Black Professor Lawrence Ware Hates Whites, Sees ‘Micro-aggressions’ Everywhere He Goes

If Microaggressions Happened to White People | Decoded | MTV News – YouTube

How to Survive, Be Safe and Thrive at a Predominantly White Institution is a publication of a black power professor who teaches at a southern school and he hates it, evidently, thinking that the entire universe is persecuting him.  I will note here that he was hired and I was not when I was studying languages and all the language departments were annihilated back in the 1970s.  Why is he ‘teaching’ and I never got to teach anyone except prisoners out of Patterson NJ who wanted to learn how to build houses?


 Lawrence Ware is a progressive writer in a conservative state. A frequent contributor to Counterpunch and Dissent magazine, he is also a contributing editor of NewBlackMan (in Exile) and the Democratic Left. He has been featured in the New York Times and discussed race and politics on HuffPost Live, NPR and Public Radio International.


This ‘academic’ is a crazy radical which is why he has published this:  Why the “Black Church” Doesn’t Exist–and Never Has.  I made fun of him and his rank racism in the past.  He is beyond help at this point.  Note how the liberal side of the media loves to feature this guy who is preaching SEGREGATION.  I have readers who are white who want segregation.  I do not want it, I lived in the south before the Civil Rights Act and it was a cruel, evil system.


The problem here today is how the pendulum swings.  Blacks are no longer discriminated against, they are actively helped along and put ahead of everyone in the line so that they are rewarded for working less hard than say, Asian children trying to climb the ladder to the top.  This system of pushing blacks ahead of everyone else is backfiring badly…ON BLACK CHILDREN.


Yes, they are victims of this system.  The author here is a black male petted by radical leftists who has become bitter and delusional as he picks at his emotional scabs, making himself bleed.  He can’t bear the fact that he is really their pet monster and he has to snarl and snap as they feed him fresh meat, and they point at him and enthuse, ‘He is one mean motherfucker!  He will eat you all alive, hahaha.’


This disgusts men.  Here is the article this poor man published today, talking about how cruel it was, going through school in the past:


 No one prepared me for the multiple assaults on my humanity that I experienced at a PWI. I was consistently the only black student in my class, and in my entire collegiate career (including graduate school), I had only one black professor. I was frequently asked if I was a student-athlete (read: The only way you’d be on a college campus is for your athletic prowess), and my professor laughed in my face when I told him that I wanted to major in philosophy…


“That’s a tall order,” he said with a smug grin. “I rarely see black people at philosophy conferences.” In that moment I knew that this educational institution was not, and maybe would never be, a safe space for me as a black man. Many students of color attending PWIs agree.


What on earth is this guy babbling about?  I managed to look it up and found it:  Urban Dictionary: PWI:  The black racist code word for ‘Predominantly White Institutions’.  Unfortunately for the youthful writer here, this also means ‘Posting While Intoxicated’.


This guy is a classic case of ‘walking around with a chip on his shoulder’ as he demands everyone fight him or else.  I once had a boyfriend I met at a fencing tournament, he went on to be the first black Olympian fencer: Peter Westbrook – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Peter Westbrook (born April 16, 1952) is an American former sabre fencing champion, active businessman and founder of the Peter Westbrook Foundation.
As a former U.S. champion and Olympic medalist,[1][2] Peter Westbrook came to fencing from an unlikely direction, the inner city. Westbrook’s remarkable life began with his Japanese mother, who convinced him to try fencing. As a Newark teenager in the 1960s, Westbrook brought unseen intensity to the sport; anger over his absentee father, poverty, and status as a biracial man in a racist society helped to fuel Westbrook to remarkable heights within the sport. Through discipline and hard work, he channeled his anger into the competitive edged needed to become an internationally ranked competitor.
While nearing retirement, Westbrook founded the Peter Westbrook Foundation (PWF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses the sport of fencing as a vehicle in developing life and academic skills for young people from underserved communities of New York City. Thousands of young athletes have affirmed the benefits of Peter’s message and gone on to achieve similar success in and out of the sport. His humility, natural talent for leadership and desire to give back, provide the Foundation’s heart as it enters its 20th year of existence. His life story (captured in the 1997 book, Harnessing Anger), has inspired many to always seek excellence in every endeavor.


Note how Wikipedia talks about his anger about being a biracial kid.  Guess who was teasing him?  BLACK CHILDREN!!!  He was half Japanese and extremely attractive.  I can attest to this.  Ahem.  HAHAHA.  When he came to the Olympic trials, everyone was very nice to him, most of the top fencers back then and even now were from Europe and tried for the Olympics in the US because it was easier, not harder.  And yes, he was ‘exotic’ back then and cheered on by all of us especially when he was in the public eye.


The media loved him and for good reason, he was personable, kind, patient, lovely temperament, cool and yes, he had to avoid cowboy bars in Tucson back then, I had to avoid them, hell’s bells, they were nasty.  To white hippies, not just blacks, or Mexicans, or anyone.


Fencing at University level in Germany is or at least was when I was there, a huge thing.  And the biggest issue wasn’t blacks fighting, it was women fighting with the men which is what I did, that is, I like sword fighting, especially medieval sword fighting, with men.  This is how I once broke my arm but then my sword fighting husband did the same thing the same way, too.


Peter wanted to teach children from the slums how to fight nobel style, not street thug style.  His classes are multicultural.  This goes into another issue: as blacks excel at ‘non-black’ sports like tennis and gymnastics and now swimming, they do this easily because blacks are, thanks to the iron rules of evolution, they are built to win any sort of physical sport they wish to learn.


Why is this?  Two things: survival in Africa is a hard slog and the cruel systems of nature hone physical skills because the weaker were killed or died in various unpleasant ways.  Africans exported to be slave labor were cruelly treated, abused viciously and the children who survived this abuse were mainly physically amazingly strong.  This is exactly how evolution works.


Same goes for the Plains People of Eurasia: a harsh life and they explode across the more pleasant parts of Europe, beating the Europeans easily every time.  But the pleasant life means getting weaker as civilization gets stronger.  Civilization kills the evolution of super strong people since nearly everyone gets to survive except for random pulses of violence of plagues but then the easy life (relatively speaking!) resumes.


This is the exact opposite of what black people have experienced and the Olympics increasingly shows, along with professional sports team games like football which is very heavily black players today, and this is nothing to sniff at, being physically fit due to evolution is a marvelous thing which will fade fast due to blacks living idle in cities collecting welfare and goofing off most of the time.


In 100 years, urban blacks will be as weak as say, Jewish ghetto survivors who were not allowed to do any hard physical labor in the fields like the peasants around them, they were forced to be urban whereas our present urban ghettos are self-made.


Back to today’s liberal rant about micro-aggressions being so evil and scary:  How to Survive, Be Safe and Thrive at a Predominantly White Institution


“It is important for students of color to remember that predominantly white colleges and universities are still historically white,” says Elon Dancy, professor of education and associate dean for community engagement and academic inclusion at the University of Oklahoma and author of The Brother Code: Manhood and Masculinity Among African American Males in College.


“So while these institutions may ‘admit’ people of color, they still have ways of not accepting them,” he says. “We continue to see this in campus culture and climate data in which whites are overrepresented in university leadership, faculty and in the student body. Furthermore, for every overt racist incident we think of as long gone, there are thousands of contemporary violent acts often referred to as ‘microaggressions’ that seek to keep students of color ‘in their place.’ Until these institutions address these realities with deep, truly culturally responsive policies, the campuses will always be places to be survived.”


So what must one do to circumnavigate the hotbed of white supremacy that is a contemporary college campus populated by white bodies? How can a student of color thrive at an institution that merely tolerates one’s presence? Put simply, what must a black student do to survive at a PWI?


Yes, ‘micro-aggressions’ are absolutely terrifying.  The author claims that when professors encouraged him and showed happiness that he was trying out philosophy, he translated this back into his own brain as insults and abuse and sneering at him.  If they kept a straight face and grunted at him instead, he would interpret this as ‘abuse’ too so basically, there was no facial expression or words that wouldn’t annoy him so people just have to give up and AVOID this crazed student.


Note his solution to his own problem of being thin skinned and angry all the time: his solution is to ‘love yourself’ and ‘hang out only with fellow blacks while sneering at any whites who try to befriend you all.’


It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. There are things in place that will help you succeed. Amber Wiley, a Yale University graduate and assistant professor of architecture at Skidmore College, notes, “Black students need to realize that there are resources available to them—cultural, educational, financial—that they should take advantage of. Whether those resources are in the form of an office of multicultural affairs, a chief diversity officer, clubs centered around a cultural identity or a professor’s office hours, students should feel like those resources are there for them—because they are.”


And here it is: to make black students happy, to keep everyone quiet, blacks are hired in huge numbers to ‘teach’ even if they are middling good or worse, incompetent.  Then the administrators give in to every demand and hire more and more staff to keep the micro-minnie-aggression fanatics happy and handing out more money in student loans, and the merry go round rotates as the debts pile up…on the students!!!


They are paying for all this!  They have to pay through the nose for all this.  Want to see chains?  Look at the debt chains being forged around black children’s ankles as they are egged on to go to ‘school’ and can barely master the basics of elementary school and junior high, much less, high school.


It is a sad fact that many community college and even university black students are woefully behind everyone else and struggle to do anything in higher education and even with lots of dumbing down of standards to the pits in the liberal arts, still struggle and then get to live the rest of their lives with the equivalent of the price of a house over their heads for a useless ‘education’ and with a low graduation rate, not even a diploma.


Well, I don’t have one, either, but this was due to being stabbed in the back and deciding not to bother with school ever again and going into hard labor, the land of The Survival Of The Fittest and I am still ‘fit’, more or less, *cough*cough*.


The opposite of the top video by MTV about micro aggressions:  This is your brain on Social Justice: Micro Aggressions – YouTube

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8 responses to “Black Professor Lawrence Ware Hates Whites, Sees ‘Micro-aggressions’ Everywhere He Goes

  1. melponeme_k

    If I had lived my growing years fretting over micro-aggression, I would have never stayed in school. It never occurred to me to whine about the unfairness of it all.

    I grew up PWI (what an acronym) in the deep south. I was the only minority child in my class, practically the whole school. Did I get teased? YES. How was it handled by my teachers and parents? I was told not to sweat the small stuff. Some people are ignorant idiots and you have to deal with them and their craziness. My best road was to do good in school then move on and up. Mind you, I was never physically assaulted by my fellow classmates and this in an area that was said to have a big KKK presence.
    Whereas today there are loads of stories in which white, asian and mixed children are mercilessly beaten in predominantly black schools.

    Yes, you are right the elites are coddling black welfare recipients and laugh as they dumb them down into rage/helplessness. Just like the far right Christians they once coddled, they will destabilize societal institutions with Black lives matter than once their aim is accomplished, they will be dropped. Dropped with no defense against an angry population that are now being primed for retaliation.

  2. Lou

    Will Smith doesnt like you, Whitey;
    These black actors and entertainers like to pick on white people for being racist, but I wonder about the racial makeup of their neighborhoods. If they choose to live in white neighborhoods, are they not being prejudiced against black people for some reason? They accuse white people of conducting white flight, but what about them? Are they not fleeing the crime and stench of their own people?

    I don’t know about OrcaBlimpey but Will Smith apparently owns a mansion in The Colony, an ultra-exclusive enclave with a guarded gate that winds up the mountains of The Canyons Resort in Park City. The only way us plebians can get a glimpse of the homes in The Colony is to ride up on a chairlift and ski past them (I’m guessing it’s hard to burglarize the mansions when your only plausible getaway car is a snowmobile).

    But Park City, like most of Utah, is super white…I can go days without seeing a negro, and Park City is considered somewhat “diverse” compared with the state as a whole. If Smith truly cared about “his people”, he’d buy a house in West Jordan City where the other dozen or so negroes live.

  3. Lou

    ‘And here it is: to make black students happy, to keep everyone quiet, blacks are hired in huge numbers to ‘teach’ even if they are middling good or worse, incompetent.’
    Elaine, Darling; you regale us with your tales of being at the ramparts, way back in the 1960s, yes?
    This is the result.

  4. e sutton

    Segregation has become, in this modern era, such a ¨sad¨ word, where as diversity is a ¨happy¨ word. Well, alrighty then…can we few remaining whites who wish to rid ourselves of the destruction of the negro undertow kindly (and politely – sans ¨micro-agressions¨ tm) suggest a divorce, due to irreconcilable differences?

    Not wanting to assimilate to White Western norms is not a crime in and of itself, if that is what the blacks wish. As for the Whites who do yearn to embrace the negro lifestyle, the opportunity is there and patiently awaits them. Only, they might end up as did this unfortunate chap and his mom.

    There are plenty of Darwin Awards to go around, wiggers. Politely wait your due turn. 🙂

  5. Lou

    The government is now telling young Blacks that College is racist, against Blacks.
    “Obama has been filling their empty, unimaginative heads for eight years nonstop that whites who achieve are just lucky. What’s even more hypocritical is the fact he has never built, or even participated in building a successful business.”
    Nonsense. You didn’t build that!
    Obama Hussien, the most destructive president ever. Two million Muslims, tens millions illegals, $ten trillion added to debt, ISIS, HIllary, DOJ, Black Lives Matter, war on cops, and on and on

  6. e sutton

    Ahem….the ¨news¨ story above did not mention the race of the victims…I´ll leave that to all you super sleuths out there to figure that one out.

  7. Lou

    Ven–Colin Flaherty does good work. Thanks.

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