Hillary Ain’t Sick, Screams Bilderberg Media Giants



Iraqi man says suspect in murder of N.Y. imam struck him in crosswalk in NYC.  The City seethes with foreigners brought into the City since 9/11.  After a gang of Middle Eastern aliens attacked the USA, the doors swung wide open to them and Obama demands we bring in more and more, imitating Germany in this regard.  This is changing everything in Europe as the EU implodes due to this same thing.  Also in the Washington Post is this bizarre story:  Fact Checker: 4 Pinocchios for Trump’s claim that Clinton lacks stamina to be president.



It is becoming tiresome.  Hillary has disappeared.  She did very little campaigning until Sanders began destroying her in the primaries and then her post-convention schedule, as I posted here, featured exactly one speech before more than a few dozen people.  Last night, I posted the picture of her talking to a crowd of less than 100 people.


The news media cropped the photos to make it look like a huge crowd, so big, many had to stand behind her.  Instead, the majority of the ‘crowd’ was behind her, virtually no one in front.  The level of propaganda going on here is just amazing.  I have not seen anything like this in my life and all elections are full of frauds but the level used by Clinton and the Bilderberg gang surpasses all previous fakery.


Hillary is in serious physical trouble.  It is painfully obvious and news about this is spreading relentlessly since facts are on the side of those of us who are not employed by any corporations.  The corporations want desperately for Hillary to win for Wall Street.  The rest of us, not so much.

IT’S DEMENTIA? Former Employee of Hillary’s Dr. reveals diagnosis-should DISQUALIFY her – YouTube


What Trump Doesn’t Know About Detroit the NYT stable of Bilderberg free trade/kill US industrial jobs howls today.  Yes, another stab at him from desperate criminals who worked tirelessly to ship all US jobs overseas!  This never ceases to amaze me.  Bushes and Clintons have 100% to do with the destruction of all US manufacturing jobs!  They worked day and night and conspired with aliens overseas and in Mexico to destroy the unions and move jobs out of our country.


And the NYT blames Trump?  Who had absolutely nothing to do with this???  Trump said the ‘bail out’ of Detroit was screwed up.  Duh.  It certainly was.  But why was it in trouble in the first place?  The Hillary/Bush solution was, ‘Unions are evil’ except the DNC depends on unions for money and muscle in elections so this led to the defeat of Kerry, for example when angry union workers stabbed in the back by the DNC deserted him.


Enough of the US mess, here is a US mess overseas!  US swimmers are held at Rio airport as Lochte ‘robbery’ becomes a diplomatic crisis: Brazilian cops haul ‘scared’ athletes off plane for interrogation and ban them from leaving – as Ryan alters his story.  So, was the mugging real or not?  Brazil’s government is basically a dictatorship right now just like Turkey and other countries and just as the Turkey thing continues with the purge taking down over 100,000 former government officials and others and the US bas there surrounded by hostile Turks and talks with Putin continue to warm up…we have this diplomatic disaster.


Meet Rio’s baby-faced muggers: Olympics crimewave leaves tourists terrified as teen thieves – armed with guns – target the Games and British Olympian is robbed at gunpoint in Rio: Athletes warned it is ‘not worth the risk’ to leave athletes village is also in the news meaning this attempt at pretending the Olympics were safe is falling apart, fast, due to the fact that there is serious crime in Brazil.


The worst wildfire ever? Firefighters battle huge 25,000 acre blaze that’s ‘more intense than anything before it’ and has destroyed scores of homes in bone dry California while Louisiana flooding victims now struggling with where to live as a stalled storm system drowns victims there.


A note about California: when Europeans came to the New World, they marveled at the massive cities and wonders built by natives in Central and South America and the only ‘cities’ built anywhere in North America was…in Arizona and New Mexico!  Otherwise, there were zero traditional cities built out of stone or bricks.  Why is that, is a question few dare ask.


Well, California didn’t have a single building before the Spanish arrived because it was of uncertain climate.  Up until the 200 year drought in Arizona, it was a better place for civilization than say, where LA is today.  The people who have populated the state of California do so at their own peril, it is not a friendly place for habitation in a mass scale but then, a lot of places where people congregate are the same, say, Tokyo, that doomed city that will be utterly destroyed one fine day.


California wild fires take out housing built in amongst the scrub trees or towering pines that evolved to survive lightning strikes by having the seed pods pop open whenever there is a fire.  Since humans make fires, this happens more frequently.  The trees there are very friendly to fires, that is, they burn hot or the fires don’t damage them much because the trunks are so huge and thick it simply scars the surface a bit.  Redwoods do this.


The flash fires go under the trees and clear the land but fire fighting for a century has created a massive pile of dead vegetation that will burn far hotter than nature wishes and voila: you get very hot, dangerous fires.  The more combustibles, the hotter and higher the fires.

This is a classic image:

Screen shot 2016-08-18 at 8.36.06 AM

Note that the house is utterly destroyed but hardly a leaf on a tree is burned.  This is typical, not strange.  Houses are built in California to be internally combustible, not fire proof.


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20 responses to “Hillary Ain’t Sick, Screams Bilderberg Media Giants

  1. Jim R

    “Internally combustible” .. haha. The big-big-big reason fires are such a problem in the Southwest is that efforts to put out fires in the past have been successful. This resulted in dead grass and dead wood simply piling up on the ground. They don’t rot like they do in a wetter climate.

    So then when the next fire comes along, it has more fuel than it would if it had only last year’s crop of pine needles to burn.

    As for the election, I am wondering if it won’t be the VP candidates duking it out on election day. Or more likely, ‘appointees’ like Biden and Romney, as both of the major candidates are either in the hospital or their campaigns sidetracked by the furious storm of ‘media’.

  2. Jim R

  3. ziff

    i kinda feel sorry for sillary , gettin old . But not much ] Anyway she just has to play president , trump wants to BE president [ oh the horror] .

  4. Petruchio

    I have read that the California wildfires have been getting set by a serial arsonist.

  5. Petruchio

    Should have added to the above that the cops have arrested someone related to setting these CA fires.

  6. tio

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

    Rio is wholly disconnected from Olympic Games it is hosting
    {It is a city with a dark heart, a city of prostitutes and poverty, of sexism and racism, where the bleakness of the docks exudes a pall of hopelessness but offers vague hope of a better future. To the visitor, that dark heart only ever reveals itself in fragments, and then only to those who want to look.}

    Omaha dad finds pot brownies, eats 4 of them, says mean things to cat
    {Paramedics called to the scene who checked the man found his vital signs to be normal. But they noted that he was displaying odd behavior — crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat a “bitch.”}

  7. Hillary sat on her fat ass for years smoking and drinking,it catches up to you.
    If you don’t keep active as you get older your muscle strength is so low any injury or illness can put you over the edge, not being strong enough to get up a set of stairs for example.
    I wonder what the DNC’s contingency plan is??

  8. ziff

    all reminds me of terry Gilliams dystopian movie ‘Brazil’, where we are headed . Or Banksky’s ‘ Dismaland.

  9. Lou

    #2–Jim R— I wonder if that is fake.

  10. tio

    its all fake

  11. nani

    Zionist billionaire Soros is allegedly one of the main architects behind the migrant crisis in Europe.


  12. DM

    Zionist billionaire Soros is allegedly one of the main architects behind the migrant crisis in Europe.

    I think anyone who gives a damn figured that one out almost two years ago. Same goes for the ISIS-R-US “revelations”.

  13. Petruchio

    @#8 Peter C: “Hillary sat on her fat ass for years smoking and drinking,…” Is that true? Mrs. Clinton is a smoker? Didn’t know that….

  14. Lou

    In the ‘Duh’ category——

    Zionist billionaire Soros is allegedly one of the main architects behind the migrant crisis in Europe. —when are ((( ))) not behind bringing down
    western civilization with their endless demands and ‘activism?’

    Call me a proud anti semite.

  15. Jim R

    #10 Lou — looks like a joke to me. But it’s Twitter, you never can tell.

  16. Shawntoh


    After viewing the press conference where Ms. Clinton addresses the nice folks about her practices with email and the private email server that services her– and her self-serving attitude about her conduct therein, I noticed a voice was absent from the throng–

    Could it be your voice, perhaps, Elaine?– Asking from the back of the room the following question–

    “Ms. Clinton, have you added a new word to your vocabulary called ‘firewall’?

    [Ms. Clinton freezes up and we have an awkward, embarrassing and ongoing tableau as if her internal server in her brain has been hacked for a response since this isn’t scripted into the Teleprompter and Elaine continues on from the back of the room as the rest of the room falls eerily silent!]

    “If you know the word, do you know how to build one when you are camping with your beloved Bill out in our majestic forests that are threatened to burn down due to the Wašíču practices by the BLM?”

    No, not THAT BLM– No, the one referred to as The Bureau of Land Management, folks–

    Gee, Elaine, let’s jump cut to another scene in the near future– it would be fun watching you put Ms. Clinton through some boot camp learning about digging in the REAL dirt (instead of the political and otherwise) building physical firewalls and I’d love to see lots of her loot from her speaking engagements to pay you as much as possible as a contractor helping her understand the importance of firewalls, if you will– as she’s serving out her life sentence behind bars and barb-wire as she’s doing time for her crimes against humanity as SSS of the USA per judgements from the Court in the Hague!

    Then, in her jail cell, over her intercom speaker, I’d give her a stern lecture about the importance of software and hardware firewalls from my experience in the Tech support sweatshops, I mean, Tech Support Industry over-the-phone trenches fielding calls concerning email and private servers for the artist formerly known as US West, and for the artist formerly known as Qwest as well as some for some other thug, I mean, corporation called DirectTV Broadband before their DSL service went under in 2003 with that job and the now doomed and dying Yahoo, as a former Customer Devil’s, I mean, Customer Care Advocate concerning bulk email issues, yes–

    Sorry, I used a few “unwords” there in my bombast, forgive me, Elaine. Peace.

    Elaine, you are further correct as well concerning how bad health-wise she looks here and– is barely making it while surfing the changes of the flow of the press conference in her responses, and this was, last year–

    Yes, we the American people are dying with the thirst for pure water, which is sometimes represented as “truth” in allegories in the politics of our experience on earth and yet as we search beyond the mirages, we find–

    A drink stand in the middle of a desert. One problem though upon arrival to order something to drink– no water to be found, but we do have a choice here and–

    It’s soft drink Red state brand and soft drink Blue state brand and here’s something to note–

    Like both the Democrats and the Republicans–

    Both are rotten to the teeth! Ha!

  17. emsnews

    Yes, both parties are screwy. Have been for a long time, since Reagan.

    And this ‘race’ was supposed to be about Clinton versus Bush but Trump trashed Bush early on.

    And now it is about destroying Trump while totally ignoring Clinton health issues, crimes, screw ups and bribery problems.

  18. Petruchio

    “And now it is about destroying Trump while totally ignoring Clinton health issues, crimes, screw ups and bribery problems.” This is a standard propaganda tactic. Control the narrative, control the outcome, this is from Propaganda 101.

    If the Media Manipulators even bring Mrs. Clinton’s name up and they do NOT discuss her health issues or the other scandals surrounding her, they start to look like really obvious Manipulators. Then they start to lose credibility.

    A Propagandist can’t afford to have that happen! And: I keep reading that the GOP is preparing to file formal PERJURY charges against Mrs. Clinton. Time will tell if that is a bluff or not.

  19. John

    Soros supported the Ýes’ campaign in the 2016 Dutch civil referendum on Ukraine with USD 700,000.
    In vain however, because the outcome was a ‘NO’ (unexpected by the elites of course).
    It is interesting to note that Soros’ long arms reach as far as the Dutch royals.
    “Princess” Mabel (born Mabel Los she later adopted the family name Wisse Smit), married to a now deceased brother of the Dutch king, heads Soros’ organisation Open Society Institute in Brussels..

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