Milwaukee Black Criminal Riot Due To Armed Criminal Shot By Cops

Live Milwaukee Riot Coverage, around over 2 hours of it- YouTube

Good old fashioned race riot in Milwaukee — large scale black mob violence – YouTube

Milwaukee protests end in violence after cop shot and killed an ARMED man following traffic stop: oh, I remember well when rampaging mobs of black young males ran wild in the 1970’s!  They were still new to the idea that they can loot, rape and burn so I was able to sort of stop them over time, all the arrests I made, only a few involved some violence on my part.  After 8 years of Obama, blacks now resist arrest frequently and violently, both male and female.  Where do they learn this?  IN SCHOOL where they fight each other and the staff frequently and nothing bad happens, that is, they are not shot dead.  So they think they can do this all the time.

Howling like hyenas, Deadly police shooting sparks violent Riots in Milwaukee – YouTube


Proof is all over the internet and the compilation of school violence by Who Does This? Black mayhem, chaos and violence around the country – YouTube videos by Colin Flaherty who has heroically tracked with increasing anger, the rise of outright black revolt against whites as well as each other.  This is not a Black Panther ‘we are people too’ sort of movement, it is no movement.


It is pure chaos like I lived through in the 1970s when I had to turn into a monster to stop them from destroying absolutely everything. To this day, the Democratic party won’t talk to me due to my actions as the Housewife from Hell when I used to corner them all over the issue of crime and then worked with Giuliani to put the mobsters at the top of the pyramid of power, into prison or the grave.

Black mobs murder white women in Milwaukee and Augusta –more and more. – YouTube

The Democrats are running on the Kumbya party platform while Trump (NOT his fellow GOP gang!) is running on the law and order platform.  Guess who is going to win?  Inner city blacks with jobs better figure out very fast what will happen next if they continue with the liberal platform: the cities, already dying, will be inferno hell holes and everyone there will die if angry people on the outside fence them all in.


Indeed, suggestions that it may be the solution is rising and no surprise to any sane person.  Who wants people who just burned down their own cities, moving in next door?  No one, of course.

The black guy who put up this video boasts about how ‘we shot back at the police and they ran!  Cool!’  He thinks destroying the hood if funny.


Idaho family saves 4-year-old daughter snatched by mountain lion on camping trip  sounds like I am on a different topic.  No, we are talking evolution here.  Black inner city welfare families are evolving.  They are becoming more and more dysfunctional and violent.  Both males and females are equally violent and ill-tempered and are this way with each other as marriage collapses in the black community and out of control sex reigns.


Mountain lions are anti-social animals.  They hate each other the only bonds left for them all are mother/child bonds and that, for only one year then mommy brutally kicks junior out of the hood and he or she has to hunt on their own and take over their own hoods.  It used to be legal to hunt cougars all the time when I was a child until they were endangered.


Now, protected, they have not only proliferated but have widened territory all the way across the entire USA.  The reason why camping became a huge hit during the 1950’s onwards was due to the safety of camping after most predators were knocked off.  Note that no one except the natives who can hunt polar bears, dares camp out in polar bear territory!  They certainly eat humans.


Cougars, when calling each other for sex, scream like a woman who is being knifed.  Seriously.  Jolted me awake at the ranch more than once, a male once came to the front door and sprayed with with his ‘I want sex’ perfume one day and boy, did it smell.  The cats went nuts, hissing at it.  Our dog went crazy  over it.


Well, thanks to predator wildlife taking off after being protected, camping is now very dangerous except if you camp like I used to camp way back in the 1950s-1960s: with a dog and a gun (helps to have an ill-tempered stallion, too, like my Sparky who chased away even large bears!).  The dog is essential.  You can sleep while the dog pretends to sleep.  Telling urban families that public parks are safe is dangerous and even insane.


Going into our dying former industrial cities is even more dangerous!  I used to go deep into Newark to deal with the prisoners in the prison exit program and that, at night.  It was dangerous but I had armed guards with me.  Today, none of us would volunteer to do something that stupid and dangerous.  Note how gangs form swiftly to prevent gangsters from being arrested and charged.  Back in the day when I went in, the 1980s, the police and store owners shot dead nasty people all the time and nothing happened.


Today, every cop who has to shoot someone is treated like a criminal.  They cannot function this way.  Sorry about that, in an ideal world where there is no welfare crime underclass of huge size, one can indulge in pleasantries.  Today, the welfare/crime class has mushroomed.  It was a smaller portion of the population back then and was worse in key liberal areas like NYC and even there, was confined to the Bronx and Bedford/Stuy.


Now, it is in all our once-manufacturing cities.  Detroit was the first for them to burn down but the manufacturing remained there after the fires ate up the oldest part of the city.  Today, the entire city is about to burn down, that is, the parts that still have something to burn.  I call this ‘a slow riot’ when buildings and businesses are systematically destroyed by vandals one by one, night after night.


I used to sit on the roof to observe this work back when I first organized the first foot patrols.  Every night, fires all around me.  Then the vandals, to teach us all a lesson for stopping them, threw an explosive into the bottom story of one of our member’s brownstone and it blew up knocking me out of my bed.  The owner survived, thank god.  And we went on the war path which led to the mayor coming to her home to promise to protect her and right in front of him, two drug dealers shot at each other and missed (rats) and the cops and I ran off to catch them, and I snarled, ‘Do it my way or else!’


Well, Koch left office and a GOP guy fixed things.  And this will happen to Hillary, she cannot run on the present ‘we want all of America to be like Detroit or Newark or Ferguson’ platform.  Even home owning middle class blacks can’t vote for that, their homes are the #1 target of black underclass rioters!!!


The results of two forces: easy welfare if blacks don’t marry and free trade which killed all the good paying manufacturing jobs and turned once-great cities like Milwaukee into hell holes for these very same multigenerational welfare families that are utterly broken down and anti-social.

[News] Let’s talk about the Milwaukee Riots… – YouTube

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6 responses to “Milwaukee Black Criminal Riot Due To Armed Criminal Shot By Cops

  1. melponeme_k

    ” Inner city blacks with jobs better figure out very fast what will happen next if they continue with the liberal platform: the cities, already dying, will be inferno hell holes and everyone there will die if angry people on the outside fence them all in.”

    This is exactly what will happen IF your city is not important to trade. The elites will never let NYC fall off the cliff. There will be a return to Guiliani style law and order, if that won’t work outright curfews, road blacks, security checks and shoot to kill if they are not obeyed.

    But yes, cities are easy to blockade and starve. It is the very first method in warfare in history since DAY 1!

    As far as presidential campaigns go, I think there are a lot more black Trump supporters than we currently know about. The media refuses to interview them, take pictures or film them. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge that they exist. It is akin to that poor woman on that talk show who they tried to hush up (the host putting his hands on her) then they cut her off for commercial breaks. This is what educated, middle class and rational minded black people are dealing with from day to day. They are being erased from existence so that criminals can be coddled.

  2. emsnews

    Bingo. Yes, I saw videos of US media running literally away from anti-Hillary black middle class voters. Today, the media is screaming that Trump has now totally lost and should Surrender Dorothy (hahaha) and stop running and let Hillary win via acclamation of the masses of Bilderberg gangsters…sheesh.

    This is all very funny since this pooch is going to get slapped very hard on the nose in the looming election and they know this today which is why they are hiding the news of the riots today.

  3. Lou

    Off topic— Once, Elaine had mocked the ‘Clinton Body Count’ –wonder how she feels about it now?
    6 dead in a few weeks.
    Seth Rich
    John Ash [of UN fame]

    and a few others.


    ELAINE: People bop off all the time. Ask the Grim Reaper.

  4. Christian W

    The madness of the US elites is at an all time high, and growing exponentially.

  5. Lou

    People bop off all the time. Especially those around the Clintons.

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