PC Police Are Causing Chaos Both On Campuses And In Cities

Jiang Qing (a.k.a. Madame Mao) greets the crowd and no, it wasn’t in the US at Bowdoin college but it could have been!- YouTube


Campuses Set For More Riots | Confessions of a College Professor: this heroic man risks life and limb to detail what is destroying our education system which has, in the liberal arts in particular, turned into a looting expedition that locks naive children and their parents into life-long servitude locked in debts that are literally impossible to escape.  While in school, the ‘students’ are allowed to run wild since no school wants to discourage or get rid of any of these delusional children, they make oodles of money off of them all and it makes the presidents and coaches very, very rich!  Why stop the students?  Pander to them and then decapitate them when they are fat and ready to be harvested.  Sort of like how I fed my farm animals before market day.


Civilized (and even primitive) societies have been having costume parties for, what, millennia? College students perhaps have more than most, and I certainly attended a toga party or two in my day.


It never occurred to me (or any sane person, I suppose) that wearing a toga was offensive to Italy, the country which once held the heart of the Roman empire (where togas were the tuxedos of their time).


Anyway, the students at the above campus had a tequila party (drinking being another common student pastime), and, being a party, there were other festive things involved:


The PC police swarm all over our schools. They are everywhere.  They don’t make a penny doing this.  For free, they terrorize the professors and fellow students.  Sometimes a president of a university has to fall on his or her sword and die for the Maoists.  Yes, they are exactly what I had to deal with in the late 1960s: Maoists who are leftist totalitarians who want to control what you eat, drink and think.  Just like right wing fascists want full control of our personal lives.


I tangled with these stupid Maoists for years and year.  But then, when Madame Mao was deposed, the Chinese asked my dad where they could live in the US while learning about life here and he suggested my house in New Jersey which is why I ended up with a bunch of Maoists who turned rapidly into rampant capitalists because they loved making money.


Well, we are moving in the reverse direction here.  Our children are being indoctrinated in Maoist theology and yes, they are increasingly scared of student debt but unable to figure out how they are being cheated. The solution the students came up with was, to hell with a real education, give us fun crap to distract our minds while you pick our pockets!  So the most popular courses are the most useless courses and students are delighted to be conned into paying heavily to do fun, useless stuff.


Meanwhile, they are encouraged to go to war against each other: Political correctness devours yet another college, fighting over mini-sombreros – The Washington Post


 Two weeks ago, some students threw a birthday party for a friend. The email invitation read: “the theme is tequila, so do with that what you may. We’re not saying it’s a fiesta, but we’re also not not saying that :).” The invitation — sent by a student of Colombian descent, which may or may not be relevant here — advertised games, music, cups and “other things that are conducive to a fun night.”


The Maoists want to get rid of Halloween, Christmas (a Muslim goal, here), Easter (ditto) and any other holiday that has religious elements.  Halloween is under severe attack but then Christmas is now being dismantled rapidly, too.  See any ‘Christmas’ signs in any stores anymore?  No?  It isn’t your imagination.  It is gone.  I decided to google this:  Muslims Successful in BANNING CHRISTMAS in Maryland Schools, Because it Is “Offensive”.  Yup.


Partygoers ultimately were reprimanded or placed on “social probation,” and the hosts have been kicked out of their dorm, according to friends.


So, the students were punished and the poor hosts were kicked literally to the curb, to hell with the student loan money.  I hope the students punished leave the school.  I  hope all incoming possible students be warned that this school is a Maoist entity designed to attack them and force them into PC perfection or they will be severely punished.  A school to utterly avoid at all costs.


Probably most 21st-century Americans would agree that wearing, say, blackface or Native American war paint is generally outside the accepted bounds of taste, civility and human decency.


I grew up spending a lot of time playing with O’odom (Papago) natives in Arizona.  We played ‘Indians’ all the time.  We made pottery together, hunted in the desert, picked up broken pottery pieces, we whooped it up, having ‘desert wars’ only…the Papago children were at war with the APACHES!  We played Indian versus Indian wars.  Now, everything being PC, I am certain we kids who were European would have been punished for this.


But tequila and tiny sombreros? I am not of Latino heritage, and I wouldn’t deign to tell those who are what they should or should not be offended by, especially on a mostly white campus. But even Bowdoin’s Latino students are divided about the propriety of the party and ensuing punishments.


So, many students there were rightfully alarmed at the severe punishment of the offending students who did nothing wrong.  I hope they see the writing on the wall!  They must organize to counter the Maoists who have most of their time and energy devoted to attacking everyone for not being PC Perfect.  This is a literal life and death struggle.


The students who are alarmed at the punishing attacks on fellow students for doing something silly must take time out to confront this monster.  Tip toeing round the Beast won’t work, the Beast is a three headed dog sniffing the ground and tracking down everyone and it is bloody hungry and needs to devour more and more people as it grows in size.


USC Cancelled an Awesome Video Game Panel for Including Too Many Men – Hit & Run : Reason.com—This story just turned up on my computer, like the above one, it happened earlier but the implications continue to cause buzz:


The University of Southern California cancelled its planned “Legends of the Games” event after the lone female participant signaled that she wouldn’t be able to attend. Administrators made the determination that an all-male panel was unacceptable, and killed the event—a mere four hours before it was supposed to start.


Wow.  Just wow.  Ahem: boys love playing certain kinds of video games.  Duh!  This should be obvious.  PC Police want to eradicate sexual differences which, by the way, the Maoists are very, very focused on!  You should have seen Madame Mao.  My father actually had a big fight with her when she refused to unbolt the two beds in the diplomatic residence so my parents could sleep together (my father unbolted the beds and Madame snarled at him while he did this).


Madame Mao hated sex.  She wanted everyone to be ugly and wear the same clothing.  Literally, she forced nearly a billion people to wear the same uniform, male and female alike!  This is why I know the PC Police are all Maoists.  They have the same exact goal.


Girls don’t do this sort of video game.  They have different interests.  Nerdy boys are not so interested in sex.  Girls are very focused on sex, I remember my teen years.  HAHAHA.  Actually, the number of dates I went on during my teen years was exactly zero.  I was too busy for it and didn’t care, either.  Well, my own eldest daughter plays these same video games with her husband and with other men, did this since childhood.


She isn’t available to lecture on this due to being a mommy right now but I should call her and tell her to sign up as a potential panelist if paid enough, to keep these things rolling for the younger boys in school.


“In the interest of promoting diversity and inclusion within the USC Games family, tonight’s “Legends of the Game Industry” Event in SCI 106 has been canceled,” wrote a university spokesperson on Facebook. “A new event will be arranged over the coming weeks, and we dearly hope you will join us then.”


That’s probably little consolation to the graduating seniors who will miss out on meeting some major players in the gaming industry, even if the university is actually able to reschedule the event, Campus Reform notes.


This was insulting to all the PROFESSIONALS invited to talk to students about potential JOBS!  Nope, since boys were interested and you can bet that most of them were both white and Asian, it was cancelled for the dumbest reasons on earth.  And done right before it was to happen.  Knowing these kids, they didn’t revolt, march on the President of the ‘school’ or anything but they will take revenge in their own ways over time, trust me on this.


The panel would have included Jeffrey Kaplan of Blizzard, Brandon Beck of Riot Games, and David Stohl of Infinity Ward, according to Heat Street.


Nevertheless, Tracy Fullerton—Director of USC Games—believes her decision to cancel the event puts USC “on the right side of history,” according to The Daily Trojan. No doubt she has struck a powerful blow against the patriarchy.


HAHAHA.  It was a snarly, nasty female bitch who pulled this stunt.  I would suggest to the young whippersnappers they devise a video game where gamers hunt down PC police and university officials and do terrible things to them like make them strip down or something.  Or fall off a cliff.  Whatever.  I’m game for this.  Comments from readers:


Hans Bader|5.1.16 @ 2:39PM|#

It has some relevance, although it would be more relevant if it were at a public university, where canceling an event because of the male gender of the participants would be a likely violation of the Constitution’s equal protection clause.


If USC had been a public university, canceling a panel due to its gender would likely have been illegal under the 14th Amendment. See, e.g., Back v. Carter, 933 F.Supp. 738 (N.D. Ind. 1996) (judge invalidated gender-balance requirement for government board as unconstitutional); Ricci v. DeStefano (2009) (Supreme Court ruled that canceling promotions due to mostly white males being promoted under colorblind system was a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act); Lamprecht v. FCC, 958 F.2d 382 (D.C. Cir. 1992) (federal appeals court rules FCC’s gender preferences for women violated the equal-protection component of the Fifth Amendment, despite FCC’s appeal to “diversity”).


MetalBard|4.29.16 @ 4:12PM|#

Yes it would be some epic trolling if some of these male attendees started saying they self identify as females. This whole gender identity nonsense could be a great tool to really fuck with these idiots.


I would hope the participants sue.  I used to sue schools.  It works.  They should sue based on civil rights of assembly being interfered with, for example.  Discrimination against white and Asian males is just as illegal as anyone else!


Stanford engineers battle bias in the criminal justice system that is, they are wondering why blacks are so often arrested or tracked by cops.  What?  It should be obvious to anyone.  Blacks are now so degraded socially, the vast majority now live lives of crime.  Project on Law, Order & Algorithms


The ongoing project has several purposes. The first and most topical goal is to produce a statistical method to assess whether police discriminate against people on the basis of race, ethnicity, age or gender, and, if so, how frequently and under what circumstances. A second but equally important purpose is to help law enforcement agencies design practices that are more equitable and effective at reducing crime.


Ultimately, Goel and his colleagues plan to take the know-how that they will have gained through their analysis of traffic stops and create a software toolkit that others could use to acquire data from municipal or county governments and perform similar analyses. Their idea is to enable other academic researchers, journalists, community groups and police departments to do the same sort of data mining that today requires the expertise of experienced researchers like the members of Goel’s team.


So, the liberal PC plan for ‘equalizing’ things is to not look at black slums to see what the hell is going on there and to have cops hassle little old white ladies instead?  I will note here for the fools doing this silly study that cops cannot see who is driving a car while behind them, nearly at all.  The seat backs are TOO HIGH.  Duh.  Tinted windows.


They don’t see who they are stopping most of the time until they walk over to the driver side door.  A number of cops have been shot doing this very thing.  They never know who is there and what they will do next which makes for hair trigger reaction times or else.  The PC Maoists doing this ‘study’ are demanding cops stop patrolling our streets.


And the cops will stop!  Why bother?  They stopped during the 1970s which is why I was forced to start my own patrols and we were not nice people, we had big dogs, big things to hit people with and we used both freely since the thugs attacking us were not nice people, they were nasty criminals!  Duh!  Again!!!


Welcome back to the 1970’s, everyone! Have fun.  I actually enjoyed my patrols, had many adventures but today, I would carry a gun and have a bullet proof vest.  And I still won’t do a thing since the PC police are attacking anyone who fights crime.  So I live on a mountain where it takes a steep uphill climb for criminals and the only three times anyone who was a criminal came visiting, they got a shotgun in their faces.  HAHAHA.  Sheesh.


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15 responses to “PC Police Are Causing Chaos Both On Campuses And In Cities

  1. Nani

    This made me laugh 🙂

  2. Melponeme_k

    “Wow. Just wow. Ahem: boys love playing certain kinds of video games. Duh! This should be obvious.”

    Of course! I don’t know why people want to deny this. I can attest to it first hand. I love playing Player vs Player on some video games. This is a smaller subset of gaming in general. But by large majority the gamers playing PVP are men. Whenever I would join war parties in these games, I could count on one hand the amount of females including myself in groups of 25 or more.

    In one game I was even recognized enough to lead my own war parties. Although I made sure never to speak to often on Skype or other voice software. It makes things a bit more difficult.

    It was fun though, I had a lot of fun. It would never occur to me to force other women to play with me. Because I know most wouldn’t like it. Cancelling an fun event for gamers simply because not enough women showed up is just outright wrong.

  3. Lou

    They, the public doesn’t want black dogs.
    The last paper Philippe Rushton published was on this phenomenon. No one wants a black dog. This isn’t just a local phenomenon. Dog breeders when they try to breed a gentle sweet dog like a cocker Spaniel inadvertently end up with a pie bald coat. Pie Bald is the same term behind the term ‘Bald Eagle’ The Pie Bald eagle is the one with the white head. The Pie Bald dog is the one with white patches and brown spots. Such dogs are friendly and sweet.

    People don’t adopt all black dogs because they have less favorable temperaments. Ruston pointed out that this phenomenon is true of all mammals, all birds, all fish and even insects. A dark or black skin (integument) is associated with a violent and aggressive nature. This is apparently caused by something on the biosynthetic pathway to melanin.

    This was also seen in the famous Russian fox breeding experiment As the foxes became more tame they developed white coats. So if you want a gentle creature – get one with a white coat or skin. Avoid the black ones – they are nasty and violent.

    This is called the melanocortin theory. I’d tell you more but Rushton died and no other researcher seems to have taken this area up for more investigation. Creatures with dark skins are more aggressive than those with lighter skins. This seems to be true with humans too but after Ruston’s death this question is no longer being studied.

  4. Petruchio

    There is ONE and ONLY ONE solution to these looting College A##holes: slash their taxpayer funding to ZERO!! Let these lazy, arrogant creeps fund their agenda and lifestyles completely ON THEIR OWN DIME!! That will send these College “Administrators” to the rightful place in Society. These are the people you see dumpster diving behind restaurants and passed out on Park benches sleeping off too much cheap wine. They belong there.

  5. Political Correctness has destroyed the social sciences at most universities and Criminal Justice is probably next.

  6. emsnews

    My puppy, Saffire, is black with white feet and chest. She is very energetic and will be a fine guard dog. My very violent, willful stallion, Sparky, was blonde and utterly insanely wild. I did tame him with great difficulty.

    The rabbit I bred, Killer Rabbit, was a soft brown color and had to be put to death due to biting the mailman.

    Ascot, the red horse that nearly killed my mother and which my father shot dead was dangerous and not black.

    Little Elmo the monkey that went berzerk and tore up a cop’s hair and bit him, too, was shot dead. He was blonde to greenish color fur, nothing black.

    I could go on and on…Bob the Wildcat was, of course, dappled like the desert and not black. He was highly dangerous if you didn’t know him and he was hungry.

    My craziest rooster, a Japanese fellow, won ribbons at the State Fairs, was very nasty and thought I was bringing him there to fight everyone and had three inch spurs…and was many colors of the rainbow. See my drift here?

  7. WTF???

    You don’t know what you are talking about. Nerdy boys are just as interested in sex as anyone. Is it their fault stupid bitches are only interested in rapists and killers?

  8. emsnews

    HAHAHA…ships passing each other at sea.

  9. Lou

    You sure have some -or have had some- nasty animals.
    Pity you dont have the mean rabbits descendants.

  10. emsnews

    I was curious about genetics and it was begun as a project for the 4H society and turned into a fun project, Killer Rabbit was an excellent guard dog.

  11. Jim R

    All that stuff about skin color / fur color being linked to behavior is only half-true. Perhaps the genes are close together on the chromosome. Or that the brain is ‘colored’ by small molecules somewhat related to pigments. (like serotonin — chemically a cousin of indigo, the blue color in blue jeans) …

    But while it’s true that white lab mice are docile, and gray wild mice will bite you, color doesn’t really tell you much about temperament.

    That all-white pit bull will still gladly bite your arm off. And some of the very best dogs we have had were mostly black, with maybe a white paw or white blaze on the face or chest.

  12. Lou

    Yes, all white samoyeds and American Eskimo dogs are friendly. not guard or attack dogs.

  13. Melponeme_k


    A great many large dogs with genetic roots close to wild ancestors can be unpredictable. A family should not let their guard down around even Samoyeds or Huskies.

    My uncle’s Husky was very gentle around me when I was a child. But if anyone came near me, he would turn wild. But there are dogs that would act in reverse.

    Large animals should be respected and the onus is on humans to protect their loved ones. But people let their egos get in the way, it gives them a high if they have a pet that is tough.

  14. CK

    Death by slobbering on you, a black lab’s favourite way to defeat an enemy.

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