15% Of Polled People Refuse To Tell Media Masters, Who They Will Vote For

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New York Times is carrying lots of ‘Jews In The US Love Muslims If They Ain’t Palestinian Monsters’ stories to prove that these Bilderberg nuts running the paper are lovey-dovey with the Muslim people unlike nasty people who fear terrorists like the Suicide Bomber in Ansbach, Germany, Pledged Loyalty to ISIS, Officials Say – The New York Times covered two weeks ago.  Both the NYT and WP are decrying the attempts by citizens in Europe and the US to prevent a flood of Muslim aliens invading exactly at the same time the neo-nazis in Israel literally wiped Palestine off the map in yet another overt attempt at pretending there are no Muslims anymore in their new ‘nation’ which is based entirely on racial/religious ethnic cleansing.  And the WP and NYT both fully support this ethnic/religious cleansing claiming that only  Jews get to do this because they are special people who obey totally different rules the rest of us should obey.


Both major papers are, like our TV media, laying on the propaganda cement thick and furious.  Zero positive stories or articles about what is really going on are appearing and only because Muslims are using near-daily terror attacks to make their point that they intend to destroy us all and this is due mainly to the fact that they are not ‘Muslim enough’ and want stricter Muslim controls and powers and especially, to eliminate all Jews…and our crazy Jewish elites are encouraging this!


Having been married inside of the Jewish community and seeing how they all really think, in private, I know that they feel that unleashing the Muslims on the non-Jewish population takes the pressure off of Israel and note there are no terrorist attacks inside Israel’s police state.  Duh.  It is a total police state along the lines of the old Soviet Union (many Jews came from there).  Here is the very Jewish ‘we are superior to all humans’ Mr. Samuelson of the WP editorial crew yapping about how evil Trump is because…he won’t let in millions of angry Muslims!  Elitism won’t defeat Trumpism – The Washington Post


But understanding what still attracts many voters to Trump is important, not only to those who want to prevent Trump from staging a comeback but also to anyone who wants to make our democracy thrive in the long run. Those of us who are horrified by Trump’s hideous lack of empathy need empathy ourselves.


The ‘people angry with Trump’ are people being swayed heavily by the elitist propaganda efforts.  Character assassination is preferred to literal murder so Trump’s life is safe for now but this is only because the polls which are taken hourly by our rulers show that Hillary, still below 50% as is Trump (meaning many voters refuse to tell the pollsters working for the Bilderbeg gang who they will vote for) are falling for the propaganda so far.


But we are one major Muslim terror attack away from this victory by a woman who should be standing trial, not getting away with literal murder.  Whatever Trump says, he is doing nothing bad whereas Hillary has a trail of bodies in her wake including all the people of Libya, Syria, Egypt, and other countries we either invaded or hosted coups to control the populations.


It’s certainly true that Trump appeals to outright racists and nativists. He is, first and foremost, the product of a Republican Party that has exploited extremism since President Obama took office. GOP leaders should be called to account whenever they try to prettify Trump by ignoring his assaults on Mexican Americans and Muslims, or when they disregard his checkered business record that belies his pretensions of being a friend to the working class.


So, suggesting we have border controls is ‘an assault’???  Stopping illegal aliens is ‘an assault’?  Pray tell, how many illegal aliens are allowed into Israel?  We have to demand an answer to this pressing question especially since the GOP and DNC leaders both want to gift this racist state $40 billion plus at our expense.


In a timely paper that will be presented at next month’s American Political Science Association meeting, “Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism,” Ronald F. Inglehart of the University of Michigan and Pippa Norris of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government argue that while there is undeniably an economic element in the ascendancy of the extreme right in the West, the key cause is “an angry and resentful counter-revolutionary backlash” to cultural changes since the 1970s.


That’s it!  The Trump voters are upset about ‘culture’ and not free trade killing their jobs at an insane rate!  And what ‘cultural changes’ are the men angry about?  The death of marriages?  In the black community, marriage has nearly totally disappeared.  Only the very top 10% get married now and they have a very high divorce rate, too.


White males have good reason to be very angry.  Today, our universities and other places now hire mainly along the lines of ‘are you NOT a white male?’ and not due to ‘are you better at this than the other candidates?’ which renders their degrees nearly useless in all the humanity studies, for example.  They still dominate science but that is being eroded heavily by the same forces.


This open discrimination against white males is being extended to Asian males who also excel in the sciences.  I look at the winners of various math competitions and the winners are nearly uniformly Asian now with a few white males and this is mainly due to Asian males thinking this is the road to gaining jobs in academia and other fields where white males are being increasingly shut out of due to being a skin color.  They, too, will discover they are at the bottom of the hiring list, not the top, no matter how smart and educated they are.


They highlight the role of “anti-immigrant attitudes, mistrust of global and national governance,” as well as “support for authoritarian values.” Voters for the European far right look like Trump backers: “the older generation, men, the less educated, the religious, and ethnic majorities.”


I see a LOT of white male and rising Asian rage at the highest educational levels!  And if the NYT and WP were to send reporters to talk to Asian or white young scientists, he or she would get an earful of how angry they are with blatant, open reverse racism.  Many job offerings openly say they don’t wish to even interview whites or Asians!  This is amazing to me and horrifying.  And good cause of rage in the groups being treated so unfairly.


Not one person from the protected groups who get to the front of the line for hiring at universities, ever wins any intellectual competitions.  I once won an intellectual competition and was the only girl in 20 years to do so.  I did this via HARD WORK and many hours of it instead of doing stupid female stuff so many teen girls love doing.  I studied very, very hard.  Even so, the elimination of my field of study knocked me for a loop as it did, anyone working in the field of study.


Today, the number of white males going into graduate programs is dropping off rapidly.  This is due entirely to discrimination against white male PhD candidates.  They all have near-zero chance of being hired by any schools at all.


So, yes, the new right-wing populism may not be primarily about inequality. But Inglehart and Norris are careful to note that “structural changes in the workforce” and globalized markets may “heighten economic insecurity” and sharpen the negative reaction of cultural traditionalists.


So, the university ‘experts’ think that ‘heightened economic insecurity’ is MAYBE causing this rage?  HAHAHA.  How about ‘explosively responsible’?  It is the #1 issue with male workers seeing their last refuge, good hard jobs that pay real money, are being relentlessly eliminated?  Wow.  Note how gingerly the ‘experts’ are to discuss this major, immense, top level issue that is life and death for US working males in particular.


Black young males don’t give a hoot about this.  They want no more cops or courts interfering with their business which is mainly dealing drugs and stealing stuff.  That business is thriving and the only hitch is, the State tries periodically to hinder it somewhat.  This is why the Black Lives Matter movement only focuses on adoring criminals killed by cops and why the DNC cynically hailed the mothers of gangsters and criminals as ‘great ladies we love’.  It tells us exactly what Hillary thinks about all of us who have no body guards or live in towers in Manhattan with guards at the doors.


And on the ground, says Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.), the sense of “disrespect” felt by “people who have lost work to new machines, technology and, in some cases, globalization” is palpable….Hillary Clinton is clearly aware of the fury. Speaking to organizations of African American and Hispanic journalists on Friday, she noted that while some of Trump’s appeal is “xenophobic and racist and misogynistic and offensive,” his foes should “not lose sight of the real pain that many Americans are feeling because the economy has left them behind.” During Saturday night’s Olympic broadcast, her campaign ran a spot with a populist message on taxes, outsourcing and job creation.


And this is why Hillary is a criminal: she also is a con artist.  This Bilderberg gangster is lying when she talks about outsourcing, her husband and the Bushes worked in tandem to produce exactly this outcome: the elimination of the US industrial base.  Any jobs these yobs created were then handed over to ‘minorities’ and 50% of the population that is female so the job market for white males is constricting greatly in hidden and not so hidden ways.


The mainstream press often features politicians and stories screaming, ‘Shut up, by the way, you guys will be the minority in another two decades thanks to us importing illegal and legal aliens who hate you, hate America and wave foreign flags while screaming for your deaths!’  So give it up!  Of course, this is the real message and the hidden 15% of the voters refusing to tell the pollsters who they are voting for are going to decide the election which is why daily headlines keep screaming that Hillary already won so give it up.


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11 responses to “15% Of Polled People Refuse To Tell Media Masters, Who They Will Vote For

  1. Petruchio

    Elaine, I have noticed that Donald Trump HAS been mentioning the US Trade Deficit and how harmful it is to the US Economy. I have to give him credit for that. The MSM of course, won’t ask any follow up questions on this topic!! Wonder why. The Trade Deficit is a topic that is verboten in the MSM. So Trump should bring it up every chance he gets.

  2. ziff

    Trumps ”low poll results” should be no surprise and will get lower or course , reminds me of this ,,https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dewey_Defeats_Truman

  3. Nani

    It’s the same here in Western-Europe. The mainstream media keeps telling us how evil and stupid Trump is, and people are starting to believe in it. They only show the clips where Trump is saying something stupid, and never shows the part where he says something smart or clever. It is all a part of a Bilderberg campaign to defame Trump as much as possible.

    It’s the same with Putin, a man who the MSM also hate and detest deeply. We are taught to hate Russia, because Russia is supposedly evil and a “threat” against us. It is just bullshit and lies served to us on a daily basis by our dear liberal media. Thank God we have the internet who provides us with alternative news sources.

  4. Petruchio

    The Poll numbers showing Mrs. Clinton leading Trump are as phony as Mrs. Clinton’s campaign ads that show her concern for the welfare of the nation’s children. Polls can be rigged, just like voting machines can be rigged. The Elites use both to give the illusion that voting means anything.

  5. Jim R

    Will Hillary even make it to November?

    Is Something Wrong With Hillary: Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations Raise Doubts About Her Health

    by Tyler Durden
    Aug 8, 2016 6:00 PM

    As the presidential campaign enters its final stages, probing questions have emerged about the health condition of Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary’ bizarre, erratic behavior on the campaign trail (culminating with last week’s perplexing “short-circuit” comment) has left many wondering whether she is seriously ill. Hillary has at multiple times had convulsions that appear to be seizures on camera, including a series of seemingly inexplicable coughing fits.

  6. Melponeme_k


    Barclays bank only paying 100 million in fines for LIBOR rigging. This is like chump change to banks this size. It is worth it to them to cheat. What they pay in fines is a drop in the bucket compared to the mega billions they steal.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 Jim: the latest story I have heard about Mrs. Clinton is that there is a NEWS BLACKOUT when it comes to Mrs. Clinton getting on or off a plane! The “Press” has been ordered to NOT film Hillary getting on or off a plane. Kinda strange. A “fair and balanced” media that does EVERYTHING that the Clintons order them to do. To be fair, I can’t blame them. The Clintons murder people who displease or threaten them.

  8. Jim R

    If she has to be carted off to the hospital, that will be hard to black out. And not appearing on camera should effectively end her campaign. And I’d think someone would notice if they try to replace her with a doppelganger.

  9. emsnews

    Replace her with Monica. This would make Bill happy, too.

  10. Jim R

    HAHAHAHAHA … nice to see you back, Elaine. Haven’t seen you comment for a couple days. I guessed you were busy cutting firewood or something.

  11. emsnews

    No, we have a new puppy. She got sick, is now well, is a little brat that needs tremendous attention in toilet training and other life skills. She has mastered ‘sit/stay’ for food, for example. Still has ‘accidents’ but has confined these to the back room or garage.

    Last night, a SKUNK came into the garage. P.U. What a mess. Puppy woke me up frantically barking. At least it wasn’t the three bears again!

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