More Than 50% Of Clinton Secret ‘Donors’ Are Foreign Powers: Arrest Hillary

The Manchurian Candidate – opening scene – YouTube


More than half of Clinton Foundation’s major donors would be barred under new rule – The Washington Post: The truth behind this shocking headline is…60% of Clinton’s loot comes from hostile foreign interests.  She is the true The Manchurian Candidate.  She is controlled by aliens.  This is the height of corruption.  And she refuses to stop accepting bribes.  I have opposed Clinton from day one due entirely to this problem: she and her awful husband are both Bilderberg conspirators as well as recipients of obvious bribes from corporations and alien governments.  This is all about TREASON.


I want both to be arrested and Obama, too, for the same reasons.  And much of Congress.  The level of treason is tremendous, it has infiltrated our entire government which is why our nation was suddenly, since 1990, de-industrialized which is a huge act of treason, our farms in the Northeast, utterly laid to waste, our major cities now hell holes filled with mostly minorities on welfare who use street crimes to enrich themselves in between burning down what remains of these cities and the middle class is being squeezed from above and menaced from below.


The seething middle class is in near-revolt but not enough to overthrow the masters who have this ugly alliance with the seething poor in the former useful cities.  Penned up there and easily avoided by the rich, the poor are pandered to by the rich in the hopes they will keep the middle class on the side of the rich as the middle class is terrified of the poor who prey on them heavily.


But we are seeing something new now!  The DNC openly celebrated thugs who were shot by cops while sneering at cops who were shot by thugs!  The attempt at covering up the appeal to thugs in the cities by treating the mostly welfare moms who spawned the thugs killed by cops (all of whom had arrest records) the DNC had a black cop woman (to show they celebrate blacks, not white cops) this went over badly as the cop was booed.


Ooopsies!  The propaganda game was screwed up.  Fortunately for the Clinton looting machine, Trump has been besieged by the media giants who are behind our Machine which is making the rich richer and the poor more dysfunctional and so Trump is in ‘trouble’ though I don’t know how much because the middle class is being suddenly sullenly stubborn and might shock everyone this election which is why the DNC and GOP co-conspirators are so nervous.


The collusion between the two has shown up in brilliant flashes like a thunderstorm at night.  This was supposed to be totally concealed by our rulers who pretend we have opposition parties and not that Kissinger and company are really working for foreign powers and elites.


Getting Americans to hate each other every four years is key to keeping power from Americans who are emotionally unable to cooperate with each other due to these four year fake battles.  I always supported third party candidates just to break up this scam but they barely eke out 10% or less of the vote.


But the media death grip on the public is beginning to fail.  First, they destroyed the ability of citizens to write comments to any articles published by our media giants.  A very few publications allow this but it is heavily, very heavily censored.  But now we don’t need the major  media to talk to each other.  This confuses and irritates the media giants who refuse to keep a finger on the pulse of the people but instead, want to impose their world view on us all.


Still, unlike myself, most Americans don’t read foreign news enough.  I have read foreign news and listened to the short wave radio way back in the early 1960’s and so have a life-long view of the world through a prism of media, not US media giants.  Will Americans finally figure out how the world works?


The information is out there.  It isn’t hard to find.  Getting over the propaganda training is hard.  But survival is key here: EVERYONE sane is running away from blacks in our cities.  Absolutely everyone including sane, hard working black families.  NO ONE wants to associate, travel through or be around this population which the DNC is still courting and which our media giants celebrate as great entertainers.


So very sad indeed.  Luring working and middle class children into aping inner city thugs makes money for rich people exploiting the naive youths who can see their futures dwindle away to nothing as more and more US working jobs are handed off to illegal aliens, shipped overseas, etc.  Training our middle class children into being street thugs and drug dealers is key to DNC power so they encourage this.


No political party is against Free Trade’s destruction of US jobs.  Both parties support this insane policy.  And so our children, increasingly deeper and deeper into debt to pay for ‘school’ because a high school degree means nothing and leads to no good jobs, are lured into the romance of street thug crime as the solution to their problems.  And as the target populations discover this leads to prison, Obama and the DNC leaders have now said, ‘Don’t worry, we won’t enforce the laws in slums anymore so you can do as you please.’


No prisons, no nothing and cops will be heavily punished if they fight with criminals and someone dies.  They are the same as the criminals in the eyes of the DNC leadership which needs…desperately needs black criminal votes so they can cling to power and continue looting the government and making deals overseas that are utterly secret.


How insane is this?  Well, the decline and fall of the Roman Empire gives us great instruction on how this destruction ruthlessly destroys previous civilizations.  And I am the daughter of these very same barbarian hordes that stormed out of the cold north to rend the Roman Empire asunder and plunder it ruthlessly.


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12 responses to “More Than 50% Of Clinton Secret ‘Donors’ Are Foreign Powers: Arrest Hillary

  1. Jim R

    Of course, that ‘Manchurian Candidate” stuff was always going on here…

    Here’s a good account of how they started the ‘civil war’ in Syria:

    And the source of a popular picture that’s being used to market the war to the plebes:

  2. Jim R

    ^^^^ by “going on here” I mean controlled not by Manchurians, but by your favorite spook agency in suburban DC.

  3. melponeme_k

    I’m hoping Clinton’s health will finally short circuit her run. But then again, I think they would actually try to cover up her severe illness or even death by having her speak only through a camera (or using a double). That is how insane this has gotten. Even the regular person on the street is beginning to see it all for what it really is.

    Black working class and middle class citizens are speaking out via Youtube. The only media that allows them to broadcast their views (since the propaganda machine ignores them and hopes they will curl up and die).

    In this video, Anthony Brian Logan discusses something that has never been written about in any major news organization or sociology papers.

    Black Flight.

    He discusses how his family and many others moved out of their black working class neighborhood because ghetto criminals were dumped into their area via the voucher system. Overnight change, Overnight crime, overnight drug problems. Disgusting. And all these people were denied a voice to save their neighborhoods.

  4. Lou

    You tube = jew tube.


    ELAINE: Can it, will you? Sheesh.

  5. Nani

    Driving through Detroit at night. This is what happens when lawlessness takes over a city.

    Its the same in some European cities as well, where migrant gangs are roaming the streets, – burning cars, robbing and beating up people, and raping women.

  6. Blissex

    «And she refuses to stop accepting bribes»

    But according to the Supreme Court of the United States those are not bribes, as they have rules in some cases, including recently.

    Giving money to politicians, even large sums, even retainers, even under questionable arrangements, is according to the Supreme Court “free speech” protected by the 1st amendment of the Constitution.

    The exercise of the right to “free speech” by “sponsoring” politicians can only be limited by law when it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt to be tied to specific, illegal, agreed in advance, actions by the politicians.

    The Supreme Court has specifically ruled that “ingratiating” payments to politicians, for any amount, are entirely legal, and actually constitutionally protected “free speech”.

    That is “retail” bribery in which you pay for every favour a politician does for you is illegal, but “wholesale” “bribery” in which you pay a subscription fee for any amount of political favours is a constitutional right.

    Evidently the Supreme Court cannot see any difference between a rich person saying “I think Clinton is doing a fantastic job” and saying “the same thing” by handing them a million dollars.

    Our blogger was already outraged by post-retirement “sponsorship”, in which politicians who have delivered favours get rewarded with make-believe “speaking fees” and “consultancy contracts”.

    Now those workarounds are no longer necessary: rich people (of any nationality, because money is “free speech” regardless) can “ingratiate” politicians by paying them retainers overtly and while they are in office.

  7. Petruchio

    Saw another poll today.claiming “Clinton leads Trump by 8 points”. The MSM are going to continue to lie about Clinton’s alleged lead over Trump. The “poll” I saw a couple weeks ago also claimed an 8 point Clinton lead over Trump. Apparently even the bald faced liars who publicize these “polls” do not DARE to claim anything bigger than an 8 point Clinton lead. It looks like phony “polls” showing a Clinton lead over Trump is going to be a key tool the Real Rulers are gong to use to plant Mrs. Clinton’s dying carcass into the White House.

  8. Getting Americans to hate each other every four years is key to keeping power from Americans who are emotionally unable to cooperate with each other due to these four year fake battles.

    Oh, it’s much worse than that, Elaine. It’s been like this since at least the founding of the country, perhaps since the first settlers arrived. The REAL reason why Americans are emotionally unable to cooperate with each other because this country’s a MARKET state, not a nation-state. Which means everyone must hustle and everyone must compete against each other. Even the phrase, “the pursuit of happiness” connotes hustling and trying to get ahead. Only a select few get to achieve the brass ring.

    EVERYONE sane is running away from blacks in our cities. Absolutely everyone including sane, hard working black families. NO ONE wants to associate, travel through or be around this population which the DNC is still courting and which our media giants celebrate as great entertainers.

    And when the working and middle class blacks finally get out of the ghetto, the ghetto blacks follow them right into the suburbs using those vouchers and bring all of their ghetto “cultcha” with them. There’s at least one of, probably a lot of, suburbs on the southwest stretch of Chicago’s I-294 that’s an absolute pit because of this. And we all know about northern St Louis County.

  9. Lou

    ELAINE: Since you can’t be civil, goodbye.

  10. ziff

    Nani, i utoobed ‘ drive detroit at night ‘

    i dunno, its not Lagos or Brazil, streets are clean , it looks wealthy by comparison, groups with expensive motors, course the crime is invisible. Odd thing though, how dark the back streets are , no houses lit.
    Not a place for me , wrong culture.

  11. zifff

    vancouver looks worse . but its just our ‘outpatient area’ .

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