Clinton May Be Brain Damaged, Has Only ONE Campaign Speech Next 30 Days

HILLARY CLINTON FREEZES IN FEAR – Secret Agents Tell Her To “Keep Talking” – YouTube


Ms. Clinton is in very deep trouble.  She hasn’t had any press conferences in nearly a year!  She makes very few appearances before regular audiences and mostly meets with rich and powerful people who pet her because she is their tool.  Below is her activities list given to reporters.  Note that she is doing exactly ONE rally speech between today and late October!

Screen shot 2016-08-09 at 6.21.09 PM

She will be attending to two ‘organizing events’ which means she meets with her employees and volunteers.  And one ‘fund raiser’ which will be in Hollywood again.  That’s it!  This is her ‘barnstorming’ for President!  Nearly nothing.  Compared to Trump who has a full schedule across the entire country, really barn storming furiously.


Something aside from Bill, is wrong with Hillary and talk about her declining health is all over the place except in mainstream media.  I have noticed her frailty, too.  She doesn’t look very good and indeed, she seems easily startled by obvious things happening around her.


We are reduced to second guesses but it is obvious from her schedule that something very wrong is going on, she is doing nearly nothing during a hot election cycle.  Nothing!  Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health Condition – The Rat Poison Problem


But one of the bottom lines is: she’s suffered from dangerous blood clots. And the treatment is blood-thinners, which are given to reduce the possibility of a fatal clot.


Hillary is taking Coumadin, also known as Warfarin.


It’s a rat poison. It kills rats by causing them to bleed out internally. This is a fact.


I know people taking this medicine.  Yes, it is a nasty medicine but it does work.  Hillary should come clean about her health issues but I already figured she wasn’t going to be President, if she ‘wins’ she will run things like Reagan: barely aware of what is going on.


Why Isn’t the Media Covering Hillary Clinton’s Extremely Bizarre Behavior? | Liberty Blitzkrieg asks.  I know the answer: the media is too busy screaming about tiny little flaws or glitches by Trump while grossly ignoring Hillary’s collapses.  She is collapsing like a soufflé and there is zero mention of this.


Reporters should pester her to hold real press conferences like Trump loves doing even though it is all twisted up when the stories are written to make him look as bad as possible.   She says nada, nothing and no one wants to hear her buzz saw voice so I assume this is self-protection for reporters?  HAHAHA.


When I first saw the video below, of Hillary Clinton deflecting a question about Elizabeth Warren by wildly bobbing her head in two distinct spasms, I merely dismissed it as a faked video edited to make her look crazy. This is why I never shared or commented on it. I assumed there was no way Hillary Clinton actually acted like that in public, especially in front of reporters…


Now here’s the latest, and possibly most disturbing video of the series. This is the clip that has finally put many of us over the edge, wondering the heck is going on with this woman.


As you can see, when protesters appear at around the 8 second mark, Hillary Clinton completely freezes up. It’s pretty subtle, but yet extremely obvious to the man who is being referred to by some as her “handler;” a man who immediately jumps on stage to comfort her, scramble secret service members away and walk her through the episode by repeatedly saying “keep talking,” which she eventually does (see: Who is Hillary’s Handler).


It is true, she also has trouble climbing steps and she can’t blame the stress of running for office, she barely lifted a finger doing this which is why she was nearly defeated by Sanders who is much older than she and twice as active.


Clinton Bonds with Neocons as GOP Elites Launch Final Bid Against Trump | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


Clinton has sought to capitalize on the broader discontent in GOP circles. Her campaign released an ad Friday that featured a number of conservative voices, including former CIA Director Michael Hayden, questioning Trump’s abilities. The ad was released the same day that former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, who has worked for both Republican and Democratic administrations, published an op-ed endorsing Clinton and casting Trump as a national security threat.


She doesn’t just ‘bond’ with Kissinger and company, she is OWNED by them.  She is their SERVANT.  She and her husband made their many millions by servicing the super rich especially foreign powers.  I am totally against her for this reason.


She is a Bilderberg girl, a member of the elites who want to have Wall Street rule us, she lies nonstop about her intentions so that bedazzled leftists will support her.  They should know better by now.  Just as Obama, far from making relations better between black people and everyone else, has made it ten times worse.


We are seeing inner city riots again, police being shot and shooting back again, we are seeing the police retreating just like they did in the 1970s while DNC clowns boast about not killing rioters who loot, rape and burn cities.  Fun stuff, I was dead center to all this back in the 1970’s and forcing the Democrats to do simple police work was like pulling teeth.


And now for something completely different:  Life Through the Eyes of SJW’s – YouTube


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18 responses to “Clinton May Be Brain Damaged, Has Only ONE Campaign Speech Next 30 Days

  1. Jim R

    If Trump’s enemies succeed in derailing him, it may be Pence v. Kaine by November, with both the Rep and Dem presidential candidates flaming out or collapsing.

    Jill Stein for President!

  2. floridasandy

    She really would have to be brain damaged to have the Orlando killer’s dad standing behind you at a campaign rally in Orlando.

    She is talking about the mass shooting victims— and the killer’s dad is in the background on stage. He was smiling, taking selfies, and holding up a sign on gun control.

    You can’t make this up.

  3. Melponeme_k

    That video of Clinton was scary. She didn’t look frightened, she looked completely blank. How is this woman going to address the public during a possible presidency? How will she even address foreign dignitaries? This is preposterous!

    I don’t know what is wrong but it is obviously neurological. I mean, yeah, I guess she could get away with telling everyone she is “on the spectrum”, some autistic people do freeze in social situations. But I’ve never seen her do that when she was younger. Maybe she has Parkinson’s disease.

  4. Jill Stein wants you to live in a hut and eat grass!

  5. Lou

    Does she have Parkinsons disease?

  6. Lou

    A ‘better’ clip is where she is talking to a few women and she spasms.
    Some say it is PD.

    She attempts to joke the seizure – spasm off.
    Have you all seen that one?

  7. Petruchio

    “She makes very few appearances before regular audiences and mostly meets with rich and powerful people who pet her because she is their tool.” HaHaHa!! “She is their tool”. Good one, Elaine. I can just picture Mrs. Clinton sitting on Lloyd Blankfein’s lap with Blankfein offering Mrs. Clinton Milk Bone treats “If she is a good girl”.
    I think Trump should go on the attack. At every Press Conference he does Trump should be shouting, “Where’s Hillary??” “What is her opinion on this issue?” “Why don’t you sleazy, bought-and-paid-for presstitutes actually DO something even remotely like journalism?” Trump should be holding Mrs. Clinton’s feet to the fire and make those tootsies of Mrs. Clinton’s BURN.

  8. Doesn’t have to do anything , press will declare her a winner.

  9. Dewey defeats Truman ! 1948

  10. Petruchio

    The media is already peddling the story of how the polls show Mrs. Clinton has a ten point lead over Trump.

  11. Nani

    Hmm.. i Wonder if Angela Merkel might be brain damaged as well.. No sane politician would let in so many illegal aliens into the country who rape women and children on a daily basis, and do nothing about it. And all she has to say is: “we can do this!”

  12. floridasandy

    Merkel wants to do this I think people forget how much money is actually being transferred to countries per rrefugee. The politicians get paid to have them enter, and pay their country’s money to have them leave.

    selling your country and citizens out for printed currency is truly pathetic.

    there is no other logical explanation when they see with their own eyes that it doesn’t work, and that their constituents are truly unhappy or outraged.

  13. floridasandy

    Hillary has been rumored to have Parkinson’s, but it looks like all the threads are being scrubbed, like this one:

  14. emsnews

    All the proof I need is her invisibility. She appears for only an hour here, an hour there, on very rare occasions. NEVER have I seen such a sparse election schedule for any candidate of any sort!

    Old Dr. Spock, who I was bodyguard for when he went campaigning out West back in 1972, was available and coherent all the time, indeed, had a sense of humor and was impressively intelligent.

    Hillary is in trouble for screwing up EMAILS, for god’s sake!!! This is insane, literally insane.

  15. Jim R

    From what little video I’ve seen of her movements, (and I am only a pretend expert on the internet), it doesn’t look like parkinson’s. It looks like she is having ‘petit mal’ seizures.

    Which is potentially much, much worse. The rumor that there’s a blood clot inside her skull would explain them but also means she could go into a coma or drop dead if another clot forms…

  16. Lou

    Father Of Doctor Treating Hillary Clinton For Dementia Mysteriously Dies … ies-video/ … leased.php

    — I cant verify.

  17. Petruchio

    The video of Hillary freezing up included here should be deeply concerning to even supporters of Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton clearly has a health problem that makes her becoming President very questionable–even IF you agree with every lie that vomits out of her sleazy, vile pie hole. Full disclosure here: Petruchio is not a Clinton supporter. HaHaHaHa! In case anyone was wondering. Yes, that mystery is solved.
    Yet these obviously serious health issues don’t faze Mrs. Clinton’s supporters. Maybe this is because they know better than most that Hillary is just a figurehead. A puppet. Pump her full of drugs and as long as she is breathing it’s all good. Mrs. Clinton doesn’t use the bathroom without first getting permission from her owners.
    Speaking of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, do you notice that the “fair and balanced” American MSM never shows you the crowd listening to Mrs. Clinton lie and lie and LIE some more when she gives a campaign speech? In reality, Mrs. Clinton has very little REAL support! There are constant rumors of crowds and seats being filled with PAID “supporters”.. Seat fillers. Yet…you still hear people saying, “Well Hillary is a woman and it is time for this country to have a woman as President.” WTF!
    As much as I hate to say it, the elites are right; some people are so stupid they shouldn’t be allowed to even vote.

  18. What a bunch of crap. Hillary versus reality-TV donny.

    No wonder many voters are alienated.

    Does seem odd how she has been so out of the picture lately…..

    What a bunch of crap.

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