Trolling The Web, Major Media Hiding Milwaukee Riots, Claims Trump Is Finished, Should Quit

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Seldom have I seen such mass insanity openly displayed by our major media giants but then, they have many years practicing lying about things, hiding things or blowing up things or enabling war crimes, etc.  Today, they are full flood attacking Trump and not mentioning vital news we need to stay alive, for example, pretending nothing is going on in Milwaukee.  Wow.  Fun, living in Pravda Village, comrades!

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Washington Post at least has a small story about the riots and destruction by Black Lives Don’t Mean Shit people.  The big story is this one:  Election Day looks good for the Democrats — with one crucial exception – The Washington Post which wins today’s ‘Dewey Wins!’ contest.

It’s all coming up aces for the Democrats. Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by more than seven percentage points nationally in the poll averages. She is ahead by seven points in New Hampshire, eight in Virginia, nine in Pennsylvania and 11 in Colorado — enough to lock up the electoral college. Polls also look good for the Democrats to retake the Senate, especially because former Indiana senator Evan Bayh decided to run for his old seat.


But not all the news is good. Despite the Democrats having the inside track for the executive branch and the upper chamber of Congress, there seems little chance of a Democratic House.


Why? The easy answer is that the Democratic Party — and especially the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — has failed to take advantage of its opportunity.


All Trump has to do is play all those lovely videos of Hillary and Obama and Mrs. Obama lecturing us all on how racism is evil and it is OK for black kids  to burn down cities.  All black property owners better figure out, their homes are toast if this gets worse and it will get worse since Ferguson, destroying communities is heralded as terrific good and cops are evil and Hillary brought the females responsible for raising thugs many of them, on taxpayer dollars, to grow up and be menaces to society, to the DNC convention and hailed them all as heroes.


So now everyone thinks it is OK to go full thug and they are doing exactly that.  The last several years saw many summer programs and entertainments terminated permanently due to black kids rioting.  Kiwani Club events to raise money for children, church socials, firework displays, etc. are all going swiftly down the tubes due to blacks rioting and committing crimes every time there is a public event.  This goes for public pools, etc. the same thing is happening: violent mobs of blacks are forcing cities to curtail public events.


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The New York Post in NYC’s headlines has the violent riots in a tiny side box.  The big box is all about how Trump should stop running for President.  The joke is on the bitch in the bubble…big time bubble…who thinks this is a great idea because who needs him?  Note how Obama is stopping riots!!!

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 NY Daily News is also attacking Trump blaming him for something he has nothing to do with.  Who killed the Imman?  Welllll…I know of interfaith battles between a number of Muslims and this is happening overseas a great deal (Sunni versus Shia, for example) and we don’t know who did it so blame…Trump who has nothing to do with this at all.


This is going to backfire badly on the owners of the Daily News who obviously don’t care about telling the truth.  Instead, they are lighting fires and trying their hardest to start riots instead of giving us realistic news.  And this entire drama queen nonsense is going to end badly for the minorities who live in and burn down our cities.  This insanity is why I live on my mountain.  I moved here very deliberately.


Except we had this massive thunderstorm last night!  It was continuous lightning so much, I could read a book by it.  Deafening, too.  A bolt hit very  near by.  Thor continues to be a problem for me but I didn’t get hit this time by wearing rubber boots and standing in the middle of the house with all outer room doors shut.  Otherwise, all I have to worry about are skunks, one came in two nights ago, bears, who haven’t come back and I now have a dog, and the chipmunks living in the lumber room.  All is well, here.


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11 responses to “Trolling The Web, Major Media Hiding Milwaukee Riots, Claims Trump Is Finished, Should Quit

  1. e sutton

    Mr. & Mrs. White America are wondering where our Commander in Chief is and what he is going to do about this growing unrest. Well, he is practicing his putting in Martha´s Vineyard, something they can be sure Mrs. Clinton will be doing this time next summer.

  2. billibaldi

    Mrs Clinton doesnt play golf, can’t spend too much time in the sunlight.

  3. billibaldi

    I couldn’t help myself, I had to look up Skunk as a spirit animal. The best phrase is ” humble yet so powerful”.

  4. melponeme_k

    Chipmunks are sassy creatures.

    A few years ago, one walked into a bungalow where I was staying during the summer. I was on my laptop at the time and didn’t realize until I felt someone staring at me. Looked up to see no one around. Then I adjusted my gaze downward and saw a chipmunk. He was eating something. He was just casually sitting on the floor, eating and staring at me as if I were a live exhibit at the zoo. When he was finished munching, he shook his paws free of crumbs then walked out of the house.

  5. emsnews

    The killer of the multi-arrested young black criminal male in Wisconsin was a black cop.

  6. e sutton


    Well then, I guess everything´s okay, Back to our regular scheduled programming 😀

  7. Last night I noticed the press had found your , tired Clinton , story . So it was trump who was all tired out .

  8. Course the polls are fake , we know what the secret ones show.

  9. melponeme_k

    I take back what I wrote before about middle class black citizens not standing up. They are except they are being IGNORED!

  10. emsnews

    Today, our media giants are pretending there are no blacks voting for Trump. Yes, this is all a conspiracy…major players in the Bilderberg gang are media giant owners, after all.

  11. Jim R

    I am glad to hear that you are good. And a dog is a good thing to have, if you live away from the big city.

    As for Thor, it might be good if you have a metal roof, or a sort of faraday cage in the attic. Hooked into the lightning rod system, of course.

    A few weeks ago, I was sitting here, where I usually sit, and lightning hit the next door neighbor’s satellite dish. An amazingly loud and bright flash. Next morning, there was a truck from the satellite TV company in front of the house. Technician said he was replacing the whole system. Maybe I ought to install lighting rods, too.

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