  Sigh.  Poor Europe.  Off the cliff.


NO ONE in Turkey has forgotten the Siege of Vienna!  That is when the Ottoman army nearly took down a major European empire in the mid-1600s when Europe was aflame with religious warfare of Catholics versus Protestants.  Sending over millions of military-age males into Europe is a sly way to invade and it is working and we are not supposed to mention or notice this but inside Europe, panic is spreading.  From Google:

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So, Hillary is dealing with Islamic terrorists by aping Obama and brining in more and more, faster and faster.  Congress is against this.  Does the American public want this?  Hmmm…note all the polls talking with people about this topic…what?  HAHAHA.


Here is scary news: 150 Million Adults Worldwide Would Migrate to the U.S. – Gallup poll finds.  Most are from nice places where everyone is killing each other over ethnic/religious differences.  Shock Poll: 51% of U.S. Muslims Want Sharia; 25% Okay with attacking US citizens who are Christians…yes, this integration business is booming.


New Pew Research Center Survey Finds Moderate Attitudes Among Muslim Americans | Pew Research Center which is very liberal so they pitched their poll so it would be ‘moderate’ via asking dumb questions.  ‘Do you support terrorist attacks’ had only 8% said this is a great idea…openly to a pollster!  Good lord!  Childish stuff like this was designed to lull the average American into thinking that only 10,000 Muslims think terrorism is a good idea.  Whew, we are safe!


Not.  Of course not.


Since 2007, Muslim American views of U.S. efforts to combat terrorism have improved. Currently, opinion is divided – 43% say U.S. efforts are a sincere attempt to reduce terrorism while 41% do not. Four years ago, during the Bush administration, more than twice as many viewed U.S. anti-terrorism efforts as insincere rather than sincere (55% to 26%).


This is so crazy.  Bush embraced the Saudis, didn’t punish a single one of the sponsors of the 9/11 terrorists, even let them escape the US before the FBI could talk to any of them, yet Muslims hated him because he is fighting Muslims.  Obama’s gang is fighting LIBERAL Muslims who are of various minor sects and threatening nuclear war with Iran so the Sunni Saudis love him and half of the Muslims think he is fine but half don’t because they are Shi’ites and other sects here in the US.


Overall Satisfaction: Muslim Americans are overwhelmingly satisfied with the way things are going in their lives (82%) and continue to rate their communities very positively as places to live (79% excellent or good). Strikingly, Muslim Americans are far more satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. (56%) than is the general public (23%). Four years ago, Muslim Americans and the public at large rendered fairly similar judgments about the state of the nation.


Eight years of Obama and being able to increase numbers and take over neighborhoods and then imposing Shari rules on these places like they are doing in Europe, this is happiness for them and unhappiness for anyone else.  Jewish religious fanatics do the exact same thing, taking over communities and being very hostile and difficult for everyone else who then move and more religious fanatics come in and impose their faith on the places they colonize.


Liberals don’t understand how this process works.  I have seen it very close up.  Very close.  It is quite deliberate.  We see the same thing with black communities: once there is a ‘tipping point’ all other people flee and it becomes a Democratic machine area exploited by politicians to keep themselves in power while things deteriorate to utter destruction over time.


Demographics: Based on data from the survey, Pew Research Center demographers estimate that there are about 1.8 million Muslim adults and 2.75 million Muslims of all ages (including children under 18) living in the United States in 2011. A 63% majority of Muslim Americans are first-generation immigrants to the U.S., with 45% having arrived in the U.S. since 1990. Slightly more than one-third (37%) were born in the U.S., including 15% who had at least one immigrant parent. About one-fourth of all Muslims are immigrants from the Middle East or North Africa, while 16% come from South Asia.


The Democrats couldn’t find a multi-generation Muslim family with a son in the military to feature so they had to settle with parents who were aliens but ‘patriotic’…and everyone is ‘patriotic’ until they decide it is time for religious warfare.  History is quite clear about this.


I actually knew the top people in the black Muslim community in Newark, New Jersey many years ago.  Some of them are very intent on race/religious warfare can hope this will happen in the future and I say VERY with a lot of emphasis.  They are highly, incredibly dangerous people who are also well-armed and they hate white people, hate our government, want Sharia laws and are willing to die for all this.


Not that anyone ever listens to my warnings, of course.  Here is the Washington Post joining the baying hounds from hell:

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What is particularly funny is, the average American citizen is really scared of millions of screaming Muslim terrorists so this propaganda push is I think, going to fail miserably.  The fact that  Trump is willing to go against the entire media system to say what is really on voter’s minds is going to cause all this to backfire on the media giants who are viewed increasingly as enemies instead of friends by the average person which is why most of our media has ceased publishing comments by readers.

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8 responses to “US Media Bilderberg Insanity: Demands We Let In Millions Of Muslims Or We Are Evil

  1. Jim R

    The “radical islamist terrorist” gambit is sort of running out of steam now.

    They’ll inflict the radicals on Europe instead. Note how all the REAL pictures you see of the Fluchtlingen show nothing but military-age males.

    And with Erdogan getting pissed off at NATO, I expect he’ll be trying to patch things up with Russia (and Damascus) now. And since Turkey was previously helping us out with the attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, they’ll need to start drumming up support for the Kurds, and an ‘independent’ Kurdistan (an oil kingdom, be careful what you wish for, Kurds)

    Maybe they’ll even try to lop off a hunk of the now-recalcitrant Turkey for the Kurdistan project…

  2. Jim R

    And, as you note in this article, they are inflicting the radicals on the population of the USA, too.

    If they keep doing it, they’ll insure that Trump wins in November. Whether he’ll make it to January is another matter … so their man Pence (near as I can tell, a blithering idiot) will sit in the big swivel chair in the oval office. And do the bidding of the ones who stay out of the news…

  3. floridasandy

    Another good piece, but is everyone paying attention?

    I guess we will find out on election day.

  4. JimmyJ

    I suspect the drumbeat of HRC’s “Putin did it and Trump supports him” is a precursor to an attack on Crimea, especially with Turkey’s Erdogan currently playing Russia’s Knight on Putin’s chessboard and US access to the Black Sea at risk. If US has a base on Crimea access is guaranteed. Conveniently, an attack is the only way to stop the Trump supporters dead in their tracks with suspended elections. Assassination only delays their rage, but suspended elections and martial law indefinitely removes the problem.

  5. Nani

    America be warned!

    Western-Europe has turned into a living nightmare after Merkel opened the floodgates to millions of young muslim males. Here are just some of the horror stories from the last few days: Swedish girls molested and sexually harassed by Algerian football team. 30 year old man strangled to death and robbed by two afghan migrants whom he invited to his home. Priest in Belgium stabbed by afghan migrant who he invited home so the migrant could take a shower..

    It’s like a plague,a very lethal one.

  6. Christian W

    Muslim migration is the CIA/Mossad gift that will keep on giving, for generations.

  7. ziff

    its merkels fault ! but really, what choice did she have , humanitarian disaster and death on one hand, policeable problem on the other.

  8. Lou

    Europeans have lost all respect for their culture, history, and their very selves.
    The rights of Muslim immigrants trump the rights of Women AND the rights of Children. Otherwise how did a Muslim rapist with a “sexual emergency” get set free? Why? Because it’s not clear that the boy didn’t consent to it – even though he’s under the age of consent in Austria and he was in the hospital for anal injuries.

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