Washington Post Wants WWIII

Car manufacturing booms in Mexico – YouTube thanks to NAFTA, millions of cars bought in the US are made in Mexico, not Detroit.


Our rulers don’t care about Mexico making more cars than the US.  Instead, they are worried about Russia and China and are anxious to prepare for WWIII.  David Ignatius who is a notorious Jewish neocon fascist gets to bloviate about international politics at the odious and tedious Washington Post has this editorial today talking about how we can win WWIII with robots:  America is no longer guaranteed military victory. These weapons could change that. – The Washington Post


Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work argued for the new deterrence strategy in a presentation this month to the bipartisan Aspen Strategy Group, amplifying comments he made to me in an interview in February. The approach, awkwardly named the “third offset strategy,” would leverage the United States’ technological superiority by creating weapons that could complicate attack planning by an adversary.


The premise is that as Russia and China modernize their militaries, the United States must exploit its lead in high-tech warfare. In the world envisioned by Pentagon planners, the United States could field an array of drones in the sky, unmanned submarines beneath the seas and advanced systems on the ground that could overwhelm an adversary’s battle-management networks. Like the two previous “offsets,” battlefield nuclear weapons in the 1950s and precise conventional weapons in the 1970s, this one would seek to restore lost U.S. military dominance.


The concerns prompting the new strategy were previewed by Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at his Senate confirmation hearing in July 2015: “If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I would have to point to Russia. And if you look at their behavior, it’s nothing short of alarming.”

AI Will Murder Us All – YouTube


The US is going bankrupt trying to patrol the entire planet and doing this on behalf of trade partners who all run trade surpluses with us so we are deep in international red ink as well as home red ink.  This tsunami of red ink is the torpedo sinking our little empire’s ships.  We are going bankrupt!  This is a number one issue which is why Hillary isn’t saying a peep about this.


She is promising more welfare money for the gangs burning down our once-proud manufacturing cities, she is promising to up military spending so we can protect the Wahhibists who are destroying Europe and attacking the US.  She is the Status Quo which isn’t working, it is a total disaster.


Note the Pentagon creeps wanting more wild spending for patrolling the entire universe while we ‘bomb’ our own factories!  We not only bomb our own cities which are burning down, we  handed them over to barbarian mobs who insure no one dares try moving back into our manufacturing hubs which our rulers thoroughly destroyed.

Audi – New Plant and Training Center in Mexico | Drive it! – YouTube so they can import to the US using cheap labor, of course.  So both Germany and Mexico have conspired to eliminate US jobs but couldn’t do this without Reagan the brain damaged, Bush Sr. who wanted to deport Chinese students to be punished by the commies during Tiananmen Square, Clinton the Kisser and Obama the Weakling to make the US a net importer of all things we used to manufacture.


And we plan to win wars while…wait!  There are many flaws in the neocon plots!  Major flaw: there are virtually no factories to bomb in the US.  So China and Russia can concentrate their bombs on the elite’s strong holds instead.  They won’t bomb most of our major cities, these are being rapidly destroyed by our own citizens and illegal aliens who want to burn these down and loot them so no need to bomb Detroit.


The Chinese and Russians know exactly where our super rich live and hide out, they  have lots of leisure to bomb all this and of course, destroy our ports so we can’t ship in goodies anymore.  The US has zero ability to survive even a moderate war.  We can’t even fight ISIS very well.  ISIS retaliates in kind whenever we use robots to fight, they have humans who are willing to die whereas our humans are scared of dying and don’t want to die, the ISIS human bombs love dying and want to die.


And this, in a nut shell, is why we lose wars.  We lost the Vietnam war despite using all sorts of ‘new’ weapons such as Agent Orange!  We committed every possible war crime in an attempt at winning and we spent billions of dollars and we still lost.  We ‘won’ in Afghanistan three times and lost each time a year later, no victories there!


We lost in Iraq where fighting continues and the US has declining power there whereas Iran’s power is rising rapidly.  Oh, and Russia and Iran are working together to stop ISIS.  While the US keeps on creating newer and nastier Sunni terrorist groups like we did in Afghanistan with bin Laden…WAIT…I see a pattern there.  We create the monsters attacking us because we are cowards.


I almost forgot this story:  Only female on U.S. Marine infantry course drops out after failing part of the course as the push to have women fight, too, continues.  This is ridiculous.  During wars, women get pregnant more frequently, not less (WWII baby boomer talking here) and this is quite natural to do this and it is why birth rates in war zones today are much higher than industrial cities or dead industrial cities.


The push for ‘equal rights’ is a failure since women really don’t have much stomach for fighting in the real world.  They can and do when desperate but volunteering to die overseas?  Nope.  Males are designed to go to war away from home.  It is called ‘evolution’ and a million years of picking up weapons and fighting and going off in troops to attack other living things is deeply ingrained in males, it is what made them what they are today.


And it is NOT ingrained in females, duh.  Birthing and caring for children is.  If women didn’t evolve to do this, we would cease to exist.


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7 responses to “Washington Post Wants WWIII

  1. Female POW’s will be gang raped, Maybe that is the point…I dunno?

  2. nclaughlin

    “During wars, women get pregnant more frequently, not less (WWII baby boomer talking here) and this is quite natural to do this and it is why birth rates in war zones today are much higher than industrial cities or dead industrial cities.”

    One psychohistoiran, Dr Casper Schmidt, thought that the post war baby boom was a guilt based neurotic effort to replace all the babies that had been murdered.

  3. Lisa

    How in the world do these idiot neocons who run our government think they can win a war with China? China makes all our clothes and shoes and electronic equipment and cell phones and guidance systems and pretty much everything else used in this country. Those magic drones and unmanned submarines that the Washington Post thinks will win a war? The parts, hardware and software, most likely all came from China. And China probably knows how to turn them against the people who purchased them.

  4. Jim R

    Women always like warriors. The spiffy uniform, the discipline. And the thought that they could get sent away and disappear forever. It’s all very exciting for them.

    And Elaine, you are exactly correct. If humans weren’t interested in sex and competition when they were young, we would cease to exist as a species.

    Probably the most unfortunate consequence of all this technology is not that the robots will kill us, but that they will allow us to be lazy and not think. We will de-evolve into an idiocracy, just like the royal families of old times. With all this technology and modern bio-medical progress, we keep all the diabetics, hemophiliacs, and idiots, etc. etc. alive and no longer select for good health and intelligence. (also, straight teeth used to be a pretty good thing — now we have cosmetic dentistry) and so on and so forth.

    Our old friend Asimov wrote about the negative aspects of having even nice robots around.

  5. e sutton


    As my dear, departed dad would say, Jim, ¨Praps¨ (perhaps – for those of you who are not of the working class Irish background). But to expand on Elaine´s (excellent) point, nuclear war hangs in the balance for those of you who choose to elect Mrs. Clinton. We can all argue about racial differences, cultural differences, IQ, an other variables that make us upright walking apes act the way we do, but understand this, : Nuclear war will make all of the above a moot point.

    There, now. Go about your ordinary routine like good ¨Merikans¨! (they hate us our freedoms, doncha know!¨

    Here´s a little PCR for you bitchez:

  6. Petruchio

    “…they have humans who are willing to die whereas our humans are scared of dying and don’t want to die, the ISIS human bombs love dying and want to die.” For some reason, this is a lesson the Elites NEVER learn!! If you brutalize your enemy enough–like drone striking Wedding Receptions, just for the thrill of killing–your enemy will be so motivated to kill you they don’t care if they die. An enemy willing to die if they can kill you is the most dangerous enemy there is. Speaking of that, take another look at how heavily armored your typical US soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan are. I look at them and think of the movie “Robo-Cop”. Of course, Robot Warriors are the current fantasy US Rulers are getting their rocks off on. How did people so delusional get to be so powerful?

  7. ziff

    Putin [RT] , just shrugs and says its a numbers game, other headline, 6 trill miltary spend ‘missing’ ie they run unlimited budget, nobody counting , good for supercar sales.

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