Black Crime Big, Huge Issue In Coming Election As Are Clinton Crimes

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The mainstream media continues to howl about the grain of sand in Trump’s eye while ignoring the plank of crimes on Hillary’s shoulder.  The media is claiming that telling black citizens, they should have no police anymore, no laws, is making crime and chaos worse for blacks while white citizens are terrified of black criminals who are now quite bold after 8 years of Obama letting them run riot.  Since Hillary has an alliance of super rich whites and street ghetto blacks, she is pandering to them both more and more while the media ignores this gigantic mess and lets her do this behind closed doors.


Examples abound: Hillary hasn’t had a true press conference in nearly a year but she met secretly, of course, with a select group of black reporters from our cauldron of seething black cities.  There, she said she would fix things by basically annihilating the last shreds of law and order.


I lived through a similar time when politicians pandering to criminals, let NYC literally burn to the ground just because a lightning bolt cut the electricity.  As I stood the next morning alongside church people in the midst of smoldering ruins with rioters carrying off the last of the loot, the mayor of NYC announced that we went through the night without incident!!!  I was outraged and protested this lie.


Well, the  lie was allowed to stand and to this day, the elites won’t admit they engineered three years of severe crime in the city as the now emboldened rioters decided to loot, rape and burn nonstop.  They did this for a long time which is why I was finally forced to start my own patrols and take some actions like blocking streets or tagging crooks and trailing them, etc.


The New York Times Bilderberg wienies are still whining nonstop about Trump’s plans to stop the DNC black criminal/white super rich alliance.  How dare he!  The Millions of Americans Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Barely Mention: The Poor – The New York Times says but the article explains that Hillary doesn’t need to openly talk about her secret deal with black leaders and their followers because this means explaining future crimes as she gives away the cities to looters who will resume destroying everything.


Outraged readers responded:


MKM New York 40 minutes agoHillary Clinton knows more about getting out of poverty than any other politician in our history. She was dead broke in 2000 and worth $150,000,000 today. Never one to take half measures she and her husband also managed to setup a tax exempt billion dollar piggy bank call the Clinton foundation.


rjs7777 NK 39 minutes ago
Watching Trump and Senator Clinton, two rich, incredibly conceited white people, discuss the middle class is a gut wrenching exercise.


Trump champions the working poor through his immigration policy and trade policy. The only proven ways to raise wages of the working poor. Here working poor means those who can’t afford to live well, but also aren’t on welfare. Technology improvement did not do it. Obama policy did not do it. Clinton also will not. Clinton instead favors the nonworking poor, those who are on welfare. This is pernicious because she also favors the 1 percent. She is against all wage earners, except, importantly, government bureaucrats, attorneys and compliance professionals, who cater to her vision of a state dominated society.


Nothing has harmed the poor more than Great Society programs. Right now I am watching vibrant, talented immigrant groups in my city be corrupted and weakened by the Great Society. Multigenerational poverty is fast becoming a profession for tens of millions — the ultimate destination of which may be Venezuela style despair.


Will the stable of commentators hired by the rich dudes who own the mainstream media wake up?  The answer is obvious.  This is war.  There is no war against Muslim terrorists who are relentlessly attacking all NATO nations including our own.  No, the real war is against Trump, a fellow rich dude who happens to not be a member of the conspiracy to rule from the shadows.


Examples from DNC controlled cities blasting away with voters there shooting each other with frantic devotion:  Chicago shooting kills 9 people, including young boy playing with his twin sister  and further emboldened by the DNC rich, now Chicago gangs to deploy SNIPER against police in retaliation for Paul O’Neal shooting | Daily Mail Online in England reports (thank you, foreign media, for existing!):


The heads of three notorious gangs based in the city’s crime-ridden West Side met recently to plan their revenge by targeting senior members of the Chicago Police Department, according to a report in Monday editions of The Chicago Sun-Times.


The city reportedly issued a warning to its officers to remain vigilant in light of these developments just one month after the deadly shooting spree in Dallas which killed five police officers.


Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, of Mesquite, Texas, a military veteran who’d served in Afghanistan, ambushed the officers who were on duty during a protest against police-involved killings of two detained African-American civilians in Louisiana and Minnesota.


According to the report, the meeting in Chicago was held on Thursday between the leadership of the gangs Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers.


Way back in 1969, I actually sat in on meeting between some Chicago gangs and the Black Panthers.  The Panthers were begging them to stop fighting each other and fight the State instead.  It was a complete failure, of course.


Frankly, this is how bold the vermin destroying our cities are today.  These once-great cities, top manufacturing powers long ago, are now wastelands with zero good paying factory jobs.  The population that was white has fled and the blacks who replaced them all are aiming for welfare which is still tempting even today with some cuts.


Wards of the State, they troop to the polls to keep the status quo going and this status quo is destroying our nation.  The super-rich cynically manipulate these poor people to keep their own gravy train rolling along.


Video shows Ferguson driver runs over protester in the street in Ferguson demo before fellow activists SHOOT at the car and note that the female driver was scared, these ‘demonstrators’ were utterly illegal, blocking streets AT NIGHT to terrorize anyone attempting to get around the city.  I bet 100% that the driver was a black woman, too.  Below are more headlines from our Bilderberg gangster’s favorite papers:

Screen shot 2016-08-12 at 7.04.01 AM

NOW do we vote for Trump?  Seems that the GOP rich dudes are scared of him!  HAHAHA.


Now to overseas news:  Photographs show how deadly life has become in Acapulco | Daily Mail Online reports in Europe so we can hear what is going on next door since our media is nearly useless.  In Europe, the gangs continue to terrorize people:

Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 11.10.26 AM

Speaking about the Mafia, Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin CLEARED of ethics breaches despite emails revealing how she took orders to open its doors to Foundation donors| Daily Mail Online


The emails – from the secret Clinton server – showed how a Clinton Foundation official pressed Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin to give special State Department access to a major donor.


Other emails revealed she was told it was ‘important to take care of’ an individual whose name was withheld – but whose name had been passed to Clinton directly to get a job.


Obvious corruption, obviously should be headline news in the US but it is certainly not.  I had to get this news from Europe.  Why  aren’t US reporters hounding the bitch here?  Oh, she won’t talk to them so why aren’t the media giants then howling about ‘Today is day 275 that Hillary has not held a press conference?’ and have this as a daily headline every day she goes with out one?  Nope.


The FBI wanted the Justice Department to investigate the Clinton Foundation | Daily Mail Online reports overseas.  Yes, more and more FBI people are coming forward putting their lives on the line, to tell the public that Hillary and Obama are actively conspiring to squelch all investigations of crimes by themselves.


Wikileaks now has a treasure trove of information hacked from Hillary’s computers that will be released at a key time, that is, when the US media won’t have time to scramble to cover up things or explain away obvious crimes.  Remember, Watergate happened BEFORE Nixon was re-elected.  He thought he was safe when he won, but he wasn’t safe, he was on the road to ruin from day one.


Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 11.08.45 AM

As we see from foreign news sources, our stupid wars are screwed up very badly.  Obama is flubbing everything as per usual.  Germany is swiftly changing direction as the population there wakes up.  Turkey offers Russia joint operations against IS in Syria as Turkey’s dictator is pissed at the US and made a total turn around in diplomacy.  Turkey to resume airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, asks Russia to fight ‘common enemy’ — RT News reports in Russia.


NO NEWS about all this in the US.  One would imagine that Turkey is onboard with NATO to isolate and attack nuclear armed Russia!  WOW: Turkish diplomats slam NATO for ‘trying to dictate terms’ of Ankara’s foreign policy which is news that made no news in the US but is very big news in Europe which is where all the demented leaders who screwed their own people all to hell, are freaking out over this new alliance which trumps all of Hillary and Obama’s plans to isolate Putin and destroy him.


Instead, heads are beginning to roll in Europe, not Russia or Turkey.  We are seeing a massive change in the way power is flowing, the liberal domination of Europe and the US is faltering and will fall, I am predicting, fall very badly.


I almost forgot this shocking story (HAHAHA): Former CNN jounalist just EXPOSED CNN for taking bribes from US, foreign governemnts.  Hilarious.


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Ukrainian president orders forces on border with Crimea and eastern Ukraine on highest alert — RT News



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63 responses to “Black Crime Big, Huge Issue In Coming Election As Are Clinton Crimes

  1. Jim R

    I wonder if those self-driving cars will be more likely to hit black people at night, because they are hard to see in the dark? I had to watch the video several times before I saw the guy standing in the traffic lane there…

    In other news, we watched ‘Three Days of the Condor’ on our old-movie channel last night. The conspiracy cover-up described in that movie would be small potatoes by today’s conspiracy standards. In fact, they hardly try to cover them up any more, they just call Murdoch’s news agency and tell ’em not to report them. But the conspiracy itself, as described at the end by the characters Higgins and Turner, that was incredibly spot-on. It was an exact description of US policy in the MENA region. (now arriving at its end-point of abject failure)

    I sort of doubt that Erdogan will throw NATO out of their Turkey just yet. It is too powerful. And it will take time to patch things up with Russia, although that is clearly what Turkey desperately needs to do.

  2. Christian W

    We are seeing a massive change in the way power is flowing, the liberal domination of Europe and the US is faltering and will fall, I am predicting, fall very badly.

    Except that there is no such thing as “liberal” domination of Europe. It is neoliberal fascism if anything, run from, or through, the US.

    As I posted the other day, Trump was cut off (censored) by the US media when he mention the links between Hillary and ISIS.

  3. Jim R

    One could only imagine what sort of feverish meetings are taking place in Brussels right now among the NATO psychopaths-in-charge …

  4. Petruchio

    “I sort of doubt that Erdogan will throw NATO out of their Turkey just yet.” I wonder what the current status is concerning the Turks and the US Incirlik base. Last I heard, the Turks had the base surrounded and the energy shut off.

  5. Jim R

    NATO is big. Really big. Incirlik isn’t the only base they have in Turkey. And their protection racket is still a big deal in Europe.

    But we shall see …

  6. Jim R

    I was just noticing how Erdogan looks sort of like the assassin in Three Days of the Condor, played by Max von Sydow. I looked up von Sydow on IMDB, and he is still kicking, but of course he’s in his 80s now, much older than Erdogan.

  7. e sutton


    A week or so ago, Elaine made mention of Hillary´s health and that although Sanders is much older than Mrs. Clinton, he is far more active and robust. Well, Bernie is all of six years older than the Hildibeast. His shock of gray hair in contrast with her dyed locks only gives the appearance of being younger. Point being, they are all about the same age- I think Trump is either 70 or damn close to it.

  8. ziff

    the MSm was howling last night about trump blaming ISIS on Obama, a smart move that looks dumb, its smart because its like’ the shock of the new’ it alters thinking even as it offends. and it merely states what internet trolls already know. The press mocks but they must be shaken as they must know he can back his claims. Notice the topic has disappeared this morning.

  9. e sutton


    Trump is backing off, saying he was speaking sarcastically when liking Obama/Clinton to ISIS. I wish he would choose an argument and stick with it rather than back tracking.

  10. Melponeme_k


    I had a laugh today on another example of your cave of wealth and death allegory.

    I’ve started collecting mineral rocks, crystals and gems. Just small pieces, never above $30. But it has been a long time since my geology classes and I’ve long since forgotten how to classify rocks. But after reading up on them, I discovered what we think of as rocks are as far from inert as is possible. Some are a bit radioactive, many have heavy metals in them. And some are extremely unstable in the environment.

    I purchased an unstable “rock” the other day because it looked beautiful. It was Fool’s Gold or Pyrite. I was so happy with it. Until I read up about it and its possible dangers. It can off gas dangerous sulfuric fumes. When geologists store it, they have to put warning labels on their display cases to warn against build up. If it gets wet, it turns into Sulfuric acid. If it starts to oxidize it develops a dry, powdery form of sulfuric acid on itself.

    Of course, i took it back to the gem store to return it. The sales assistant told me that it was a good luck charm, that it attracted money into your life like crazy. This did not dissuade me from exchanging it. But I had to laugh at the thought of the rock bringing me riches but meanwhile I would die of sulfuric poisoning. Is that not your Aladdin’s cave story or what? You can’t get a dime in this world without paying in flesh.

  11. turk151

    You dismissed the notion that the CIA was behind the coup because it did not succeed; but, the CIA has a long history of botches coups. Brookings recently stated it was not a fake coup and was conducted by Gulen, this is certainly the consensus in Turkey. How is it possible, in a post NSA world, that a guy in the Poconos orchestrates a coup and the US has no idea about it?

  12. ziff

    @ 10, yes i’ve noticed some sulphide bearing rocks will decompose quite
    dramatically upon exposure , i had one on the dash of my truck and watched it turn powdery over a year, but pyrite crystals are very stable , not sure what the difference in chemistry is.

  13. Melponeme_k


    Pyrite is not stable according to this National Park Service advisory

    This pdf also advises to handle stones that contain aluminum with neoprene gloves. That would mean any regular stone you get in a gem shop/new age store requires gloves! That was something I never read anywhere else.

    I’ll believe this Nps sheet faster than any WOO WOO crystal healing website. I can’t live without Fool’s Gold in my life.

  14. Melponeme_k

    Typo above – I mean’t I can live without fool’s gold/pyrite/marcasite.

  15. Jim R

    It’s little specks of pyrite in coal-bearing formations that are the source of acid mine drainage. The pyrite, FeS2, rusts when water comes in contact, and it takes up oxygen and water to make a mixture of FeSO4 and H2SO4 in a dilute aqueous solution, known as ‘Copperas’. It’s green, and nothing much lives in it. And it’s acidic. After a sufficiently long time, nature runs its course, and the acidic brew finds alkaline minerals to neutralize it. It reverts to rust, and either water-soluble sulfates, which wash down the river, or gypsum. Rusty mud at the bottom of the mine drainage pond. Of course, mine drainage has lots of other stuff in it too, like lead.

    But with that said, a fool’s gold crystal is just fine as long as you keep it dry. Water can cause rust spots to appear on it, and you can polish it to make it shine again. Since rust acts as a catalyst for the formation of more rust, it’s better to not let it build up on your mineral collection. But as for it being dangerous, that’s ridiculous. The amount of sulfate that rubs off on your hand would be trivial, and you do wash your hands occasionally, no? It would simply wash away.

  16. Melponeme_k

    @Jim R

    So the National Park Service is lying about their storage advice of this mineral?

    For what it’s worth – Whoever wrote the Wiki page for it says that it is unstable as well.

    This website regarding acid mine drainage shows FeS2 quite clearly breaking down into Sulfuric Acid after mining exposure. They also list the rust reaction. But all of these breakdowns are influenced by environment.

    This site states that it emits sulfurous dioxide. Which can make people very ill.

    In high humidity it will start to degrade/oxidize. I suppose whoever owns it should hope they pull the lucky card and it will rust instead of turning into an acid.

  17. emsnews

    I grew up in Arizona and we had fool’s gold and it was OK due entirely to the very low humidity levels. It would be highly dangerous to have it here in Upstate NY with frequent 50%+ humidity! Today we have 90% humidity and it is nasty.

  18. Lou

    Black uber driver accused of raping 16 year old girl. Watch his “dindu nuffin” looks of surprise and disbelief as the charges are read against him in court–he acts like a three year old child. I would bet that the girl he raped was white because I doubt he would have needed to go through all this trouble to find a young black girl to get it on with.
    Does a guy with an 8 page rap sheet driving for uber?
    Uber doesn’t check for criminal backgrounds in many cities. Disparity of impact and all that.

  19. Lou

    I wish they would stop showing the “showroom, just like us” blacks on tv and in movies. Those film makers and producers should be in jail for fraud.

    I was watching regular network tv last night to catch the finals of Olympic swimming and gymnastics. Normally, I never watch “regular” TV because I can’t tolerate the PC commercials of happy, well-adjusted blacks that only exist in the minds of Hollywood (((executives))). That’s why we only watch television shows we like on Hulu Plus: no commercials.

    Within a single commercial break last night, I saw a negro little girl becoming an astronaut, some sort of family-based commercial in a nice house where everyone was a light-skinned black, and then a trailer for an upcoming movie about…wait for it…a sub-Saharan African chess playing champion!

    The good news is that if you type “blacks in commercials” on Google, you’ll see more whites asking why the hell there are so many unrealistic portrayals of blacks in tv commercials these days (I assume they’re white people asking…why would Negroes complain?). Hopefully more people are waking up. I think (((Hollywood)))is underestimating the ability of whites to notice and call BS on their non-stop Negro-worship programming.

  20. Lou

    Seen elsewhere, not sure about his etho biology run down;

    I wish they would stop showing the “showroom, just like us” blacks on tv and in movies. Those film makers and producers should be in jail for fraud.

    I was watching regular network tv last night to catch the finals of Olympic swimming and gymnastics. Normally, I never watch “regular” TV because I can’t tolerate the PC commercials of happy, well-adjusted blacks that only exist in the minds of Hollywood (((executives))). That’s why we only watch television shows we like on Hulu Plus: no commercials.

    Within a single commercial break last night, I saw a negro little girl becoming an astronaut, some sort of family-based commercial in a nice house where everyone was a light-skinned black, and then a trailer for an upcoming movie about…wait for it…a sub-Saharan African chess playing champion!

    The good news is that if you type “blacks in commercials” on Google, you’ll see more whites asking why the hell there are so many unrealistic portrayals of blacks in tv commercials these days (I assume they’re white people asking…why would Negroes complain?). Hopefully more people are waking up. I think (((Hollywood)))is underestimating the ability of whites to notice and call BS on their non-stop Negro-worship programming.

    Blacks on TV are always athletic and at least as tall as their White peers. This seems to be an unspoken rule in Hollywood.

    However you go into a Black area you will be surprised by how many of them are small or skinny and this is especially true for the South where they are less mixed.
    The Bantu people are not big which is why slavers cross-bred them with American Indians and White ranch-hands to create the “big joe” types from Southern fiction. There are tall Africans like the Sudanese but Africans bought by Southerners slavers were primarily Bantu.

  21. Jim R

    That’s exactly what I said in my post, above. The final product is rust and sulfate.

    Unless you are trying to smelt your pyrite into wrought iron, the amount of sulfur it gives off is trivial. Even in a somewhat humid environment. I was speaking from experience: it rusts. But you can keep your sample clean, I’d say just rub a little oil on in, any kind of oil, and it should remain shiny and yellow for quite a while.

    The thing about those ‘safety sheets’ is the same thing that’s wrong with our education system — they have to find the least little thing wrong. Yes, it slowly gives off sulfuric acid if you soak it in water. But dilute sulfuric acid is not a major problem, just wash it away. And the pyrite polishes right back to a nice shiny golden color.

    When I was about ten, my parents got me a Gilbert chemistry set. It was really neat, and had enough chemicals to make some little fireworks and whatnot. Nowadays, about the strongest chemical in it is chalk. The company is worried about liability, you know…

    On my refrigerator, I have (or had, don’t see it just now) a little sample of ‘peacock ore’ or chalcopyrite. It is a little different than fool’s gold in that it has copper + iron as the metal component. Copper/iron sulfide. It has pretty colors in it, iridescent blue and green. It is mined and smelted for its copper, in some parts of the world.

    Of course, that’s a stinky environmental mess, because they smelt hundreds of tons of the stuff. But what I wanted to say is that it’s a little less stable than simple iron pyrite. You can smell the sulfur in it. And the copper is somewhat more toxic than iron rust.

    And it still doesn’t bother me on the refrigerator (a little magnet is glued to the back, got it at a gift shop somewhere).

  22. melponeme_k

    No Jim, It isn’t Sulfate as a byproduct. IT IS SULFURIC ACID. Look at the AMD breakdown I linked to, it lists that as a first byproduct. Again, why don’t you believe the National Park Service geologists? They have warnings all over the mineral when they display it. Look at what Elaine wrote.

    If you are living in a desert environment, the mineral is more stable. But not here in the Mid Atlantic. It off gasses Sulfuric Dioxide. It’s science. I’m not making it up. Pyrite just doesn’t change its content because it is mined differently. If you want to believe your wish fulfillment, go ahead. Decorate your whole house with it. Sleep with it under your pillow, as one crazy new age book I read advised.

    It is clear to me now that this area of commerce is anything but monitored for safety. The industry, both gem stores and New Age stores, are selling potentially hazardous material with Woo Woo stories of luck and beauty. And they are preying on people who have forgotten their geology and won’t look further into their shinies.

    Chalcopyrite doesn’t off gas acid. But this website advises it be kept in sealed containers. It suggests using with protective equipment.

    Here is another safety data sheet on Pyrite.

    It has to be kept in closed containers and everything wiped down to prevent its dust from floating everywhere. Again, if the Chemical Safety Associates advise the US and Canada that protective gear is needed to work with this substance, if people should stay away from it etc., I’ll believe them over you.

  23. Jim R

    Not a byproduct. A product. Whether you like it or not.

    Beware of hydronium hydroxide. These safety sheets will warn you!

    I just looked over my collection of refrigerator magnets, by the way. Found the Chalcopyrite. It had developed a reddish patina shortly after I got it, and I assumed it was less stable, and it was rusty.

    Today I took a careful look, and it is exuding pure copper! The reddish patina was copper. After being on my refrigerator for about ten years, it has gone from a metallic bluish color, to plating itself with pure copper.

  24. Jim R

    And I live in Texas. It’s quite a bit hotter and dryer than where Elaine lives, or you. But still, it rains here sometimes. I imagine the pyrites would rust more quickly up there, but doubt that they would be dangerous.


    ELAINE: I lived in Texas at the observatory there when a child and it is ten times more humid than Arizona which is aptly named.

    Except during the 1060s when Arizona was soaking wet even in winter. It was amazingly green and lovely.

  25. Lou

    1060s —you meant 1960s?

  26. Jim R

    Early bronze-age humans must have noticed the copper oozing out of certain minerals such as chalcopyrite, and figured they could sweat more copper out by throwing it in the fire. Toss in a few other minerals, get the fire hot enough, and you have liquid bronze running out.

    Of course, you’d want to do that outdoors, more or less. Gets kinda stinky in the house with all the SO2 it gives off…

  27. Jim R

    The Texas observatory. That would be the one at Ft. Davis. Beautiful part of the Chihuahuan Desert. We went there in 2002 as tourists.

    They had a star party while we were there, as they apparently do most clear nights. It was interesting to see, with my own eyes, distant nebulas and clusters and galaxies that you normally only see as pictures. Stars like a hive of bees. Others, too many to count, like particles in a fog. There were huts with high-end amateur telescopes, and some of the older domes, manned by volunteers. The research telescopes are in other domes, farther up the mountain, and no humans are allowed in the domes when they are operating — all run by computers. Humans tend to mess up the air in the dome. In town, we rarely see a star at night.

    … We looked at some real estate listings when we got home — $6000/acre for land around Ft. Davis, Seems like a ridiculously high price for desert land.


    ELAINE: There is scrub oak on the mountain. My rope swing was attached to one of these small trees. It is still there, right on the steep mountainside. HAHAHAHA. Loved it, rode it daily, pretending I was flying high. Nutty kid, that.

  28. Jim R

    And, no, the Chihuahuan Desert is not as hot or dry as the Sonoran. Still a desert, though. Cacti, yuccas, creosote bushes.

    Lots of interesting colorful minerals are visible in road cuts out there, ones that quickly succumb in wetter climates, and become ordinary brown dirt.

  29. Petruchio

    @#8 ziff: “the MSm was howling last night about trump blaming ISIS on Obama, a smart move that looks dumb, its smart because its like’ the shock of the new’ it alters thinking even as it offends.” I think it is interesting to watch how the MSM handles this claim by Trump.
    Trump making this claim creates very real problems for the Propagandist! And that’s what the MSM really is after all. The problem is this: if the propagandist simply ignores this claim, people might start believing it and pretty soon enough people will believe it to create a REAL problem for Mrs. Clinton. She was Secretary of State under Obama.
    I think it was clever of Trump to say Obama and not Clinton when he made the “Obama created ISIS” claim. Let the General Public make that connection. But getting back to the problem the Propagandist has with this ISIS claim by Trump.
    The question/problem for the Propagandist is, “How to refute/debunk Trump’s ISIS claim without looking like a corporate owned shill; a presstitute.?” HaHaHaHa!! The media is caught between a rock and a hard place! They could ignore Trump’s ISIS claim and he could score points with the Public, but the MSM can’t be too over the top in attacking Trump for this ISIS claim.
    The media report I saw focused on how many times Trump made this clam, not whether it was true or not! As if that matters!. Personally, I find it amusing to watch the MSM presstitutes try to be good little corporate-owned media wh#res without being too obvious about it.

  30. Jim R

    @Petruchio #31,

    Yep. The propaganda organ of the MSM has gotten itself stuck. But the Russians did the same troll, when they decided to get involved in Syria. They started bombing ISIS oil convoys, and the news stories were stuck between ‘evil Russia’ and ‘evil ISIS’, and couldn’t root for either side.

    So you could say it’s a trick Trump learned from Putin. Therefore, Trump must be a Kremlin troll! !! 1!1!?

    (They were against ISIS before they were for it)

  31. Jim R

    Yup, that’s another difference in the deserts. Scrub oaks in the Chihuahuan, up at higher elevations.

    They grow very slowly. You could have been swinging on a 1000 year old tree.

  32. ziff

    -31 Petruchio , trump is very smart guy. and he MAY have access to info.

  33. Lou

    Anonymous — Black swimmer Simone Manuel calls out Police Brutality after Historic Olympic victory. How ironic that she doesn’t call out black on black violence in the inner cities.

    What I find ironic is none of these black athletes never criticize Castro’s treatment of black Cubans under that oppressive Communist system. If Castro was right wing, the left would oppose it like they did during Apartheid South Africa. Since he is far left wing they are quiet.

  34. Jim R

    Here it is in 2008. Let’s see if this works.

  35. ziff

    + @#34, media are such numbskulls , if they want to kill trump, portray him as establishment candidate. But Trump can play them like a violin.

  36. ziff

    more on rocks. There is not a single rock or mineral on the earths surface you can’t handle or display. I know because i’ve ‘ had rocks in my head ‘since childhood and have a collection [mess] of metallic sulphides around the place always as a reminder of great times.
    re; pyrite i’ve found that it degrades over time faster when its finely disseminated as in some soft sedimentary rocks ie shales] or tailings. We made the mistake of including some of these in our walls and they do crumble.I have also noticed that at some local mines some freshly exposed sulpide bearing rocks almost [ and sometimes do ] spontaneously combust , but this is rare and it seems a bit of a puzzle.

  37. Jim R

    Yes, finely divided things are different. Steel wool will support combustion, especially in pure oxygen. A chunk of solid steel, not so much. Rust is slow.

    To repeat what I said above, if you want to keep a specimen of pyrite or peacock ore shiny, rub some oil or grease on it. But in dry normal air, it should keep very very well with or without the oil.

    Many things become pyrophoric if they are ground into a molecular-sized powder. Ordinary wheat flour can explode, mixed with air. And flour grains are much larger than the particles those chemists are playing with. Rainey Nickel catches fire if it is allowed to dry out and air gets to it. The nickel in your pocket is safe, however.

  38. melponeme_k

    @Jim R


    If you want to keep believing your own fairy tales, go ahead. Rub that pyrite all over yourself. This is the same mindset of people who own Pit Bulls. Then get all wide eyed about why the dogs kill their children or grandparents or why their family members got sick from sulfur dioxide poisoning (which by the way, it can mimic bad allergies or colds)

    This is the advice for first responders of sulfur dioxide poison cases from Kansas Hospital.

    “]Wear a positive-pressure Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).”

    The majority of poisoning from pyrite products are due to fertilizer industry using it in their mixes, cleaning products for toilets or car batteries.

    We are regularly exposed to it when it is called Acid Rain due its products entering the biosphere when it is exposed mostly through mining.

    Clearly all of these are lies according to you.

    The specimen collecting is not monitored by safety inspectors. if there was oversight, this mineral would have warning signs on it and instructions on proper storage. Which would deter most buyers. But that would mean loss of income to many so that will never happen.

  39. ziff

    good grief , sorry Mel , this is a deficit in science education , and i would say 90% + of the population has no interest in mineralogy or materials so no knowledge . And the market for pyrite is not very big.

  40. Jim R

    I’ll try to remember not to put pyrite in my car battery, lol.

  41. Jim R

    Here’s that little lump of peacock ore off of my fridge.

    After reading the Wikipedia page on Chalcopyrite and some related pages, I think it is probably Bornite. The same elements but in a different ratio, and a different crystal structure. When I got it at the souvenir shop, it was quite a deep purple color, but as you can see, it has turned all coppery. It doesn’t smell like anything but copper.

    I can just imagine some neolithic hunter, after finding a chunk of this stuff and tossing it on a fire, and seeing it get even more coppery, discovering science of metallurgy!

  42. ziff

    bornite is solid metallic blue , i’d say the surface has oxidized a bit

  43. Jim R

    I have never made any effort to keep it from tarnishing, it has been stuck to my fridge for ten years. Moved from the old fridge to the new one, come to think of it. Apparently copper just oozes out of bornite.

    If I left it out in the rain I guess it would turn green.

  44. emsnews

    Nail on the head, Jim, and I’ll take it one step further: the ‘accident’ that discovered copper was due to someone making and then backing pottery!

    Yes, pottery came before any of the metals. In the Arizona/Chile deserts, people who came over from Siberia discovered copper lying on the ground probably when they used rocks to like a fire pit. But the melted copper came from the kilns and so they associated it with kilns from the very beginning.

    Copper was discovered independently in the New World and much later than the Old World.

  45. melponeme_k


    “And the market for pyrite is not very big.”

    Bigger than you would imagine. Its sold in various forms because it is beautiful and it has the fishwives tale that it brings wealth into your life. I’ve seen it in a big 5th avenue store sold in the classic cubes on a matrix. In that form it fetches a pretty price. Then there are nugget sized specimens that are more affordable. In New Age stores (where they tell you to sleep with it) it is sold in small, tumbled stone size.

    I would say there are a lot off unwary people who are getting, at the least, allergic reactions due to fumes because no one warned them of proper storage.

    “I’ll try to remember not to put pyrite in my car battery, lol.”

    Pyrite is already in your car battery. That is the poison that burns you if you touch a leaking car battery. It is also the stuff that gives you a chemical burn in certain household cleaning products.

  46. Jim R

    No. It isn’t.

    Sulfur is in your car battery, in some of its many forms. But not in the form of pyrite. If you drop pyrite into the battery, that will almost certainly short it out and kill it. Or mess up its chemistry at the very least. I’m not sure right now exactly what would happen.

    I played with pyrite as a child … many children do. It looks like gold, so if you find a bit of it you hang onto it. Then your parents tell you it is fool’s gold, but you still hang onto it because it is pretty.

    I don’t think I ever went so far as to sleep with it. Fridge magnets, maybe, but I don’t care for lumps of hard minerals in my bed.

    As for ‘allergic reactions’, people are allergic to all sorts of things. Like bird feathers or cat fur or peanuts. Although I’m inclined to say it is hysterical nonsense, the inflammation from such a reaction can have real, devastating health consequences. People have died from it.

    So if you believe yourself to be sensitive to the sulfite in wine, then it probably isn’t a good idea to play with sulfur. If not, it’s just another element. One of the more interesting elements, actually.

  47. Jim R

    As for “the market for pyrite is not very big”, I think ziff was referring to it as an industrial market. Like the market for portland cement. There is a huge worldwide market for cement. Millions of tons of the stuff are made and used every year. That’s a guess, but it is lots.

    But a single truckload of pyrite, with say six or ten tons of the stuff, would keep all the souvenir shops, fridge magnet makers, and “woo-woo” crystal shops in business for decades.

  48. melponeme_k


    This conversation is clearly at an end. Because you are not reading the back up information that supports my argument. Simply because you want to keep your own fairy tales intact.

    Pyrite is certainly used in car batteries. Or you better write to livescience and tell them they are sadly mistaken.

    Oh wait, look here a new proposal to use pyrite in regular batteries!

    “I played with pyrite as a child … many children do”

    This is totally due to ignorance. If everyone knew the off chances of poisoning, no one would let their child touch it.

    “As for ‘allergic reactions’, people are allergic to all sorts of things.”

    There you go, twisting my words to mean something else strictly to protect your own view.

    I said Sulphur Dioxide poisoning can MIMIC allergic reactions (runny nose, trouble breathing, rashes) IF it doesn’t kill anyone. Do you understand the word MIMIC?

    “So if you believe yourself to be sensitive to the sulfite in wine, then it probably isn’t a good idea to play with sulfur.”

    This is not plain sulfur we are talking about, we are talking about SULFURIC ACID and SULPHURIC DIOXIDE!

    There is a huge market for Pyrite.

    Tell me there isn’t something wrong when the same item is used for jewelry AND creating Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfuric Acid by industrial manufacturers Would this huge market be as huge if people hesitated to buy it for jewelry. You know the market has no compunction whatsoever to keep buyers safe. Their only aim is to make money. It is governments who step in to act as protectors and intermediaries for the populace. In the US, government has been completely overtaken by market forces. So there is no oversight.

  49. Mel, go buy yourself a nice piece and watch it gather dust ,not sulfuric acid .
    Never thought I’d be having this conversation lol

  50. As from the”huge market” mine dumps are full of it ,waste rock

  51. melponeme_k


    And ANOTHER person not reading my back up material in order to keep his own fairy tales going.

    This paper is about museums dealing with the oxidation of pyrite encrusted fossils. READ the blurb, it clearly states that sulfuric acid forms over the pyrite. So why don’t you buy yourself MORE of it. Put in your child’s room! Let him or her eat it. NO WORRIES!

    No there is no huge market, that is why a market research company wrote a paper regarding investment opportunities in pyrite that I linked to in the previous post.

    HELLS BELLS does anyone READ anymore?

  52. I do read your references most seem to be written by lawyers, msds sheets.
    I’m just speaking from years of direct experience. You ignore that.

  53. Notice those amazing shiny cubes , they will and have lasted forever.

  54. Jim R


    I actually read some of your articles. Some scientists are noodling around in the lab with experiments that include FeS2, well, good for them. But what Ziff and I are saying is still true: pyrite is not a valuable commodity, it is mining waste. It’s like saying water is a good source of hydrogen. It is, but it isn’t.

    Anyway, your postings always remind me of the good times, long ago, another decade, another life …

    Like when we used to swim in the copperas infused water of the stripper pits in southern Indiana. Yeah, some of us actually did that. We swam in it.

    Until the county mounties got wind of maybe somebody having some fun out there, and started harassing people. Until Nixon started the EPA, which made the coal mining companies fill them in. Until modern times.

    And we didn’t dissolve in all that sulfuric acid! Whaddaya know!

  55. Melponeme_k


    So the majority of written information on the mineral doesn’t fit YOUR OPINION so they were all written by Lawyers. LOL, Keep twisting for your fairy tale.

    Another paleontology based pdf that clearly states that Pyrite turns into Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphuric Acid. Maybe all these Paleo guys are hallucinating about their fossils turning into acidic ash.

    Marcasite is almost the same as Pyrite. But it looks different and it will rust not turn into acid. What is being sold in the stores could be a mixture of both. But the perfect cube shaped crystals are definitely pyrite. Marcasite does not form that way.

    @Jim R

    How many times did you swim in it? I doubt that you were taking pH readings as a child before you jumped in.

    If the AMD doesn’t drastically lower pH levels, people can ignore it. Once it hits a certain low point, it’s dangerous. You dodged a bullet my friend, congratulations. The Mounties were freaking out because they didn’t want to get sued. But personally, they were hoping that Natural Selection took its due.

  56. Jim R

    It had a pH of about 2 or 3. Tasted nasty. If you were on well water and it was like that, you’d get a specialized home filtration system. Nothing lived in it, there weren’t even mosquitoes out there.

    The spoil banks had tons of interesting fossils, they were practically made of crinoid stems. Lots of trilobites and little seashells. In the Carboniferous era, the place was a swamp, and then later it was the bottom of a shallow sea. The Tethys, maybe? Coral reefs formed over the coal beds. Then, as the ice ages got going, it became dry land. The Ohio River valley.

    But of course, there’s this other interesting phenomenon: nature always returns to a balance. If the rain sweeps too many ions out of the air, and an electric charge builds up between sky and ground, sometimes it returns very quickly. In this case, it was slow, over decades. All the limestone in that coral reef slowly absorbed the sulfate, and the water headed back toward a neutral pH. But it was quite acidic back in the day.

    Here’s how it looks today:

  57. ziff

    mel ,as i tried pointing out to you in my first post, pyrites in soft sedimentary rocks are will react to air and moisture, that’s a different chemistry, but even in that case they are not a hazard except to themselves.

  58. ziff

    If you actually read this article you will see that it discusses the relatively rapid decomposition of pyrite in relation to being finely divided and being put into contact with concrete, same as contact with calcium rich fossils. Notice the pyrite in schist there, i have found those myself, they sit outside for 100’s of years and only develop a tarnish and some local staining.

    if you trouble me again with this i will post an article stating [as i have] that mineral specimens will do no harm.

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