Africans Excel In Physical Sports While Eurasians Excel In Intellectual Games

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Abstruse Goose | Warrior

(1 of 3) Why Black Athletes Are Bigger, Stronger And Faster — By Tai Zen – YouTube

Yes, evolution is all about survival, death, disasters, diseases, and successes.  There are two major evolutionary channels at work here on our little planet: people living in primitive conditions, the offspring of former slaves forced to do manual labor, are all fantastic athletes and ancient civilizations with a long history of building and inventing stuff and I am speaking mainly about China here, are producing intellectuals, ditto with India, another very ancient civilization.


Europe and the Middle East all partake of the intellectual business though Europe was overrun by barbarians at the fall of the Roman Empire.  But for the last 1,500 years, it clawed its way out of the Dark Ages but is fading fast in comparison to China in the intellectual race to the top.


To my amazement (but with very huge help from recent immigrants from the high intellectual countries) the U.S. Team Takes First Place at International Mathematical Olympiad | Mathematical Association of America

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IMO scores are based on the number of points scored by individual team members on six problems. The problems are taken in sets of three in 4.5 hour sessions over two days. The U.S. team’s combined score of 185 edged out the Chinese team’s score of 181 and the Republic of Korea’s third-place score of 161.


No teams from Africa were anywhere near the top.  They’re No. 1: U.S. Wins Math Olympiad For First Time In 21 Years : NPR Po-Shen Loh is the Carnegie Mellon U professor who advised the team…note the Chinese name.


Concerns have also been raised over the years about a persistent gender gap in U.S. math achievement. All six members of this year’s winning team are boys. “That is actually something that one hopes will change,” Loh says. “The top 12 people in the country on the United States Math Olympiad happen to have two girls in it. One might say, ‘Only 2 out of 12, that’s terrible.’ But I should say in many years, it was, unfortunately, zero.”


Yes, girls are bad at maths.  And it is genetic.  It is a real deficit, I felt it most painfully, wished I had the ease my brothers had when doing maths, I did win scholarships for other skills but not maths, it bothered the hell out of me and I had a very high IQ back then.


Then there are intellectual games like chess or Japanese Go or other games: again, girls struggle and I love these games and play them but am definitely inferior to males who have the same IQ.  I have puzzled over this all my life and have one conclusion: it is genetic and it is part of the xx/xy chromosomes.


Why, oh why do girls struggle to do maths?  It is an evolutionary puzzle we have to understand since it isn’t due to culture.  The lack of intellectual genius in black populations isn’t cultural, it is just as genetic as the ease which they dominate many basic sports/physical challenges.


This is such a hot topic, few academics dare study it even though it is very obvious and obviously very important.  Pretending, for example, that we must just encourage girls do be math geniuses will then ipso-facto create such is stupid.  It is more interesting to me to see how this is genetic and why male/female brains operate differently.  Is it due to hormones?  Or genes?  Or what?

Miss USA 2011 — Should Math Be Taught In Schools? – YouTube

An amusing watch, Ms. Vermont is the best, openly pissed off at the question.  HAHAHA.


Now off to the usual news: Why teachers won Detroit’s ‘sick-out’ case –—Detroit is the Titanic of Black Schools.  It is sinking and everyone is drowning in icy waters.  No one is doing a thing to stop this.


An eight-month court battle – between Detroit’s struggling school district and teachers accused of inciting illegal strikes – ended Friday with a court decision in the teachers’ favor.


Two teachers won the months-long case against the school district because their protests were essentially political rather than work-related, Ann Zaniewski reported for the Detroit Free Press. The court decided that if teachers see politics as the cause of work-related problems, then complaints about those work conditions – even taking the form of intentional sick-outs – receive First Amendment protection.


It stinks trying to teach in Detroit public schools.  There is zero discipline.  Teachers are now menaced by students who refuse to cooperate or study.  Degrees of the students who do finish high school are a joke since many of them graduate barely literate and forget maths.


Instead of a sane conversation why the schools aren’t able to teach children anything, anymore, more money is being tossed into the abyss there:  Is $500 million enough to save Detroit’s public schools?  In 2007, Detroit Has Worst High-School Graduation Rate : NPR reported.  Today, the number is up but mainly due to passing anyone who shows up in school, not children who actually pass courses.


‘No child left behind’ has ended up being a scam that has further destroyed black children who think, all they have to do is show up in school to earn a degree, not do any actual ‘learning’ while there.  This is why nearly universally, all black public schools are in chaos.


Obama and Hillary, instead of taking this head on and admitting they were wrong about it all, have doubled down on getting money from teacher’s unions and preventing any real reforms to schools.  The #1 reform schools need is to have strict and strong discipline again.


I remember the old days out West: challenge the Dean of Boys and your scalp was collected and it could be bloody.  Defiance was highly dangerous.  I remember when teachers and the staff used wooden instruments to clobber us…hard.  Then you went home to father who would repeat it.

From Savannah to Crete Monee — Black violence and chaos in schools is normal and ignored – YouTube


And now on to something completely different but very connected:  Donald Trump, With Bare-Bones Campaign, Relies on G.O.P. for Vital Tasks – The New York Times complains.  How dare he do this!  He should court the Bilderberg media owners instead!  He isn’t spending much money on major media blitzes which means all the money he collects, near ZERO flows to the major media giants and their rich owners/staff.


How do these creeps expect to be paid?  “We are the demographic Trump is appealing to”: Whether the establishment likes it or not, white nationalists still power the Trump train – which is one of the dumbest online publications and if you want to know what today’s liberals think, it is very revealing.


There was exactly one non-liberal radical allowed to post at that decrepit site and here is the person’s comment on the article:


FreeQuark 23 hours ago
No American politician can criticize U.S. immigration policy without attracting a certain racist element, and any American politician who attracts racists is obviously going to be labeled a “racist” by the corporate media. It is of course difficult or impossible for a political candidate who’s labeled a “racist” to win a national election in the U.S. It’s therefore evident that the corporate media is trying to block from elective office any candidate who advocates strict enforcement of immigration laws or cutbacks in immigration. It’s doing this of course because it’s the corporate media and corporations are using mass immigration to undermine wages and the labor movement. All this is so obvious it isn’t funny, and yet most so-called ‘progressives” totally buy into the “racist” labeling of the corporate media. What this shows is that most “progressives” don’t really care about economics. They value multiculturalism above all else and they’re perfectly fine with corporations taking over the world as long as the resulting society is multicultural.


Once upon a time, the left was supportive of the workers.  Now, it attacks them, reviles them and wants them pushed into poverty.  The left sponsors illegal aliens and encourages them to attack US citizens who want to hear speeches about all this.


What a mess.  And the left believes that lying about intellectual skill differentials is evil while celebrating black victories at running, jumping and other games as a sign that blacks are superior…while screaming that anyone who talks about ‘race superiority’ is evil.


The mind boggling contradictions are amazing to watch.


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26 responses to “Africans Excel In Physical Sports While Eurasians Excel In Intellectual Games

  1. Melponeme_k

    I now firmly believe that due to hunting skills, taking on wolf social structure in hunting groups, has led to men being better at math. Math isn’t needed when taking care of children.

    However socially women excel. We know whats up before most men are even aware of it. We can tell who is having an affair with who, who is THINKING about having an affair, who is stealing, who has poor character etc., etc. The main reasons why strong Queens were so important in the past. And why men feared them so close to the reins of power.

  2. nani

    I am amazed by how fast East-Asians are at learning new things. That is also the reason why East-Asian countries such as South-Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore advanced so fast. Their work ethic is also very different from the west, being very hardworking and disciplined.

    India however remains a puzzle to me. Yes, they do have a lot of smart people, but somehow they seem unable to shake off their ‘third world country ills’ the same way East-Asian countries has done. India is still so backward when compared to East-Asia.

  3. Jim R

    Das’s rayciss.

    I think the NFL and NBA should be forced to have 60% of their athletes on the field be white guys. Verified by DNA testing…

  4. emsnews

    How about having black athletes have extra weights on them like horse racing where all the weight has to be the same? I am joking, of course.

    Good comments on why culture/genetic tendencies can reinforce each other, it is a difficult topic due to PC politics.

  5. csurge

    From what I can see, if Caucasians are left in peace, they are the most well rounded tribe. They have a good balance between physical and mental skills

  6. csurge

    No, they’re not the smartest… but they’re smart enough. Also, they seem to excel in the arts more than the other tribes. And if you push them, they can match the Asians when it comes to brain power

  7. Christian W

    Once upon a time, the left was supportive of the workers.

    What you see now is the ‘left’ as defined by the US elites and their wealth. They simply bought the ‘left’ such as it was and has put up this dummy left in it’s place. Now the only problem for the elites is to keep this system going for them.

  8. Petruchio

    This recalls for me the longstanding “Nature vs. Nurture” debate. I don’t really count the ‘US Math team’; they are mostly Chinese imports. But my point is, IF you allow your children to “do their own thing” and you treat them like the adults THEY ARE NOT, you have the inevitable result: kids with a high opinion of themselves, but not much substance.

    Let them watch idiotic videos, let them play video games instead of studying academic subjects, never hold them to academic achievement standards, the result is a downward spiral towards ever lower academic performance. This is the typical American student’s “academic” background.

    The Finns, for example, are top academic performers, white as they can be. I believe a lot has to do with motivation. If the student isn’t forced to achieve in academics, many will not put forth the effort. You will always have self motivated students, but they aren’t the norm.

    You have to have an academic environment where a misbehaving student can and WILL be expelled. There will always be students who can not be reached; boot them out the door. You have to fail students. Hold them back for a year. The prospect of negative consequences can be a big motivator.

    With Black athletes, I think that is more Nature as a factor. Their musculature is different, their lung capacity is greater. They can run faster and they are stronger, two critical skills an athlete needs. That said, you can find fat, out of shape black people and white people who are very physically fit.

  9. Ken

    The black issue of racial breeding for desirable traits is spot on. On the flip side whites have been breeding for money. Which is a piece of paper or digital numbers and has zero basis is reality, It is fake. Females have been mating for money rather than their child’s strengths hence the royal family farce of inbred idiots. Money is the mating factor now a days not men who can do anything and it is creating a generation of very week people who have never known hardship because of the fake monetary system that allowed them to be important. just a short time of breeding blacks has proven that it works to create better people. A shame that we don’t do it for all of humanity.

  10. Jim R

    Ken, we have discussed it on EMS News before — the royal families of Europe demonstrated it over and over — when life is easy, people breed just because it’s fun. And the life of privilege allows them to become weak and stupid and ill, to the point of dieing out. Any given royal family might have been founded by a great warrior, but four or five generations later, its scions are unable to lift a sword or walk with armor on. Such is life..

    Now, with electricity and petroleum-fueled transportation, everyone lives like a royal of 300 years ago. This situation is unsustainable

    And we are watching it fail. Now.

  11. This article was a bad idea , ignoring the variability within race , no smart blacks , no dumb whites? What’s the point?

  12. emsnews

    We are talking mainly about the TOP of various fields. Top athletes, top intellectuals, top chess players, etc. Not the ‘average’ or ‘below average’. Why do this?

    Because it matters! Genetics are HIGHLY important and EVOLUTION is extremely powerful, it is a tremendous force. We evolved our big brains via the hammer and anvil of the Ice Ages.

    Understanding these forces is life and death. Sheer survival, in fact. Dictators hate smart people, for example, and kill them all off or enslave them.

    This leads to ‘dumbing down’ of populations. The ‘weakening’ of populations is just as horrible in the long run. Eventually, due to no evolutionary pressures, the population gets ‘run down’ to the point, barbarians invade and eliminate them all (guess how many Romans in Britain survived the barbarian invasions: NONE).

    The vast majority of Italians today evolved from barbarian invaders who overthrew the Romans and killed or starved them all. There are small pockets of ‘true Romans’ left in the countryside after that wipe-out event.

    Ancient Minoans: ditto, 3,500 years ago, they were wiped out, only the tiniest handful survived from that mighty empire.

  13. ziff

    lol , so how did USA get dumbed down , better include iphones as a selection pressure. Italians , smart or dumb? , prosecuted seismologists for not predicting an earthquake. And zero top blacks ?! not even bothering to goggle that.

  14. Petruchio

    Another factor in the “dumbing down” of a population is the emergence of single mommies. It used to be that a female who had got pregnant out of wedlock was a target of shaming. Not so anymore. Single mommies are even hailed as being courageous and strong! (Yes, who needs a Man in your life anyways?)

    Our Media Manipulators have decided to attack the institution of marriage and the traditional Family unit. They do this, facts be damned. It doesn’t matter that a kid born to a single mommy is likely to grow up in if not poverty, a low income existence. And these single parent kids tend to perform below average in school. What is so good about that?

    My point is that if we cared about our Society and our nation, we would be DISCOURAGING women from having children out of wedlock. And this isn’t a moral issue. This is a common sense, practical reason-for-not-doing-it issue. Having children without thinking of the consequences does not do a Society ANY good, but our culture here in the US of A thinks it is courageous!? (Talk about a PC subject you can’t discuss!).

  15. Lou

    ‘we must just encourage girls do be math geniuses ‘–That is more of the ‘Myth of Equality.’

    On a separate note, I was in Beverly Hills area yesterday and overheard a woman saying, ‘I ran into Sharon Stone and she told me not to work on Clint Eastwoods next film. CLINT IS VOTING FOR DONALD.’

    Hows that for holltwood lib think?

  16. Lou

    There is a site –Caste For those who want to look at race and sports.
    African Blacks have higher testosterone and mature much quicker than Whites and yellows.
    Black women have higher testosterone than women of other races.
    Black women in packs will attack a man.

    Family Beats Homeless Man , Caught On Video –
    The 10-year-old boy told his mother the homeless man at the gas … shortly after the attack, with … ……women …
    [Search domain]…

  17. Petruchio

    “Black women in packs will attack a man.” Ever see a picture of Serena or Venus Williams? Note how muscular they are overall, but especially their thighs. There are Linebackers in the NFL who aren’t that muscular. No wonder the Williams sisters can win at women’s tennis.

  18. Lou

    Pet, I saw a clip at You tube. Serenas hips are those of a man.

    EMS, do you have time to watch and comment?

  19. Petruchio

    Yeah, I wasn’t exaggerating (by much) when I said the Williams sisters had more muscles than a lot of NFL linebackers. Just look at them. Decide for yourself.

  20. emsnews

    Death has come to my little world and I was very busy dealing with it.

    The line between life and death is very strong and once one crosses over it, that’s it! Modern medicine does bring people back into Life and this happened to me more than once. Thank you, all those fine doctors and staff for doing this!

    Yes, black women are strong. And why is that?

    Slavery!!! It was a very evil force that blew over the black community from Africa and the physical powers of this force still resound today. It is fading now and eventually will be gone.

    Why are the Chinese and Jews often of towering intelligence? Again: violent, hideous deadly forces shaped them all this way. Civilization and power erodes it and it takes a dozen generations to eliminate it.

    Evolution is always at work! It is the most relentless force. I, for example, evolved from 1,000+ years of ancestors being fighting males who were terrible to meet in battle and who all survived and had children who fought and survived and frankly, I love fighting.

    It turns me on, greatly, and I am pretty good at it! It comes naturally and I feel that homicidal tendency deep inside and keep it under stern control. But when push comes to shove, it is so easy to be very violent.

    I think nothing of killing something! Again: I keep it under strictest control.

    But it is part of my own evolution, highly dangerous as it is. The kings of England have been wrapped in gauze ever since Charles II outlawed my ancestors who came to New Amsterdam to get away and to annoy the Crown again overseas.

    He thought he was rid of us but no, and one of my French ancestors became a pirate during this time, too. Ditto result with the King of France, he then moved to the Frontiers of the New World to annoy everyone on this continent instead.

    Violent people. Gah. HAHAHA.

  21. Jim R

    One of these days, they’re gonna have a chimp hybrid in the olympics. That will show you what ‘strong’ is…

  22. emsnews

    The next Olympic sport: Chimp Outs!

    The prize: bananas…yum.

  23. Lou

    AnalogMan said…Biker Week—Aw hell no! Ya’ll ain’t shuttin’ down yo businesses when black folks comes to town!

    Back in South Africa, before the fall of civilization, we used to have policies for avoiding racial friction on the beach. Alas, the country, the civilization and the policies are no more.

    I spoke to an old friend in SA yesterday, who told me about the case of Penny Sparrow, who caused outrage by complaining about kaffirs littering the beaches (which was not a problem in the days of those signs). She was fined 150,000 rand, which is about $10,000 at the exchange rate, but doesn’t reflect its buying power in SA. It’s a crippling amount for most SAfricans.

    And, of course, those photos in the Daily Mail don’t show the awful reality of Durban beach on New Year’s day. This is what it looks like now.

    My friend told me how he and his wife took a vacation in Durban, and watched as the Babuntus arrived like a swarm of locusts and turned the sparkling blue water in a swimming pool brown before their eyes.

    I miss the old South Africa. Truly, the past is another country.

  24. Jim R

    Damn, did I say that last August?

    I am so un-PC!

  25. Lou

    WRT the Title of this—sports are not that important and Intellect is not a game.

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