US Is #19 In World Ship Building, Not To Mention Rest Of Trade Deficit!

Ship Building In WW2 : Birth Of Victory – 1940’s American Shipyards Educational Documentar – YouTube

Hillary and the Bilderberg gang, after wrecking the few ‘liberal’ (aka, dictators who gave women basic human rights in Muslim countries unlike Saudi Arabia!) Muslim dictatorships, have sent  millions and millions of Muslims into Europe and this tsunami wants to come to the US and our two candidates have opposite positions on this issue, Hillary wants millions to come here and Trump wants to vet them and prevent terrorists.  Meanwhile, China tells our rulers, ‘You want WWIII you will get WWIII’.


Naturally, our Real Rulers will point out that China is evil so we must…have WWIII to fix this!  China holds massive naval drills to prepare for ‘sudden, cruel & short’ modern war (VIDEO) — RT News


China’s Defense Ministry called the drills “routine” and not directed against any third party. The drills, however, come at a time of increased tensions in East Asia after an international arbitration tribunal last month rejected Chinese territorial claims to the South China Sea. Beijing rejected the decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague calling the ruling “waste paper.”


Despite the court ruling, China continues to claim most of the South China Sea, through which more than $5 trillion in annual trade passes. Furthermore, China has repeatedly warned against US intervention in the region, which continues to show its force through the freedom of navigation principle.


The US pretends still that we are the #1 mercantile nation on earth.  We are not.  China is.  The US receives Chinese goods and Chinese ships and our stuff to China goes on Chinese ships.  Our ship building ability

Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 12.09.25 PM

Cautionary Tale Foreign Subsidies Destroying U.S.-Jobs.pdf: today, the US is #19th in ship building in the world.  Whoopee!  Way to go, team!  Thanks, Congress and Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and I presume, Hillary will continue this fine tradition of rolling over and dying.  In 1975, 77 commercial ships were built and in 2000 only 8.  A near-90% fall in production!


Most of the jobs have vanished and the ones remaining are for building pleasure cruise crafts.  The Jones Act, Merchant Marine Act of 1920 covers maritime travel from one US port to another must be done with ships built in the US.  So most of the shipping is due to that feature but international trade:  they are mainly from Asia and increasingly owned by Chinese in particular.


Will Navy Buy More Foreign-Built Ships? > Hawaii Free Press asks last January:


Of the 48 cargo ships in the NRDF more than half are foreign built and nearly all were built during the 1970’s. The most important subgroup are the 31 deep sea Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) ships of which 27 were foreign built in the 1970’s and approaching 45 years of age. The deep sea RO/RO’s can efficiently carry the military rolling stock so necessary to support the USDOD missions across the world’s oceans and discharge the cargo at underdeveloped and damaged ports.


The deep sea RO/RO’s were built in the 1970s largely in Europe to service ports where full container terminal facilities had not yet been constructed, and were subsequently replaced by more efficient cellular containerships when container terminals became widely available. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, the USDOD was able to take advantage of these foreign built ships coming out of foreign flag service and acquire highly suitable low cost ships for conversion to U.S. flag.


The USDOD is facing replacement of these RRF ships, and as no one in the world is building new deep sea RO/RO’s, this will mean ordering newbuildings. There is a big controversy brewing between the U.S. major shipbuilding industry who want the replacements built in the U.S. and many in the defense establishment who would prefer to build the ships overseas in view of the potential budget savings.


From day one after the Revolution, the US was very big on controlling shipping and especially, to have a powerful navy.  England ruled the Seven Seas after defeating Napoleon.  We aimed to take it over and did, by WWII, we were the most powerful naval force on earth!  Now, it is a midget operation that is folding into itself and dying and little rump nations are doing better than the once-great USA.


Aside from wanting WWIII with super naval power China, our rulers especially the DC gang of Bilderbergers want to also go to war with Russia which has a thousand year history of messing up anyone who invades:  ‘Absurd’ election rhetoric: Kremlin, Assange slam Clinton for blaming DNC leaks on Russia, yes, the evil Russkies tweaked Hillary and she is twerking hard to escape responsibility for her incompetence and her party’s crimes.


Blame Putin!  HAHAHA.  Well, obviously he is smarter than she.  We want a President who can’t stop Putin from snooping in the boudoir?  Oh, the horror.


Obama, Clinton and a permanent state of war: The never-ending bloodshed that no one wants to talk about – for once carries a story about all this that is half sane!  Will wonders never cease?  I am amazed.  Yes, these creeps want wars.  Obama earned his Peace Prize the creep way, via his skin color and nothing else and he then slapped around people all over the planet, talking war, blasting people out of their homes, terrorizing people, etc.  Hillary has a long history of war crimes as both political parties do this with abandon.


What did NBC News’s Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary? – The Washington Post asked some time ago but not this year.  No one mentions this sort of gross criminal media giant/political machine collusion.


Our media giants continue, along with Clinton and Obama, attacking our police as they also invite terrorists over to commit crimes here:  LA police officer who arrested Daniele Watts faces fine of for leaking recording | Daily Mail Online


A police officer accused of racism after he arrested Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts is being told to pay a $10,000 fine for leaking audio of the incident.


If the officer admits his guilt, the Ethics Commission would reduce the fine to $2,500, reports


She claimed the police were heavy-handed and left her ‘wrist bleeding in pain’ and said the whole affair left her humiliated.


Her boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, specifically said on Facebook the LAPD arrested them because they assumed his girlfriend was a prostitute because they saw an interracial couple.


In the immediate aftermath, prominent civil rights leaders took up Watts’ cause. But they then asked her to apologize when the audio – leaked to – was made public.


That is, it turns out, the black actress and her boyfriend lied.  The officer was so tired of being harassed about all this, he released the actual visual event to prove the pair lied about him and voila: they did lie about everything!  So…he is now being punished for this.  I hope he can raise the money to pay this fine and it is another reason cops will stop patrolling and trust me on this.  When it happens, all hell comes along and I lived directly in the path of the steamroller of mass criminal intentions to loot, rape and literally burn everything to the ground.


Like this place:  Taliban truck bomb rocks hotel for foreigners in Kabul ‹ Japan Today: Japan News is where I got this news since our news sucks.  Yes, the peaceful Muslims aren’t peaceful at all.  This is why we must import a couple million.


Oh, and Muslims hate women who work and have power so…European Union bureaucrat Kristalina Georgieva threatens to freeze job offers for men to even things out and to make men even more worthless sort of like black communities relegate males to the role of thug or criminal…oh, if I had a job, I would be told to not come back due to writing forbidden words!  Dallas weatherman says ‘slain thugs’ comment that led him to resign had no racist intent | Dallas Morning News… he just wrote the word ‘thugs’ and the hysterics on the left who have great power drove him out of his job because THEY assumed this meant ‘black males’!


So he is a racist if he complains about thugs!


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2 responses to “US Is #19 In World Ship Building, Not To Mention Rest Of Trade Deficit!

  1. Elaine writes: “oh, if I had a job, I would be told to not come back due to writing forbidden words.”

    Too true.

    A recent comment on a blog had the commenter mentioning that he must post under a pseudonym because his company has fired people for posting comments reflecting their personal political views.

    Does this not have a chilling effect on public discourse? It’s the intended effect. We must not comment on perceptions of official corruption or express opinions that differ from approved official political propaganda, lest we lose our livelihoods. This is increasingly a reality.

    Another comment (posted by someone whose views tagged him as an ardent HRC supporter) actually called for “a new McCarthy era” in response to pro-Sanders comments, which he equated with “a vote for Trump.” Under this extended equivalence, one would not even have to espouse support for the official opposition candidate. It would be enough to express sympathy for any rival whatsoever, even one whose positions on many issues are said to be similar.

    Similarly, confiscating Sanders’ delrgates’ anti-TPP signs at the DNC was said to be justified, as the convention Hall was “private property” where free speech was not protected. Never mind that the gathering itself was supposed to concern public policy and the direction of the country, which therefore should have protected free speech.

    This country is embarked on a dangerous course.
    Elaine, glad to see you posting on how policy decisions protecting looting, lsbor arbitrage and job outsourcing contribute to weakening the country. The new political era of open corruption and “What are you gonna do about it” mockery of those who seek change does not bode well.

    Did you see Sanders’ unhappy face at the convention? Anyone would be miserable after being forced to endorse the corrupt candidate, publicly kiss her ring and nominate her selection “by acclamation.” (And he actually did say “select,” not “elect”). Sanders’ entire demeanor changed rigbt after his private call with Obama. What threats did they use, what hollow position did they proffer? Sanders will now conveniently disappear from public view, no media coverage unless he mouths the official line.

  2. CK

    I was amazed at all the fathers of dead thugs on display at the DNC last week.
    So many loving whole families destroyed. By whole families I mean an unwed baby momma, a thug son, and a government credit card refilled each month by theft from productive folks.
    I did not see any productive folks anywhere near the DNC … such a surprise.
    Received a taped call from a pol today, I have a landline. I suspect it is time for me to join the foolish world and buy a smart cellular phone and ditch the landline. The reason I dislike cell phones is that other folk think they have a right to intrude on your time whenever they desire. But I am told that if you turn them off and remove the batteries until you have a need to call AAA, you will neither be bothered nor tracked by the phone and the towers.
    It is always thus, if you wish more convenience you will have to surrender more privacy. If you want the coupons at the store you have to have a store number or discount card.

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