Black Riots, Bomb Panics, Trump Is Losing To Invisible Hillary According To US Media Giants

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Chaos over ‘shots fired’: Thousands of passengers are ordered to take cover, then evacuated from two terminals as an army of cops stages a four-hour hunt for non-existent gunman after false alarm

Politics|Donald Trump to Lay Out ‘3 Pillars’ of Terrorism Plan, Aides Say after he correctly said Obama and Hillary ‘founders of ISIS’.  Yes, they were.  Trump didn’t mention Bush Jr. and Cheney being the big original daddies of this baby monster.  ISIS was created by US war crimes!  Not even Trump can say this truth.  Our country is ruled by war criminals and Hillary said she is doubling down on this war crime business.  Listen to her gang talking about Putin to see which war they plan to start: WWIII.


WWIII will be hard to fight since our own population is fighting the Civil War all over again!  One person shot in Milwaukee during second night of unrest as the rioters who are nearly uniformly the criminal class, that is, no jobs, making money via crimes, they are rioting after a black cop shot a black multi-arrested armed black thug.


As I pointed out on day one, the plan of Black Lives Matter and why it never ever protests blacks killing blacks is to start riots and take over whole cities to run as thug criminal operations.  All this alarming stuff is connected directly to Nixon’s War on Drugs.  The drug dealers are winning this war especially after the elite War on Workers was won and all our major well paying jobs for the lower classes were removed overseas.


Yes, all this dovetails wonderfully.  Before the criminal thug riots his Wisconsin, Trump announced that he is returning to Wisconsin next week.  I expect him to give a rousing law and order speech which the media will ignore.


The crap they are pouring over him while ignoring Hillary is mountainous and future historians will pick apart how this was done and the end result, that is, whoever survives to write ‘The Rise and Fall of the United States Empire’.


I swear, I have never seen such lopsided media in my entire life and I saw a lot of lopsided media over the years.  Tension roils Queens immigrant community after killings: two immans were shot and killed and according to the sketch, the shooter is a Muslim so of course, these immigrants turned on Trump blaming him for their woes when they are the wellspring of violence, themselves.


The shooter has been caught by the cops and do note how blacks and Muslims hate the cops and rant against them until they complain the cops aren’t stopping violent blacks or Muslims…go figure.


Father-of-two cop shot dead in small Georgia city by gunman who is still on the loose  and a Chicago cop’s son is shot dead on another weekend of violence in the city that left nine dead as Obama plays golf.  I haven’t heard a peep from that perp this entire week after the DNC love-fest for all violent thugs was splashed all over the place.


Two suspects stage axe and gun attack in Cologne city center leaving one man injured as more and more violent Muslim criminals hammer Europeans who let them all in and sheltered them.  Also in the news overseas is this stupid illegal business, that is, assassinating people using robots:  ISIS leader in Afghanistan and Pakistan killed in US drone strike.


Every week there is a story about drones killing Muslim ‘leaders’.  Drone warfare is everything cowardly and stupid in modern warfare.  It is easy to do and so it is done a lot and it will backfire on the US hugely.  So far, Muslims are not doing drone mass murder here in retaliation.  It is only a matter of time when this begins at home and it will, it will.


As for our ‘democracy’, the media owners and Bilderberg gang has been howling at Trump nonstop, Hillary doesn’t make any news at all anymore, they are so focused on smearing Trump for everything he says while ignoring the mess Hillary is in (she is totally hidden and isn’t barnstorming anywhere due to being too weak!!!) here is a front page snipped from the NYT:

Screen shot 2016-08-15 at 7.24.16 AM

So…the NYT says the race is over!  Why bother voting, citizens?  Yet some DNC tools are worried that all the focus on Trump will backfire badly and I am betting it will.  True, the shielding of Hillary so she is never in the eye of the public anymore, is highly successful so far but we are more than 2 months from the election and even dimwitted people will begin to wonder why Hillary isn’t around at all anymore.


Puppets can break!  And she is one broken puppet.  And here is the Washington Post that doesn’t ask why Hillary never says or does anything:  Quit Twitter. Keep his mouth shut. Trump supporters offer The Donald a bit of advice.  Hillary is saying nothing!!!  The final insult: Donald Trump is a bore claims WP tool Mr. Hyatt.  So, he is radical, loud but BORING???? HAHAHA.  The out of control propaganda push is pushing into the realm of insanity.


I am just gobsmacked at this ‘election’.  It makes the other farces look sane.  And talking about stupid humans:

AI Will Murder Us All – YouTubesunset borger

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13 responses to “Black Riots, Bomb Panics, Trump Is Losing To Invisible Hillary According To US Media Giants

  1. Melponeme_k

    Their new tactic is to accuse Trump’s campaign manager of taking 12m in payoffs from a pro Russian Ukrainian politician. No proof yet just hearsay but that won’t stop the propaganda machine.

  2. Christian W

    The elites don’t give a shit about proof or reality or the truth, even the scientific truth. With leaders like this you don’t need to be taken over by some Foreign Horde or Invaders from the Outer Galaxy. Self-destruction is guaranteed. Look at the way the US is becoming unglued right now.

  3. Melponeme_k


    Soros hacked and his emails released.

    I swear that photo of Soros on the news story is horrific. He looks like Gollum.

  4. Jim R

    AI is already killing people — those self-driving cars. And military systems are being designed in which the robots make ‘autonomous’ decisions. To some extent, those killer ‘drones’ already do. And of course, the military always knows who the terrorists are, and who the good guys [sic]

    It’s not so much a matter of machines being ‘more intelligent’, it is an alien sort of intelligence.

    Yet another little information item that has me rooting for the Russians and their ability to jam and sabotage this stuff…

  5. emsnews

    Yes, Soros and the DNC were both hacked and both are flipping out over this.

  6. DM

    Well, should be easy. You and many others have already written the draft for ‘The Fall of the United States Empire’. Unless of course, all the evidence gets EMP’d out of existence. Then there will just be vague tales of another Camelot that somehow got destroyed because the world hated their freedom.

  7. e sutton


    Yeah, you brought back memories of W squinting and repeating that stupid phase, “They hate us our freedoms.” ugh…..

  8. Lou

    news from SBPDL and Ambrose Kane,

    Black kills his daughter, bail reduced, blacks cheer.
    Black kills her own 2 ‘keeds’

    Off topic, but there is something I almost missed about the Milwaukee riots- because many news outlets purposely mislead readers. It concerns Sylville Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith.

    If you follow the news you have undoubtedly seen headlines about Smith’s family and how they seek to quell the violence, as it “don’t solve nothin'”.

    Case in point:

    Sylville Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, said burning things down “ain’t going to help nothing.”

    The reality and full quote?

    “Burning down shit ain’t gonna help nothin’,” yells Sherelle Smith.“You’re burnin’ down shit we need in our community.”“Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down!” she demands.“We need our shit! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”

    Interestingly enough, some even went halfway and changed “suburbs” to “further out”.

    I knew that the mainstream media was biased, but this one was so underhandedly played I started to see red. They deliberately reframed a call for more violence (against whites in the suburbs) into a call for peace.

  9. emsnews

    Yup. Lying and misquoting is par for the course, ask Trump about this.

  10. Lou

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good new everyone! The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore just got CANCELLED!!!

    I think that I watched Larry Wilmore just one or two times before I knew that I was done with watching him for good. He had that Mohammed “clock boy” on as a guest the last time I watched him, the Muslim kid in Texas who brought the fake bomb to school and then got arrested for it, not because of “Islamophobia” or “muh raysissms”, but really because Mohammed “clock boy” got all passive aggressive with the cops when they just tried to ask him some simple questions about what the deal was with his so-called “clock”.

    Of course, all of our media libtards, and even our Muslim monkey overlord Obongo himself, all fawned over this Muslim kid after the news about his arrest came out. “Wow, he’s such a genius!” they all said. “Cool clock, Mohammed. Want to bring it to the White House?” – This was the tweet from our our Muslim monkey overlord Obongo in response to this “clock” – a clock that looked 100% more like a bomb than any clock known to ever exist. The Secret Service would have definitely freaked out if they had even seen a “clock” like this one anywhere near the White House, because that is just in the nature of what their job is supposed to be.

    So, yeah, such a friggen genius this Mohammed “clock boy” in Texas was there – he removed the internal parts from a cheap digital alarm clock and then put them inside of a small hard sided pencil case. Then Mohammed “clock boy” refused to put his “clock” away in school after he was told to do so by at least one teacher there.

    Well, anyway, Larry Wilmore will probably just go on to get another lucrative and undeserved media job where he can just go on with more of his anti-white propaganda disguised as unfunny comedy routines and unfunny comedy sketches.

    The last I heard about the “clock boy” Mohammed in Texas, his family just filed another lawsuit against the local authorities in Texas for $15 million, because they say their feelings are still hurt, and so they want free money for that.

  11. Lou

    Anonymous said…

    85 year old Korean war vet murdered by “teen” who lived next door. His son is hoping he was already dead before the teen set him on fire with gasoline.

    As I’ve said before, with all the videos of Africans in Africa setting people on fire, I knew that it would become “popular” with our resident Africans. Such a horrible fate for the poor old man.

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