Trump’s Purple Heart Mess Continues While Media Ignores Entire DNC Staff Forced To Resign

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State dinner celebrates 50 years of US-Singapore relations, Michelle wows in white (and the President approves!): The Obamas honor the Prime Minister of Singapore at their 12th White House state dinner attended by Steve Jobs’ widow and FLOTUS’ brother| Daily Mail Online which is a Brit paper, reports.  I go overseas for news because our news services here are good only for making fun of things.  This story was news in the US, too, but not the NYT or WP.  They have fashion-sensitive female writers who can see in a glance that Michelle Obama shouldn’t be wearing a copy of a wedding dress to a state dinner.


Across the board, everyone who is writing stories about this faux pas are claiming she was stunning and beautiful: Michelle Obama wows in white at state dinner is a typical example.  She didn’t ‘wow’ and the few news sites that allow comments, 90% of these were ‘Why is she wearing that inappropriate gown?’


This reminds me of the fable of the tailors who tricked the king into wearing nothing and all the courtiers praised the lovely clothing anyways as the king paraded around the palace.  The cock-eyed commentary of our ruling elite media is so out of whack with reality, simple and silly things come out of the other end of the universe, that is, nakedly slaveryingly flattering our rulers no matter how ridiculous they look.


Nearly all brides today wear this sort of white dress with no sleeves.  It is painfully obvious to me that this dress is a wedding dress, no sane woman would wear this to any event for this obvious reason since it announces ‘I am the bride’ in neon lights.  I am certain that Michelle thought she was a great fashionist as everyone praised her.  This is how our rulers get out of touch with the rest of us.  ‘I can’t HEAR you!’ they say.


Hillary leaks claims more Democratic officials as entire senior staff of party’s national committee follow disgraced chair out the door…I got this tidbit from foreign news services.  Way back in the 1960’s, I used to get my news from abroad via short wave radio and going to specialty stores that sell foreign papers and magazines or going overseas, myself.


The US public lived inside this artificial balloon which is why they were led about by the nose into one war after another based on outright lies.  Still are, but we have the entire web only people don’t really use it much anymore, they use Twitter which is the dumbest form of communication, ever.  And all it does is feed insults and lies and no examination of reality happens anymore.


The US media is reporting that the GOP convention was stupid, full of disasters, utterly bad, the GOP elites are freaking out right now as their entire scam is being revealed by Trump who attacks them nearly nonstop which I think is very funny but note the above news!


The ENTIRE Democratic election staff has been forced to resign due to the release of the Wikileaks documents showing they are a bunch of lying bitches and bastards who break the law!!!  This is gigantic news and no one in our media is mentioning it except maybe back pages.  I scoured the WP and NYT online to detect it and didn’t see it anywhere.  It is ‘tiny print’ time which is a clue about how propaganda works: hiding stuff is 75% of propaganda tools at work.


Did Obama pay a $400m ransom for American prisoners? The US secretly shipped cash to Iran as Americans were released in January – but Obama DENIES it was part of secret deal for their release:  what the hell?  Eh???  Where is this tidbit in our media?  Oh, not even back pages!  Outright censorship.


‘I always wanted to get the Purple heart – this was so much easier!’ Trump makes light of military sacrifice AGAIN when veteran gives him his Purple Heart…Trump was joking.  The media howled at the moon.  The vet who showed him the medal got the joke and laughed but all the left who hates vets for the most part and skips out of going to war, themselves, are howling about this evil joke.


‘No one should ever want one of these’: Purple Heart recipients condemn Donald Trump’s ‘flippant’ comments about the award that almost cost them their lives they all say.  Purple hearts are now handed out to anyone who is either wounded or killed when sent to war.  This wasn’t always true.  In the dim past, it was for exceptional bravery and then being killed or wounded badly.


Everyone who was at Iwo Jima should have gotten a purple heart including my father-in-law and a number of my dear, departed friends who survived that terrible, historic battle from hell.  This is due to mental suffering from that battle, it caused problems for all the participants but at least the wounded and dead got the award.  But the terms of the award left out the ‘post-traumatic syndrome’ stuff.


Here is an example of the other Awards for Iwo Jima fighers:

Screen shot 2016-08-03 at 7.02.53 AM Screen shot 2016-08-03 at 7.03.23 AM Screen shot 2016-08-03 at 7.04.24 AM


OVER a quarter MILLION US soldiers died during WWII’s many massive battles.  Nearly half a million died in total when we include the non-battle dead (died in transport, etc.).  This is nearly a million men and some women!  They had to mass manufacture the medals, there were so many.


I had a huge problem finding basic information about all this.   Purple Heart – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In terms of keeping accurate records, it was commonplace for some field commanders to engage in bedside presentations of the Purple Heart. This typically entailed a general entering a hospital with a box of Purple Hearts, pinning them on the pillows of wounded service members, then departing with no official records kept of the visit, or the award of the Purple Heart. Service members, themselves, complicated matters by unofficially leaving hospitals, hastily returning to their units to rejoin battle so as to not appear a malingerer. In such cases, even if a service member had received actual wounds in combat, both the award of the Purple Heart, as well as the entire visit to the hospital, was unrecorded in official records.

Service members requesting retroactive awards of the Purple Heart must normally apply through the National Personnel Records Center. Following a review of service records, qualified Army members are awarded the Purple Heart by the U.S. Army Human Resources Command in Alexandria, Virginia.


World War 2 – Purple Heart


The Purple Heart was instituted in 1782 by George Washington and is the first American decoration.Originally it was awarded for bravery in action, currently it is awarded to those wounded or killed in action, in the latter case posthumously.


And only three were handed out by President Washington.  Just before WWII, the criterion was changed and WWI vets and the dead from that war, were allowed to apply for a purple heart, too.


WWII Awards: In April 1942 the War Department amended its policy regarding the issuance of the Purple Heart. The new regulations authorized the posthumous award of the Purple Heart retroactive to December 7, 1941, and eliminated the use of the medal as a merit award.


In December 1942 the Navy Department authorized the award of the Purple Heart for all fatal and non-fatal wounds retroactive to December 7, 1941. However, sailors and Marines wounded prior to this date were still eligible to receive a Purple Heart upon application.


The award of the medal during WWII became increasingly decentralized. Authority for the award was given to hospital commanders and unit commanders in the case of non-fatal wounds, and the War Department in the case of fatal wounds awarded to the next of kin. Thus while no official count of the number of Purple Hearts issued can be established, official War Department records indicate approximately 964,000 battle casualties (non-fatal and fatal) for the period of December 7, 1941 through December 31, 1946.


Korean War Awards: Again, due to the decentralization of awards, exact numbers of medals awarded for the Korean War cannot be established. There were approximately 33,600 fatal and 103,200 non-fatal casualties during this period.


What?  The Pentagon has NO IDEA how many of these ‘top awards’ were ever given?  I tried and tried to find the actual numbers and came up with nothing over and over again.  Basically, there should be nearly a million purple hearts from WWII.


To Honor Our Fallen


During World War II, the regulations surrounding the Purple Heart and the medal itself changed greatly. In 1942, the government expanded the criteria for awarding the medal to those killed in action retroactive to 7 December 1941. They also allowed members of all branches of the U.S. military to be eligible for the award, not just the Army. Finally, the provision allowing the Purple Heart to be awarded for Meritorious Service, was removed and the Purple Heart truly became a medal awarded to those who were wounded or killed in the service of their country.


Because of the number of wounded and killed during the war, the way the Purple Heart was manufactured and distributed changed several times. After the initial 600,000 medals were constructed after 1932, the Purple Heart was no longer serial numbered along a side rim. The purple center of the medals changed from a painted and/or enamel center to a plastic center during this period as well. As the various services ordered Purple Heart medals to be manufactured by separate contracts, in many cases the construction methods used to manufacture the Purple Heart is different between medals awarded by the Army and those awarded by the Navy and Marine Corps, especially before 1944-1945.


The practice of engraving the Purple Hearts also changed during this period. The government stopped automatically engraving the name of the person on the reverse of the Purple Heart for those wounded in action. Only those people who were killed in action had their medals engraved before being sent to the next-of-kin…


It should be noted that in preparation for the Invasion of Japan in 1945-1946 and the horrific number of casualties the U.S. expected to suffer that the government placed an large order for the manufacture of new Purple Heart medals. The order was so large, that when the invasion was called off because of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb and the surrender of Japan, that the United States did not need to exhaust this supply of medals until the end of the Vietnam War almost 30 years later.


WWI vets getting this retroactively and WWII fighters getting it during the war meant the government needed to save money so they made these awards as cheaply as possible.


It has basically become a ‘wounded during a war’ award which is OK but it doesn’t fix what is wrong that is, people who actually did something above and beyond is now missing again.  I think everyone who fights in a war deserves an award!  But we have to be realists here: why bother with the distinctions of ‘bravery’ anymore?  Why reward it especially?


It now means ‘you were wounded or dead’.  REQUEST MEDALS ONLINE!  Our government’s solution to all this.  Write in for your medal!  Everyone is welcome to ask and get it.  There is now even a Cold War Certificate for anyone who was involved in that insane mess.


Because my father’s work during WWII was top secret, he got no awards for that.  He did get a secret CIA award that is still secret.  I used to tease him about it.


The main problem is, the carnage going on: we were forced into WWII by the Japanese attack and then Germany declared war on us, not the reverse.  The wars since then are us meddling overseas, often uninvited or often is the case, outright lying about events and declaring war unilaterally based on false charges.


We don’t need more awards, we need to prosecute everyone from Kissinger on up for these unnecessary, criminal wars.  And Hillary, not Trump, is calling for more wars and we are now engaged in an invasion of Syria whereby the US is interfering inside a civil war/invasion by ISIS of Syria, demanding the ruler step down.


Back to the picture of Obama and his wife above: they are toasting the dictator of Singapore, a ‘country’ created during the WWII collapse of the Chinese and then Japanese empires, this is a former British colony now a ‘country’ but has no free press not that we have much of a free press, either.


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18 responses to “Trump’s Purple Heart Mess Continues While Media Ignores Entire DNC Staff Forced To Resign

  1. Jim R

    And then there was that sleazebag Arab couple that spoke at the D convention — they lost their son on one of Hillary’s war crimes, and by some strange twisted logic, it’s all Trump’s fault…

    Turns out the man is an immigration lawyer.

    Why Did Khizr Khan Delete His Law Firm’s Website?

    by Tyler Durden
    Aug 2, 2016 10:30 PM

    Why would Khan remove his website over such a discovery? Perhaps it’s related to the fact that the EB-5 program has come under intense scrutiny from certain members of Congress, the SEC, Homeland Security and the NSA. Senator Chuck Grassley recently described the program as “riddled with flaws and corruption.” Below are some relevant excerpts from Senator Grassley’s prepared remarks at the Judiciary Committee Hearing on February 2, 2016 regarding EB-5:

  2. Melponeme_k

    My grandfather received the Purple Heart for action in WWII. He was a parachute jumper with the 82nd Airborne. He was with them for all their battles during the war. I still have some of his commemorative books.

    Some of the stories he told me when I was a child could make your hair stand on end. I believe it scarred him for life and contributed to an already existent alcohol problem. I don’t think he told anyone his stories except for me. He needed to talk to someone even if it was a child.

    i didn’t understand at the time, but now he has my full sympathy and compassion. He deserved his Purple Heart. Totally.

  3. DM

    Singapore is much more of a democracy than the USA.
    Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy is commendable.
    Worker’s are not regarded as expendable pieces of shit in Singapore.
    Singapore leaves America in the dust.
    If you have not been there, at least read the goddamned CIA reports.

  4. Good grief! Michelle looks like a bouncer..huge! Whatever ever happened to dainty femininity?

  5. Lou

    Some of the stories he told me when I was a child could make your hair stand on end. I I am ‘all ears.’

  6. Melponeme_k

    Interesting news at RT. They are claiming China is warning their citizens that they could be involved in Naval warfare over those pesky islands. Mind you, our men will be blown apart for a territory dispute that should not involve us or our own borders.

  7. pontiff holysh*t

    Isn’t there an interesting part about medals in War and Peace?

  8. e sutton

    At least the wedding dress covered up her bulge. She looks like a linebacker in drag.

  9. Petruchio

    Lie, Lie, Lie. That’s what the American media does, and if they don’t outright LIE they ignore stories or slant them to give it the “proper” media spin. But there IS good news. I think even in the US of A, where some REALLY ignorant jackasses and fools reside, even THEY are figuring out that the “news” they see/hear on TV is biased and not to be trusted. I think that for the first time, MORE people distrust the news they see on the MSM than trust it. BTW: I read this interesting tidbit of info the other day. The AVERAGE AGE of your typical Fox Propaganda viewer is 68! Wow.

  10. Nani

    EMS, may i ask how you view India? Some people seem to think that India will soon become a great power on par with China. I am not convinced. India has so many problems. One of them being a very high mortality rate among children:

    “India is home to the world’s largest number of stunted children due to a lack of toilets, dirty water and poor hygiene.”

    “Despite high economic growth in recent years, India has more stunted children than Nigeria, Pakistan, China and the Republic of Congo combined, with 48 million under the age of five — about 30 percent of the global total, a WaterAid report said.”

    India also has some serious environmental problems:

  11. kenogami

    I find Michelle Obama’s choice of dress strange. Singapore population is 75% ethnic Chinese. Is not white the color of dress you wear for funerals and death in Chinese cultures?

  12. MadSklz

    @#7 Funnily enough, I’m right smack bang in the book where Napoleon gives a Russian soldier a medal, with his little white hands; and not very happily mind you 🙂

  13. The dress was evidently designed by Lady Gaga’s designer! Awful…a good designer would have done something to dampen her hips.

  14. Floridasandy

    Fascinating, Jim.

    A man who would sell out his dead son, and future dead sons and daughters for profit, doesn’t deserve our respect.. Maybe that’s the reason the wife didn’t speak about her child.

    Hillary is clearly the warmonger choice going forward. i am not surprised the DNC exploited his greed. Isn’t that what they do?

  15. floridasandy

    the woman killed in the London attack was American.

  16. Melponeme_k


    Well, you have to take into account that I was 8 years old at the time. Mentally I could barely get my mind around the fact that the WHOLE world decided to kill one another. So my memories are tinged with what would frighten me as a child.

    His stories are impressions to me, very fairy tale like in a way (the only way my mind could process it).

    He was left cold, alone, frightened and hungry in the woods. When making jumps he would see friends and colleagues be blown to atoms in the sky. Literally nothing left, not even ID or a letter to send home. If not blown up, some men would hit the ground already dead.

    His division was basically reconnaissance, so front line they were behind the lines. They were engaged in guerilla warfare, sniper, hand to hand anything that would cause disruption before the main forces moved in.

    My memories were hazy, I’m not sure if he was in Sicily. But he was definitely in France. And Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands scarred him for life. He wouldn’t really go into full detail. But it was bad out there.

    He told me that there were days that friends would wake up and tell him that they were going to die on that day. All these presentiments/predictions were 100% correct. Every time. One of his best friends was gone so quick. One moment they were sharing a joke the next he was talking to a headless corpse.

    The worst was the starvation. He told me that he saw a lot of abandoned, orphaned, feral French children hanging around the troops. They were so hungry that they would tear each other apart fighting over their garbage scraps. That was another memory that haunted him.

    Another story he would tell because he enjoyed the shock it caused. He was invited to eat with a French family and they served horse. He told me that it was the best meat he ever head. Think of the best steak than times that by 100. It was melt in your mouth good, he said. I didn’t believe them but when I spoke to a French friend when I was an adult, she told me that yes horse is considered special. So the family that fed my Grandfather and friends really went all out. Which is amazing considering the conditions in France at the time.

    I wish I had been older and able to speak with him more. I think he needed to talk about it. But he was from a generation that didn’t think it was proper to show weakness or get too emotional.

  17. emsnews

    Thank you very much for sharing all this. My dad was very traumatized by WWII. My father in law is still alive and he jokes about it all but won’t talk about what actually happened in Iwo Jima (!!!) and Okinawa only to say he was the happiest man on earth when the nukes forced Japan warlords to finally give it all up.

  18. Alex Lemas

    Our hero Johnny,” Skull And Bones”Kerry got himself three Purple Hearts and a trip home from Vietnam within three or four months of arriving. No duration plus six months for him.

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