‘Scientists’ (sic) Now Say ‘Hurricanes Hardly Happening’ Is Horrible And We Are All Going To Die

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Damn if you do and double damn if you don’t: The U.S. coast is in an unprecedented hurricane drought — why this is terrifying – The Washington Post announced yesterday.  No matter what happens with the weather, it is uniformly ‘worse than we imagine’ or ‘we are all going to die’.  If it is hotter, colder, wetter or drier, the same trope is trotted out by the hysterics now running our weather schools and systems: this is the worse, we are all going to die.  Unless we stop driving cars, living in modern houses, live near the ocean, fly in jets or do any of the things the people screaming about us all dying due to doing these things are all…doing these exact same things more and bigger than any of us who are supposed to stop doing these things!  I am looking at the #1 hypocrite, Al Gore.



Scientists have no solid explanation for the lack of hurricane landfalls. The number of storms forming in the Atlantic over the past decade or so has been close to normal, but many have remained over the ocean or hit other countries rather than the United States.


HAHAHA.  So, they openly admit they don’t understand the weather at all!!!  The formation of hurricanes are not ‘normal’ because there is no ‘normal’ there are hurricane droughts all the time only this time around, the drought is longer and flies in the face of all the warnings given by these fake ‘scientists’ way back in 2004 that we were going to see worse and worse and all drown like rats.  Then the hurricanes vanished.


A study published by the American Geophysical Union in 2015 said the lack of major hurricane landfalls boiled down to dumb luck rather than a particular weather pattern. “I don’t believe there is a major regime shift that’s protecting the U.S.,” said study lead author Timothy Hall from NASA.


What the hell??? So why study this topic since it is ‘dumb luck’ and not ‘science’.  We don’t need those stinking ‘climatologists’ since they don’t understand what is going on.  All they do is ape Cassandra and yell that we are all going to die.  Who needs that?


Growing coastal populations and lack of recent hurricane activity, from Florida to Texas, raise concerns about the nation’s readiness. The Associated Press reports Florida’s coastal communities have added 1.5 million people and almost a half-million new homes since 2005, the last time there was an onslaught of storms.


Look, our government lets people build houses on the San Andreas fault or Los Angeles, for example.  And whole cities like Seattle are built right next to major volcanoes with a history of blowing up and covering everything with debris after roasting all life forms to death.  This is true across the planet.  Nothing is built with an eye on natural disasters, this is studiously ignored.  Take Tokyo, for example!


It can be utterly destroyed by storms, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes!  This is why the Japanese pioneered the art of making Godzilla-style movies.  It is the #1 city no one should inhabit and of course, is the most densely populated city in Japan and much of the earth, too.  Then there is Mexico City, it doesn’t have tsunamis so it can’t beat Tokyo but has bad air due to being in a volcanic depression.


“Hurricanes are going to hit the U.S. again and people are going to be shocked by the magnitude of the disaster,” said Roger Pielke Jr., professor of environmental studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


HAHAHA.  ‘You’ll be sorry!’ yells the hysterics running our weather warning systems.  Oh, do NOT live in the Midwest anywhere!  You got something California doesn’t have: tornadoes!  Move, Dorothy!  You are going to die!  Earthquakes there are also more dangerous than California, but they don’t have a volcano, only Yellowstone which, when it erupts, it covers the Midwest with volcanic ash which is why the Midwest is the world’s biggest bread basket!


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10 responses to “‘Scientists’ (sic) Now Say ‘Hurricanes Hardly Happening’ Is Horrible And We Are All Going To Die

  1. Jim R

    A lot of that fertile Midwest soil is actually rocks that were ground up by the ice sheet. Ice is very destructive to rocks.

  2. emsnews

    It was loess dirt blowing in the wind downstream from the great ice sheets that made the midwest so fertile.

  3. ziff

    realclimate science .org , Heller video , worth a watch , made me ? GW

  4. ziff

    if you watch above video, ref. to hot 1930’s , my mom used to say Vancouver was called ”Canadas evergreen play ground’ , found a reference


  5. Lack of Hurricanes along the Atlantic Coast, yes, we should be VERY afraid! if this keeps up, THE RICH will take over all Atlantic and Gulf waterfront property.

    But if Global Warming is true, then we have some hope: they’ll all drown or lose a heck of a lot of wealth when the seas rise after Greenland and West Antarctica collapse!

    On a more serious note, did you know the Eastern pacific has had TEN tropical Storms and Hurricanes this year? Hawaii, East Asia, the Indian Ocean may be having a lot, too, but archived information for 2016 is now hard to come by! Used to be E-Z.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, when there are no hurricanes in the Atlantic of any great strength at all, ZERO category 4-5, these then happen in greater frequency in the Pacific.

    This yo-yo affect between the two oceans is fascinating to watch. And one would imagine that ‘experts’ would be talking about this but no, they have become beyond stupid at this point which is so irritating.

  7. Jim R

    I think the ‘warmists’ have a theory that explains the no-hurricanes, but I can’t make sense of it, myself. And the prediction ten years ago was that we would be living in hurricane hell. So that’s pretty much of a strike against them.

  8. Lou

    This is a hoot, to those who can see reality;

    limate-scientists-are-now-relying-terrifying-assumption–do scientists feel fear and rely on guesswork?


  9. ziff

    here’s the flaw with GW , read this, it will make your hair stand up, use temp ‘anomalies’ to get any result you want , just pick your reference frame.


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