New York Times: Is Trump Crushing BOTH Parties? HAHAHA

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Spokesman Explains Why Clinton Charity Donor Sought State Dept. Meeting because she if funded from overseas aliens who are hostile to us all.  Biggest story today: Is Trump Wrecking Both Parties? – The New York Times: this has to be the funniest headline since ‘Dewey Beats Truman’ I have seen so far.  Way to go, NYT!  You’z da man, bro!  Yup.  I am not making anything up.  If Trump is actually doing this, I say, ‘Fantastic’.  Best news of the year if not the century.  For BOTH parties are BILDERBERG GANGS!!!!  Duh.  And as I keep illustrating, both are immensely corrupt, both liberal side and conservative side.  In my state of New York, corrupt and evil liberals are three times more likely to be criminals, too.



The table showed support for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by income and education. It leads to a clear conclusion.

Trump is competitive among the less affluent and those without college degrees, among whom he is behind by 3 and 4 points respectively. But Clinton is crushing him among college graduates (57-34) and among those making $50,000 or more (55-37).


This is pure city versus country stuff.  In my state of NY, for example, both Trump and Sanders carried the entire state, winning easily in all rural/low population areas whereas Hillary and Cruz took Manhattan, the dying cities along the Great Lakes that once manufactured stuff and are not dead bolt havens for blacks and Hispanics on welfare and parts of Brooklyn and Long Island.


Looking at the state as a whole, the ‘blue’ parts were very tiny and the ‘red’ parts were 90% of the land area.  I found this very significant and of course, the NYT writers who are blind ideologs who cannot see anything through their rose tinged eyeglasses.  They do note that the Hillary machine has very rich and welfare families as her base while the yawning, great middle class/working class hates her.


ALL revolutions come not from the super poor/welfare people but invariably from the working stiffs, the tax payers, the movers of the economy.  When parasite rich join with the parasite poor, we get the messes we see today.  All economic/political strength that is powerful comes from the middle class/working class.


Rich people used to understand this and have an alliance with the middle class against the working class but the Democrats have chosen the rich/welfare model which leads to revolutions as taxes crush the middle/workers and they see economic ruin as jobs vanish or pay lags inflation.


The current education and income patterns reflect a reversal of the way Bill Clinton first won the presidency in 1992. Bill Clinton beat George H.W. Bush by double-digit margins among voters making less than $50,000, but lost among voters making $100,000 or more, 54-38. In 1992, Clinton won by similarly large margins among those with high school degrees or less, while losing college graduates 41-39.


The larger conclusion from the data is that the Trump campaign — both through the support Trump generates among working-class whites and the opposition he generates among better educated, more affluent voters — has accelerated the ongoing transformation of the Democratic Party. Once a class-based coalition, the party has become an alliance between upscale well-educated whites and, importantly, ethnic and racial minorities, many of them low income.


This stupid article doesn’t mention the organization the NYT heads belong to: the Bilderberg gang.  This process of utterly alienating taxpaying workers and screwing them with ‘free trade’.  This is exactly where revolutions come from.


Right now, I am watching with fascination as law and order workers and middle class who so far has run from crime via moving away from the cities which no longer had any jobs, anyways, and to the suburbs and all the major stores moved out, too.  To avoid looters and criminals, any businesses left behind catered to welfare and in the city centers, some elite stores remained in a few cities like NYC but nowhere else.


The Wall Street/welfare alliance may eke out one last ‘victory’ this election cycle but I doubt it.  Polls are ridiculous when a huge segment refuses to answer any questions because they are very pissed off at liberals.  So Hillary and her gang can feel they got a grip on things and she can continue to NOT CAMPAIGN AT ALL and still win via smearing Trump.


Today, the press is attacking Trump for saying something about the Second Amendment.  His standing with gun owning middle/working class stiffs has shot upwards today.  The liberal press thinks that hammering him on this issue is smart, as a multi-gun owner who uses guns to this day to hunt and keep safe (yes, I have used guns several times in my life to arrest criminals out in the countryside thinking isolation means easy targets not knowing that we all enjoy target practice!!!) I am very aware of this issue.


Due to black crime, my own state is debating making it impossible to own guns here which pisses me off greatly.  I recently was invaded by three bears!  I need guns if just for that.  They broke through my fences surrounding the house, after all.  I have to redo my electric fences now to keep the critters out.


In the cities, on the other hand, criminals run rampant and so they cause many murders with guns.  Duh.  Republican mayors drove down the kill rate while all the Democrats made it go up.  This affects workers greatly since they are the #1 target of street thugs/home breakers.  Occasionally the riff raff attack rich neighborhoods but this always brings down the arm of the law rapidly and no one mourns if the thugs die, they applaud this.


But heaven help the lower working class dudes who kill street thugs!  One of the DNC street thug black ladies at the recent convention was attacking a working class dude and was shot dead.  Tryavon the street creep was applauded by the convention and every single working class male and I would say, nearly all the females too, were outraged by this and still are outraged.


The propaganda screaming about what Trump says versus silence about what Hillary can’t do anymore because she is very messed up, may work briefly but even with the media blackout about Hillary’s brain farts can’t continue all the way to November without average people figuring out something is very wrong with her.



Dani Rodrik, a professor of international political economy at Harvard, is even harsher in his critique of contemporary liberalism. “Economists and technocrats on the left bear a large part of the blame,” Rodrik writes, in an essay, “The Abdication of the Left,” published in July by Project Syndicate.


Rodrik does not let up:


They abdicated too easily to market fundamentalism and bought in to its central tenets. Worse still, they led the hyper-globalization movement at crucial junctures. The enthroning of free capital mobility – especially of the short-term kind – as a policy norm by the European Union, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the IMF was arguably the most fateful decision for the global economy in recent decades.


So, he says the IMF did all this.  But who created this IMF stuff?  HAHAHA.  He doesn’t mention the Bilderberg gang which is BOTH left and right working against the center.  Think 90% of the GOP doesn’t support all this criminal stuff?  Yes, they are the exact same which is why they are unmasking themselves stupidly by siding with Hillary against Trump.


Every day, a Bilderberg gangster on the right steps into daylight to reveal they are really vampires sucking our blood!  I am amazed at this.  Thank you, Trump, for showing this and revealing that I spoke the truth for many years now.


At last!  The professor Rodrik is stupid, of course, he blames only ‘the left’ for this while ignoring the conspiracy and yes, it is very, very much a huge global conspiracy by the elites, to put us all into this hellish situation.  They did this deliberately while desperate voters swing from one extreme to the other to find someone to save them while anyone who does explain all this is assassinated or there is a coup agains them.


The NYT article has open lies in it: for example, it talks about how shocking it is that evangelical people want divorced people as President forgetting to mention REAGAN.  This is a false front thing.  The Christian upwelling is a cynical operation that is fading fast.  What has replaced it is working class fury.


This is what causes revolutions and revolts that make history.  This is where the chopped off heads come from.  The Muslims today are still  in the ‘religious fanatic’ garbage business due to being very backward still but in the West it will be ‘French revolution’ time, not religious fanatic time.


It is all about stopping religious fanatics!  The NYT story then talks about Europe and how the right wing is weak due to no popular support and business support.  The snide academic hiding in their towers sneer at the people in the street being hammered by Muslim fanatics and economic destruction as the EU rulers try hard to eliminate the last unions.


It is on the verge of exploding and since the left is all for invading foreign young males blowing up everything, it has zero chance of leading EU workers anywhere except into the arms of armed fascists who will then do the obvious next thing: get rid of millions of excess Muslim males and make unions part of the government!  Duh!!!  This is super-easy to foresee.


Jackie Calmes, in a recent article in The Times, listed a series of policy positions that have been suggested by a loose collection of conservative intellectuals sometimes known as “reformocons.”


These positions include the disavowal of “mass deportations” and the promotion of “the economic benefits of legalizing longtime workers who are in the country illegally,” as well as arguing for “the benefits of global trade agreements,” with help for displaced workers.


The ‘disavowal of mass deportations’ is academia at work. These ‘neocons’ are actually BILDERBERG tools.  The fact that they are at universities is all the proof we need, anyone like me would be kicked to the curb if not assassinated.  I gave up on academia way back in 1974.  I was once one of the top high school smart asses in the 1960’s, after all.  Aced all tests of intelligence, was often the only girl to beat all the guys periodically.


Ended up working with working stiffs all my life and enjoyed it immensely and lo and behold, they aren’t stupid people, either, but they do struggle to understand the  massive forces against them all, forces I can see easily since I have the inside view.


These stupid ‘conservative intellectuals’ are touting the benefits of ‘global trade agreements’ which means they are…conspirators with the Bilderberg gang and you can bet, if we get another list of speakers for the next meeting of these criminals, these fake neoconservatives will be on the list for certain.  And you can bet, I won’t be on the list…hahaha.  I would demand press coverage, no?  HAHAHA.


More news that is making me laugh to death:

Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 10.01.14 AM


Oh, two other interesting stories hidden totally by our media owners:  Israel Razes More EU-Funded Homes for Palestinians news from Russia…yes, the EU builds homes for Palestinians on West Bank and Israel plows them under immediately.  And this:  Hundreds of Palestinians Intensify Hunger Strikes which is totally ignored.  Brave people, refusing to go quietly into Jewish ovens.


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17 responses to “New York Times: Is Trump Crushing BOTH Parties? HAHAHA

  1. Melponeme_k

    “In my state of NY, for example, both Trump and Sanders carried the entire state, winning easily in all rural/low population areas whereas Hillary and Cruz took Manhattan,”

    The entire state of NY is conservative from top of the head to the soles of its feet. It has been since the beginning before the revolution. The reason why it falls into democratic hands is because the districts are gerrymandered to a disgusting degree. All to favor the poor living on welfare. They pack in enough bodies continually redraw district lines and that empowers the venal poor and punished the middle/working class. If voting districts were allowed to exist in fairness, NY would be redder than a Baboon’s ass.

    “The Christian upwelling is a cynical operation that is fading fast. What has replaced it is working class fury.” The “Christian” uprising was as false as the gerrymandered voting districts in NY. The elite fueled money into what was once an ignored subset of a subset inside the majority religion. It destabilized our voting system and democratic right to free speech. Once the elites accomplished what they needed, they turned off the money spigot, now we never hear from Christian radicals at all. Nor are they able to control the election process.

    “It is on the verge of exploding and since the left is all for invading foreign young males blowing up everything, it has zero chance of leading EU workers anywhere except into the arms of armed fascists who will then do the obvious next thing: get rid of millions of excess Muslim males and make unions part of the government!”

    Yes, if we are lucky we will get another American revolution with revolutionaries who now the Elite tricks. OR we will get French revolution or Hitler madness. The elites hate the former because that involves motivated and informed citizens. They prefer the latter although history shows they can’t surf that wave of rage ever. They end up feeding it with their lives. They should ask the former French Queen how riding it out worked for her.

    Yes, no matter what form the revolutions takes, there will be a cleansing. Muslims, blacks, hispanics, Native Americans and Asians etc. will discover just how vulnerable it is to be a minority, especially in the US. I fear that wall I’m speeding towards. My skin isn’t getting any whiter as I get older.

    “Ended up working with working stiffs all my life and enjoyed it immensely and lo and behold, they aren’t stupid people, either, but they do struggle to understand the massive forces against them all, forces I can see easily since I have the inside view.”

    I didn’t see any of the machinations behind society until I experienced a traumatizing murder trial. It rearranged my brain and I the scales fell from my eyes. Then I found your website.

  2. emsnews

    Thank you for all clarifications. I don’t do that in my articles since it would make them ridiculously long and annoying but having comments is far better and this is why I don’t except very rarely, censor comments.

    I must be the last place on the internet to let anyone post stuff.

  3. ziff

    some parallels, dewey/truman

    The paper relied on its veteran Washington correspondent and political analyst Arthur Sears Henning, who had predicted the winner in four out of five presidential contests in the past 20 years. Conventional wisdom, supported by polls, was almost unanimous that a Dewey presidency was “inevitable”, and that the New York governor would win the election handily.

    The incident might have been forgotten, except that when Truman was passing through St. Louis on the way to Washington two days later, ,,, and was handed a copy of the Tribune early edition

    The Tribune was not the only paper to make the mistake. The Journal of Commerce had eight articles in its November 3 edition about what could be expected of President Dewey. The paper’s five-column headline read, “Dewey Victory Seen as Mandate to Open New Era of Government-Business Harmony, Public Confidence”.[11]

  4. billibaldi

    Dear Elaine, I liked your ” Dewey wins” photo. The Truman victory is apt since Truman won by hardslog, by doing a massive train tour to meet the pepole. I am also old enough to remember an article where the author noted all his friends were amazed by Nixon’s victory because none of them had voted for Nixon.

    The NYT article seems to forget one thing, the people make the party. Failure to address the needs and fears of the people makes the party irrelevant. Looking at the comments I think a little bit of weeding is going on.

  5. CK

    If acres had the franchise, dems would never win anything. Unfortunately land does not vote anymore. Now the franchise is monopolized by people with no skin in the game. Parasites vote how to milk the productive. That this is an election between the parasite class and a life long parasite and the productive class and a life long successful male should be obvious.
    That the two major parties both represent the parasite class should also not be surprising.
    The NYT has only twice in its history run front page editorials against a presidential candidate. The first time was against Warren G Harding who turned out to be a superb president ( the first president ever to supervise a reduction in international arms ) the second was this past spring against Donald Trump before he was even the nominee.

  6. Petruchio

    @31 melponeme_k: ” If voting districts were allowed to exist in fairness, NY would be redder than a Baboon’s ass.” The comparison of Republicans and a Baboon’s ass? I like it!! It works for me. My home state tends to flip flop between GOP and Democrat control.
    I had a Republican volunteer come to my door the other day. Told him I did volunteer work for the State’s Democrat Party. He was pleasant enough. I just told him I wasn’t interested, but it brought back memories of my days as a brainwashed, braindead Republican.
    That all said, I can NOT work for the Democrats this year; not if that vile, hideous hag who has one foot in the grave already Hillary Clinton is the candidate. I will have to bite down HARD and vote for a Republican this year.

  7. “When parasite rich join with the parasite poor, we get the messes we see today.”

    If the Bilderbergers hadn’t exported all those jobs with those damn TRADE AGGREEMENTS, the “parasite poor” wouldn’t BE parasites! You full well know this, Elaine.

    And Trump won’t destroy both parties, he won’t destroy either! No matter who gets in to the White House, the makeup of the House and Senate will remain essentially the same, which means gridlock for the next four years because the GOP establishment loathe both Trump and Hillary with a passion.

    Nothing is going to change.

  8. Melponeme_k

    “No matter who gets in to the White House, the makeup of the House and Senate will remain essentially the same,”

    All this requires is for the people to declare no confidence in their leaders and pull them out of both houses. Then hold massive post recall elections. Of course there would have be huge oversight protecting these elections from the Elites. It would be more orderly than a full out revolution. The US government did reform in the past (in the beginning). But I doubt the elites will ever let it happen. Which means we will get guillotine parties instead.

  9. laughinglions

    Would like to read more about the standards of revolutions, is there a good book about it ?

  10. Nani

    I’m afraid you’re right about Europe’s future. There might be a bloody insurrection at some point. There is a lot of hatred, anger and fear brewing in Europe at the moment. I am scared to.

    Our politicians offer no real solutions, they only talk about how we must welcome thousands of illegal aliens with open arms, otherwise we are xenophobic racists and bigots. The media sneers at us also, telling us we must embrace islam, otherwise we are bad, evil people.

    No one cares about all the women and children who gets raped every day by muslim men, but heaven forbid if anyone says or does something bad towards a muslim.

    This will end in tears.

  11. e sutton


    Try Anatomy of a Revolution by Crane Brinton. I read it about twenty odd years ago. Interestingly, revolutions typically are started not by the underclass but most often by the ones closer to the power centers. This would include middle class and upper middle class folk whose responsibility it is to fund government. Good read.

  12. emsnews

    I have actually been in the middle of a mini-revolt in Europe in 1968. Had to swim the Rhine to escape the French police, was captured by the German national police, deported, got in trouble at Berkeley a month later…yes, I have a very, very vivid idea what revolts look like/\.

    When I was illegally arrested at Berkeley, there was a major riot, they overturned the police van to free me but failed to open the doors.

    Yes, I have seen actual revolts first hand and have a pretty good idea how they work.

    The present ‘revolts’ are doomed here in the US. The black lives matter stuff is a failure. It isolates the criminal class from everyone else which is why the Establishment is encouraging blacks to do this more and more!!!! DUH!!!!!!!! I wish they could figure out they are being led by their noses.

  13. Lou

    Whatever may be the sociological value of the legal fiction that ‘all men are born free and equal,’ there can be no doubt that…in its biological application, at any rate, this statement is one of the most stupendous falsehoods ever uttered by man through his misbegotten gift of articulate speech.” – Dr. Earnest Hooton, Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University, Crime and the Man, p. 342.

    “The major cause for American Negroes intellectual and social deficits is hereditary and racially genetic in origin and thus not remedial to a major degree by improvement in environment.” – Dr. William Shockley, of Stanford University, Nobel Prize winner

    “As a social anthropologist, I naturally accept and even stress the fact that there are major differences, both mental and psychological, which separate the different races of mankind. Indeed, I would be inclined to suggest that however great may be the physical differences between such races as the European and the Negro, the mental and psychological differences are greater still.” – L.S.B. Leakey, in The Progress And Evolution Of Man In Africa (Oxford University Press), 1961.

    “In most if not all of the newly independent Black nations of Africa, little if anything during the past 5000 or more years can be pointed to as having made a contribution that in any way enhances the life of man.” – Walter Arnold, The Evolution of Man in Relation to That of the Earth, Part V, The Mankind Quarterly, Vol. X, No.2 (Oct-Dec 1969) p. 78.


    ELAINE: Lou, you realize that when you pursue this issue, that EUROPEAN WHITES now are lower down the intelligence ladder to Chinese people?

  14. Shawntoh

    Elaine, my condolences.

    Who do those three bears think they are? And– especially, who you are, anyway?!

    Goldilocks or someone like that? That’s an outrage, they are obviously deluded after getting a hold of one of those fairy tale books and becoming radicalised after they realized the implications of the children’s story about them and they way they were portrayed anthropomorphically.

    Look– Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear, this is a public appeal to you directly to cut it out, please go back to your dens and leave Elaine alone.

    Elaine doesn’t have time to help your search for honey, Honey, and I suggest your family head west and get to Chicago ASAP as there are plenty of Bears fans there, especially with the American Football season about to start!

    Forgive me and bear with me a moment– and I’d better add, pardon the bad pun at the end there, too. Peace.

  15. csurge

    The peasants are trying the peaceful route first. If that fails… well, we’ll see

  16. Jim R

    I don’t think Trump is going to make it to November. He’ll be Wellstoned or something. And Hillary could just drop dead at any minute.

    It’ll be the vice presidential candidates on the ballot. Nobodies you never heard of.

    Of course, Bush the Lesser pretty much proved that we don’t really need a president…

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