Gigantic Media Push For Open Borders For Muslim Immigration

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Both the NYT and Washington Post are featuring stories about how cruel Trump is, not loving Muslims more!


As the Muslim versus NATO wars heat up more and more and Muslim terrorists attack Europe and the USA more and more, we have this startling propaganda regime running in our major media about how Muslims are our best friends and we must be very nice to them and not all are terrorists except none of this propaganda mentions the key word ‘Israel’.  They don’t cover news about Jews crushing the Palestinians more and more as the land grabs there rise.  Not a peep about the Palestinians while we are all being shamed into accepting millions of Muslims who have already heavily invaded Europe and are demanding to come here, too.


This curious situation is most amazing.  It is a key factor in trying to get Hillary elected: she wants more Muslims in America and especially men imported from places being attacked by NATO in the past.  Places that seethe with hatred of the West, hatred of non-Muslims, hatred of modern civilization.  Why on earth do the Jews want this?  For many of the media owners are Jewish.

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Will this Jewish man go to Israel and tell the Jews there, they should stop abusing Muslims?  Is he going to tell us that Israel is evil?  And we should stop giving Jews billions and billions of dollars so they can steal land, abuse Muslims, trap them in ghettoes and starve them, literally?


Are our Jewish media owners going to attack Israel as the most anti-Muslim, abusive nation on earth?  Will miracles happen?  We can detect raw propaganda when it clashes this severely with reality.  The Jews are playing a very dangerous game here.  They are telling everyone, that despite the many terrorist attacks, we are to embrace Islam and let in as many Muslims as possible because it is a good thing, not a dangerous thing.


Is this in preparation of deporting all Palestinians from Israel?  The more this propaganda runs, the more convinced I am, this is the final goal only it is insane!  Why is that?  Simple: several million angry Palestinians in NATO nations means they will demand we attack Israel.  So…the Jewish solution is for the Final Solution: nuclear bombs.


There is no other road out of this mess.  The Muslims have various sacred sites there that coincide with Christian and Jewish sacred sites and all three want to have WWIII over these sites because their joint gods that are related to each other hate each other with an amazing passion and this belief system clashes with liberalism which is everyone gets to worship whatever god they wish.


All three gods seethe with hatred of each other, this three headed monster god demands war with each opposing head and this is centered on Jerusalem and we have a name for this:  The Apocalypse.

Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 6.42.23 AM

Note how our media giants are pushing very hard for WWIII with Russia and even have stupidly decided to include China as the other agent for killing off everyone.  Trump says the sanest things and the press howls like the three headed hound of hell.  How DARE he suggest we get along with Putin!


Hillary is happy the ‘debates’ which are actually interviews, will be held during NFL games so no men will watch them.  Trump is angry that this is a scheme hatched by media giants to prevent us from hearing that grinding voice of the Whore of Babylon lying about world events and things happening at home.


And her buddies agree, they WANT to have no one watch the ‘debates’:  Group that plans presidential debates knocks Trump over NFL claim


In a lengthy and detailed statement, the Commission on President Debates (CPD) maintained it began planning the debates more than 18 months ago “to identify religious and federal holidays, baseball league playoff games, NFL games, and other events in order to select the best nights for the 2016 debates.”


“It is impossible to avoid all sporting events, and there have been nights on which debates and games occurred in most election cycles. A debate has never been rescheduled as a result,” CPD, a non-partisan group made up of Republicans and Democrats, added. “As a point of reference, in a four-year period, there are four general election debates (three presidential and one vice presidential), and approximately 1,000 NFL games.”


“The CPD selects the debate dates a year in advance in order for the television networks to have maximum lead time and predictability in scheduling these extremely important civic education forums. The CPD believes the dates for the 2016 debates will serve the American public well,” the group added.


All this is a naked lie.  Yes, there are many games but the debates are on Mondays and on specific, big games, not various less important games and the guys who planned the debates knew exactly this, Monday Night Football has the more important national games, not the various local TV games, that is, these are broadcast across the nation, not in regions!  Duh.


This sort of open lying is typical of our rulers.  Who are these guys, anyways? CPD: Commission Leadership


Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. —-who is a DC LOBBYIST!!!
Michael D. McCurry—a DC press secretary for Clinton.

Honorary Co-Chairmen

Gerald R. Ford*…is over 90 years old and hasn’t said a thing in a decade.
Jimmy Carter…who NO ONE in DC talks to, ever.
Ronald Reagan*…who is dead so I assume they use psychics to reach into the afterlife to meet with him.

Co-Chairman Emeritus

Paul G. Kirk, Jr….is the head of the DNC committees.

Board of Directors who are all Bilderberg gangsters, rich bankers and other creeps:

Howard G. Buffett
John C. Danforth
Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
Charles Gibson
John Griffen
Jane Harman
Antonia Hernandez
Reverend John I. Jenkins
Jim Lehrer
Newton N. Minow
Richard D. Parsons
Dorothy S. Ridings
Olympia Snowe
Shirley M. Tilghman
Executive Director

Janet H. Brown


Meanwhile, the liberal hunt of the Red October bad guys, that is, anyone who says anything online that isn’t PC, continues to take down people and eliminate their jobs and send them into financial hell.  The latest victim is a weatherman!  He correctly pointed out that the DNC paraded the mothers of thugs!  I said this, too!


And they did!  These black mothers were not the mothers of little girls gunned down by black thugs, they were the moms of these same black thugs who are shooting up the hood.  Tattoo covered, weird pants wearing, unemployable thugs like these dudes:Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 6.46.11 AM

Look at their faces!  If anyone outside of the thug community were to meet these thugs at midnight, we would all run away as fast as we can.  The propaganda scheme to elevate obvious thugs to ‘sweet baby boys’ status is backfiring badly.  Cops don’t want to deal with them anymore and just like in the 1970s, are increasingly going to simply stand back and pick up the corpses as they land hither and thither.


Jessica Alba gives emotional anti-gun violence message at Teen Choice awards  where she talked about guns and violence and asked everyone to remember the Muslim terrorist attack on the Pulse nightclub…and never mentioned terrorists.  Instead, she talked about the Newton and Aurora shootings that happened a long time ago in order to avoid mentioning the ideology of the recent spat of mass murder attacks which are religious, not insane teens on a personal suicide mission after playing violent video games.

Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 6.36.48 AM

Here is the singer begging us to be nice to each other.  Note that he is dressed exactly like a street thug.  Most Americans would be terrified to see him approaching at night.  This is classic ‘the medium is the message’ in that his words say one thing and his body and attitude and intentions are the exact opposite and much more powerful.


‘We need to come together as one,’ Ne-Yo said. ‘If you feel as we do that we have to do better, we need you all to stand up right now and take out your phones.


‘Take a picture of these courageous teens asking for the violence to stop and then post with the hashtag #StopTheViolence.’


Immediately following the tributes, the hashtag #StopTheViolence swept the web.


The communications systems works wonderfully for firing people who blurt out the non-PC stuff, it is great to get white people fired from jobs but it has ZERO power to stop street thugs from committing crimes, indeed, it encourages them further.  Not one person on stage pointed out who is being violent here: blacks and Muslim radicals.  Not one celebrity mentioned any of this, who is killing whom.


Our entertainers peddle violent criminals as entertainment.  We are supposed to cheer them on as they smash cars, blow up buildings, shoot everything in sight.  It is how our youth amuse themselves.  Will the celebrities condemn all these nasty music videos, games,  movies, TV shows?  HAHAHA.  Nope, not at all.  On with the Roman Coliseum Games!


Sickening moment ISIS barbarians chop off a thief’s hand with a meat cleaver in front of a baying crowd  is a typical day in the country NATO invaded and destroyed.  Armed soldiers patrol Cannes beaches after terror attacks leave France on high alert and why is that, we may ask!  Why aren’t the French embracing Muslim parents who are recent immigrants and telling them, calls for a stop to this immigration are evil?


ISIS butchers behead two ‘spies’ in front of children at a busy park in Iraq.  More Muslim fun in the sun.


Meanwhile, the evil man says the truth again…Trump: Crimean Citizens Want to Be With Russia, Not With Ukraine which is 100% true.  And Hillary wants WWIII over the Crimea.  Having read zero history, she is stupid enough to do this.

Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 7.25.40 AM

NO HEADLINE NEWS in the US for this story:  Turkish Police Block Access to NATO’s Incirlik Air Base – Home of US Nukes as the ruler of Turkey goes after NATO.  And our allies in Europe are increasingly freaking out over the Muslim invasion:  Angela Merkel protest – Thousands take to streets of Berlin for demonstration as they demand the refugees and others be removed.


Turkey Protests at Germany’s Barring of Erdogan Address in Germany due to all this chaos.


Switzerland’s bid to halt migration is on the EU agend now as Juncker greenlights talks as every single EU nation including non-EU Swiss demand a stop to this invasion.  Note that no EU media giant is pushing this week for everyone to sing songs together and let in millions of Muslims.  But here in the US, they are.


Hillary Clinton will reset Syria policy against ‘murderous’ Assad regime by increasing the fighting there AND fight Russia, too, unlike the evil Trump who said he will do neither.



Then, At Convention, Hillary Clinton Stresses Israel’s Security, Not Quest for Peace  because she is a Zionist who wants the Apocalypse which makes her….


Hillary Clinton will order a “full review” of the United States’ strategy on Syria as a “first key task” of her presidency, resetting the policy to emphasise the “murderous” nature of the Assad regime, foreign policy adviser with her campaign has said.


Jeremy Bash, who served as chief of staff for the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, said Mrs Clinton would both escalate the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and work to get Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, “out of there”.


“A Clinton administration will not shrink from making clear to the world exactly what the Assad regime is,” he said in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph. “It is a murderous regime that violates human rights; that has violated international law; used chemical weapons against his own people; has killed hundreds of thousands of people, including tens of thousands of children.”

The whore of Babylon Israel & America the Beast part 1 – YouTube


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12 responses to “Gigantic Media Push For Open Borders For Muslim Immigration

  1. Fired for saying the word “thug” on Facebook? I can see where this is going…oh Liberal’s what have you become?

  2. e sutton

    It is difficult to watch your country slowly die, especially of the cancer that is ¨the negro¨. But it is not so much the fault of the negro as it is of his handlers. They have unleashed the negro along with his Muslim friends, to terrorize Western people.

    And our white males are busy watching NFL Monday night football. Wake me when it is time for the Apocalypse.

  3. Jim R

    e sutton,
    Wake up!

  4. e sutton


    Jim R,

    Wide awake here & have been actively paying attention since ’09, so WTF?

  5. e sutton

    Ahem, Jim…..NOW I get it. I have been operating on little to no sleep. Apologies!

  6. @jim it’s the klan

    I see Chomsky is ‘ holding his nose and voting Clint ‘ worried about GW , as though POTUS makes any diff. Also sees Trump as unstable and arms builder . Go figure. Lots of conflicting views on this, confusing.

  7. Lou
    comment August 2, 2016 at 6:48 am #

    Father Of Muslim US Soldier Is Attorney Specializing In Selling US Citizenship
    Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim U.S. soldier, is an immigration attorney whose specialty is a program that critics say allows immigrants to buy their way in the United States.
    According to Walid Shoebat, a former jihadist whose mother was an American, and so was educated in Chicago. Khizr Khan is a Muslim Brotherhood agent working to bring pro-jihadi Muslims in to the United States for the express purpose of helping construct a plan to conquer the U.S. for Islam.
    “Saudi interests [are] using Khan to advance Muslim immigration and advance Muslim Sharia.… [Khan] has ties to Hillary Clinton’s aid Huma Abedin as well.”
    Adiebin is the wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner who resigned from Congress in 2011 due to a sexting scandal.…

  8. Petruchio

    I think part of the reason that the West wants to import angry Muslim, military-age men into (supposedly) their countries is to protect Israel. If these jihadi wannabes stay in their native lands, they STAY in the Middle East AND become a threat to Israel by the day. Better to disperse these future militants so they aren’t a threat to Israel and to HELL with the consequences to any country. Apparently the Zionists think that all must be sacrificed to protect the Greater Israel Project.

  9. Petruchio

    “Our entertainers peddle violent criminals as entertainment.” That isn’t all they do. The attacks on white people, especially white males goes on and on! And it isn’t just TV commercials where whites are portrayed as clueless idiots. The negative attacks on whites appears IN TV series as well. (Yes, it IS TV and it is TV with actors in them, but TV IS a powerful medium. People believe what they see on TV!) One show I briefly watch from time to time to confirm this opinion is “CSI: Miami”. I watched two episodes of the show a day or two ago. First episode? Serial rapist, WHITE MALE. Second episode: nerve gas bomber, WHITE MALE. This nerve gas bomber wanted to take out the whole CSI crew by gassing the CSI HQ. Strangely, I found this bomber to be a somewhat sympathetic character.
    This show has to CONSTANTLY portray whites as criminals, especially white males; white males DO rape women, but a large majority of rapists are BLACK. Same thing with murderers. Same thing with drug dealers.
    But that’s not all of it. The CSI team has a Cuban American on it (just for one example). This guy is always taking down the (white) bad guys. Someone should tell this Cuban American about the Cuban Boatlift in South Florida inthe 1980’s which triggered a HUGE crime wave in South Florida, mostly by Cubans and Colombians, especially Miami!
    Then there’s the genius black dude on the CSI crew. And, there are the Politically Correct females on the show. They are diverse and the white ones are ashamed of their criminal white heritage. As for the women, I’ll give the producers of CSi credit: the PC women STILL have to be hot looking with fine looking bodies. This is the only part of the show I FULLY endorse. I guess some things never go out of style.
    TV isn’t real, but it IS a Big Persuader; people believe what they see. TV is a powerful medium. It can influence people. What irritates me is how smearing and falsely stereotyping whites is perfectly OK, but whites are the only group that can be smeared.

  10. ziff

    CSI , bullshit unwatchable tv i’d want to wipe out their HQ also,, lol.

  11. e sutton

    ELAINE: I am very very patient with everyone and don’t censor people even if they are naughty unlike most bloggers and mainstream news that heavily censors comments or don’t allow them.

    But I will NOT allow comments to attack each other crudely here.

  12. My apologies e. sutton , i know it’s hard to top ” especially of the cancer that is ¨the negro¨” , perhaps you should attend to your bed sheets .

    ELAINE: In the future, if someone is that nasty, wait patiently for me to get out of bed and I will deal with them, OK?

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