Scot Soccer Team Punished Because Fans Waved Palestinian Flags At Israel Team Event

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Celtic fans warned not to fly Palestinian flags at match in Israel | Football | The Guardian: They flew these flags in Scotland already and are being punished for this via a fine.  The fines are designed to discourage people from doing this but the fans are defiant and laugh in the face of the international body that pretends Palestine doesn’t exist.


 Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Scottish fans would not be allowed to wave Palestinian flags at Tuesday’s match. “Obviously it won’t be allowed – that is for sure. The flags would of course be taken off them,” he told the Daily Record. “This is a professional football game and not a political opportunity.


“In terms of the football game, it’s not going to add to the atmosphere and might start up tensions which could lead to other issues. Our aim is to prevent any incidents from taking place as a result of any unnecessary provocative behaviour by any of the fans.


Look at the picture below of two Jews in Scotland!  Looks to me like a political statement, no?  Worse, both are pretending Israel is a unified country and not a divided race/religious dictatorship of the cruelest sort, similar to Saudi Arabia, a key NATO/Israel ally.

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So, the football league punished any team that had fans flying Palestinian flags but Jews could wave Israel flags.  Since so many Zionists own media systems, Jews imagine they can do as they please and no one will notice.  But instead, this inflames everyone else and brings unwanted attention to the grossly-outsized control of events by Jews which, in turn, feeds anti-semitism feelings.


If Jews were really smart, they would embrace the Palestinian flags and encourage people waving these, not try desperately to crush it.

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Because the Jews wanted to fine the Scottish team for what the fans did on their own, the fans retaliated this way:  matchthefineforpalestine by Green Brigade – GoFundMe campaign which raised all the fine funds ten times over in just two days!


We, the Green Brigade, are the passionate Ultra fans of Celtic Football Club, Scotland’s most famous and successful football team. At the Champions League match with Hapoel Beer Sheva on 17 August 2016, the Green Brigade and fans throughout Celtic Park flew the flag for Palestine. This act of solidarity has earned our club respect and acclaim throughout the world. It has also attracted a disciplinary charge from UEFA, which deems the Palestinian flag to be an ‘illicit banner’


In response to this petty and politically partisan act by European football’s governing body, we are determined to make a positive contribution to the game and today launch a campaign to #matchthefineforpalestine. We aim to raise £75,000 which will be split equally between Medical Aid Palestine (MAP) and the Lajee Centre, a Palestinian cultural centre in Aida Refugee Camp on the outskirts of Bethlehem. From our members’ experiences as volunteers in Palestine we know the huge importance of both organisations’ work and have developed close contacts with them.


MAP is a UK-based charity which delivers health and medical care to Palestinians worst affected by conflict, occupation and displacement. Working in partnership with local health care providers and hospitals, MAP provides vital public health and emergency response services. This includes training and funding a team of Palestinian surgeons and medics to treat and operate on those affected by the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip.

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Once upon a time, the Jewish people were renown for being smart, clever, run circles around people.  But as rulers, they are all doing worse and worse over time.  Using raw power to stop people, egging people on via propaganda, getting their own way no matter how illegal or horrible, endorsing and demanding the right to ape the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto this time, in Palestine.


All this is going to backfire very badly.  Warning Jewish people that pursuing this is fatal, it is the worse thing one can do, warning them that what they have made legal is going to apply to themselves one fine day…falls on deaf ears.  Today, Jews think that the Holocaust gives them a green light to be Nazis, themselves.  This is beyond tragic, it is stupid.  Worse, it is fatal.


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7 responses to “Scot Soccer Team Punished Because Fans Waved Palestinian Flags At Israel Team Event

  1. Jim R

    The funniest part of all this (state of the world), is to see the Jews providing financial support to the Nazis in the Ukraine.

    Like they’re jonesin’ for another holocaust, or something.

  2. Jim R

    By ‘funny’, I don’t mean light-hearted funny, I mean it is incomprehensible.

    And sad.

  3. e sutton

    @#1 & 2

    It would make a great comedy show. We could entitle it, ¨Humans do the Silliest Things!¨ Only problem is, in real life it ends in tragedy, death, and tears. 😦

  4. nani

    OT: US ready to target Russian, Syrian jets in Syria: Pentagon

    This is the pinnacle of imperial arrogance.

    Yes, in Syria!! In their own country. A country who deeply resent the US for obvious reasons, and who never wanted any American “advisors” on their soil in the first place. Look at Syria today, it is in ruins thanks to the US and its allies Saudi-Arabia and Turkey who has fuelled the war by channeling weapons and terrorists into Syria. European countries has also done their part to destroy Syria, and this, along with the destruction of Libya, is the main reason why Europe is being invaded by millions of migrants.

    Gaddafi warned us about this!

  5. nani

    I am disgusted beyond words by the Bilderberg elites governing Europe and America, wreaking havoc across the world, and refusing to take responsibility for anything. They are mired in their own arrogance, and sense of superiority and invincibility.

    This will of course backfire badly.

  6. Shawntoh

    Yes, Nani, I agree, and I’m afraid when their, so to speak, “truck” backfires it will turn out to be their weapon of last resort instead that backfires on all of us at the bottom as they watch their towers of wealth and privilege tumble into the sawdust and tinsel where the collective remains rest.

    They imagined some how something would save them, because, why?–

    Well, it should because of their “fine works”, they SUPPOSE!

    They hallucinated that their escape trampoline below would be waiting to launch them to safety– But what will probably be left?

    Nothing but defunct lifeboats that might as well be made out of paper derivatives rotting the hull within, though it looks glamorous from the outside– judging from the stench from the hedge fund type greed that was going to sink them and everyone else eventually as their all too real reality game show that dragged us along with them combining “You-Bet-Your-Life”, “Truth or Consequences”, and “Musical Chairs” comes whimpering to an end.

    When I sent a note of protest to the White House for the stupid arms build up in Russia’s backyard, I was amazed to get a response back at all– but it was some form letter, big surprise– I know, what should I expect? It sounded like it was written by some evil neo-con[servative] intern or something, which again, doesn’t surprise me.

    Yep, it is tempting to wish sometimes to be born a dog in peaceful times, like the Chinese say– so we make the most of being human in interesting times, eh? Do we get a choice here? Nope, it will be interesting– unless, of course, you plan on living on the moon instead.

    Naw, I can’t go for that either because you turn blue when you least expect it if you have a little accident and end up dying in outer space– dying in the most ghastly and gruesome way I could imagine so far from earth.

    So I’d rather die playing the blues here on earth instead while I still can play! That’s how blue I want to be.


  7. Tom W Harris


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