Hillary And US Media Want WWIII Are Attacking Trump For His Much Saner Foreign Policies

Mahler: Symphony No.5 in C sharp minor – Bernstein / Wiener Philharmoniker – YouTubeMahler sensed the despair and destruction of WWI and WWII right on the eve of these wars. The some of the last great symphonies to come out of Europe before it fell into its present state of mediocracy.


The media giants have utterly forgotten the most recent race riots in Wisconsin with blacks chanting ‘Kill Whites’ and is now focused on the hot wars the Democrats started in Syria, Libya, etc. and the storyline today across the board is, Trump will start (!!!) a COLD war!  Wow.  That will be definitely an improvement over the hot wars started by Hillary and Obama!  Across the board today, all our major conspiratorial media owners are now blasting away lying about all our wars, pretending that Trump is dangerous because he is going to STOP these wars while Hillary is good because she is INVISIBLE.  Nothing from the bitch, not a peep.  How is she going to stop the wars she and her buddy began?

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New York Times front page.  I photograph these pages for History.  The smearing of Trump is a classic case of real rulers hamfisting things so they can freak out populations and drive them to do suicidal things like start WWI and WWII.  Prime examples, no?  Kennedy stopped WWIII (and my father was a top advisor to him that week!!!) and his reward was to be assassinated and his VP, LBJ, then launched the massive mess of the Vietnam War which I spent my youth, protesting and demanding he and Nixon stop.  Propaganda is very dangerous and when coupled with wars, fatal.


By the way, the US was solvent when the Vietnam War began and was in debt when it ended and has been in debt ever since, our empire is running on fumes.  Will the NYT or WP or ABC, CBS, etc. demand we stop doing this?  No?  Of course not.  They are the heroin pushers pushing war, war, war on us.  We can’t escape it.  Now we are at war with a billion plus Muslims and note the above headlines: our rulers want to import these millions of angry Muslim males into the US and we are to hate Trump for saying that this is insane and dangerous.

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Donald Trump’s Terrorism Plan Mixes Cold War Concepts and Limits on Immigrants is the universal headlines.  And Hillary’s plans?  Crickets chirp in the dark humid night as panthers prowl looking for prey.  This is what total evil looks like: driving massive civilizations into suicidal wars due to debts and other elite messes, to stop the masses from revolt, to protect the elites from the seething rage of the cities.  The fall of Rome looks like this.


I just went to the EU news services to learn this news that isn’t headlines at the NYT or WP: Hispanic man, 35, ‘who hated Muslims after 9/11’ is charged in fatal shooting of Queens imam and his assistant after being arrested in hit-and-run just 10 minutes after attack.  So, it wasn’t Trump’s people after all, it was a Democratic voter type.  It is likely this is gang-related and the man arrested used 9/11 as an excuse.  We are always one minute away from race riots in US cities.  The interesting thing to me is, the US media isn’t screaming about this now.  Dead silence.  Like nothing happened two days earlier with the anti-Trump headlines and pretending a ‘white dude’ and not a precious ‘minority’ did it.


Note that the solution we are told to the cities burning due to unemployable thugs taking over everything there is to import a million Muslim males who are equally prone to fighting in cities and are unneeded for work since we exported most of the sort of jobs that poorly-educated foreign labor replacing slave labor, can do.  Nope, the last thing we need in Modern America is hard labor males.  We need educated people from China and are getting these and they are thriving, not destroying our nation so of course, we don’t talk about any of this, we are instead, to be the sewer of the world and suck in trouble makers so Israel can be safe for Israel wants all these angry neighbors exported elsewhere, being too stupid to figure out this will destroy Israel’s money and power sources!  Really stupid, no, historically stupid on a massive scale.


Donald Trump Cribs His War Plan From the Founder of ISIS: Barack Obama–Our PRESIDENT said THAT???  This is libel.  And coming out of the mouth of Saruman himself.  What???  I believe that Trump cribbed it from Kennedy but then, the Kennedys are all dead by assassins except for one who died in a plane.  The mass media believes their own polls.  I hang up on polls.  I bet millions of angry voters are doing this so it looks like the media propaganda is working and Hillary will breeze into the White House on a platform of ‘more of the same’.  I doubt this greatly.


Trump’s half-baked plans to combat ISIS is another headline.  So what is Hillary’s plan????  Ah!  Do the dumb things we are doing that aren’t working but adding WWIII with Russia!!!  Trump Says He Would Ally With Russia in Anti-ISIS Campaign which is the sanest thing ever in the history of the US.  For this reason alone, I now totally endorse him.  He will save us from WWIII.  Forget all the goodies being offered by creeps this year, WWIII negates all of this.  Preventing WWIII is top priority for survival.


Philippine President Duterte warns terrorists he can be ’10 times’ more brutal than ISIS as he battles gangs that took over the Philippines. All over the place, this is happening.  There was a coup in Brazil and then they had the ‘Global warming’ Olympics.  Most of the gold medals went to people of African genotypes due to evolution inside the hottest continent on earth that is driest and biggest deserts, the Sahara, and biggest jungles, the Congo.  Evolution at work there, no winters.


Winter people are different.  They are stubborn and tend to have higher IQs due to the simple fact, you do dumb things, you freeze to death or are eaten by predators or starve since the only food was hunting, there was nothing else to eat all winter long and Ice Age winters were very long and didn’t happen in Africa.  In Africa, they ran around mostly half naked, chasing animals and eating off of trees and bushes and didn’t have to build shelters, feed fires and keep toddlers from freezing to death.


And how are we now evolving?  For three thousand years now, we have had people write things called ‘histories’ and what do we learn from these ‘histories’?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing.  My ex-husband majored in ‘History’ and I used to tell him, ‘A futile work, no?’ and he ended up on Wall Street since no one wants a historian around, they are like Cassandra, warning them all the time and note that modern historians who are published a lot are stupid.  It irritates me no end.  But then, I stupidly studied Germany…hahaha.  No one on earth wanted to hear me discuss that topic.  Especially the Germans which is why they deported me when I tried making history happen there.


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13 responses to “Hillary And US Media Want WWIII Are Attacking Trump For His Much Saner Foreign Policies

  1. nani

    I really appreciate reading this blog. It is a breath of fresh air in these times where our main stream media feeds us with non stop lying propaganda 24/7.

  2. Melponeme_k

    Where is Hillary? Is she even alive? If she was on oxygen tanks right now, would they even tell us?

    Trump. To think a Gambling Boss would save us from Armageddon is truly strange times indeed.

  3. Latest is Killary has Parkinson’s,as well as a host of other troubles.

  4. nani

    Will this lunatic guy be rewarded by Hillary with a cabinet post in her administration? By calling for the killings of russian servicemen in Syria, he has probably scored some points with Hillary who has made no secrets of her hatred for Putin and Russia.


  5. emsnews

    Yes, they want to kill Russians in Syria. This, the ‘liberals’…well, they brought us the Vietnam war. Remember that war? Liberal LBJ started escalating it greatly and Nixon doubled down on it and then it ended with total defeat.

    Both parties did this.

  6. JSmith

    It’s been a while, Elaine… I wish I could say I’m surprised to see you’re in the bag for T-Rump, who may be the worst presidential candidate in history. Half of what he proposes is illegal, and the other half is half-assed at best. I knew he was a grifter decades ago, when I read a stinker of a “business” book called Art of the Deal. He doesn’t have “policies”, he has tweets.
    I wanted the Republicans to come up with a decent centrist like Romney, but no, they tossed up T-Rump.
    “Latest is Killary has Parkinson’s,…”
    Breaking news from the National Enquirer.

  7. Jim R

    Trump is the gold-plated rusty pipe wrench about to be thrown into the gears of the state. It is too corrupt to change any other way.

    Romney a “centrist”? Puh-leeze.

  8. emsnews

    HAHAHA…Trump hates me, J. Smith…has for years and years.

    I am against the Bilderberg gang and THAT is key: Trump destroys them. They hate him so I find this funny as all hell, what an election. Remember: all elections since Reagan have been Bilderberg versus Bilderberg with some being Skull and Bones versus Skull and Bones Bilderberger gangsters. Sheesh.

  9. Lou

    Yet, Raygun was ‘the beginning of the end’. Skull n Bones or not.
    He gave the first am nasty.

    Since yr 2000, USA population has increased by 40? MILLION.

  10. Floridasandy

    Good column.

    I agree 100 percent, Jim R.
    Romney as a centrist is laughable. His dad was born in Mexico and was always waist deep in big politics, as was his son. Junior is apoplectic about Trump, as are all big government types from both parties , which is why they are mounting their pathetic 3rd party run from Utah.
    I am very happy to be living in a state where Trump is very popular, despite all the media bloviation. When have we had a candidate use his own money to help the country, instead of taking? He certainly doesn’t need the money or fame of the presidency–He got those things on his own.

  11. Jim R

    Trump is popular here in Texas as well. The main Democrat-hole is in Austin…

    It’s sort of funny to watch the propaganda machine smear Trump as a rich guy (he _inherited_ it, for what that’s worth) but root for the other members of the rich guys’ club like Soros, who stole it by crashing the FX markets.

    Sort-of like the way they were AGAINST al-Qaida before the were FOR it.

  12. JSmith

    “I am against the Bilderberg gang”
    Not that there really is such a thing, but don’t let that stop you. Everyone needs a hobby.
    “Romney a “centrist”? ”
    Compared to Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee? Puh-leez, right back at you.

  13. Jim R

    And that’s how Trump ended up at the top of the ballot. Cruz, Huckleberry, et al, a certifiably insane clown car full of Republican smugness.

    There’s not much future for either party right now. I just hope Trump can forestall WWIII. Hitlery has already said she’s going to rush right into it.

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