SJW Riot: Goofy Japan Video Game By Student Is Funny And Topical

IndieGoGo Campaign: “SJW Riot – Troops vs Women (in Video Game)” – YouTube

Yes, this is a real game made by a young Japanese male, looks to be college age. SJW Riot: Troops vs Women – in Video Game | Indiegogo | Indiegogo.  Both my kids who are now adults and building families, love playing video games.  Thanks to modern technology, anyone who is ambitious can create video games so the people who love these games tend to be the ones to build games.  Here is a synopsis of the Japanese kid’s amusing and topical game:


Social Justice Warriors have lost their mind, again, and they are terrorising men, just for being men! There is a suspected bomb threat in a local conference, and many men have been kidnapped and being held in cages! It’s time to send in the Troops.

social justice warriors made in JapanScreen shot 2016-08-09 at 6.14.01 PM

HAHAHA.  Crudely sexist and openly violent.  Fits perfectly.  The girls in the game are all well-armed and strong, not weak!  The SJW movement is highly popular on our campuses these days so fight team, fight!  Maybe we can have an Olympic game of topless female fighters like in ancient Sparta…Impeachment in Focus as Brazil Senate Breaks From Olympics as the government teeters on the edge of a cliff.


Maybe some enterprising student can make a game about this?  Olympics with bankruptcy and a Security Force of 85000 Filling Rio, Unsettling Rights Activists.  Yes, and the rights activists being chased by the police.  This has enough violence and sex to satisfy male players. Beware of Olympics Curse Amid World’s Best Rally:


As Canada prepared to host the world’s biggest gathering of athletes, the mayor of Montreal soothed that “the Olympics can no more have a deficit than a man can have a baby.” Now, forty years on, we know that Montreal overran to the tune of 800% and every one of the games that followed blew the budget.


Among the most recent destinations, Greece took the gold medal for Olympian excess with a spending binge that ended in the EU’s worst debt crisis, China descended into an unprecedented economic tailspin and Britain stumbled toward Brexit.

Yes, China did go down the tubes somewhat after hosting the Olympics.  It is a gigantic waste of money and the only people happy with it aside from the winners are corporations selling stuff via ads and TV executives.  End the nonsense now.  It has to stop.  It is going off a cliff.  Only a dozen ‘games’ are of interest of anyone aside from the parents of the participants.

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3 responses to “SJW Riot: Goofy Japan Video Game By Student Is Funny And Topical

  1. Christian W


    Bernie Sanders buys new $600,000 house. Looks like he is enjoying the pot of gold he got for betraying his supporters. Retirement secured; mission accomplished.

  2. emsnews

    Yup and the golden parachute book deal.

  3. Lou

    some say the $ for the new house is from the sale of one of his other homes.

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