US Media Giants Now Convinced Hillary Landslide: But Will Voters Revolt? I Bet They Will

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The New York Times  struggles to explain what is going on while keeping to the ideology systems set up during the last 50 years.  The ‘segregation’ article is all about how blacks can’t escape the hood.  The hood seems bent on following them no matter where they move.  Darn.  I have lived in integrated communities a lot.  And all it takes is for one criminal/violent/loud/stealing from everyone black family to move into the neighborhood and all the white families pack up and leave.  The other major force at work is more insidious: shipping all ‘working stiff’ jobs overseas and then importing everything has destroyed all of our major manufacturing cities and now we have an immense unemployable population raised by single mothers who live off of the State, pumping out children and unleashing them on the rest of us.  This mess can’t be easily fixed so long as we keep free trade flowing and DNC demands we import terrorists is insane which is why they all hate Trump so much.

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The above photo is from a Sanders protestor.  Meanwhile, whenever Trump, who appears in public unlike Hillary who is the Manchurian Candidate with no public appearances, we see illegal aliens attacking Trump supporters with impunity as the cops are told, often by black or Hispanic mayors, to stand down and not protect US citizens:  Protesters harass donors at Trump fundraiser | New York Post


Violent protesters forced Donald Trump supporters to run a gauntlet of punches and abuse as they entered and left a private GOP fundraiser in Minneapolis Friday night.


Video posted to social media shows demonstrators, some masked, landing punches on an elderly man, picking the pocket of a teen, and verbally harassing an African-American attendee as he pushed his way through a shouting crowd to the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center.


Other clips show protesters burning an American flag. One black-clad man leaped onto the windshield of an SUV in the Trump motorcade.


The Minnesota Immigrants Rights Action Committee organized the demonstration.


I hope some of the people assaulted this way sue the mayor and this criminal organization that encourages its followers to physically attack citizens.  This is exactly why these people should be deported.  Below is ‘verboten news for the citizens’ which shows clearly that Hillary is in serious physical struggles and this should be a major issue.

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Biden Shows Childhood Scranton Home To Clinton – YouTube.  These railings were put up right before she showed up for a photo-shoot.  Note the crowd of less than a dozen.

Cocky with hubris, the US media giants who allow zero comments at any paper or TV sites on the internet, totally out of touch with their audiences, whining about declining numbers, the media giants have convinced themselves that Americans want Hillary who isn’t campaigning at all:  Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want | New York Post


It turns out Clinton has some sort of tax proposal. (She wants to raise them.) Nobody cares. It won’t pass. Nothing she says matters. These days she might as well be reading “Twilight” fan fiction at her rallies. She is the first major presidential candidate since James Monroe ran unopposed in 1820 who could spend October of election year in Fiji if she wanted to.


Hillary Clinton, it appears, will be elected president on Nov. 8 and probably by a margin in the “wide” to “vast” range. She has so much money, she’s become Richard Pryor in “Brewster’s Millions,” struggling to unload it all before the deadline. This week she opened a field office in Lubbock, Texas, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic president since 1976.


The enthusiasm about Clinton being the first woman to reach the presidency will fizzle quickly. Indeed, it has already fizzled because the fresh, exciting, renewing aspect of her ascendance is effectively canceled by her persona…An astonishing (but kinda not really) NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released this week has her winning the presidential race by 9 points, even though just 42 percent of voters said Clinton has the personality and temperament to serve, just 23 percent agreed that she “cares about people like you,” just 20 percent said she shared their values, and only 11 percent said she is honest and trustworthy.


This won’t be the first election to be misread by the Bilderberg gang.  They had a headlock on the US government ever since Reagan.  They have no intention of letting go and they are furious voters can talk to each other via the internet these days.  They are desperately seeking ways to censor all the internet so they have 100% control again.  Right now, they know they goofed when they backed Hillary despite her awful speech skills and health problems not to mention, war crimes and bribery problems.


So they concentrate all their fire and ire on Trump hoping that a tsunami of propaganda against him will cancel out all the negatives which are epic, that shows Clinton utterly incapable of being President, either.  This, in turn, is causing huge future problems the elites can’t figure out.  How will they escape the plebians rioting and attacking rich people in Manhattan for they will do this, I guarantee it.  9/11 already showed how to take down Manhattan’s big towers.

Doonesbury Strip shows where the exploitation of intellectuals who want to be professors, is taking us all:

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13 responses to “US Media Giants Now Convinced Hillary Landslide: But Will Voters Revolt? I Bet They Will

  1. Jim R

    Missing John McLaughlin in the Sunday talk show lineup this Sunday.

    I did not usually agree with his politics, but always liked to watch his show.

  2. melponeme_k

    Hillary is gravely ill. She should be spending her last moments on this earth relaxing and spending time with her grandchildren. NOT running around and campaigning. This alone is a testimony to how much the elites own her ass. So much so they are propping up her practically lifeless body to do their bidding. Why? Because she signed allegiance to them in her own blood.

    Alex Jones Channel finds a black Trump supporter following his tour around the country. He is well spoken, thoughtful and intelligent. He and other black citizens like him are the ones being marginalized NOT the criminals. The criminals are being applauded for taking advantage of people like the man interviewed in this video.

    Also get a load of the huge line to get into Trump’s rally. Miles long! Then compare it to the handful of Hillary supporters protesting. Barely a handful of them. But the propaganda news likes to portray them as huge crowds of people (more than Trump supporters) rising up against EVIL. LOL

  3. Petruchio

    “This, in turn, is causing huge future problems the elites can’t figure out.” Their :solution” will be to be more open about their ownership of the US Government. And if anybody objects the Elites will just sneer and say: “Whatcha gonna do about it?” The elites’ biggest flaw is they are delusional. They have a self image that they are the elite of the elite; the best of the best. They don’t plan on EVER tapping out. Supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. The elites think they have Hillary’s election in the White House in the bag. How’s that for delusional arrogance? Hillary may–literally, not figuratively— DIE before the Election, but still the elites want to put her in the White House!! Without a rigged system, US Elites wouldn’t last 5 minutes on their own. First enemy these US Rulers face who can’t be strangled with banksterism, US Elites get blown out of the water.

  4. Henry

    Unfortunately the corporate media is right, Hillary will win in a landslide. The Diebold voting machines have all been pre-programmed. Don’t even waist your time voting.

  5. Shawntoh


    Right on again! Please note, I dislike the choices of either Trump or Clinton in this presidential election as I have this to say–

    Even under the best case scenario of a “peaceful” aftermath with the election (as in, the USA doesn’t break out into civil war if Trump doesn’t get elected), Trump won’t be finished, and, as the article in the link I have posted at the bottom with this comment points out, let’s face it, he’ll be back in some influence, I fear, and please let me quote from the article–

    “….The bottom line. It doesn’t matter what happens in this election, Trump isn’t going anywhere because his supporters aren’t going anywhere….”

    “….Trump’s rationale…. is that, ‘win or lose, we are onto something here. We’ve triggered a base of the population that hasn’t had a voice in a long time….’”

    “….Trump has proved that he no longer needs the platform that news outlets have traditionally provided for candidates….”

    “….Nick Bilton has noted, Trump has mastered the attention war on social media and discovered a preternatural ability to tap into his base directly…. ”

    “….Love him or despise him, Trump indisputably has the finger on the pulse of his audience. And this connection could certainly facilitate such a hypothetical mini-media conglomerate. ‘Even old Fox News didn’t have the right read on what the base is,’….”

    I loathe it in some ways but I made the right decision not to have children.

    My condolences to everyone with what will happen to all of us.


  6. Mewswithaview

    The rails were put up in 2012, however the point still stands Mrs Clinton had to use them for support. That’s not unreasonable at her age, she is not getting any younger and is another Reagan type in the Whitehouse, that lets the various institutions run wild (think Oliver North and Iran Contra) while the president avoids blame due to being incapacitated what is needed right now. Which of the candidates will stop WW III? It won’t be Clinton. It won’t be Johnson. Would Trump ? Unlikely too.

  7. emsnews

    Today, in a MAINSTREAM poll, Trump is up over Hillary. Look, he is attacked nonstop by all the Bilderberg machines, it is gushing filth aimed at him and it has failed.

    The reason it has failed is simple: both Clinton and Obama have decided to not appear in public, not lift a finger to help US citizens in trouble, both have gone out of their way to help and praise aliens, recent Muslim immigrants, criminals and other interesting scary people but not say a thing or help regular US citizens.

    This is why Trump will win. At least he is talking to and showing interest in US citizens. The fact that the DNC refused to protect US citizens in several big cities to punish them for not supporting illegal aliens (!!!!!) is alarming and frankly, criminal.

    The mayors doing this should be arrested and charged with TREASON.

  8. Christian W

    The fact that the DNC refused to protect US citizens in several big cities to punish them for not supporting illegal aliens (!!!!!) is alarming and frankly, criminal.

    How can you still be surprised at the criminality of the US elites? The situation is far beyond alarming. The US is fully a criminal enterprise at this point. The US government is run by unaccountable corporations, unaccountable individuals and unaccountable government agencies. Just recently the Pentagon got away with swindling away $6.5 Trillion dollars, in one year.

    On top of that the Pentagon and the CIA are making trillions of dollars in drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal military operations overseas and so on and on yet both are only a spinoff of the real deal, the Wall Street/US gov banking system,

    The US is a sordid cesspit of corruption and both parties are at the center of it. The politicians are simply nothing but designated gear greasers and enablers as are the Supreme court judges.

    Since the top is corrupt, the top installs corrupt operators below throughout the system.

    Now Trump has been running his own little sideshow for some decades, but he was never fully part of the real elite. The real rulers don’t want even a slight road bump for their plans which is why they are attacking Trump so furiously.

  9. Melponeme_k


    We are in the Twilight Zone now. Hungary pondering whether to line their fences with pig’s heads to deter Muslim illegal aliens.

  10. Petruchio

    @#8 Elaine: I read ANOTHER (phony) poll which claims that Clinton has a huge edge over Trump in “key battleground States”. I’m thinking that that statement–about the ‘battleground’ States–means that the coming election this November will be close, but like Bush/Gore and Florida in 2000, Clinton will “win” one or maybe two key States. And if Trump tries to dispute the Election results….well, we ALL know what the Supreme Court will decide, now don’t we?

  11. Jim R

    “Islamist is close assistant to Clinton.”

    … Where’s her niqab? … that brazen hussy. Needs to be dropped off in a back alley in Riyadh or someplace similar.

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