Olympic Collapse, Zita Mosquitoes Win

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The party is on – but where are the spectators? Thousands of empty seats as Brazil welcomes the Olympics with samba, a supermodel and massive security sort of looks like the Democratic convention after the Bernie people were ejected or left on their own before Hillary came onstage. How Hipsters Are Spreading Zika in Miami without first going to the Olympics!



This is going to be the biggest money loser of an Olympics as ever but next one is just south of Fukushima!  HAHAHA.  I suppose the Olympic committee which overlaps the Bilderberg gang 100% is out to kill all the athletes, no?



Embarrassingly spectators were asked to make animal noises to create more noise and to use their phones to help illuminate the seating areas as part of the performance.


It was a stark contrast to the incredible Beijing and London ceremonies.


With a billion people, China can fill a million stadiums.  Brazil has lots of people, too, but most of them are very poor.  Not as poor as in Africa.  But poor.

Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 7.24.25 PM

Yes, the caption caught my eye: the torch is now a corporate entity.  Ugly, too.  Looks like a baseball bat that was attacked by a fashionista, maybe one of the Kardishinians or whatever they call themselves.  At least it isn’t mostly  naked.


But the original Olympics WERE naked!!!  10 Fascinating Facts About the Ancient Olympic Games – Neatorama

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Why not now?  Boost ratings.  More interesting, women’s sports will take off like a rocket.

Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 7.31.11 PM

S&M and X-rated sports (the two entangled males are being hit with a switch by the guy wearing the large table cloth).  Better than the dragon/female stuff of Game of Thrones.  Would be big TV fare for the family.


Sigh. Better for the children’s health than Coca Cola. By the way, if I drank one cup of it, I would be in the hospital, I can’t digest caffeine.  But this is fed to the kiddies.


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One response to “Olympic Collapse, Zita Mosquitoes Win

  1. melponeme_k

    Brazil is the elites vision of paradise on earth. Swathes of hungry poor living in no electricity, no running water and no heating while they live in acres and acres of paradise estates. The energy costs are tilted in the elites favor because the little people are allowed no energy.

    I can’t drink coke anymore either. It gives me severe heart palpitations. Luckily I can still have plain tea or coffee without problems.

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